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Softscript hires people with satellite, Vista and your experience. sm

Posted By: Kay on 2008-01-23
In Reply to: Newbie/Satellite/Vista - Twintoes

I will not argue with anyone over this, but here is my 2 cents. I have been with SoftScript for a pretty good length of time. They are overall a good company. I know in the past there has been management problems, but that has been solved for many, many months. If you want to, give them a try.

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Who hires with 2 years' experience?
I want to get back into MT work, but everything seems to be acute care/hospital dictation. I have some experience in that area but not 2-3 years' worth. Anyone have ideas?
Focus Infomatics hires transcriptionists with NO experience on the Escription platform? Anyone else
Does anyone know of decent companies hiring newbies (1-1/2 yrs exp. in acute care) using a satellite and Vista?  I have been searching, but so far no go!! 
I don't know of any store in my area that hires people full-time.
That includes Walmart, K-mart, grocery stores, etc. So I guess it's all slave labor. In fact, any transcription company that does not hire employees must also be the same. They certainly save themselves a lot of money under the guise of Independent Contractors, don't they?
My satellite experience.

You probably will have problems with bad weather.  Even if it's just really windy or raining hard, it gets really slow or sometimes you will lose service.  I also have problems if it is snowing really heavy, don't know why, but I do.  But we live in the middle of 20 acres with no trees around, so the wind and weather really gets going out here.  But overall it worked out okay. 



People with little or no experience
are the ones jumping at the low pay and they are getting hired!!! Everyone seems to want to work from home and will accept pennies in order to do it. The quality is way down, as someone who has been at this quite a while, I can tell you that. The Indian transcriptionists at this point are better than the inexperienced Americans. The MT companies hire the inexperienced so they can keep more profit for themselves.
I know from experience it can be done, I don't but there are people like you who do very well and
You really need the experience of being with people in a classroom and doing clinic in hospitals sm
etc. to see if it's really want you want to do. Book learning is such a small part of a nursing education or any other medical training where you're going to be around people, blood, guts, mucus, and family situations. You get to know very early on if nursing is for you when you're actually there in a classroom and then doing some kind of clinic or lab experiences. Could save you money down the road, too, if you decide that nursing isn't right for you. ....even the online programs have you do your clinic at a local hospital and then you'll have to do a "challenge" weekend at a hospital that might not be close by in order to get the credits. Good luck with whatever you decide!
Would definitely not go satellite. Most use DSL or cable, some with reimburse partial $$, satellite
Transcend, although they said my satellite was too slow, they do allow satellite with some accts. nm
Sorry this is for MQ new hires.


Amphion hires PT. nm

newbie hires
Listen, I don't know if this is going to help, but it is worth a try. I used to work for this company called TSI which is Transcription South, Inc here in Clearwater. I am a FL MT. The only reason I quit them was because they got into a bad partnership with a big nation company and ran out of work, and the big company renigned on their part of the partnership (and I am not allowed to say the other company), but that was a long time ago, and it was not TSI's fault. Otherwise, TSI is a good company. They have a website. (Transcription South, Inc, Clearwater, FL. What I am telling you is that the owner of the company used to take on newbies and his wife is a CMT. They run the company as husband and wife and they have family members working there. They used to have a mentoring program for newbies, His wife (a CMT) is active in the company as well as AAMT. She is wonderful; she takes in newbies. When I was with them, I transcribed, did QA and mentored newbies also. It is worth a try. It is a wonderful company and family operated. You can e-mail me and I will do what I can to help you. There are no guarantees, but I will help you all I can.
Who Hires M-Tec grads?
I just finished my coursework at M-TEC.  I can't wait for my test to be graded...and I'm itching to find a job.  Before my test, I was 95%.  I'm wondering if anyone knows what companies routinly hire from M-Tec so I can go looking now and not have to wait till I am able to access the COC on M-TEC's website?
Our company never, ever hires
They only hire for MT positions. One test and a few interviews are not really enough to assure that someone applying for a QA position has the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running on multiple accounts. I have seen applicants that previously held QA positions for other companies and professed to have immense amount of knowledge in a wide variety of specialties and acute be completely unable to pass audits as an MT on accounts that are not at all difficult. Also, QA personnel has to become familiar with the intricacies of each account and the individual dictators, not just the account guidelines. The best way to do that is to transcribe on the account or accounts that you will QA for. It is also the best way to judge whether the knowledge and skill you profess to possess is as thorough as you think it is.

