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Sticky 'note' ...not stone. All notes have an opportunity to blow away.

Posted By: anna on 2006-02-05
In Reply to: What happened to the Embracing Offshore - diddles

Let it go. 

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MPLite and Sticky Notes

Thanks for your question about MPLite's built-in handling of sticky notes.

While in a session, click Tools | With Selected Files, Sticky Notes. A screen will ask you whether you want the program to separate them with Hard Returns, or page breaks. It also asks you to select the files you want to include in the Sticky Notes. The assembled notes will be in the TransMP StickyNotes folder, with a filename comprised of the the client's initials, the date, and the MT initials.

The Sticky Note function does not preserve any header/footers. If you need those included, use the PDF function, which also allows you to password protects the assembled PDF file.

If you have more question about MPLite, pls ask.

Vann Joe

STICKY NOTES!!! parameter of my screen is ...sm
covered with them!  Seriously though, someone else here said the same as I do which is "think first letter of each word."  That way, there is no memorizing.  If it's a single word, just use the first few letters of that word.  If I run into duplications, I just add an extra letter at the end.  I have a terrible memory too, but this works for me. 
Outlook reminders and sticky notes, can't function without them.....nm
How long are the pages or are you just doing sticky notes to be slapped
And you'll almost never get just Op notes. Probably get mixed acute care - op notes, discharge su
Stone/flame me too
I believe the reason this was created is because all the newbies were whining that they cannot find jobs because you need experience and they couldn't get anyone to give them a break. This will be a false sense of an MTs ability if a company hires based on it. And just my opinion.
139 (and dropping like a stone!)

Yep, my son's doc charged 111.00 for a 3 minute visit to tell him he had a kidney stone.
And to think the insurance paid it. Hmmm.
Go National for Experience only. They are a stepping stone to the next phase. nm

I second this; definitely see if you can get an opportunity
to listen to some dictation before you commit a lot of time and resources to it. Not that you should really understand it right off, but I think in people who have "the knack" there's more of an "aha" there than in people who don't.
You let me know when you pass a kidney stone the size of a golfball without anesthetic and THEN
we can talk about the pain of being a man vs. a woman!
Chisel and stone tablet...LOL - just kidding...Actually, Commodore 64 computer.
You have got to be kidding right!!?? That was the worst halftime show of all time! Never was a Stone
I am in the younger crowd - 34 years old, and would have appreciated Motown more than the Stones.

He looked older than dirt! I am a huge football fan, and the Janet Jackson malfunction was a better halftime show than the Stones. Sorry!
In adversity there is opportunity . . .
... Good for you that you are going to school and moving on!!! I know it's hard. I worked my fingers to the bone doing transcription all my life. I started when I was 17 years old, and stayed in it for 39 years. I'm 56 now, and barely going to college. It is never too late. In fact, I find that my age is an advantage. Because of my background in the medical transcription field, I find I am ahead of the kids in college, and my life experiences give me an edge. I am one of the few getting A's in most of the classes!!! I am going to go into law, if all things go as planned. I will get a batchelors degree in paralegal science, and then once working in that field, will move on to a law degree. I am determined.
Yes, that is correct. This way, others have an opportunity to
great opportunity ?

Not to the people who are laid off because of it. Sending work to India is a "great opportunity" also - eh?



She just wants an opportunity to brag about all the
If the hubs were to walk out on her and leave her with no alimony, no nuthin', I wonder how rah-rah she'd be about having to sell most of what she's got just to keep a roof over her head.
With the time & opportunity to do so, I'd get
I fell into MT as well, and it was a good fit for many years. But things changed in the 1990's, and even at a good-paying in-hospital job, they started treating the MTs like crap. Pay didn't go down, but morale was abysmal. Working at home freed me from management abuse, but now I'm pretty much chained to my PC, as the only way to eke out a living at this profession is to type ALL THE TIME, every day. Even a quick jaunt to the supermarket feels like a 'vacation', these days. And a real vacation? Forgot it. I've been kicking around the idea of learning something else, but I'm now almost 58, and time and money are 2 things in short supply around here.

