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It's "keel" over dead,,,,,

Posted By: nm on 2007-12-03
In Reply to: Similar situation - s/m


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The lunatic department head you are talking about is the reason I left that department AND OSi once she finally got her pie in the sky promotion and knocked a bunch of much more qualified people down along the way.

Imagine being the best at your job and being usurped by someone on a power trip whose main goal is to try to convince everyone how great she is because she basically doesn't know what the hell she is doing.

I know how to do my job and don't need some hick micromanaging me and breathing down my neck all the time.

If she were knowledgeable, she would organize her department with enough people to make it function properly, then leave them alone and let them do her job.

She is the biggest joke of a "manager" I have ever seen.

Good riddance, OSi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He can't be dead......
Maybe Uncle June's gonna get on the phone with 9-1-1 and maybe give him mouth to mouth??? haha. Will be interesting to see how they're going to explain that next episode...he was pretty much gone there! And if it's another panic attack and he passed out and dreamed it AGAIN, not watching it anymore. Love the show, but those dreams, like the one in the beginning where Carmella was chatting with dead *Aide* are getting a little old...don't ya think???
Can't be dead.....
I agree with you about the dream gimmick - worn out.

However, there is a theory out there that this episode is actually the last episode of the series and that the 19 more that are to come - 11 this year and then 8 next year - will show us how all these situations evolved.
Dead End...not well-known, had
never heard of it before, but it is a good ol' suspense, kind of frightening movie with a weird ending.  Would watch it again if they would play it again. 
He's not dead, if that's what you mean. ..
now they say 130 are dead

and 300 injured due to terrorist attacks.  I hope and pray they catch the ones responsible.  Those poor people. 

I am dead serious.
I am sick of being treated like a third class citizen whle so other bozo is making tons of money off my work. Let's unite!!! Why do we need them, we can do this on our own!!??
Dead right! sm
For one of my graduate classes in Competitive Intelligence, I ran an operation against a private security company, starting with nothing but the name of the company.

Before I was through, I had discovered (strictly from public sources) that the CEO of this private security company was also on the board of a Saudi Arabian company, of which other board members were on the "watch" list of Homeland Security.

I knew where this company did its banking and about two significant loans it had defaulted on. I knew that one of the corporate executives, a male, had changed his last name just after arrest reports were recorded in the same county for an individual with the same "old" name (which was quite an unusual name).

I knew this and many, many "inside" details about the company's internal operations.

...starting with nothing but the name of the company.

What's in a resume? Your name, your address, your phone number, where you attended high school/college, former employers and perhaps other information about your hobbies, etc. Give me your resume, and I guarantee you I'll wind up with your SS#.

you know you are in a dead-end job when.....
you cannot get any type of pay increase after 2 years....sigh.....not surprised but it just depresses me.  This is not a good way to start the new year.  I am finding it hard to stay motivated.  Ok, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
I'm an MT; I know what a dead end job is! LOL. n/m
Drop dead.
that's dead on the money

I have version 3 of Instant Text and used that to create phrase files of 4 words or more and then imported them into the different medical modules that I have. Between that and running the Accuracy Center every couple of months, I was able to get my accuracy to almost 100%, as long as I dictate the way I'm supposed to and the words are in the dictionary.

DH went out shopping later in day and said it was dead.
I keep thinking he's not dead, just (sm)
maybe in a coma for the whole season or something.  Don't know if I can get my "fix" of the Sopranos if he's gone.
Top 10 dead end jobs....

Article in CareerBuilders

This was one of a few clerical positions that were listed as the tope 10 dead end jobs.  I really am thinking of doing something else now.