That said, the people hired for an MT-to-QA opportunity who prove to be qualified usually spend less than 2 weeks working as an MT before moving to a strictly QA position.

Amphion hires coders, too.
Don't know about the prospects of looking for a job.  I don't know how much you make doing transcription of what you consider similar.  I think coders probably start out in the mid-20s per year up to 40s with some experience.  There are not as many billing jobs at home as there are remote coding opportunities.  Hope that helps. 
the manager hires three monkeys to do your job

True - although when an employer hires
someone with the understanding that we work holidays and that person then refuses, that's really dishonest on the employee's part.

I know several MTs who were hired on with the company that I work for, got set up, worked a few weeks or months, then when the holidays roll around they say that the employer KNEW that they would not work holidays or, in a few cases, weekends.

I completely write them off at that point. I don't offer them help anymore, NOTHING. That's playing dirty if you ask me.

The employer is put on the spot, has gone to the expense of setting them up at home, all of it, then to have the employee refuse to work any further holidays or weekends. Just dirty.

What really burns me is when someone makes the comment (more like whining) that they have kids at home and don't want to work when the kids are home. Spring break, Christmas, Thanksgiving...

As if NONE of the rest of us do!

Then these same people are the first ones to jump on board on their scheduled days off when an incentive is offered and completely drain the work from those of us who were already scheduled to work that day.

Nothing wrong with saying "new hires" sm
You "hire" a plumber, even though it's not your "employee," so I see no problem with someone saying an IC was a "new hire." The word hire means to engage for service under term of contract - that doesn't cross any line, IMHO.

Yes, the MTSO you contract with can be considered your client. All ICs are self employed, so yes, you are your own boss. However, the client is still your "boss," in the sense that they do have the control of your workflow. IOW, if you don't meet their expectations, they can choose not to use you anymore and find someone else who will. Be cautious how far you take that "not-my-boss" attitude because it can backfire on you is all I'm saying.

As far as stating your rates, absolutely. You can tell the MTSO what you charge as an IC. The MTSO also has the option of saying no thanks. Just like if a plumber charges more than what you are willing to pay, you can move on to the next plumber. If the MTSO tells you what they are willing to pay and it's not what you desire, you have the option to say no thanks, too. However, I do not think an MTSO is crossing any line by saying "this is what we are willing to pay." If you go to a physician's office, they are going to do the same and tell you what they are willing to pay. You absolutely have the right to say "Well, this is what I charge," and they can then decide if they want to continue to do business with you or find another service that is within their price range.
I believe TT hires part time. Try them.
Ad for new hires 2 weeks ago, no work last week or this :(

No work for basically 2 weeks on either my main account or backup.  Can't help but wonder how many new hires have plenty.  I've been sitting here with absolutely nothin' for nearly 10 days and even tried on the weekend.  I love the account, but a girl's gotta eat!

Anybody else, or just my accounts?

Diskriter only hires FULL TIME - sorry
no message
I believe fantastic transcripts only hires locals - sm
But I am not sure. If that is the company out in Burbank/LA - I thought they only hire within 30 minutes of the area. I could be wrong.
Ascend is Idian owned and hires newbies -
I am extremely curious as to what new hires do when they find out they have not work. Do they quit,
do they get transferred, what happens to them.
if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
Experience on top, current experience first. Education second. Leave out ALL fluff.
Recruiters don't need your life story. They need to know if you can do the job. If you want, put your current employer, then state "I have 20 years in the profession doing....." Keep it simple; keep it clean. If you want to go into more detail, do it during the interview. A HUGE red flag is to see that you've worked for 10 different companies, for months at a time. I know that someone who has worked for the same company for 2 years or more is going to have some degree of loyalty and will work through issues rather than cut and run.
Try http://www.softscript.com - never runs out of work.
try softscript
SS hires newbies, you can try them, but BEWARE!!!! I wish you the best. It would be a foot in the door and experience, but be thick skinned!!!!
SoftScript (rip-off)
I am looking for an honest MT position from home.  SoftScript is stealing my lines and I am sick of it.  Any suggestions?????
weshouldstarttypinglikethissincewedonotgetpaidforspacesANYMORE. SEE HOW THE CLIENTS LIKE THAT
Yes, amazing huh? The minutes transcribed were approximately 80/90 so it was not like I transcribed a bunch of one liners but what is even more amazing is they actually had the nerve to scold me for being under the daily requirement, imagine that..
You are right, I know this has happened at least twice last month and I cannot tell you how many since I started, the line counter goes down and they tell you to continue working it will catch up and be accurate which I can't see how as it seems not to be accurate when it is working. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish to bash anyone and whether the inaccuracy of their line counting software is intentional or not, I could not say for sure, but it is definitely inaccurate and what started out as a company with management friendly and helpful quickly turned to cold shoulders and snappy remarks. Thank you for your replies

