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SpellChecker question please read

Posted By: sherry on 2008-04-30
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I was wondering if there is a good medical spell checker that is complatable with Vista? is there a version of Stedmans that will work with Vista

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It's not a MEDICAL spellchecker. You have to convince them to add the medical spellchecker.
unless you feel like adding 10,000 medical terms on your own time LOL
I have always used Steadman's (provided by employer), but had to buy one for an IC job.  I got Dorland's spellchecker free with the purchase of a Dorland's dictionary (less than $50).  I find it to be similar to Steadman's and thrilled that I didn't have to spend $100+.  I am not sure if they are still offering this software free, but worth checking into (I bought the 30th edition about a year ago).   
It does have a its own Spellchecker...

I have worked in several different Meditech systems.  They all had spellcheckers and you can even add words (new medicines). 


I am managing 10 copy editors at a pharmaceutical company. I am going to get a med/pharm/?vet spellchecker and would be interested in opinions on the best one.

I am leaning heavily towards Stedman's or Spellex as both offer quarterly updates.

Your opinions would be appreciated.



I have the same problem and was wondering the same thing!
I work in Meditech/Word and my spellchecker is shift F9 for sure. Has worked for 3 years as shift F9.
I need to purchase a medical spellchecker.  Which one is the best one to get?
I don't know about the spellchecker
I don't know how it is with the spellchecker, but the electronic word books now you can only download twice.    If buying on e-bay and they have a very good rating I probably wouldn't hesitate to buy it and then if it didn't work you could return it or they could refund you, otherwise I would probably be hesitant to purchase used. 
I use Dorland's. I just bought the newest edition of the dictionary which comes with the spellchecker cd. Up-to-date and easy to install.
If you had to purchase a medical spellchecker for your computer, which brand would you buy and where are good prices for them?
need spellchecker

HI my computer crashed three days ago. I have a new computer and desperately need a spellchecker. spent money on new computer.  Does anyone have Stedmans or Spellex they would be willing to remote to me?


In 12 years of MT'ing I've never re-read an entire chart. Edit/read as I type. nm
new to mt - need a spellchecker and wav pedal

i've heard spellex is good. anyone have any experience with this program. all my friends seem to love it.

i also need a good wav pedal. used is fine.

tia all!

A spellchecker is the backbone (sm)
of what you do. Do not take shortcuts on this. Save money elsewhere.
Can you use a different spellchecker with Bayscribe? nm
Editing Spellchecker
Hi, I hope I can help - it's been a while.  I would go to my supplemental dictionary (where the error words usually end up), open it, do a search for your misspelled words, find them, highlight, and delete, OR you can type in your "boo-boos" into the "commonly used words" and then change them to the correct spellings.  You could also set your formatting whereby if you seem to always type the same word(s) incorrectly, i.e.,"sublingaul", you can type the incorrect spelling and do a "change to" then type in sublingual the correct way.  It will automatically change the word in your document to the correct spelling.  I hope this helps, but I am not at my home computer to go through the exact sequence.  Good luck.  If I can find any more info, I will forward!  God Bless!
Bayscribe spellchecker
I am an independent contractor with a company which utilizes Bayscribe for transcription. Recently, I have been receiving feedback that I have been sending reports with spelling/typo errors. It turns out that the spellchecker which is programmed as part of Bayscribe has a long list of words which are misspelled which will pass as correct! I spent a lot of time one day programming all the incorrect words in the spellchecker as "treat as misspelled." Unfortunately, once I log off Bayscribe the spellchecker cancels out my instructions and the words once again pass through as correct. This is extremely annoying to say the least! It is my understanding that the programmer refuses to fix this. I was wondering if anyone else had come across this problem and if so, what you did to fix it. Currently, I am copying my report into Word and running my Stedman's spellcheck on it.

Stedman's Spellchecker
I know this is probably a silly question, but..I loaded Stedman's Spellchecker on my computer awhile back but have never used it.  Today I was looking for it on my computer and can't find it.  Should it come up under program files on your computer? or does it just combine with spellchecker in Word somehow and not show up on its own as a program?  I thought maybe someone here who uses it could point me in the right direction.  Is there some way you can make adjustments to it or is just part of Word after you load it?  Thanks much for any help!!
How did you get Stedmans SpellChecker to
Did you have to change some settings somewhere?  Please give me the details because when I try to install it it just quits the install process.  Thanks so much
Stedman's spellchecker
How often do you update your spellchecker? I bought a Stedman's spellchecker almost a year ago (2006 version) and I received in the mail information about updating to 2007.  I am not sure if I should update yet or not.  TIA
And there is a medical spellchecker
at most places (yes, I've worked places there was not and every medical term had to be added meticulously to the regular spellchecker. I've also worked places where the spellchecker had many, many errors in it, so keep that possibility in mind. Be ever so careful about adding terms, be they MD names or new drugs or whatever.

