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Site was foreign built from the beginning..just listed at top only for US

Posted By: and now that's gone. on 2008-03-04
In Reply to: Thanks for saying what I and most regulars here feel....sm - U.S. MT


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    What does the site being down have to do with foreign MTs?

    I don't see an email listed on her post. Elsewhere on the site? nm
    Hey rimrods!!! He fully disclosed he was foreign, it was foreign
    trying to catch him telling lies when he already told you he was. Really smart people around here. Call names, insult, tell everyone to leave and go to another site and then wonder why your posts are being deleted. At least he's not feeding everyone a load of CRAP about offshoring. He simply told the truth.
    DQS already has an expander built in (sm)
    so you can build upon that. It's the only one I use, can't get into those other ones! Good luck, it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be!
    If we built and continue...

    ....to build corporations in Mexico, they why in the world do they keep coming over here for work? 

    I totally understand where you're coming from.  I have had many family members and friends lose jobs they have worked at for 25+ years.  It's a shame this continues to go on.  Maybe our political postions should be outsourced to the American people, not the high-rollers who are put there because of WHO they know and NOT because they care about us! 

    My son built my new computer for me
    last year. He is very knowledgeable in this field and he recommended the AMD 64-bit processor as opposed to the Pentiums. He said they were more reliable. I love my new computer. We purchased a "build your own" bundle through Tiger Direct, where you choose what you want in it. Mine was slightly over $500 with the DVD burner DVD player, mother board with 64-bit processor, and 512 mb of ram. plus some other features, that I don't remember, but my son could probably tell you. He said the 63-bit processors are the wave of the future technology. Hope it helps.
    Have you built up your speed yet? How did you
    deal with the learning curve and still get your line count in?  Thanks for posting this link!
    You can have one built special for you
    at any computer tech store. I ended up getting a refurbished laptop on ebay that had XP on it and got Word 2003 for only $39. I did buy a 2-year warranty on teh laptop, but even with that it was cheaper than buying a new one and having to have Vista deleated and adding XP and all the new drivers.
    Yes-- I have an Adesso with a built-in touch pad
    It works very well for me-- you don't have to move your hand that far to use it. It is strange at first, but once you get used to it, you will love it.
    The first factory is being built here in Georgia....sm
    Supposed to bring in about 2000-2500 jobs. Hopefully their quality of vehicles will improve. Time will tell!
    Do they still make keyboards with a built-in
    I agree with a custom-built....sm

    The problem with Gateway as well as IBM and probably a few others is they are proprietary, no one else can upgrade them. And unless you live in a large city with a Dell service center, for example, you are going to have to ship it whenever there's a problem or changes needed. It's a pain if you decide you need more memory, etc.


    I bought a used custom built that a local computer shop had stripped down to the basics, and they have been able to upgrade consistently for me. As a result I've had this computer for 5 years through numerous platforms, etc. and it's still exactly what I need it to be. Also when I have a problem they can service it without a lot of questions because they know it's history to a T. I would have had to buy a whole new computer during this time...great if you've got the money to do it every few years, but I don't. So for me, this is the only way to go.  .

    he may have built it as an IC software developer, but I ...
    do not believe it was ever Sheri's intention to have him take it over and represent overseas MTs and overseas MT companies. Whatever the situation, we'll never know for sure. The point is, the new administrator should advertise the website in an honest manner. For starters, he should remove the American Flag from the homepage and post the facts on the homepage that this is a website for International MTs from all countries and services being advertised are from both U.S. companies and overseas companies (having a base in one of our US States and conducting business overseas in no way makes a company American operated (maybe they have an office based in the U.S). Our U.S. citizens deserve to know where their medical records are going, and the doctor dictating their patient records deserves the same. What is the big deal about being up front and honest with straight forward advertising in an obvious area of the website for all to see?
    The wireless company has built their own s/m
    towers in many areas or lease buildings in strategic spots.  For instance, they have one on our local water tower, the farmer down the road from me has one on his silo, just in different locales.  They invested a lot of money in this because it is the only alternative out here.  They do not rely on the cell phone companies at all.  I know that things like trees and stuff impede it as well, as there are some people out here that can't get either unless they build their own tower that goes above the trees to put the receiver on.  The company spent a lot of time scouting out locations on hills, etc. to make this work.  I'm lucky that the silo is within my range. 
    In the beginning ........... there were NO
    nationals ..........
    I was beginning to think it was just me...sm

    I see these kinds of questions so often.  I was beginning to think everybody worries about this junk. 