Word Processors and Data-Entry Keyers
This sector of workers is expected to decline due to the proliferation of personal computers. Employment growth of data entry keyers will still be dampened by productivity gains, as various data-capturing technologies, such as bar code scanners, voice recognition technologies and sophisticated character recognition readers become more prevalent. In addition, employment of these workers will be adversely affected by businesses that are increasingly contracting out their work.

top 10 dead end jobs
Koudos to you!!! any person who is burnedout in any job should persue another avenue!  I think it is great that you have taken that step to better your life and pursue happiness.  It takes great courage to leave a comfortable situation and start a new path.
Except he is dead and can't talk.
Nope -- He was dead serious.
I don't think so. He was dead serious saying there were new contacts available approved for 24-7 wear. This was when I first walked in -- did not even begin the exam. He wasn't smiling or saying it in a joking way at all. That alone made me uneasy. He seemed -- not all there if you know what I mean. And the longer I was there the more I felt that way. Also I should mention he tested both eyes together not right and then left and I have never not had my eyes checked individually. I know my right eye is a different prescription than my left. Also, I went to Sears for glasses prior and they always use that machine to measure the distance of pupils to make the glasses -- this wasn't done either. All round it was a horrible experience. There was another woman there complaining of these same things only she paid over $300.00 and they were refusing to give her a refund as well. Why should we be forced to pay for eye wear we cannot see out of? I will never return there again -- still intent to fight for the rest of my money though! Stay away, far, far, away from this place.
There would be nine dead dogs if this happened to me.
Really.  Sad to say but I would find some way to eliminate these dogs if no one is willing to do anything.  They are a health hazzard and a nuisance at this point. 
There would be two dead pit bulls in my neighborhood
If this happened to me.  What if this was a child.  I can't believe no one does anything about this in your community. 
yeah but mr. ed is dead from head to toe.
whereas your ex-husband could still be of some service on a desert island, no?
dead town-ban WM stores
A little over 20  years ago WM opened in our town even though they had a Howard's at that time and put them out of business.  Our nice town also had a sporting goods store, fabric store, several pharmacies, several local clothing stores and pool supply place.  The only one that survived were the pharmacies.  WM moved out a little over a year ago.  Now we have to go 30 miles to find anything that we can't find in a dollar store.  Not only do we have a big empty building that they left, now we will have another empty building that a chain grocery store is leaving because WM built super stores in the surrounding towns that use to shop in our nice little town.  I suspect it will take years, if ever, to recover.  Our only hope is that we have good leadership in our community.
dead brain regarding digital!

Trying to switch all my clients to digital, but first I need some help with it!  Using the free ES wav player.  One of the drs are going to email me the files and the other is going to use a FTP site.  I dont know the first thing about transcribing files "digitally"  Any instructions would be really appreciated!

Thanks ya'all!

U don't wanna know. Just hope he is dead or someone
But I feel (or smell) your pain. My son works at KFC and I swear I won't let his uniform come in contact or even be washed with any other laundry... peee euuuwww!! It actually has its own very distinctive scent...
Finally finished, no dead air.

She will be dead from cirrhosis in a few years probably then - nm
No good dead goes unpunished...
lol... I am sure if your company is reading this, they will not send anything next year.

If you are unhappy - leave, but I have honesty never heard of someone complaining about a Christmas gift.

Ok, now they're saying the kid isn't dead. This story gets
crazier as the minutes pass. Kids are going nuts because the kid that was shot lives next street over. Home schooling next and a move coming up.
I smell a dead cat on the line.... so to say.
Such as in "another woman."
He's not dead. He's gonna be fine.
OH he is SO HOT!!! People mag. got it dead on the money...
He may be dead but his dream lives on...

I think the QA people are dead wrong
if they get upset over what they consider "too many" blanks. Of course they're right about not guessing, but obviously they're sending you mixed signals by not wanting you to leave blanks either.

I'm a former MT who is now an Editor and I get a lot more upset over not enough blanks than with too many. I don't think there's even such a thing as too many blanks if you're dealing with a jerky doctor who can't be understood and doesn't care enough to take a few extra minutes to speak distinctly.

I'll often receive work that contains obvious mistakes, but the dictation is so bad that I can't with any certainty make a correction. When that happens, I take out what I know wasn't said and replace it with a blank.

I wish I had an answer for your situation. But please know that not all of us editors are like those you're having to deal with.
I have a preference for Dead in Bed syndrome myself
I guess that's better than DISsatisfied dead, lol!
Some of the twisted terminology the ESLs come up with just amuses my bored little mind to no end!!!
The wheel's spinning, but the hamster's dead.

Nonsense! Drug books are dead (sm)

The net is ///far/// more useful than outdated books or electronic word products, for MTs with any kind of experience, that is. @_@  If you're a student or new, you do need a good drug book.  Drake & Drake is the best; there will be an electronic version next year.

