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Sorry you feel that way, but we have never allowed offshore MTs to post on the MTStars website.

Posted By: Administrator (sm) on 2006-08-27
In Reply to: Wow! I never knew that, though we have - Huh?

This is not something new, it's been this way since the beginning.  The ONLY difference we made was to allow US based MTSOs that offshore the ability to post job ads because they hire US QA Editors.

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Please do not post or email about other MT websites through the MTStars website.
But their work is NEVER allowed offshore, either....
No offshore ads or posting are allowed. See message
Per MTStars Administration no offshore posts or ads are allowed. Any ads or posts identified to be from an offshore poster are to be deleted and banned. Discussion of offshoring by US MTs is allowed.

If you are seeing offshoring being promoted on this site, please report to moderators so it can be removed. If you believe a post is posted by an offshore poster, please report to moderators. However, all posts that you believe to be from offshore posters are not. Moderators can see IP addresses so we are able to tell if they are truly offshore. When they are, they are removed.
Please post offshore topics on Offshore Concerns board. (NM)

Thank you. 


Go MTSTARS; get that offshore outta here. AMEN!!!!!!!!
LOL is right, MTStars does NOT support offshore transcription & has no affiliation with MQ.
this website...mtstars.............nm
Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day
MTStars caters to American MTs. Direct offshore services & MTs are disallowed.
However, due to the influx of offshore transcription, we did decide to allow US based services that offshore to advertise and post job ads for US based MTs and more importantly QA Editors.
This website, MTStars....honored us for...sm
read the archives in case you missed it - they do a grand job here....*S*
Their own website says they offshore work to the Phillipines. nm
That's how I feel. I really could care less. Wonder if they like MTStars.

They are not allowed to post here. It is removed. (NM)
Is there a TV board or are you allowed to post
What EXACTLY are we ALLOWED to post on the MAIN board?
Just about every other post has been saying post this on this board or that board....well what goes here?
Are we not allowed to post jokes on the board now?
It was a simple question, actually an oxymoron, "a casket coming with a lifetime warranty?" 
Are we allowed to post links for other sites?
I thought we could not do that?
I guess I'm not allowed to post the link.
WHY is this person allowed to post on the equipment board?
No, we do not set up specific company boards. Posters are allowed to post discussion about MQ here
or on the Company board, just as any other company can. 
umm.. are we allowed to post pictures with the direct link code listed?
because I did and it won't show.. the image has not been moved or deleted.. it is a little gif of MC Hammer dancing to Grammar Time. Darn.
Your mtstars post
Hi - I just posted a reply to your post. I know it is a few days old so I wasn't sure if you would see the response.
Any US MTSO can post job ads regardless of whether they offshore or not.
Services overseas, however, are not allowed to post job ads.
I feel people who feel like this post
needs to a) either be a stay at home mother and not work or b) realize that she is no queen bee and I could care less about a degree. What company out here that you know of compensates for having a degree? Means nothing to them. Your working and being there when they assign/need/require/whatever is what you should do IF YOU WANT A JOB in this field, otherwise get out and do something else or become that babysitter.
If we find out that a service outsources offshore, we do NOT allow them to post.
If you know of a company that does, email the Administrator. My email address is admin@mtstars.com
looks like u forgot to post the website
RE: The Try MT website post from yesterday...
Did anyone else get an angry reply from the guy who has the site? I saw the e-mail was addressed to several others besides myself.
You should have a website and post your jewelry for orders!
I'd love to see pieces that could be ordered!
Can you post a link or a website so we can see this too? Interesting! nm
Got 3 from Susan Poe, same context. Please post website here
because the emails are being generated by these looney tunes from this board. If others have not seen it yet, they will.
And why did you feel THIS post was directed at
Give us a break and get your own sandbox. What a riot!
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Jodi, you feel free to post whenever you want to and if you see something

ugly posted, you just email me directly and I'll deal with it.  I am intolerant of people being mean on this site.  I can be reached at admin@mtstars.com.

On an episode of Dr. Phil I saw just the other day, he said that children have a hard enough time living outside of a broken home, but should never have to live INSIDE of a broken home.  Wise words, in my opinion.  I, personally, think you did the right thing and as long as you are taking care of your children and have a decent roof over their heads, he really can't do much.  Like you said, if he wants to partake in your children's upbringing then he can come to see them.  Unless you moved closer to your parents or siblings then you should probably sit tight where you are since you have a home church and people there who you can talk to.  Also, there are very caring people who post here regularly, so please don't give up on this site just because of a bad apple. 


I'm sorry you feel picked on. Yours was the post I responded too because SM
yours was the one I found to be most unbelievable and in case you didn't notice, I wasn't the only one who found it unbelievable.
I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


These threads always make me feel inadequate... I'm not about to post...

"Uh, I dunno.. I'l sling the freezer open at 6 oclock and toss some fish sticks and french fries on a cookie sheet and slice up some fruit."

Seems like everybody is so gourmet....