    I don't see any of that in the beginning.
    I thought, from your post, that you were an IC who failed to understand basic economics.
    In the beginning there were a lot of
    bugs with Vista. Also, if what the MTSO has is compatible with their clients, why upgrade and possibly loose clients???
    Our regular Walmart was fine. Then they built the SM
    Super Walmart. It is disgusting. The toiletries department is small, smaller than the other one in the original store. Lots of absolutely horrible clothes and I am not a snob. The quzlity of the clothes has gone done, if that is possible.

    The worst part is the food section. I don't buy food there, but it is dirty, broken boxes of FOOD lying around. Few name brand items, it is truly awful. The produce section is about 2 feet wide. Damn shame.
    Well that stinks, my vet just built an addition onto the "house" she was using - sm
    It is now basically 2 houses connected with a wide hallway. She has 1 partner, who she has had for the last few years, and has not changed her services/prices at all. She now does have a $25 visit fee but you only have to pay it once a year, if you are regular customer she won't charge you for it everytime you come in. She does not charge for putting an pet to sleep either, as long as you are a regular (She knows us pretty well, I was there a lot with my old dog). She is very helpful to me, recently boarded our 16-y/o schipperke though she has not had her shots this year (my normal kennel would not take her since she was not current on her shots -- was due in 9/05) but as she is on her last legs I see no point in getting her vaccines. The dog is deaf and blind, having kidney failure very slowly but seems happy and my DH can't bring himself to put her to sleep yet. Our vet agrees with us on this point too.
    built in shelves, cute as a button!
    Love it plus it is small with a built-in desk too!
    Call computer geeks and have on built that way.
    You can remove the built-in shortcut from the Insert key. sm
    Go into Tools, Customize, then click the Keyboard button. Scroll down and click on All Commands in the left window. Scroll down the right window and click on the Overtype command. Click on the command in the current keys box, then click Remove.
    Brand name doesnt matter as much as what is built into
    Agree get custom built. My geeks know what I
    I'm beginning to wonder if that's all there is left is
    crap dictation.  Most of us say we're doing the crappy dictation and ESLs.  So the good stuff is really going overseas or to VR?  Or are there people here who get the good stuff all the time, which is why they make good money and we don't?
    As I stated right at the beginning....

    If it were ME, I would be blaming myself.  Each and everyone of us are responsible, one way or another, as to what happens in our lives.  Too many people over the past so many years find it much easier to place the blame elsewhere.  That is one of the problems with our society.  I was "accused" of being an over-protective parent as my child grew up, but guess what, he never, ever even came close to an incident such as that, or close to being kidnapped or any of the other things going on in the world; didn't fall down steps; wasn't involved as a passenger in a car accident, wasn't around drug users or "bad" people, because I PAID ATTENTION...I didn't allow accidents.  Accidents are only LACK OF ATTENTION and lack of common foresight! 

    Also, my "over-protectiveness" did not in any way inhibit my child's growth.  He is a Gunnery Sargeant in the Marine Corps and handles great responsibility well and has the foresight and the attention needed to prevent accidents! 

    As for the driver of that car, I'm not trying to "take their side"....I'm just saying we don't know what the circumstances were....my goodness, we have all run over something in the road at one time or another and when the weather is inclement or it is dark, sometimes you don't know what it is.  I would certainly hope that if they knew it was a child, of if they find out through newscoverage that they ran over a child, that they will come forward.  I'm sure that at least 99.9999% of people out there will not willfully run over anyone.  Perhaps he/she looked down at the dashboard or the left rear window for just that one second and felt a thump as he car moved on.  Probably wondered what it was but had no idea whatsoever that it was a child....why would any driver in their right mind think that a 2 year old was out on the highway at 2:00 AM or midnight or whenever it was????? 