Doing straight typing, you'll be hard-pressed to find a job that pays more than 8 cpl, 9 if you're lucky. And it's really not enough to live on. (Yes, you currently have a dual income, but you should always factor in that that could possibly change someday. By then it might be too late to get out of MT and start over again.) And American MT jobs seem to be headed in the direction of being solely ESL-and-VR-editing, at a microscopic 3 cpl, which will probably just go lower in the future.

Given a do-over, I'd go to school and learn something that isn't done on a PC, and which is less likely to be sent offshore.
You blow me away....nobody was asking

your OPINION.  It was just a question. Gosh.  Nobody taking a pole on whether or not they want to answer a question either.  Start your own thread about what you want to gripe about....MAYBE there are some other "attitudes" waiting to jump and pounce and turn something simple into an "opinon" session.

Oh, I make about 27K thankyouverymuch.


GEEZ............ GET A LIFE


What would you do? I have been given the opportunity to work from home sm

for a start-up company in mass media (please don't ask name of publication since I can't release that yet).  I know the owners, husband quit job to pursue this full-time along with a few other people to start this media company.  We've been meeting once a week for about 6 weeks.  Right now I am part-time.  I am doing the editing for this company, a lot of reading and research and today was told, if I decide to work for them frome home, that I could also be the corresponding editor, meaning once their first publication comes out in April, whenever someone has a "letter to the editor," that email would come straight to me, I would either route the mail by importance to the appropriate staff member or answer them myself - it will all be up to me.  Basically, I would be an administrator for the company as well as edit articles, speeches, ads, etc. that come in.  This job would be multifunctional. 

About the pay: We haven't really discussed this yet.  The owner gave me a list of salary ranges and I would fall into the editor/administrative salary range which is a little more than what I make right now.  Would you make the jump??

I am married and my husband's salary pays most of our bills, but I definitely need to work. I've taken a few days off to meet with this new company and to decide if I should quit MTing/QAing to dedicate my time between work and family with this company.  I can't do both. No way! They want to start sending me stuff right now and then I have my company counting on me to QA. 

Today was my first day back QAing and I am dreading every single minute of it. I want to edit and email and meet with these people, but I'm hesistant to do so.  Not sure how much security is in it.  I would hate to quit and then this media company can't get off their feet.


What would you do? Editing/administration is my gift. And I can still work from home.  Would you do it?

Weigh all aspects for opportunity
I am making $14/hr QA with national and that was supposed to be "starting" pay over a year ago..still waiting for my raise to bring me equal to my peers who are making just a buck or 2/hr more. I don't know about in-house QA but I am a 30-year veteran MT and when I see you say you've been 9-year MT, I am seeing for YOU what I would call an OPPORTUNITY which is something that is hard to put a price on when you're 'relatively young' in your career. I'm just trying to think about when I had 9 years under my belt as an MT in-house and yes, as you say, you still are learning something every day and even at 30 years, I am always learning something every day. In this business if you're not willing and eager to learn each and every day, then you're going to be lost real quick...There are many other factors you should weigh beside pay when looking at this. You need to consider benefits and long-term possible advancement that may be there for you. You have already impressed these people and this could be your chance to get beyond the MT aspect (which, I might add, is becoming more and more of a losing prospect IMO). I'm just saying that you should weigh ALL factors other than pay and see which one offers you the most for your future in this industry and don't miss an opportunity here...you can always go back home if it doesn't work out! Good luck to you.
        I am about to lose my mind.  If this dictator could just blow her nose and stop sucking snot.  Can't help having a cold, but even my children would BLOW THEIR NOSE.  Then maybe she could stop choking on phlegm.  A little consideration, PLEASE!
Oh I have one of those too. I just want to say BLOW YOUR NOSE!!!

Number one, No, I did not know it would blow up

As I said, I had never encountered this situation before. How could I know what would happen when I posted this?

