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Smart gloves vs. Softflex gloves - Advice

Posted By: NDMT on 2008-07-30
In Reply to:

Anyone use these for typing?  Do you still have enough range of motion?  I am struggling and have tried to type with my braces on but of course I can't.  Any advice would be great!!  Thanks.

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You might try SoftFlex gloves.
I think they are only $25.00 a pair, and you can buy them on line. It made the tingling in the heels of my hands go away, which was not actually carpal tunnel, but just irritation of the medial nerve from pressure. It was worse in my mouse hand because of the way that hand rests on the heel more.
SoftFlex computer gloves help me. (sm)
You can order them on-line. I think part of the reason our hands get cold is because our hands are a little higher than our elbows, so the blood doesn't circulate very well. I have Raynaud's, so I am very conscious of cold hands. You can't type as fast when they are cold. If you have a heating pad, you can put it on your lap and maybe it will warm up your arms and help your hands. That's what my dad's secretary used to do, and I used to do it before I got my gloves. Also, beware of a desk that sits up against a window - the cold air will shoot across the desk and end up on your hands. Brrrrrr!
Softflex Computer Gloves

Has anyone tried the Softflex Computer Gloves lately?  I am thinking of ordering some.  I have some computer gloves bought locally, but they have Latex in them, and I think the Softflex might be Latex free...? 

Happy Saturday!

I use SoftFlex computer gloves

This is one website that has them.
I love my SoftFlex gloves!
Softflex gloves are awesome
I have used them for many years, and if I try typing without them, I can feel it within 15 minutes.

They are very reasonably priced ($24-25), and mine last at least 1-2 years of nearly daily use.

There is no doubt in my mind these are why I am still able to transcribe; sounds dramatic but it's true.

Never used the other ones.

Good luck to you!
Love my SoftFlex gloves!
I have DE Quervain tenosynovitis and would not be able to transcribe without my SoftFlex gloves. They are extremely comfortable and have kept my wrists pain free for years without cortisone injections. They are well worth the price!
Love my softflex gloves
I'm not sure exactly what the smartgloves are, but I did try gloves my local drug store.  They were very heavy compared to the softflex and actually made my wrists hurt more.  I use my softflex gloves everyday and can't imagine typing without them.  Give 'em a try - can't beat the price!
I use Softflex gloves .. can't work w/o them
these are less than 30.00 and a pair lasts me at least 2 years ... Google Softflex ..

good luck to you ...
Just bought some new softflex gloves
I don't remember an adjustment period. My first pair was given to me on the job years ago and I didn't use them immediately and stored them away. Then I took them out one day and just started using them. I love them and will forget I have them on sometimes. I debated about trying the handeze but was afraid to. Might try them next time since they are less expensive than softflex. (Actually, looks to me like a crafty type person could make a pair of new gloves using an old pair for a pattern with some stretchy material and heavy rubber cut into bands and sewn in tight; the softflex ones are a very simple design, actually. Just a thought.
My SoftFlex gloves say they are nylon and Lycra. (sm)
I love them. They keep hands warm in the winter and they protect your medial nerve when you rest the heel of your hand. I no longer get that burning sensation in my palm since using them.
Love my Softflex computer gloves
Yes. I would highly recommend using Softflex gloves. Been using them for years and they work wonders for me so far as prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand/wrist problems. Wouldn't be caught transcribing without out them!
SoftFlex gloves come highly recommended
And a lumbar support too!!
I use SoftFlex gloves to keep hands warm, and I have Raynaud's. (nm)
smart gloves
Love the smart gloves. they have sort of a bean bag on the palm and do not restrict your typing at all.
Smart Gloves. Google them. They are the best!

I actually wear gloves, regular knit, but thin gloves.
I get so used to typing with them on, when I take them off I have a hard time adjusting again.
I wear gloves that are made for carpal tunnel, cock up, and have modified for thumbs to have more freedom. I also own a pair of gloves designed for transcriptionists. use search enging on internet and put in gloves for transcription. I cannot remember the name of the company, but they are great.
I have the Soft Flex and I absolutely love them.  This is my second pair.
Kid gloves sm
You sound so....ANGRY.  MT or editor, it's just a job.  Some editors  have the mistaken idea that they are somehow above errors.....like the editor that tore me a new butt because I typed, "at the time of intromission" (dx pelvic pain during intercourse), corrected me to "interim admission."  Doncha think that was pretty pathetic too?  I laughed.  I also demanded that the report be corrected back to the way I typed it....it was.
Anyone use gloves?

I'd like some feedback. My hands freeze, get stiff and hurt.  Does anyone use gloves? 



this is awesome! thanks!!
Gloves sm

Yes, I've been wearing them for the last 15 years.  I use Handeze gloves.  I bought my last pair at Osco.  I absolutely love them!  My hands don't get as tired and sore when I use them.  They're thin, and I can hardly tell I have them on.


Hope that helps!


The above gloves are especially designed for typists. They have foam strips that take the pressure off the heels of yours hands, especially if you prop them on your keyboard. I love them and they work really well.
I tried the gloves to see if they would help...sm
many MTs swear by them, but I just hated the feel, guess I never got used to them, and thus I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands (16 years will do that to ya!). Be sure to stretch your fingers regularly, and don't forget to take a break here and there, my neurologists told me it was crazy to just sit and pound away at a keyboard for hours .. but then, they were the doctors! I have a doctor who believes in naturopathy, and believes taking B vitamins, especially B6, can decrease carpal tunnel. Give it a try, the vitamins AND the gloves! Take Care!
I tried compression gloves (supports). I bought them at the local drug store. They do help on my very busy days or on long-winded doctors and we all know they're out there.