    No, definitely no keto in the beginning of it.
    I have listened to this dang thing 10 times at least and at a bunch of different speeds..... no clue on this one.
    2000 is only the beginning

    Believe me, that $2000 is only the beginning.  I do feel for these people but many of them are only used to hand outs and they will be getting them left and right.  Lets see how many of  them stand in line for a job.  I heard that WalMart will hire any evacuee, no matter what.  I wish they would report how many have been hired thus far.   I was watching Fox news the other day and one of the  guys they were talking to said something along the lines of "They aint helping us at all, its like they shipped us all on slave boats again"  He then said the F word, which Fox didn't see coming because you could hear it plain as day.  Now that is the state of mind of many of these people. Give me, give me.  The welfare system has tought many that the government will take care of them, they do not have to take care of themselves.  Now I am not talking about all the evacuees just the ones that are not used to fending for themselves.  

    Okay, said what I had to say.  This just all gets to me.


    I do agree with you, too. In the beginning
    I found the posts hilarious as well. But I got rather turned off with Frankie Boy. Things got graphic and very disturbing. I think that is when everything started adding up for me.

    I like when everyone sticks to a name, as well. Things get confusing! I just hope this stops with whoever is trying to ruin this board!
    The beginning salary for (sm)
    a GS-0640-5 is $24677. Top end at that grade is $32084. Some localities have a higher pay scale, depending on the local economy. It's likely there will be no chance of promotion unless your supervisor quits, retires, or dies and you happen to be selected for the position. You must work to age 65 or 20 years of service, which ever comes later. Search
    for all federal job postings. If you decide to apply for a govt job, be sure to read the qualifications for the position. When you write your resume, use the exact terminology (keywords) as the job description. Some clerk who has never transcribed anything in her life will be the one to look at your resume and decide if you are qualified. The only thing she has to go on is the qualifications listed for the position. When you fill out your paperwork for your security clearance, do not lie about anything. They don't care what you've done in the past, they are looking for any secrets you might have. If you have secrets you can be blackmailed!
    p.r.n. at the beginning of a sentence
    P.r.n. is incorrect. The correct way to type this would be:
    1. Ibuprofen p.r.n.
    1. P.r.n. ibuprofen
    Slow beginning
    Paid by the line, my first job paid less than $2.00/hour.  First year earnings were about $10,000.  Currently, depending on the worktype and dictator available, working for a National, I earn an average of $16/hr with the worst times being $7.00/hr and the best times being in excess of $22/hr.  Again, the quality of the dictation makes a huge difference in production, obviously.  I use Instant Text, the Expander program, which has made a huge difference.
    Thanks. Good tip. I was really beginning to wonder ! nm
    It's a great beginning

    I think it's great and a step in the right direction.  I think what this industry needs from us is proactive steps toward making it known to people outside of the industry just what is taking place.  If every MT concerned about their job security wrote letters to the President, their representatives, media people - reporters, in particular, and it began to resonate with people just what is taking place, maybe changes would actually happen.  It costs nothing to shoot off an email to a local reporter, a member of Congress, the Senate, etc.  Let's get them to pass laws making it illegal to send medical records overseas. 


    Oh, boo hoo!  Those foreigners learn our language so they can take our jobs and our money, you numbskull.  They aren't here to help us.  They take advantage of our laws which actually seem to favor foreigners over citizens, especially if the foreigners are "minorities."  (An interesting term since the only true minority in this world is white people.  About 85% of the world's population is non-white.)  

    People like you who think you are so tolerant, are part of the problem.  In this country we would all be learning Chinese if the situations were reversed and China was the country with the open door policy and all the wealth. 

    BTW, I lived and worked in Latin America and learned Spanish BEFORE I went there - I didn't expect the people of Colombia to pay to have everything I needed translated into my own language, which is precisely what these foreigners who come here to leech off us expect.