The truth stings sometimes and I congratulate MTStars for having the kahoonas to post truth.
Tired of being lied to. I'm a big girl and can handle the truth. Why can't you?
I feel kinda lazy reading your post as i'm content just

Where I feel crazy, I set a goal of around 300 lines an hour (ha! not with these dictators but 250 is still good), every two hours make a snack to get me moving.  I love juicing veggies and making fruit smoothies in the blender, coffee makes me nuts.  I also do calisthenics (sp?) every couple of hours for about three minutes to keep my blood flowing and keep toned.  I walk the dog two times a day for about 10 minutes to get energized from the sun and keep a good color.  I take an hour break to watch good ol Judge Judy, and fix myself something nice n yummy, and after Judy I crank out my last hour called the 'power hour' where I take no prisoners and smoke comes off my keyboard!  Like a race to the finish line.

I can't see how you could do the 20 and the 10 minute clean break, that would slow me down!  Maybe I should take cleaning breaks, because I never want to clean when I have a block of time off and the dirt just collects.

Of course you can, but there is a board for that purpose. Feel free to post on the Comedy Stop.
This post made you defensive, just like those e-mail nastygrams make us feel.
And is QA allowed to let her know
about these errors? Or is the company afraid she'll be offended if errors are pointed out? Some people get very upset when they are corrected, so I always wonder if anybody has the courage to pass on corrections to good producers who might go elsewhere if they get offended.
And is QA allowed to let her know...

I've been reading with much interest all the debate going on about QA but this particular post really caught my eye.

As a former MT/supervisor/QA employee in a major MTSO and having differences in the amount of MT training of my staff, which would determine how I would mark a QA error, I also used the "how would I feel" quotient.  Were the remarks I might make be taken the wrong way; after all, I was just trying to "educate!"

I still feel passionately that all employees, MTs and all, should be treated fairly and with dignity without taking into account whether a person might or might not leave.  In today's MT market, sometimes we "step on toes" because we're human, but I would like to think that most MTs just continue to love what they're doing---even in the bad times.  When compassion and yes sheer joy for the job dissipates, then it's time to move on! 

if you feel like that after 12 years, and I feel like that after six months
what hope is there?
This is not allowed at our school.

They used to have volunteers, but these volunteers were given assignments in various areas.  Now the parents have to drop the kids off outside and drive on.  If a parent needs to come inside, he goes to the office, not to the student's room.

Not allowed at our schools either. sm

You can volunteer and go in and do reading with the kids, etc., but all visitors need to check in with the office and any "in class" volunteering needs to be approved by the teacher and the principal.

I have found this a good thing in light of the world changing.  Fathers have shown up in the past to get their child when a protection order had been filed and they were not allowed to have unsupervised visitation. Of course the mom would forget to inform the school and the kids would always run to daddy.

I have one child left in the elementary school, my older two have graduated and one will be a freshman in high school starting day after tomorrow. (Yay! can't wait to see that bus! :)) I have seen a lot of changes, both with parents and with policies.  The staff at the elementary school know me by name, but I would never dream of picking up my child without checking with the office first.  Every time I check in, the office staff says, "Oh hi!  Go on up to the classroom."  I still check in after 18 years. 

These parents that interfere should be told to sign up for when volunteer help is needed in the classroom or other areas of the school. And only then.  They need to stay out of it.  If they're so worried about "little Bobby" and have so much time on their hands, they should home school and leave the teachers to do what they do best. I've been through 25 elementary school teachers and only had a problem with one who was finally fired. 

No way is my dog allowed in my office.

I'm working in here, not entertaining my pet.  I love him to death, but this is my workplace, not a hangout for my dog, my cats or my kids.

But I know what you mean.  I miss my pup when I'm working.  It was just too hard to deal with so he was banished from my office along with the 2 cats.  Too much fur on the carpet for one thing and, like you, every time I got up, my dog thought it was time to play or go for a walk.

My only other suggestion is a "porta potty"?

You are not allowed to work
more than 40 hours in a week; Sunday through Saturday; that is considered overtime and they will not pay you for overtime; you will get a WARNING.

If you work 40.5 hours one week and 39.5 hours the next, which equals 80 hours for the pay period, you are over and that is a NO NO.

Gladly would add a little here and there but you cannot without permission and after 40 hours for the week we are wiped out from switching from account to account to account, etc., etc.
No cherrypicking allowed here, but....

I know some reports do get shot back into the pool now and then.  Luckily for me, they're nearly always LONG reports by my favorite dictators (ESLs are my specialty), so I don't complain at all.   However, the rule here, which is hard to enforce, is that any skipped jobs or cherrypicking is grounds for being severely chastised for the first offense and immediate termination for the second. 

IMO, why not just type it and be done with it????   Doing that takes less time than anything else, and time is $.

Are you allowed to work outside your sm
schedule to get in your line count if you can't get it done in 8 hours or do you automatically lose your benefits?
Sorry - did not realize I was not allowed to do that. Really, sorry..nm