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Well that stinks, my vet just built an addition onto the "house" she was using - sm

Posted By: Laura E. on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: county vet versus in-town vet. . . I have noticed(sm) - catlover

It is now basically 2 houses connected with a wide hallway. She has 1 partner, who she has had for the last few years, and has not changed her services/prices at all. She now does have a $25 visit fee but you only have to pay it once a year, if you are regular customer she won't charge you for it everytime you come in. She does not charge for putting an pet to sleep either, as long as you are a regular (She knows us pretty well, I was there a lot with my old dog). She is very helpful to me, recently boarded our 16-y/o schipperke though she has not had her shots this year (my normal kennel would not take her since she was not current on her shots -- was due in 9/05) but as she is on her last legs I see no point in getting her vaccines. The dog is deaf and blind, having kidney failure very slowly but seems happy and my DH can't bring himself to put her to sleep yet. Our vet agrees with us on this point too.

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I say "B" because that other woman "lied" to save her marriage. It was a great show. Glad to see just a tad of romance amongst all the medical, it should keep the interest going. They're pretty good at the medical. He plays a good part, does sound very "English" in real life. You can love/hate him as with most men! I'm sure his character really loves the female character and is doing it in her best interest, as she would feel forever guilty. Her character is very sensitive to her husband but loves House. Sometimes men like to be the "shining armor, silent type." But it hurts the gal left behind.
"House" discussion!!!

What are everybody's thoughts on the show tonight regarding House and Stacy.  Do you think he told her no because:

A:  He feels he is not good enough for her.

B:  He does not want to hurt Mark after Mark came to see him.

C:  He feeds off his misery and can't give that up. 

What a great show, great lines tonight.

RE: Addition
Just added onto my house (my office) and did some remodeling throughout the whole house.  Just hired construction company and told them what I wanted.  I live in a small town though, may be different than where you are.  Not so many codes and all.
Yes, I have even seen it q1h prn in addition
to qid for rescue relief.
In addition,
As far as costs, you would have the initial cost of the C-phone if the company does not provide it (check Ebay, also sometimes used ones on the classified board here) and the monthly cost of the unlimited long distance.

If you only have one phone line at home, this will tie up your line as busy while you are working, so depending on your situation you might want to add additional phone line (although if you have a cell phone, this wouldn't be necessary)

Can't help much regarding the unlimited long distance, but I believe it runs from $25-50 per month. Be careful though on choosing your plan and make sure it is truly unlimited (some have limits even though they are called unlimited). I have seen some horror stories on this board about people getting huge bills for hundreds of dollars when the companies found out they were using the plan for working. If you post a question specifically regarding unlimited long distance, maybe some others can give some input as to what companies are good for this, ones to avoid, etc.
In addition
You should be able to toggle between windows (the one you are working in and Goolgle) by using alt-tab. If you have several open, just hold alt down and keep clicking tab until you get to the window you want. :)
in process of new addition
VINYL/congolium (spelling?) all the way. We had ceramic tile and it was a light color, stains, slippy but most of all COLD. We love the congolium flooring (nice vinyl) we put in and are doing it on our new addition.
In addition to posts below,
read the Word Board here.  You can learn what MTs hear and what the actual words are.  There are other word boards but am not allowed to post the sites.  Google to find others.  And keep applying to anywhere and everywhere that will let you test. 
in addition to prev ?
what if they dictate one med as per day and the next one daily?  What is the correct way to do this?
DQS already has an expander built in (sm)
so you can build upon that. It's the only one I use, can't get into those other ones! Good luck, it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be!
If we built and continue...

....to build corporations in Mexico, they why in the world do they keep coming over here for work? 

I totally understand where you're coming from.  I have had many family members and friends lose jobs they have worked at for 25+ years.  It's a shame this continues to go on.  Maybe our political postions should be outsourced to the American people, not the high-rollers who are put there because of WHO they know and NOT because they care about us! 

My son built my new computer for me
last year. He is very knowledgeable in this field and he recommended the AMD 64-bit processor as opposed to the Pentiums. He said they were more reliable. I love my new computer. We purchased a "build your own" bundle through Tiger Direct, where you choose what you want in it. Mine was slightly over $500 with the DVD burner DVD player, mother board with 64-bit processor, and 512 mb of ram. plus some other features, that I don't remember, but my son could probably tell you. He said the 63-bit processors are the wave of the future technology. Hope it helps.
Have you built up your speed yet? How did you
deal with the learning curve and still get your line count in?  Thanks for posting this link!
You can have one built special for you
at any computer tech store. I ended up getting a refurbished laptop on ebay that had XP on it and got Word 2003 for only $39. I did buy a 2-year warranty on teh laptop, but even with that it was cheaper than buying a new one and having to have Vista deleated and adding XP and all the new drivers.
And we all think our pay stinks -- nm
That really stinks...sm
That supervisor doesn't have a clue about her job! You didn't do anything wrong, and you definitely don't deserve to be removed from the account. But, I've been right in your spot, which is against a brick wall, and my experience has been that you can try to make them see the facts, and they may even agree, but you still will not win.