    Our Wal Mart moved. Built a Superstore behind Kmart!

    Suprisingly, Kmart is still hanging in there and that's where I did most of my Christmas shopping. Great toy department! Much better than Wal Mart.

    No lines and no waiting either and you can park pretty close to the store.

    I built my own using the auto-correct function in Word. (sm)
    I removed most of the words that came with auto-correct, and replaced them with my own short macros, which consist of words, phrases, & short sentences. Little or no memorizing involved, because I made them up as I went along whenever I kept getting the same things over and over again, and got tired of typing them. For longer macros I just put them in a document file that I can copy and paste. Simple. And CHEAP!
    They are newbies! They can built a Medical Phrase book
    buy entering the answers given on the word help board into the
    'Medical Phrase Index.'

    They will learn.

    Isn't it the goal, last not least to facilitate the job?

    Why do we use calculators, computers, kitchen appliances that facilitate out work?

    This is called evolution!
    Numbers at beginning of sentence

    I know that if a number begins a sentence you spell it out, but I'm not sure about after a colon.  We type:

    BLOOD LOSS:  50 cc.

    but what about

    FLUIDS:  500 cc normal saline. (?)

    Does the "500" need to be spelled out since there are words after the quantity, or is it considered part of a sentence beginning with "FLUIDS?"

    I'm beginning to think that the Kevin vote is
    America making fun of American Idol. I can't see how he's gotten enough votes and I do really hope he doesn't last much longer as he's certainly not in a league with the rest of the performers on the show this year. I'm afraid Bucky will probably fall for the same reason. There are several really great performers this year, these 2 just aren't.
    True. This is at least the 3rd one since the beginning of the year.
    I am totally beginning to agree.
    What other occupation that I know of can the employer get away with paying late, no benefits, and sometimes not paying at all.
    I'll find it and let you know. I was beginning to think this was all about


    Need advice on beginning MT Business


    Was at my chiropractor's office today.  As the conversation progressed Dr. suggested that I might be able to get involved with their office doing MT work.  Offices in five states, new doctors that become busy need MTs to do their transcription.  I have owned my own business in the past and understand the in's and out's of that part of it.. My question is how would I set up a platform to do the work in case it would become busy enough to need another MT to help, software, expanders, etc.  I have a few very simple ideas like using MS Word and creating macros that can be sent to aother MT, etc.  but not sure that is what I would do.

    Is there anyone out there with any suggestions or ideas?

    I'm an MT....slavery is not foreign to me.
    Whatever it takes.
    foreign docs
    And why do a lot of those same ones who speak such poor English also make no sense in putting together their sentences?  I have several that sound like they are clenching their teeth together and straining to get the words out which makes it even worse.  I know exactly what you mean.  Their oughta be a LAW! 
    Those foreign guys

    Yeah, we've all had our share of "those" guys.  I worked in Radiology for a Spanish guy for about two years.  He thought his English was perfect, so anytime there were blanks he went off of his latino-rocker.  So I finally get this guy "nailed" where I can transcribe his reports just as fast as the others, and then what happens..  ? I lose the stinkin' account to VR!  So he still sends me work on occasion and guess what .... he's crystal clear NOW, and why?  Voice Recognition doesn't DO gibberish ... it trained HIM!  HA!   (Course he has to speak slowly now, losing lots of "billable hours"  And of course, they had to hire an Editor to clean up the reports, punctuate, and correct his English.)     Go figure!  ');>

    Seriously, though, if you can't stay with that ESL day-in and day-out for at least a month, you will never get him.  Why companies bombard MT's with different docs from day-to-day is just beyond me.  If QA were REALLY that important, they wouldn't do that.

    You all are talking foreign to me
    I have ShortHand and love it, but you left me way behind. A Shorthand course would be great.

    isn't SPI a foreign company
    Maybe you could work for them.  They bought out Cymed.
    foreign dictators
    Wow, you sound so full of hate!!!Do you even know how difficult it is to learn another language? Have you ever tried to speak another language?

    I don't particularly care for ESL's but...