Use a program like ShortHand to help you with words you chronically misspell and common phrases, even if they are just English phrases. There are tricks. For instance, type ecoli and have it change to E. coli. But have some special ending (I use j) to add to it to make it spell out this tricky bacteria in full, properly capitalized. Do you think I remember each time the right way to type HER-2/neu ? No, I just type h2n and the above pops up for me. Plenty of tricks available for the trickiest terms.
You NEED the spellchecker. Go stedmans.com and get
medical spellchecker
how many of you use a medical spellchecker?  I was wanting to purchase one.  Do you have any suggestions as to what's the best kind to purchase?
Spellchecker problems
I'm having trouble loading my Stedman's spellchecker.  It keeps asking for the response code and then won't take it.  My computer messed up and I'm having to reload everything and now I can't get this back on.  Anyone else have this happen?  What did you do?
Bayscribe spellchecker

My spellchecker is not correcting.  When it stops on a word, I will correct it and submit but when I go back to look at the report the word is still spelled wrong.  Anybody know how to fix that?  Have never had a problem with it before. 

Meditech Spellchecker

My hosp has a very old version of Stedman's loaded into Meditech and have to look up and add words to the library.  You typing in Word or MOX?

How often do you update your spellchecker? nm
Stedman's Spellchecker and DQS
Hi, I searched before loading this question....Can Stedman's Spellchecker be loaded on DocQscribe.  Currently I am using the copy and paste method which is time consuming.  Thanks.
Yes, I read your post, and I just re-read it, and I've copied and pasted for you in case

you've forgotten your own words! Your post above is 100% different "flavor" to it, now all positive and cheery! Your first post was 100% doom and gloom every which way, including "raining on your parade", and "if you want to go forward"...God, sounds like she's talking about jumping into oncoming traffic! Here is your quote:

My first boss (the one who hired me as a new grad) gave me some words of wisdom that I haven't forgotten. She said that transcribing at home with small children NEVER works under any circumstance. Either the work will suffer or the parenting will suffer.


How can the word "NEVER" in caps be interpreted in any positive way? You took about 8 paragraphs to cover every aspect and completely dash this poor woman's dream.  I'm not blind, I'm not talking about day care at all, I'm talking about the total negativity of your original post! You know exactly what I'm talking about, cause you added some sugar to your second version! And that's much nicer than the first!

swear words in the spellchecker would be because(sm)
sometimes doing psychiatry notes (or any other for that matter) the MD will dictate exactly what the patient says.  If that quote contains swear words, the spellchecker will not pick these up unless it's been programmed that that they are spelled right.  It get's tedious having swears pop up all the time so they go into the spellchecker. 
Google ''free spellchecker.''
I use Spellex and Stedman's, but there are plenty of free spellcheckers online with 30 and 60-day trial periods if you are waiting on dinero.
Can someone recommend a good spellchecker? ~sm~

I want a spellchecker that comes on CD that I can use again if my computer crashes.  I had to purchase a new computer because my old one crashed and I am in the process of installing all my programs and software on my new PC.  I have a line counting program and a spellchecker but they are both on A discs and newer computers do not have an A drive.  Also, these discs (which I did not know when I purchased them) only gave you so many installations so if you wanted to move it from computer to another you had to uninstall it from one.  Since my old computer crashed, I cannot go in and uninstall it and put it back on the floppy.  I can't even sell these two programs on ebay as I have no idea how many installations are left on them!  I do not understand this - I realize companies are protecting themselves from a person purchasing their product and then giving it to their friends but I have had times when I had more than one computer in my home and they were all only for my use.  After having this last computer crash, I realize that I need another back up computer because I make too much money working on it to be without it and I have commitments that I have to honor.  

Spellchecker email from management
I want everyone who DOES NOT have a medical spellchecker to notify me immediately please. If you do please ignore this message. 


I am seeing information from hospitals on words spelled wrong and we cannot have thes so please please take the time to use your spellchecker. 


