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Sure don't consider myself a loser

Posted By: Money on 2007-12-03
In Reply to: Coming into money sm - Anonymous

I have worked so hard all my life, started when I could around 14 and never looked back, had the most 4 jobs at 1 time but I figure when money just comes to you without you having the slightest idea why or where it is coming your way, then I say coming into money. I worked for 1 place, outsourced after 11 years and 6 years later got savings of over $100,000.00 from them- out of the blue- not retirement fund. Now if you do not consider that "coming into money" I don't know what it is. Oh, by the way, dearie, the money did not end there. That is just 1 example of my "coming into money." Happens to me all the time.

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Don't tell me what I think you uneducated loser
ditch the loser
You are dealing with two separate issues here, the “emotional” or BF and the financial. The BF sounds like a loser. Why would you want anyone who is violent around you or your kids. You are fortunate that has not hurt anyone-- yet. He will only get worse with time. He sounds like a porn addict. If you are working three part-time jobs with two small kids at home, it is only a matter of time until you will be in the Psych ward. Kick the BF out and make the decision about the house based on YOUR finances. Please consider the emotional well-being of your kids first and foremost. Best of luck to you. iamblunt
Discouraged, but not a loser
Don't be so hard on yourself. Yeah, I know, I know, you're going to tell me I'm not in your shoes and you have bills to pay. I know what you are going through. I am going through it too. I am 56 years old, had a wonderful and stressful career in medical transcription. I owned my own business, had many good accounts, only to have it end like this. I saw the writing on the wall 15 years ago, but froze in fear and did nothing about it. Fifteen years ago my inner voice told me to do something about it, but I kept on going wasting my time in this field because I felt, well, maybe I can make it to retirement. NOT. I lost all of my accounts last year to India, and get this, a hospital I had an account with, decided not to dictate any more - just like that - they just dictate the H&Ps'. That's it. That's how my career ended. I was shocked and very depressed. After 6 months of depression and gaining weight, I decided to carve out the rest of my life. I am going to junior college for the first time in my life. Give yourself a pat on the back - you already have your associates degree. I have to work through that before I can go into a bachelor's program. The only thing I have is a house, a nice house. If I have to, I will sell my beautiful expensive house to pay the rest of my way through school. I'm ready to do that if I have to. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I plan to go to law school. It is never too late. Keep looking for financing for school. There are ways to get through this. If you have talents in any areas, explore that. Sometimes it will take having to do 2 or 3 different things t make a living. I am working part time for a transcription company, doing pet sitting, and who knows? maybe I will do something else to keep me going. I am lucky though in that I have a husband who is paying our bills for now. I pay for my school and expenses with the money I make part time. DON'T GIVE UP - keep exploring your options. It's going to be about creativity from here on out at this point in life. My prayers and thoughts positive to you.
Sore loser
Grow up
Not mgmt here. Take your advice, loser.
You've a right to complain. I've a right to complain.

My complaints are about the losers who don't want to take care of their own problems. They are pathetic as the the poor poverty-stricken people from LA using their $2000 FEMA allowance to buy purses and crap they don't need. They can't make decent decisions -- that's why they are in the poverty state they are in. Neither can the MQ complainers. Can't make a decent decision.

I'm going to blow your stinkin' smoke right back in your face every single time and if you don't like it, don't read MY posts! LOLOLOL You're just pollution, that's all!

Oh grow up - such a sore loser!
good one! actually you are guessing and splitting hairs and still come out loser.
you jumped in on this "I win" game with your "higer education" and "degree".

Frankly dear poster, you depress me. I hate the idea that anyone like you is in the same profession as I am. Amazing too. What with your degree and all. You'd think a person with your "intellect" would be posting on mensa board or something. hee.


exercise is really important; they stress that on The Biggest Loser.
Biggest Loser - MTSO Edition - next season? (nm)
Starting personal attacks always expose the loser:.to your information,
because I find it faster my way, ONLINE.
You are using bookd, the old-fashioned way?

Expensive and much too slow.

I checked the yesterday'a and today's questions in the afternoon and found - as already said - only 1 somehow unjustifiable question.
To check 1 day would have been enough.

I research ONLINE
with fast and accurate results. The internet is literally swamped with resources and references and is the fastest way. You should try it.
Are you still looking into books? Way too slow.

So, do not blow this out of proportion.

If you have the urge to teach and to guide, open your own MT school and give your advice there.