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How long are the pages or are you just doing sticky notes to be slapped

Posted By: into someone's chart? Usually over $3 for a ful on 2007-06-11
In Reply to: Opinions please for Allergy work - LilB


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MPLite and Sticky Notes

Thanks for your question about MPLite's built-in handling of sticky notes.

While in a session, click Tools | With Selected Files, Sticky Notes. A screen will ask you whether you want the program to separate them with Hard Returns, or page breaks. It also asks you to select the files you want to include in the Sticky Notes. The assembled notes will be in the TransMP StickyNotes folder, with a filename comprised of the the client's initials, the date, and the MT initials.

The Sticky Note function does not preserve any header/footers. If you need those included, use the PDF function, which also allows you to password protects the assembled PDF file.

If you have more question about MPLite, pls ask.

Vann Joe

STICKY NOTES!!! parameter of my screen is ...sm
covered with them!  Seriously though, someone else here said the same as I do which is "think first letter of each word."  That way, there is no memorizing.  If it's a single word, just use the first few letters of that word.  If I run into duplications, I just add an extra letter at the end.  I have a terrible memory too, but this works for me. 
Outlook reminders and sticky notes, can't function without them.....nm
Sticky 'note' ...not stone. All notes have an opportunity to blow away.

Let it go. 

and many are 3-4 pages long....sm

I loved them, back in the days - a lot of these reports are EXPERT WITNESS reports too...and perhaps the dictator has not even seen the patient....just reporting based on medical records/radiology, et cetera.  Most of mine (back in the days) were 3-4 pages long, done for orthopaedists and/or chiropractors. 


2nd edition over 600 pages long....sm
your client is out of touch........*lol*
I do a minimal amount and the letter was about 2 pages long but mostly about ASR.
One thing about wading thru pages and pages looking for negatives, is...
it really does show that the seller is overall very good. Know what I mean?  There will always, always, always be those customers who are impossible to please, especially on E-Bay.  I've gotten almost all my negatives from leaving calm, but justifiable negatives when the buyer had stiffed me and not gone thru with the sale. We are called to leave these negatives as sellers to warn the community, but instantly we will get flamed with a retaliatory negative that is a total lie.  So, now most sellers don't leave justified negatives anymore! That said, really, if you have to wade thru page after page to find even 1 negative, I would say you're safe bidding, as long as the feedback is current!
?? I see all as usual, pages ad pages. NM
And you'll almost never get just Op notes. Probably get mixed acute care - op notes, discharge su
that would be stickY (sorry)

My local company is the cheapiest that I have found and never once have I had them separate in the laser printer and I have been using this for 15+ years.  I have very little waste as I just do continuous notes on the 8 1/2 sheets and cut apart before I deliver to the offices.  I pay $28.70 for 250 sheets  and that is with 2 slits along the side so it is easy for the girls to file into the charts.  True I go and pick up but it is only 10 miles from me.  I have searched and searched and found no place cheaper.  And like I said it has never peeled apart and I have had Avery, Viking, many nationals that have jammed in my laser printer before and never once have these.  And I like giving locals the business.   As for the perforated ones, it is $33 per 250 but I wasted too much for that and when it comes in a roll and you have to cut apart and it curls, too much work for me.  My 2 cents for the day.


Tar is sticky
Sticky paper

Like I said below I buy my sticky paper through a place that prints up forms.  You will need to do some calling to see.  It is a little expensive but I provide that in my price.  Just do not buy the boxed stuff from Viking or Office Depot or Office Max as they do not not have the perforations on the sides so that when they peel the note it is smaller than the paper and fits on a piece of paper.   E-mail me if you have any questions.   But if you are in the Seattle area, there are a lot of paper places up there.  If you are doing overflow then the main MT should be able to tell you where to get the paper.  Also they might provide it as some accounts do.  Everyone is different.  But CONGRATS -- the first step is the hardest.  Knew you could do it.  Be sure to ask for lots of examples when you start.  Keep me informed.  Any questions you can e-mail me.   Patti  typing without glasses hope don't have many typos.