QLDB 2004 & Spellchecker are taken (sm)
but I have lots of electronic drug refs, Stedman's electronic dictionary, etc., free to anyone who wants them. I'll send them media mail, glad that someone can use them, since I'm participating in the Stedman's boycott (over their new software reg policy).
Do you have the medical dictionary or just the spellchecker? I'm
curious about the electronic dictionary.  Thanks.
Wait a minute....NO SPELLCHECKER?...sm...
Oh my gosh...what do you do for spellchecking?  Also, does it have an expansion program or could I use ShortHand expansion with it?  Now I am really worried.  Please reply again.  TIA
Editing Stedman's Spellchecker ??
Can someone tell me how to do this? There are some boo-boos in there and I would like to delete them. I'm using the spellchecker on Word 2003 and XP is my system. TIA.
yes I know that spelling police...I use my spellchecker --sm
to separate them, but it does not work on this site. geez.
Vista & Stedman SpellChecker-How do you
Ok, I have found just one more program that isn't wanting to work with Vista.  How do you all get Stedmans SpellChecker to work with Vista?  Every time I try to install it, it just stops the install.  Thanks for any help 
Which Spellchecker works with Vista?

Can anyone tell me which medical spellchecker works with Vista?  I have Stedmans, but it does not work with Vista.  Thanks

Need Medical Spellchecker and Word.
Anyone know where I can find an affordable medical spellchecker and also an affordable copy of MS Word 2000 or 2003?  Thanks :-)
Stedman's spellchecker. Can I install this on....

two different computers?  I have a desktop and a laptop and I would like it on both but am unsure if I would be able to download it on both. May be a silly question but I am computer challenged :) .  Thanks

Problems with medical spellchecker

Not sure but it could possibly be that your version of Word is not compatible with your spellchecking program.  I recently had to reinstall my Stedmans and from what I recall, I did not see the version of Word listed that you were referring to in your post.  You might want to call Stedmans or whomever you have your spellchecking software through and check with them.

Electronic medical spellchecker

Can anyone tell me the best electronic medical spellchecker on the market and where I can buy it? Starting a new account and it is required to have.




Medical Spellchecker Question

The other day a technician (from the doctor's office that I work for) was in my computer fixing a problem I had.  The next thing I know, my medical spellchecker is nowhere to be found.  He insists he didn't delete it.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Any idea if it's still in my computer somewhere or how you could tell.  I did a simple search but came up empty.  Needless to say I'm not very happy. 

Using Stedmans spellchecker with Meditech

Does anyone know if a Stedman's Medical/Pharmaceutical spellchecker works with Meditech program?

I currently use PCShorthand with it but mine does not recognize drug names.  I was thinking of buying Stedman's Spellchecker but how does this one work with Meditech.  I friend bought Stedmans and loves it so I was thinking of doing thet same but my friend is typing in Word and not Meditech. 

Does anyone know where a person could get a tutorial on Meditech as Help Button on the Meditech Help section when I am working is kinda of confusion.  This is what I get working as a remote IC person.  Trying to learn this system a little better.


 Thanks Pauline


Stedman's spellchecker premium
Download the stedman's spellchecker premium it has options to add the spellchecker on WP.
Stedman's Spellchecker and WordPerfect

I have Microsoft Word and I have Stedman's Spellchecker on it, but I now also have WordPerfect and am wondering how I get it to pick up the spellchecker?  Anyone know?  Thanks!

medical spellchecker software

I know this has been asked numerous times, but I just updated computers and had Stedmans medical spellcheck 2005.  When I called them to activate it on my new computer (I figured they wouldn't do it, it being so old) they told me it doesn't support MS Word 2007 anyway, and it will cost $99 to upgrade to that version.  My question is, what medicl spellcheck does anyone recommend for me that isn't so expensive but is a very good medical spellcheck. Since that is what you all do for a living I wanted to get some opinions.  Thanks very much.

medical spellchecker software

I know this has been asked numerous times, but I just updated computers and had Stedmans medical spellcheck 2005.  When I called them to activate it on my new computer (I figured they wouldn't do it, it being so old) they told me it doesn't support MS Word 2007 anyway, and it will cost $99 to upgrade to that version.  My question is, what medicl spellcheck does anyone recommend for me that isn't so expensive but is a very good medical spellcheck. Since that is what you all do for a living I wanted to get some opinions.  Thanks very much.