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Posted By: Sally on 2005-10-03
In Reply to: SoftScript - kathy

They are a terrible company - don't go there!!! Look in the archives for more about this company. I have never seen anything positive about them. I worked there for about a year and it was awful.

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Try http://www.softscript.com - never runs out of work.
try softscript
SS hires newbies, you can try them, but BEWARE!!!! I wish you the best. It would be a foot in the door and experience, but be thick skinned!!!!
SoftScript (rip-off)
I am looking for an honest MT position from home.  SoftScript is stealing my lines and I am sick of it.  Any suggestions?????
weshouldstarttypinglikethissincewedonotgetpaidforspacesANYMORE. SEE HOW THE CLIENTS LIKE THAT
Yes, amazing huh? The minutes transcribed were approximately 80/90 so it was not like I transcribed a bunch of one liners but what is even more amazing is they actually had the nerve to scold me for being under the daily requirement, imagine that..
You are right, I know this has happened at least twice last month and I cannot tell you how many since I started, the line counter goes down and they tell you to continue working it will catch up and be accurate which I can't see how as it seems not to be accurate when it is working. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish to bash anyone and whether the inaccuracy of their line counting software is intentional or not, I could not say for sure, but it is definitely inaccurate and what started out as a company with management friendly and helpful quickly turned to cold shoulders and snappy remarks. Thank you for your replies

Hi ladies and gents,

I would like to know more about Softscript, so far I passed the test for a QA position and will have my interview today, but the Recruiter's messages sound very rude.

I have a good job right now although I am running out of work frequently. Any opinions welcome.  Miryam.



about softscript

Has anyone worked for SoftScript recently, or no of anyone who has? If so I would appreciate some feedback on them and what they are like.


Worked for them 1.5 years and they were great for acute learning at first but thentheydidntpayforspaces and lied and my checks were getting smaller and smaller for the same hours.  I worked to exhaustion to make what I did in 8 hours.  I left.

Can anyone tell me anything about softscript.  Are they a good company to work for?

Softscript does
whazzup with softscript??? cant seem to get my line count up they keep changing my accounts when i do and give me Dr. asplkgabppsdkgiapdofnb every time.  evidently this is not uncommon.  glad to accept a new position today!!!!!!

I have only been an MT for about 8 months. SS hired me right out of school (though I do have a nursing school background). I am very rarely out of work. I get paid on time. Most of the dictators are good. I have a few that are not, but doing the same ones repeatedly helps to learn their accents. I have no complaints. Management can be a bit loopy, but hey, that can be anywhere you go. Unless an email is directed straight at me instead of GLOBAL I just keep chugging on my merry way.
Does anyone know anything about this company? They have sent me some information on their requirements, but I'm questioning them because I will have to shell out over $200 to start working for them. This doesn't seem right to me, so if anyone can help me out I'd be grateful.

I have to pay for the foot pedal (which is $169) and a medical spellchecker program. I'm just guessing that's going to be around $30 or so, plus I'll have to buy more memory for my computer because I'm almos out, and I am on my computer all the time because I design website templates (personal) and don't have enough space right now. My computer is almost 5 years old.
Run away from them!!!
SoftScript seems different now...
I recently hired on with SS and found it to be quite different than people in the past have claimed. When I came, they matched what I made at my previous place, and I've heard that they give regular reviews and rate increases with a good review. I'm happy as heck! They have a ton of work, and I do real good with OT and all- better than my last two places combined! The mentor I have and the trainer and supervisors all are very nice. I had computer issues early on, but my laptop was beat up. They even helped me get a desktop through Dell. Whatever happened in the past seems to be gone because I like it and the place described here would not have been good for me! I got a bonus for referring a friend, too.
Anyone ever heard of SoftScript? I guess they are based out of CA? Has anyone ever worked for them before? I would like to know more about their platform and pay...
Anyone currently working at SoftScript, what is your experience?  I started there 2 weeks ago, getting error messages like crazy on the platform, can't save reports, losing voice file connection halfway through, after my reports go through QA sometimes they disappear from the system and I get no line count credit.  Nobody at SoftScript responds to emails.  Even my mentor seems to have disappeared.
Does anyone out there currently work for SoftScript? I would like to know how their management style is, how well they pay, etc. THanks.
Hmmm...I appreciate all the input. It's so hard to tell these days. Hopefully, I'll hear from some full-time current workers there. Thanks guys!
With all the bad written about this company (as a matter of fact, I've not heard anything good about them at all), why would you accept the job?
TRS, SoftScript, Med-Tech


Just wondering if anyone has worked for any of these companies. I'm down to making my final choice. Thanks!