You can get Sticky paper
You can get sticky paper from Medical Arts Press, get the quick peel that has perforations on the side so it fits on your regular sized paper. It is expensive though, I used to buy the large box, approx $90.00, so if you can get your client to supply it, that would be great. I always had to supply my own.
Sticky Paper
Does any one have any suggestions on a type of paper that can be printed on and then stuck into a patient's chart?  I would like to find a lable type to fit in a certain space.  Brand names would be helpful.  Thank you in advance
Sticky paper

I use an 8 1/2 x 11 label size paper that has about 1/8" inch that peels back on each side so that it is smaller than the paper you place it on.  The clinics use it to put the chart notes in the charts.  I get it at a form place that makes it.  Avery makes 8 1/2 x 11 labels but you have to cut down the sides before you peel back the sheet to place it on the paper and it doesn't have great peel backs either.  Call local form places and sometimes they will have perforations 1" or so but I don't like that as you waste a lot when you have to begin another chart note and you have to be sure it is below one of the perforations.   Have been using this for 15 years now.  Did go with some national companies but the shipping got to be too much.  Again, call local paper and form places in your area and see if theymake it.  E-mail me wiht specific questions.


Sticky Paper
Another good source that is much less expensive than Medical Arts Press, American Corporate Services this company seems to carry everything that is Medical Record Related their web addy is www.americancorporateservices.com think you can find their number on the site. Im sure they carry these tyoe of rolls.
Sticky Paper

Hi, I have always used plain computer paper for my reports but have a new doctor who prefers me to use the "sticky" paper.  I was wondering if I should charge for the paper, since it is an added cost, and also if anyone knows where to purchase this paper.  Thanks.

sticky paper
I have a great supplier Forms & Filing Systems 800-472-0171.  Costs about $120 for 1000 sheets.  I pass this cost on to my docs. 
sticky paper
I'm not sure about the colors.  But it is laser quality.  It comes in different label sizes.  I use a full sheet lable. 
Sticky paper
I get mine from a local form company and it comes with 1/4" inch strips on the sides so that when they peel it off to put into the chart the note is smaller than the paper and fits better.  I pay $28 per 300 sheets. 
sticky strips
We went through this at the hospital I worked for a couple of years ago and I can't quite remember why it turned out to be okay to register patients like this, but supposedly it was okay. My doctor's office has you write your name on a sticky strip which they immediately take off so it does not stay on the record there, but they still do call your name, so you can't travel incognito if you wanted to. It does seem like a violation of some sort. My drug store won't even tell my husband my Rx is ready for pick up, even though I've told them it's okay.
sticky strips, RXs

Thanks for reminding me what they're called!   As for the RX thing, my pharmacy is the same way.  You know it's just a huge CYA thing, and creates many inconveniences for "us," but they don't want to fool with a lawsuit. 

Anyway, from what I've read here, either some places are okay, and others are in violation.  Fortunately it hasn't affected my life.  It's been interesting to read the different posts, though.

web pages
No that I wanted links posted - would be nice - but just curious if other shave a site or myspeace page for their own benefit.

I appreciate your info
Sticky situation/IRS/IC status
I just had my taxes done (extension) and was told that if the company that I do IC work with dictates my hours that my home office deductions may be disallowed.  This company asks you up front or tells you up front what "shifts" they have available for you and then they expect you to work those hours.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach them about this - I have skirted the issue by working a few hours different every day - but usually staying within a block of time - and they have not said anything to me - but I think that is only a matter of time.  I like my job and the work is great - I just don't want to owe more taxes than necessary because the company is not willing to work with ICs but expect us to work a set schedule.  Hope someone has had this come up and will have some good information or at least tell me how to tactfully address this situation without losing my work.  Of course, i don't guess that any job is worth it if the company is not willing to comply with the IRS rules.
I detest that sticky paper.
IF you want to do it, raise your rate, charge them an extra fee to do so. If you don't, tell her that is not part of the service that you provide.
Vinyl sticky letters...sm

www.goldviolin.com sells sticky Vinyl letters.  I have bought many, many sets and always keep one on hand.  They are also very large letters, for those of us with failing eyesight.  Lol

solution for sticky keyboard
I found the solution for my keyboard keys sticking intermittently; I unplug the keyboard and plug it back in.  Very simple, I could believe that it works, but it does.  Thought I'd pass that along.
I made a sticky post at the top of the forum. I am not going
to get into specific debate over various belief systems and people's rights.  If you haven't read the sticky post, please do so.
NOTE: Regarding the sticky above about inexpensive banner ads

I thought that some of you who sell art, crafts, or other items like candles, Avon, scrapbooking, etc. might like to jump on this opportunity.  I had thought it would be an affordable opportunity for you to make some extra money with Christmas coming up.  However, so far no one appears to be interested.  Therefore, if I don't have at least 10 people interested by Nov. 20, I will scrap the idea. 

need some reference web pages?