Number two, you don't see me posting the patient's name, do you, or even my own name so that this post could in any conceivable way be connected to the patient.

My only concern was the patient's privacy. I have worked in-house and I know how many people see x-ray reports, people that you hope are reliable and honest and follow HIPAA rules but I know for a fact not all of them do.

This is exactly why I would not go to the police or for medical help if I were raped unless I were practically dying.

MTSOs: Politely declining a job opportunity?
I sent out some flyers and got 2 accounts at roughly the same time. One is wonderful, keeping me busy, and I love, love, love it. The other one negotiated the price down and has not been particularly cooperative. I realized today the latter account hasn't signed the service agreement, and I would just like to tell them properly and politely that it simply isn't working out, but I don't know how to go about it. Has anybody had to do this before? How would you suggest going about it? I don't even know where to begin.

Thanks in advance,

Hey, didn't those things used 2 blow up?
When U got hit from behind??? My advice:  Dump it!
I would try a blow dryer to it on low and then wait a bit if you can. I had this (SM)
happen when I worked with Lanier years ago with a cup of coffee and after a good day of drying it out it worked. Other than that, I would say you probbaly have to look on the internet for one, as they are not usually carried in any of the stores, etc.

I really hope this helps and that is all it is. Sorry I can't help much more than that, but maybe if you post your location another MT in your area might be able to help with a loaner or something.
You can but you may blow up autocorrect because there is a limit
to how many entries you can put in autocorrect. The Productivity Talk forum has instructions.
Change is hard, it be the worst thing or an opportunity sm
It is all about attitude.

I have done a fair amount of switching in my time. I have one of my IC situations for 3 yrs, the other for 6 months. I am giving up on the 6-month arrangement for a full time, with benefits and using my favorite expander, actual job. This is all just in time for the new year and I am excited about it.

I won't lie to you, a new job with new software, new voices, new management, new people to work with, new specialties...it is stressful and there will be a learning curve. Sometimes the learning curve is too steep, the platform a dinosaur and all the voices seem to speak Greek and not Latin like they are supposed to, and you move on again. I am convinced the right fit exists for each of us.

You also need to know that most of the situations out there currently pay you about 2 weeks after you do the work, they do offer direct deposit and other nice things. Having not had a rubber check in the past 5 yrs, I can tell you it is nice not to worry about that either.

Best of luck to you. You are not alone, come back and tell us how you are getting on.
Finding a legitimate work-at-home opportunity
Finding a legitimate work-at-home opportunity can be very confusing task, but once you get in to the field you feel great by working at the comfort of your home. You may come across many opportunities but you have to very ideal in choosing the best which suits you. In case, if you have always worked for someone else and are depressed with this situation, or if you want to spend more time at home, you may want to consider finding a work at home opportunity that will allow you to earn money but give you the free time you are looking for.
I admire your ability to forgive and hopefully this will all blow over - however, that being said,

please make sure that Animal Control did not list this as an "incident" so that it may not be used against your dog in the future, even if no charges were filed.  A lot of states have a strict "no bite or 3 bite" policy and would not want this to count against your dog later in life.  My brother-in-law's dog bit a child when it got tangled up in her bicycle wheels (granted she should not have been that close to the child in the first place), so we've learned to be very careful about our animals. 

How ridiculous! Does ANYONE have that kind of money to blow? If I
PLENTY of other things to do with it!  Pay bills, go on vacation, put it in savings, pay my kids college tuition.
Can you blow a hairdryer on low on it or a space heater on low? Might help. nm
Great opportunity now. Work full time, show
Vacuum it out or blow it out. I also would pick mine up and drop it from about
4 feet.  My boss at the time said she did the same thing.  
I've had a sniffler - blow your nose for heaven's sake!

blow up pools - does anyone know if there are permits required by the town you live in for these?
that would be stickY (sorry)

My local company is the cheapiest that I have found and never once have I had them separate in the laser printer and I have been using this for 15+ years.  I have very little waste as I just do continuous notes on the 8 1/2 sheets and cut apart before I deliver to the offices.  I pay $28.70 for 250 sheets  and that is with 2 slits along the side so it is easy for the girls to file into the charts.  True I go and pick up but it is only 10 miles from me.  I have searched and searched and found no place cheaper.  And like I said it has never peeled apart and I have had Avery, Viking, many nationals that have jammed in my laser printer before and never once have these.  And I like giving locals the business.   As for the perforated ones, it is $33 per 250 but I wasted too much for that and when it comes in a roll and you have to cut apart and it curls, too much work for me.  My 2 cents for the day.


