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Something to make you smile.

Posted By: tired fingers on 2007-12-18
In Reply to:

QWERTY ergo sum...I type, therefore I misspell.

I cannot claim the credit for this, but I thought everybody could use a little humor today. 

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I have 2 that make me smile - sm

One is obviously an older ESL gentleman and he always says, "Thank you kindly for typing."

The other is younger and he says, "Thanks for typing this up and have a great day."


I don't get it. Why do you just smile and tell
No offense, but we teach people how to treat us. Your idea of getting a sitter was a good one. After all, if it's just work he needs to do, he should be glad someone will be there to watch the kids. Of course, you know that's not the problem, but it's fun to make HIM admit to it, isn't it?

You've got your work cut out for you.
We all need to smile. sm
I just quit a job. From the first email, I could tell this person was not nice. I tried to make it work, but it didn't, so I'm moving on.

What I don't get is why the attitude? No one is so privileged in this business that they can afford to be nasty. The same way you come up may be the same way you go down, so smile along the way. It shows even in the emails. Smile! Makes the day go by more pleasantly.
I will let a smile be my umbrella when (sm)

more people get out and adopt a pet instead of just talking about it.  It is really a problem and the shooting of innocent dogs is sickening.

I just adopted one and did my part. 

Smile all the way to the bank!
Just smile and say "thank you"

I smile, say "I don't have children, thanks." nm

thanks for the smile!! Made by day. (nm)
Makes me smile
This is beside the point, but I have an Asian friend who still refers to herself as Oriental (we're middle aged and that's the term used when we were young). - It is so refreshing to hear her do that, as I think all this politically correct stuff has gotten out of hand. Yes, some terms are just plain rude or cruel, but some of that stuff is just a big deal about nothing. I always smile when she calls herself Oriental. :)
Here's a wry smile of agreement instead. NM
should be 'found' not 'round' (smile)
no wonder people did not want to go in there with buses -

I never heard this part of the story. If it is true, it would explain a lot.
smile and nod, or offer him a drink and tell him


My Wal-Mart does this too. I just look at the lady and smile.
Once I was stopped and she rummaged through bags saying that I had set off a trigger of some kind. It caught my by surprise. Yes, it is offensive.
and now SadMT can be HappyMT!! *Smile*..nm
Understood. Sending a smile your way for a better day. nm
My 2 cents worth here (smile) ...
It's one thing to have a perspective as an MT, new or experienced, saying that the generalizations from MT Pundit are true or not (and I take his/her comments as generalizations, not true in every situation).

However, when you work with an abundance of both experienced and new MTs, it is very different. You really do see the trends being referred to in this thread.

For everyone who exclaims how adaptable they are but rant on and on, you probably are not as change-friendly as you think and it shows with your exasperated statements.

There are always exceptions to the rule but by and large what Pundit has said seems to be the overall trend in working with large groups of both experienced and new MTs.

I think offshoring has nothing to do with this. It is a separate issue altogether and will happen regardless.

I do think he/she has given excellent advice for those who want to hang onto this profession as long as possible.

It is much easier to go to the eager new MT minds and give instruction or feedback than to go through the arguments and backlash usually resulting from the same situation involving an experienced MT.

Glad I'm out of it!

more than a chuckle, a real smile -
I've been smiling for half an hour now (since you said it was just a line and not an insult). Thanks and have a good day.
i did, made me smile...i sure am pretty ;)
not to worry, haha, we are not at work (smile!) nm
It's a smile. Tilt your head to see it more clearly.. No message..
A big smile and nothing but good news for the first 24 hours.
That's what men like best.
Happy to bring a smile! But if you prefer...
Disenfranchised US Transcriptionists? Which is more catchy, do you think? Disgusted...Disheartened...
It's the chat board version of a smile

:D is a wide open smile.  :) is a regular smile.

And to the poster above it, who the heck made you the board police?  Ella can post here if she wants.

A smile does wonders and it doesn't cost a thing. nm
be careful w/that oil - too much can cause problems you probably don't want to have.
all that PLUS, when I started 13 years ago, electric typewriters were still used (smile!) no message
I am sure she is kidding-it would be sick if it were real. Lighten up let a smile be your umbrella.
So? Take the good will and good wishes and smile. When the first day of Hanukkah comes up, SM
have a doughnut and a latke on me. I'll wish you Happy Hanukkah then. You know we spread Christmas out over a month!
You spending 3K in gasoline to make 4K plus all that time on the road?That doesn't make sense Pat

How nice that the world revolves around what you make and no one else could possibly make more. sm

Marla in So. California pays 11 cpl for a 55 ccl, Oracle pays 9-1/2 cpl, MDI-MD 11 cpl, JLG 10 cpl for gross line, etc.

Of course, these are rates negotiated and paid to qualified MTs.