Hi all,

If you would like some web pages to add to your "favorites," feel free to visit my website at:





In 1985, when their BOS was only 85 pages....sm

Back in the 80s, AAMT used to care about all the MTs.  Their BOS was only 85 pages long (I still have one of these BOS....a gold book, very tall and very skinny)....then the AAMT got big and it all went to their heads and their 2nd edition BOS is close to something like 600+ pages long.  And now they support offshoring to India/Pakistan.  At that point, they no longer cared about the USA MTs.

Later for the AAMT..........*L*.......MUCH later.

Yellow pages

Since my phone is listed under my business name I get a free listing and have gotten quite a few one-time only jobs, seminars, interviews, etc. that really pay well and not needing a 24 TAT and it has worked for me.   Also no 1099's with then as it is a one time job.   Last year got a 10 tape seminiar on pet therapy and it was almost $2,000 for the seminar done in our spare time over 2 weeks.   Just my 2 cents worth. 

1st one in the 1980s was 85 pages....sm

the first AAMT BOS was 85-90 pages long back in 1985....the one I have today, Second Edition bought 2 years ago....has I do believe 600 pages.....

so your question about what has changed cannot be answered in the post here......get yourself a copy ??  Can be ordered right from their site....aamt.org 

That is at the top of all pages - I forgot about it! Thanks. (NM)

Did you read the sticky note above that says "read before posting"
I understand, I think it is just here lately the pages are full of nothing but MQ and then
it turns into arguments and nasty remarks, and so forth.

It isnt really the talking about MQ, it is just the bickering going on about it.

I understand completely about wanting to discuss some things.

I dont really mind the MQ posts, but they are so large in number.

I hope things clear up. Maybe if you and other MQ employees that have a lot of time with them all take some "time off" at the same time, they could get the idea they need you guys.

I guess if I was with someone for that length of time, I would have the same feelings.

I really do wish you the best and I dont want you to think anyone has singled you out. It is the whole MQ thing.

I think we are all scared because MQ is a leading company and scared that they are ruining the whole MT business for us all.

We would all love to see MQ split up or downsize and not be such a big part of the industry. Then again we dont want to see people out of a job either.
Wow, almost 4 pages of the stuff, someone has been busy, nothing better
I knew I saw this a few pages ago and searched for you.
Here's a link
What about the pages where you only type a few lines?
You're still making out better getting paid per page. I know I am.
Spoke too soon. Only working on some pages, not all. nm
my pages loading fast
no problem
Even on pages where no lewd content, often
Moved from Sticky Post. Christmas IS celebrated on this site

Moved from Sticky post...

Christmas IS celebrated on this website. If you do not celebrate Christmas, that is your prerogative.  However, if posts celebrating Christmas offends you, you might consider another site as we celebrate Christmas on this website and will do so every single year.  As the owner of this website, I am proud to say MERRY CHRISTMAS in celebration of Christ's birth.  I will not fall in line with others who are being politically correct and I do not expect others who celebrate Christmas to be forced to conform either.  Since over 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas, I do not see what the big deal is anyway.  For those who do not celebrate Christmas, I offer respect for whatever you do celebrate though I may not agree with your belief system.  In turn, I also would hope that you would respect what I celebrate.

Merry Christmas,

Sheri Steadman

New giveaway! $50 Build A Bear Bucks, see sticky post above.
For OTHER pages, scroll the other way or go to the View menu. SM
Look for Text Size. It won't fix the huge text on this page, though.
Pages are very slow to open for me tonight, some not at all. Anyone else? nm
Need to ask about docs saying "use my normal," too. Could be a few pages if an op! nm
Go through your local yellow pages and call
companies who advertise they offer health insurance.  Call several companies as the premiums can vary widely, although the coverage will be the same.   I did this and called 6 different companies and the premiums varied as much as $200.00/mo for the same exact insurance.   Celtic was the company that had the best rate for us, but that was nearly 4 years ago.   If you have no pre-existing conditions you can get a temporary insurance through Fortis for 6 months to a year depending on your state, provided that you have not been without coverage for greater than 45 (I think) days.   You can also go on-line to einsurance.com and get an idea of rates, though I still suggest you call local agencies.  
Do a search for 'happy with your job' or something like that. This was discussed a few pages b