I'm sorry you have to experience such unfairness, but MTs are often used as scapegoats, most times without their even knowing about it!

Really though, a team leader removing someone without having all the details? ?Without even asking questions of you, and then tell you to "hold tight." It's not worth it to even wait for her to find the facts because they won't be about you anyway. There are MT companies that value their MTs. Find another job ASAP. Kindergardeners need to "hold tight," but where does that fit in at all here? Maybe the supervisor can "hold tight" while you find a better company to work for!!!!

Good luck to you!
One job yes! The other no, and it stinks!
And it takes a very long time for that check to arrive by mail! Why don't all do DD? Just wondering...
Well that just stinks :(

I'm so sorry that happened to you.  At least you tried to communicate with them to find out what went wrong...seems like they are the ones being rude and inconsiderate with not even responding.  Even though I'd say just try to forget it and move on, I can understand how it would be very hard to let something like that just roll off your shoulders, you know?   I'd want to know if it was personal or if they over hired or what...just tell me so I can start to heal!  I hope you either get an answer or are able to come away from this unscathed.  Best wishes and hang in there!    


That stinks!

Something similar happened to me.  I started work at the end of March and didn't see a paycheck until mid-May - AFTER I had quit.  Got in a HUGE fight with my boss.  It's such a risk when you go with a small mom-n-pop company.

I do hope it all resolves for you.

Hi, EL. That stinks! SM
I'd strongly suggest taking advice only from those doing quite well overall with MTSOs. There are reasons why they are, and you want to be in that group.

Seriously, whatever you do, don't avoid VR. Go specifically for it, perhaps looking for accounts that are going to it but still mostly transcription. It's here now and will be the future, and you're already behind the curve. It requires a somewhat different skill set than transcribing, but plenty of people love it and make more at it. Like me. Mine that old can-do spirit and continue developing the skills to continue in this field until retirement if you wish.

Doing well with editing, as well as transcribing, is highly dependent on extensive Expander use.

Regarding MTSOs, lots of people have all the work they can handle, with no bottoming out, but getting that steadiness and having it continue can't be depended on. Just in case, expect to occasionally have to flex somewhat with the work flow just in case.

Webmedx is a good company that specializes in medium-sized regional medical centers/hospitals. Lots of ESL, but higher pay rates balance it out. Expander provided, and classes in its use and other productivity-raising techniques. Good health insurance. Very good incentive pay scale.

Best wishes.
Yep, that stinks, I have one like that - sm
she will do a 17 min consult, I will be lucky if it is 80 lines....stinks, I also have an "ummer"....he will ummmmmmmm for a minute or two, on a 12 minute report, though he redeems himself when he has me "send it in letter format" as well as the report, sometimes to 3 or 4 different doctors, no cc notes for him, so that is quite nice, I can make $25 in 5-10 minutes that way sometimes. He doesn't do it all the time, but still it is a nice perk.
VR pay stinks
I just don't get it and never will. You still have to listen to a whole file to edit, and usually at regular or slower pace to VR which is just another job description for traditional VR which also sucks pay wise. Either way, you still listen to the whole file, and usually the docs put on VR are the better dictators, so you could type them as fast as you listen. The crap docs are the ones that don't make it onto VR, but if you can type as fast as the good ones are speaking in VR, which I have happened upon more than once, then with a good expander, etc., I could be making twice as much just typing their butts. Sorry, this whole VR crap situation is just that, CRAP, and another reason to pay us less than we are worth.

I REFUSE to do this crap work for 3 cpl, and I was shocked as a student at what my mentor made editing my work and giving me invaluable feedback.
Editors in general should be paid hourly and that's a fact. We need to really consider the crap rates we are offered while the middle/man/woman makes the other half of our pay and say enough is enough. Rates are simply pathetic knowing what the middle person is ACTUALLY making!! PLZ............
Speaking of remodeling, has anyone ever done an addition?
We'll be adding 350 square feet to our home and moving some interior walls around.  I was looking at some of the home design computer software on eBay because I can't figure out what I want to do with the kitchen and entryway.  Anybody have experience with doing this kind of project yourself?  We do have pros to do estimates, give advice and finish the hard stuff, but I don't want to mess this up.  Any thoughts?
MT in addition to other health care job?