When I see mistakes I repeatedly make, I make a quickcorrect for it (sm)
for example if I type we plant o instead of "plan to" I have a quick corrct so that if I type plant o, it replaces it with plan to, etc. It is hard - I was with the same company for 8 years. I do not work for anyone with an accuracy requirement though.
When you make the copay, make them give you a sm
receipt for the amount you pay them.  I know they don't like to do this because it takes time, but if you are really stern and insist on a receipt they have to give you one.  Then, the next time you get billed for something you already paid, tell them to look for their copy of the receipt and let THEM do the work. 
Yes, unfortunately you do have to make a pest of yourself to make it work, but.....
as the years went by that is why I stayed away from those type of companies.  BTW, Noni is a fabulous product, I absolutely do not care for the "marketing techniques" they use.  One of the facts of this type of industry is you cannot just recruit to make it, you have to retail.  Ever since I "overhauled" my techniques and system...I never had to ask another person to some on board again.  Well, nuf for now.  Take care and have a blessed week!!
lol cut myself off. Anyway, I'll make close to what I used to make with MQ,
You can't make things worse and could make things better.
The skinny woman may be ill.  The guy might not know the dog is a nuisance.  Who knows?  Maybe it is not as forbidding as it seems and maybe they just need to be asked in a nice way. 
What do you make.........?????
Just once, I would like to see some sympathy/empathy on this board instead of arguing. Where are your feelings??????
Make sure
you get $ offer in writing with Transolutions BEFORE you start. AFTER you start they don't remember what they offered you and at that point you are stuck. Benefits are VERY good!

Otherwise, QA has gotten very difficult!. Their platform is VERY, VERY, VERY old - it stinks! And good luck getting a response to questions from anyone in the office!

You might want to keep looking.
YW :) Yup, they sure can make you want to...

...sometimes, that's for sure.

Hang in there

Make that four.
I've worked for a couple of large nationals. The folks at Amphion are RESPONSIVE and positive. They'll go out of their way to get things done for you (even on a holiday). Very down to earth and appreciative of the people who generate revenue.

And nope, I'm not management, just impressed because I've been management and know that what they're doing works.
You make no
This all began from "no whining" attacking a newbie on here for spelling a word incorrectly. I am sorry, but we all "started" this profession at one time and there is LOTS to be learned, and the English language is ONLY THE BEGINNING! That poor soul that was attacked hasn't returned! Now, you tell me, is that fair?
also,make sure they

know how the other account is counting their "lines" and make them aware that what sounds like a good deal, may, indeed, be costing them more. Good luck to you.


I think I can make your day

I'm presuming that their template is stationery ...

1.  Pull the template to the screen.
2.  Place a left margin where you want it. The little "L" appears on the ruler.
3.  Look at your ruler and you'll see one triangle on top of the other and a box underneath the bottom triangle.
4.  Put your cursor on the box, hold down the left mouse button, and drag it to where your margin is (you said 1.75" or 2").
5.  Release the mouse button.

You should now be able to type away and nothing will write over what's down the left side of the page.

If this doesn't work, then I think a table is in order, and I can show you how to create one that is visible on the screen but invisible when you print.

Make way more now as an IC of course. nm
Hmm...will it make you really

Angry if I let you know that in Canada we spell it COLOUR, GREY, NEIGHBOUR, etc... I really was not saying whether one should spell it a certain way or not. In fact, since I have lived here I do spell it the American way. My observation was simply that there are plenty of countries that spell it cheque. I cannot believe some of the comments that have been made. I don't often post here as people do seem to be rude sometimes, and I am not likely to do so again.

I want to make that much $$$
HOW?????? are you making that much money? I type 80 to 100 wpm (depends on how I'm feeling any given day), and I am only making MAYBE $32 to $34K per year. I want to make the big bucks. I am good at what I do. I have a word Expander and all kinds of shortcuts. My clients love my work. But I want to know how you all are making that kind of money. Please tell me your secrets.
The only way they will make any $$ is if they
sucker other people into signing up.  It is a multi-level marketing thing.   Unless they are good sales people and they sign up people who are good sales people it is a waste of time.  
IMO QA should make MORE than
and no, I'm not in QA, but seems to me that they have to know and/or understand what the MT doesn't in order to do their jobs, so why don't they make more? They should be hourly, but as I said, just in my opinion.
make your own job
Even owners don't get to work  that schedule/hours with that pay  So guess you will have to "make" your own job?   To pay you what you want in an 8 hour shift, you would still need to produce 2000 lines to bill out to the client so we could have the money to pay you, that is why we do cpl.  Like I said, everyone would love that schedule/hours and pay.   When you find it, beam up Scotty and let me join you. 
Wow, how do you all make that much?
I work about 5 hours a day, five days a week, and I am lucky if I make $1000 a month
Make that DH, please.
Yes but how much do you make?
All of those cushy things are great, but the pay is so bad working at home.  I will be making 20 dollars and hour plus benefits plus many many days off, paid holidays, great insurance.  I can't make 20 dollars an hour working at home.  Do most people?  How much an hour do people make working at home and how many hours do you put in?
you just have to make it one of your sm

many priorities.  I just started 3 mos ago and have finally decided that it is important to my health, so I have to make time to exercise.  Even getting up and doing a bunch of jumping jacks once per hour is better than nothing, but if you can take 30 minutes to walk or do yoga or run or whatever, it will be a good thing for you and might even increase your productivity!