Tar is sticky
Sticky paper

Like I said below I buy my sticky paper through a place that prints up forms.  You will need to do some calling to see.  It is a little expensive but I provide that in my price.  Just do not buy the boxed stuff from Viking or Office Depot or Office Max as they do not not have the perforations on the sides so that when they peel the note it is smaller than the paper and fits on a piece of paper.   E-mail me if you have any questions.   But if you are in the Seattle area, there are a lot of paper places up there.  If you are doing overflow then the main MT should be able to tell you where to get the paper.  Also they might provide it as some accounts do.  Everyone is different.  But CONGRATS -- the first step is the hardest.  Knew you could do it.  Be sure to ask for lots of examples when you start.  Keep me informed.  Any questions you can e-mail me.   Patti  typing without glasses hope don't have many typos.

You can get Sticky paper
You can get sticky paper from Medical Arts Press, get the quick peel that has perforations on the side so it fits on your regular sized paper. It is expensive though, I used to buy the large box, approx $90.00, so if you can get your client to supply it, that would be great. I always had to supply my own.
Sticky Paper
Does any one have any suggestions on a type of paper that can be printed on and then stuck into a patient's chart?  I would like to find a lable type to fit in a certain space.  Brand names would be helpful.  Thank you in advance
Sticky paper

I use an 8 1/2 x 11 label size paper that has about 1/8" inch that peels back on each side so that it is smaller than the paper you place it on.  The clinics use it to put the chart notes in the charts.  I get it at a form place that makes it.  Avery makes 8 1/2 x 11 labels but you have to cut down the sides before you peel back the sheet to place it on the paper and it doesn't have great peel backs either.  Call local form places and sometimes they will have perforations 1" or so but I don't like that as you waste a lot when you have to begin another chart note and you have to be sure it is below one of the perforations.   Have been using this for 15 years now.  Did go with some national companies but the shipping got to be too much.  Again, call local paper and form places in your area and see if theymake it.  E-mail me wiht specific questions.


Sticky Paper
Another good source that is much less expensive than Medical Arts Press, American Corporate Services this company seems to carry everything that is Medical Record Related their web addy is www.americancorporateservices.com think you can find their number on the site. Im sure they carry these tyoe of rolls.
Sticky Paper

Hi, I have always used plain computer paper for my reports but have a new doctor who prefers me to use the "sticky" paper.  I was wondering if I should charge for the paper, since it is an added cost, and also if anyone knows where to purchase this paper.  Thanks.

sticky paper
I have a great supplier Forms & Filing Systems 800-472-0171.  Costs about $120 for 1000 sheets.  I pass this cost on to my docs. 
sticky paper
I'm not sure about the colors.  But it is laser quality.  It comes in different label sizes.  I use a full sheet lable. 
Sticky paper
I get mine from a local form company and it comes with 1/4" inch strips on the sides so that when they peel it off to put into the chart the note is smaller than the paper and fits better.  I pay $28 per 300 sheets. 
sticky strips
We went through this at the hospital I worked for a couple of years ago and I can't quite remember why it turned out to be okay to register patients like this, but supposedly it was okay. My doctor's office has you write your name on a sticky strip which they immediately take off so it does not stay on the record there, but they still do call your name, so you can't travel incognito if you wanted to. It does seem like a violation of some sort. My drug store won't even tell my husband my Rx is ready for pick up, even though I've told them it's okay.