I know that there are MTs out there that are MTs along with another HC job, but have never heard anything specific.

I am about to start MT school but in about 2-3 years the opportunity for me to go to school to become an RRT will present itself (it might not again for another 5 yrs past that point).  It (being an RRT) is something I have wanted to do for a while, but only as PRN or part time work because of the shifts, the ages of my kids and my dh's work schedule (out of town a lot and weird hours).  Because of that, I figure I could work as an IC (obviously 20hrs/wk or less) during RRT school and nights and weekends when I am not at my RRT job. We move every couple of years and IC work (for a national at home) could also serve as a steady income source while I find another RRT position (which could conceivably take a while considering my limitations regarding work hours outside my home). 

Since I obviously do neither job right now, I don't know how realistic my expectations of this are.  Does anyone juggle these two jobs?  I know its most likely nurses that do this, but I welcome anyone's comments.

I definitely plan on going to MT school, because its available now, the work will be there, and being an MT is an excellent fit for me. Just trying to plan ahead - I know dh will want to know if I am giving up plans to go to RRT school because of this.


They should definitely ask. I have a lap top in addition to my work computer and it is for the..sm
kids and anyone else who wants to use my computer.  I'm not saying I'd never let anyone use my computer, but I'd have to trust them because this is my livelihood.
In addition, we have queued the ad to be removed
but it usually takes a few days for it to remove. 

I forgot to mention that the company does not pay footers and headers so I was told to use the number 24" instead of 26 and multiply that by the number of reports i do in a day; 24 is the number they use because they say 24 lines is the number of average lines for the reports I do, which is Urgent Care.  We use Dictaphone ExText and we used to be able to look at our "statistics" for the day now when I try to access that feature it says " You do not have access to this feature."  Any comments or opinions would be appreciated.  I smell something fishy here.

trying to run scandisk on ME addition. It keeps restarting. sm
A message pops up that says "ScanDisk has restarted 10 times because Windows or another program has been writing to this drive.  Quitting some program may enable Scandisk to finish sooner." I do not have any other windows opened. I vaguely remember before having to go in and turn stuff off that is running in the background (this is an older computer I have not used in awhile) in order to get the scandisk run without it restarting. I cannot remember how to do this. Any ideas?
I've heard all of that, in addition
to being sworn at and called every name in the book.  An egotistical neurosurgeon who was famous for throwing his instruments all over the op room and abusing the nurses/techs, decided to spew his venom on the MTs one day.  I gathered everyone around and we all listened and laughed and said what a jack@ss.  Then my boss called the HIM director.  About 2 weeks later Dr. Wonderful was not working there any longer.  I don't think it was just our complaint, but cummulative transgressions by this jerkwad.
I agree. And in addition to not making much
who has the TIME to pursue all that studying, class-and test-taking, and meeting-attending? I sure don't! As it is, I spend way too much time at this job, scrambling to make enough lines at low pay to pay my bills.

And I've never been much of a 'studier', either. (I'm more of a 'doer'). Which is why learning from books has never been that beneficial to me - it's too much information all at once, most of which I won't use within a short enough period of time that I'll remember what I learned. (AKA: 'use it or lose it'). However, I learn every day on the job, and that knowledge is more likely to stick, because I'm actively using that piece of information on the report or account I'm working on at the time.

You're right about AHDI not being for American MTs. It's all about making the big bucks.... for THEMSELVES! And when has their 'success' in business ever trickled down to the MT? How about NEVER?

If nothing else, the CMT requirement that some MTSO's have, or their affiliation with AHDI, are good reasons to avoid working for those companies. If an employer is in bed with AHDI, chances are their MT's are never going to see anything but higher workloads and ever-declining pay, not to mention speech recognition editing, and bottom-of-the-barrel ESL trancription jobs. Think of the large, more successful MTSO's we all know and work for. How many of them have passed rewards down to their MT's after having a successful business year? No, instead they hire MORE management, or give current management more money, or go out and buy themselves a small MT company. The workers never come out ahead.

'Back in the day', I once worked on-site for a couple of great small MT companies who gave cash bonuses to top producers each month, and when they had a good business year (which was usually always, back then), the MTs got such unheard-of things as BONUSES, and even RAISES! Imagine that!