Hi ladies and gents,

I would like to know more about Softscript, so far I passed the test for a QA position and will have my interview today, but the Recruiter's messages sound very rude.

I have a good job right now although I am running out of work frequently. Any opinions welcome.  Miryam.



about softscript

Has anyone worked for SoftScript recently, or no of anyone who has? If so I would appreciate some feedback on them and what they are like.


Worked for them 1.5 years and they were great for acute learning at first but thentheydidntpayforspaces and lied and my checks were getting smaller and smaller for the same hours.  I worked to exhaustion to make what I did in 8 hours.  I left.

Can anyone tell me anything about softscript.  Are they a good company to work for?

They are a terrible company - don't go there!!! Look in the archives for more about this company. I have never seen anything positive about them. I worked there for about a year and it was awful.
Softscript does
whazzup with softscript??? cant seem to get my line count up they keep changing my accounts when i do and give me Dr. asplkgabppsdkgiapdofnb every time.  evidently this is not uncommon.  glad to accept a new position today!!!!!!

I have only been an MT for about 8 months. SS hired me right out of school (though I do have a nursing school background). I am very rarely out of work. I get paid on time. Most of the dictators are good. I have a few that are not, but doing the same ones repeatedly helps to learn their accents. I have no complaints. Management can be a bit loopy, but hey, that can be anywhere you go. Unless an email is directed straight at me instead of GLOBAL I just keep chugging on my merry way.
Does anyone know anything about this company? They have sent me some information on their requirements, but I'm questioning them because I will have to shell out over $200 to start working for them. This doesn't seem right to me, so if anyone can help me out I'd be grateful.

I have to pay for the foot pedal (which is $169) and a medical spellchecker program. I'm just guessing that's going to be around $30 or so, plus I'll have to buy more memory for my computer because I'm almos out, and I am on my computer all the time because I design website templates (personal) and don't have enough space right now. My computer is almost 5 years old.
Run away from them!!!
SoftScript seems different now...
I recently hired on with SS and found it to be quite different than people in the past have claimed. When I came, they matched what I made at my previous place, and I've heard that they give regular reviews and rate increases with a good review. I'm happy as heck! They have a ton of work, and I do real good with OT and all- better than my last two places combined! The mentor I have and the trainer and supervisors all are very nice. I had computer issues early on, but my laptop was beat up. They even helped me get a desktop through Dell. Whatever happened in the past seems to be gone because I like it and the place described here would not have been good for me! I got a bonus for referring a friend, too.
Anyone ever heard of SoftScript? I guess they are based out of CA? Has anyone ever worked for them before? I would like to know more about their platform and pay...
Anyone currently working at SoftScript, what is your experience?  I started there 2 weeks ago, getting error messages like crazy on the platform, can't save reports, losing voice file connection halfway through, after my reports go through QA sometimes they disappear from the system and I get no line count credit.  Nobody at SoftScript responds to emails.  Even my mentor seems to have disappeared.
Does anyone out there currently work for SoftScript? I would like to know how their management style is, how well they pay, etc. THanks.
Hmmm...I appreciate all the input. It's so hard to tell these days. Hopefully, I'll hear from some full-time current workers there. Thanks guys!
With all the bad written about this company (as a matter of fact, I've not heard anything good about them at all), why would you accept the job?
TRS, SoftScript, Med-Tech


Just wondering if anyone has worked for any of these companies. I'm down to making my final choice. Thanks!