Softscript sucks!
Run as far away as you can from them!!
Nothing Good About Softscript
I agree about no good experiences with softscript. The "senior vice pres" Joann has some personality disorder and couldn't tell the truth if she had to.  She was forced to resign from her last company because she also worked for SS and was stealing their employees before they could start for them, quoting them a hgher line rate than the other company did; very dishonest about things.  I worked there last year for about 3 months.  The mgt staff changes as she cycles her mood disorder.  I know that this year they they are on their sixth ops mgr in 7 months, so what does that tell you?  The editors only make 5 cents a line no matter how bad the dictation is, and it is all bad because they hire ANYONE, no exp needed. .  I'm sure with this hits the fan about you being the only one who makes hourly wage lots more people will quit.  My advice????  RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
Softscript is the worst there is
I really had to laugh when I saw this. If you want to continue working for the worst transcription (and I use the term loosely) in the business, stay with SS.  HORRIBLE doesn't even scratch the surface.  Look at all the posts to yours - do you see anything positive?  Didn't think so.  Do yourself a favor and take these honest comments to heart. Get out of there as soon as you can and save yourself the "experiences" we've all had.
Stay away from SoftScript
Please read further down this board.  There are MTs threatening law suits against this company. Not only are they rude, but they promise you the moon and once you start working for them don't deliver.  Many of these MTs are complaining about SS stealing their lines.  The line counter software shows how many lines you transcribe, but this is not jiving with the pay they are receiving.  The QA manager is a totally incompetent ass.  Just do yourself a favor and stay away.  There are many other companies out there who are good to work for, but not this one.
Have not worked for Softscript
still insist on e mailing me, after condemning their own people for the mistakes they are making and management can't even delet e mail addresses!!  What a wonderful company.  Everyone should work for them!!!   NOT
Then you must work for SOFTSCRIPT
because the cherrypicking there is rampid.  Please tell me if you do.  Just curious.
Feedback on SoftScript

Does anybody know anything good or bad about this company?  I am looking for a good MT employment position, and I have been burned before (by Voice Systems--they don't pay!). 

SoftScript Inc.
501 Colorado Ave.; Suite #206, Santa Monica, California 90401

Softscript is the WORST!
They do lie, they lie a LOT. They are real great about NOT getting back to you if you have a problem, or blaming any problem you have on your computer. That is another thing, you have to use your own personal computer, and then their techs get in there and screw around with things to set up your system to suit THEIR software, and I have had programs deleted by them without my permission. They treat it like it is their property and not yours. Never again will I work for them or any place that makes you use your own computer. You cannot get a straight answer on line counts, if you lose a job in the upload (which happens very frequently, a LOT of server errors) they tell you it will show up in the next check, but you never know if it did or not. Their follow up is crap, and they are management heavy and still can't run the company worth anything. Plus, the absolutely bitchy e-mails, cripes...better to leave these pukes in the dust and go elsewhere. And I KNOW what I'm talking about, I worked there for 3 years!
New w/Softscript--NOT HAPPY
with their low 7 cpl line count, and their program is very difficult to navigate and I'm having all sorts of stops and starts. Anyone else new and have any input?
Dream Job - Hope it isn't with SoftScript
If your dream job is with SoftScript it will quickly turn into a nightmare.
SoftScript paycheck late again?!!
Any other SS employees get their paycheck?  Mine is late again! And I have direct deposit- so sick of this.  Why do I stay!! aagghh
SoftScript line counts
I used to work for them. My line counts were 1000 lines off from theirs. They said it was a "computer thing" and that their final numbers are correct. Not ours. Too bad for us.
Find another company, SoftScript is
They lie, steal lines, expect you to work 24/7, and will call you on your weekend and beg you to work. You will have no life. They also have 97%+ ESL.
Probity versus SoftScript

I have been offered a position by both Probity as well as SoftScript.  Can anyone out there give me any advice as both of these companies are unfamiliar to me?  I would appreciate any and all responses.  Thanks.