Yes-- I have an Adesso with a built-in touch pad
It works very well for me-- you don't have to move your hand that far to use it. It is strange at first, but once you get used to it, you will love it.
The first factory is being built here in Georgia....sm
Supposed to bring in about 2000-2500 jobs. Hopefully their quality of vehicles will improve. Time will tell!
Do they still make keyboards with a built-in
I agree with a custom-built....sm

The problem with Gateway as well as IBM and probably a few others is they are proprietary, no one else can upgrade them. And unless you live in a large city with a Dell service center, for example, you are going to have to ship it whenever there's a problem or changes needed. It's a pain if you decide you need more memory, etc.


I bought a used custom built that a local computer shop had stripped down to the basics, and they have been able to upgrade consistently for me. As a result I've had this computer for 5 years through numerous platforms, etc. and it's still exactly what I need it to be. Also when I have a problem they can service it without a lot of questions because they know it's history to a T. I would have had to buy a whole new computer during this time...great if you've got the money to do it every few years, but I don't. So for me, this is the only way to go.  .

he may have built it as an IC software developer, but I ...
do not believe it was ever Sheri's intention to have him take it over and represent overseas MTs and overseas MT companies. Whatever the situation, we'll never know for sure. The point is, the new administrator should advertise the website in an honest manner. For starters, he should remove the American Flag from the homepage and post the facts on the homepage that this is a website for International MTs from all countries and services being advertised are from both U.S. companies and overseas companies (having a base in one of our US States and conducting business overseas in no way makes a company American operated (maybe they have an office based in the U.S). Our U.S. citizens deserve to know where their medical records are going, and the doctor dictating their patient records deserves the same. What is the big deal about being up front and honest with straight forward advertising in an obvious area of the website for all to see?
The wireless company has built their own s/m
towers in many areas or lease buildings in strategic spots.  For instance, they have one on our local water tower, the farmer down the road from me has one on his silo, just in different locales.  They invested a lot of money in this because it is the only alternative out here.  They do not rely on the cell phone companies at all.  I know that things like trees and stuff impede it as well, as there are some people out here that can't get either unless they build their own tower that goes above the trees to put the receiver on.  The company spent a lot of time scouting out locations on hills, etc. to make this work.  I'm lucky that the silo is within my range. 
If no spaces, it is more like 5.75 which stinks! - nm
yeah that stinks

Its not like with a car where you have a choice whether to drive or not. 

They should make an affordable plan scaled to income available to anyone who cannot get coverage otherwise and set criteria like - if you have to pay more than 10% (or whatever is fair) of your income for insurance, you are eligible for the plan.  Cutting it off at 4X poverty level screws the middle class family, again.  Just like for financial aid for school. 

JMO.  TG we have good insurance. (military)

that really stinks, BIG TIME !!
here is the other web site that goes into more detail,
Comcast really stinks.........
I used to have their cable internet here in Cresson, PA, but I have switched to Verizon high-speed DSL, and I absolutely love it.  They do have special sign ups, which you can you lock in at that rate, I did!  Sure hope you get rid of Comcast! 
No pay for spaces, which stinks. Your

I have heard low work volumes if full time. Not getting paid for spaces was a deal breaker for me.

The new BOS perpetuates this and it stinks. It is
In addition to your credit card receipt you should

get a printout of your payment and if they don't offer it, ask for it.   Be sure to check right away that they are showing you paid and if you have a receipt your payment was put in the system, which should eliminate this issue in the future. 

Billing an insurance company will give the insurance company a good laugh and will probably create further problems. 

I would like to know the answer to that question also, in addition to attempting to
comprehend the madness behind the motives of some posters who feel it is more therapeutic to mock than become masters of medical transcription.  The latter is the purposes........Isn' it??!!!
Our regular Walmart was fine. Then they built the SM
Super Walmart. It is disgusting. The toiletries department is small, smaller than the other one in the original store. Lots of absolutely horrible clothes and I am not a snob. The quzlity of the clothes has gone done, if that is possible.

The worst part is the food section. I don't buy food there, but it is dirty, broken boxes of FOOD lying around. Few name brand items, it is truly awful. The produce section is about 2 feet wide. Damn shame.
built in shelves, cute as a button!
Love it plus it is small with a built-in desk too!
Call computer geeks and have on built that way.
You can remove the built-in shortcut from the Insert key. sm
Go into Tools, Customize, then click the Keyboard button. Scroll down and click on All Commands in the left window. Scroll down the right window and click on the Overtype command. Click on the command in the current keys box, then click Remove.
Brand name doesnt matter as much as what is built into
Agree get custom built. My geeks know what I
That stinks. Must be the office you work for because

I had nothing but STAT reports for 5 hours straight this a.m. and then reports went back to last Friday's dictation.  I wish there were some way I could send some out to you.

Weird thing is that in the last couple of weeks I have logged on to find no work, but within an hour, I have plenty of work.  Uh oh.  Is it my turn?