I've used these gloves for years and I think they're great!  They're definitely worth the investment IMO.  There are other brands out there, look on eBay. 

Buy some "Smart Gloves" sm

You can Google them on the net.  They're only about $20 bucks apiece, but they are the best!  They have saved me after taking on MT full time for the last year.

Do any of you wear gloves while
And if so, what kind?

My hands get very cold while I type, which makes them stiff and therefore makes it harder for me to type.

Have any of you found that wearing a thin pair of gloves maybe with just the fingertips cut out helps this at all?
Handeze gloves sm

You can purchase them online.  Here's the link:



fingerless gloves
I use gloves from Pat Systems at transcriptionpaper.com.  They are soft, have support at the wrist, and have no fingers.  I wear mine every day because I have CTS but am pain-free when wearing them. Highly suggest them!
fingerless gloves
My hands get cold too.  Someone on here awhile back suggested just getting those cheap stretchy gloves and cutting off the ends of the fingers so I tried it, and it works for me, but I don't have any problems with wrist pain.  All I need is the warmth, and it seems to work. 
I buy a pair at Walmart for $7.49 about every six months or so...they work great for me...mtgal847
For those who wear gloves

for RSI/carpal tunnel problems, which brand do you use?  I'm curious because I have been looking at a few different brands on-line, but cannot seem to find them locally, so my husband picked up one from Wal-Mart last night, which does seem to be helping the pain somewhat, but it is difficult to type while wearing it.  Some of the ones I've seen mentioned on here before (Handeze, Smart Glove, and Softflex) appear that they may be more flexible than what I've got and so better for working.

Any info you guys could offer would be a great help and much appreciated. 


Typing gloves
I bought my fingerless gloves at Sav-On (any drug store).  They are in the department with the braces, heating pads, etc.  Hope they help.  They help me a lot.
I had some knit gloves and ...sm
cut the finger tips out just high enough that they don't touch the keyboard. Works wonders! I look like a homeless person, but hey, it works!
okay, what's those gloves some MTs wear?
i never paid much attention before, but 2 of my fingers are so cold; and now i want to know!!
question on gloves

I just purchased the handeze gloves, and seem to have a more difficult time dong my work. If you have tried those, did you find there was an adjustment period?

I am now wondering ifthe softflex ones would suit me better. 

If you have used either, did you have any problems, any adjustment period??

what kind of gloves are you talking about? sm
Are they traditional "gloves"? Sounds like something I need to check into.  Any website to check out? TIA
Fingerless Typing Gloves - Where to buy?
A friend MT, the lady who mentored me, told me to get some fingerless typing gloves (to protect from wrist problems), and that it's been years since she bought hers at a company that she believes was called "PAT Systems" but she couldn't find them online. Anyone know where to get these?

Thanks a lot!!!!!
I don't wear the gloves to type with
but I got wrist splints to wear at night to sleep in. You can get them at WalGreens. They are about $24 each, come in R and L, and 3 sizes. I used to work for an occupational therapist who recommended them for her patients all the time. The elastic in most of the gloves I bought (including the ones recommended to you) made me break out in a rash.
Link inside to gloves
Check out SoftFLEX computer gloves. Helps with carpal tunnel syndrome, but also keeps your hands/wrists warm. They do not cover your fingers, so it's limiting as to how warm your hands can get, but they do help. I'm on my third pair in 15 years.

Soft-Flex gloves
Where does one find these wonderful gloves? I have tried everything and not much helps, certainly not splints. TIA
I have used Handeze gloves for years -
I have been an MT for 10 years and using these gloves (just on my right hand) for the last 8 years or so.  I cannot remember any adjustment period.  Maybe try just wearing them around the house for doing light tasks until you get more used to them.  I would not give up these gloves for anything now, simply love them!  Best of luck. 
34 in lower NY state today, too! Need my Handeze gloves! nm
I use golfers gloves..thin and keep my hands warm.
Soft-Flex and Handeze are 2 brfands of gloves
that MTs often use. I use SoftFlex. They are thin nylon with a bit of spandex. I got them for the little wrist cushions they have that protect the medial nerve when the heels of my hands started burning. They do protect the nerves and cured the burning, and I remember to wear them because they keep my hands warm. I love stuff that serves a dual purpose. :oD Oh, and I do have Raynaud's, so these gloves are good even for somebody with that problem.
I just had the surgery and my doc has me wearing Occunomix Neoprene gloves
I found them only on-line and at a surgical supply store, but they are great as far as I am concerned. 
You can find different work gloves in Office Max, Best Buy, Staples,
In addition to the Soft Flex gloves I recommend...sm
an ergonomic keyboard (the old Microsoft Elite PS-2 is my favorite and I have three stockpiled); but, the thing that has made the most difference for me has been typing with my keyboard in my lap. I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthitis in my hands, as well as CTS. Transcribing with my keyboard in my lap has been a miracle for me.
gloves will not prevent a needle stick, only exposure to a spill. nm