Softscript- the truth of the matter
Having recently joined SoftScript a few months back, and having 15+ years in MT, working for many different companies, I researched what the boards were saying about ALL the companies I worked, or wanted to work for. I noticed some bad stuff posted about SS. I also saw that most of it was 3 years ago or more. I decided that things change and came over. I like it- they have plenty of work and matched my last line pay. The managers I know and talk to have been cool, at least to me. But I never give anyone trouble either. I work alot, and don't miss much work. I know they are always looking to beef up staff, editors, mentors, etc. Line requirements are low enough to meet easily. They do have a high QA standard, but then who of us doesn't think we're the best out there and can easily get 100% in QA? Should give them a call and apply and find out for yourself. You'll be glad you did! Let me know if you do- I'll get a referral bonus too!

Softscript, Transolutions, Datakey, Medquist

Hi again,

It's decision time. Just wondering what people think of these companies and what their experience has been like working for them. Thanks.


Softscript, Transolutions, Datakey, Medquist
The Tampa Medquist office used to have a real hot payroll guy, named Shane, but I don't think that's the info you need. LOL,,,I am with Transcend. I like it.
Softscript not counting lines correctly
Anyone else having this problem.  Trying to get an answer as to why LINES are NOT being counted correctly and not one answer.  The fact that our lines do not show up immediately anymore should have been our first warning.  How can they GET AWAY WITH THIS.  It there anyway a company can PROVE how they are counting lines.  This is totally unfair and they are ripping off their MTs while fat cats sit there and get richer.
I wish I had read this board before I joined Softscript

Not only were they liars and cheats but they are incredibly Dumb.  The VP of Human Resources has to be one of the most incompetent people on the face of the earth.  No, don't quit your good job for THIS MESS.  Run away!  Run away!

I'd be interested in joining that lawsuit... 

Precyse and SoftScript offer dial up, too. nm
SoftScript's Software versus Meditech

I have heard of possibly using SoftScript's platform/software/interface for Meditech. What can anyone tell me about this interface?

Right now we type in Meditech for each individual report before we type it. It takes FOREVER! Then we have to file the report electronically when we finish typing it. It is a very slow process.

I wanted to know if this interface I am hearing about for Meditech from SoftScript is anything like straight typing or is it a lot of inputting information?

Has anyone typed in Meditech before and now works for SoftScript or used to work for them who can give me an opinion as to how much quicker it might be?

Any relative information would be helpful!

Can find Spheris, Precyse only if 37K or faster, & SoftScript so far. Sorry. nm
AVOID AT ALL COSTS SoftScript, Transcend, Medquist, OSI, Transolutions
SoftScript has bad, bad ESL accounts.

Transcend is notorious for running out of work while they have plenty of well-to-fo executives. They overhire, then nobody has any work. They will call you every day to "work extra" - that is, if they have any work to do.

Medquist is having a massive exodus because they have been sued for fraudulent billing. There are thousands of people looking for new jobs, so maybe you can get something soon.

OSI offshores like crazy but their worst problem are some of their lunatic department heads, one in particular with no experience and less of a brain. NO IDEA how to run a successful company able to keep good employees. Most of their best MTs have left and they are stuck with a bunch of MTs fresh out of school.

Transolutions - Low, low pay and horrible QA department that is not consistent and will write you up over crazy things like commas.
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
Softscript hires people with satellite, Vista and your experience. sm
I will not argue with anyone over this, but here is my 2 cents. I have been with SoftScript for a pretty good length of time. They are overall a good company. I know in the past there has been management problems, but that has been solved for many, many months. If you want to, give them a try.
Yes they are!!!! OSi and SoftScript are neck and neck
There are MUCH better companies out there. Please, for your sake, do not go there with SoftScript.