Try the link below for Drugs @ FDA.  That's one of the essential links on my IE toolbar.  (I know; every time you use IE, god kills a kitten, but w/some work platforms, I have to use it.)  You can search generic/brand names using ^*^any 3 consecutive characters^*^ in the name.  Try doing that with Quick Look, which only lets you wildcard the beginning OR the end of the word or individual characters.  Nothing's more up to date than the FDA!

Using AutoHotKey or Active Words plus the newest download of Google Toolbar (google pones!), you can set up a quick little app to automatically highlight the last word you typed and send a search without leaving your document.

MT references were essential in the "old days" [meaning pre-2000?] when one had to really know how to use a search engine to find med equipment or drugs.  Now every equip and drug mfgr has a website.  Most of the new drugs have their own websites.  Google's awesome ability to figure out what one wants from a phonetic spelling has officially killed the MT word reference publishing industry.

Does this mean you paid for 3 minutes even if 2 of it is dead airspace?
just wondering.
You shouldn't have to carry dead weight.
Give her a clear outline of your expectations and say do this or I will have no choice but to find someone who will.
Easier said than done, but you keep beating a dead horse.

As an IC, I have tried many times to find skilled, qualified people to help me. If I had a dime for every time that didn't work out, I could retire. The fact is, I DO take my laptop on vacations--much to the dismay of my family--but that's the only way the work can and will get done IN A QUALITY MANNER.

Unfortunately, American workers are pricing themselves out of the market with both their hourly wage demands, vacation/sick time, insurance benefits, etc., and the work is going to the lowest bidder. 

Long reports, dead air time

Does anyone have any good tricks for dealing with the long reports with huge segments of "nothing"?  On top of that, the people I am dealing with are ESLs so that's slowing me down enough already.

At this point, all I do is speed up and fast forward but am wondering if there are other ways to compensate for this issue.

Seems like someone would teach them how to pause when they stop dictating! 

Regarding peri-menopause. The pertinent boards are mostly dead.

I just turned 45 and have ZERO symptoms of menopause as far as I can tell.  No hot flashes, no heavy/irregular periods, no unpredictable cycles, normal length etc.  BUT... I have noticed in the last 5 yrs or so that I get some intense PMS symptoms in the 2 weeks before my period.  My breasts get REALLY sore and my "mean quotient" goes WAY up.  It's as if I've filed my tongue.  I don't know how much of the mean I really let out, but I sure feel it inside.  I feel all tied up in knots, crabby, trivial things bugging me way more than they should, etc.  I've got a teenager and 2 preteens, so that doesn't help either as my life is obviously less than "tranquil" most of the time.  I mean, I'm not sitting around evenings relaxing and cross stitching in front of a good TV show like a mom whose done raising kids, I'm doing "mom" stuff still at 45. 

So, I decided to make an appointment with the GYN and talk about what could help me.  I've already cut out the caffeine and tried some of the natural remedies, but nothing helps.  I just KNOW she'll want to put me on The Pill, but do I really want to take that at my age when I don't need to (tubes tied), risk getting fat and having migraines come back?  I don't think so.  What about anti-depressants?  Is that something like to be recommended to me.  I'm not depressed, I'm happy as a clam as long as I'm not premenstrual.  What should I ask for, or expect?

I feel your pain, and you are DEAD ON on how that account sounds!!
: (
Is Monday, Feb 12, President Day? Brain dead this morning. nm
this is a real dead subject, haven't you heard?
Incessant whining is NOT venting. Beat your dead dog in private. nm
Meant which scary movie? Brain dead today
In college in the room next to our, they would blast Grateful Dead music all day - sm
we retaliated by blasting AC/DC. They got the point and stopped blaring their music. I'd pound on the walls and ask her to keep it down because you are trying to work, might help, it she gets louder and more obnoxious I'd call the police, disturbing the peace and all. She won't appreciate it but it would sure make a point, and if she kept it up you just keep calling the police. Good luck.
Yep, the bogus ransom letter was way amateurish and a dead giveaway
Her handwriting samples have always come back as "suspicious" by the forensic handwriting experts.

Yep, she did it.

Yes they are greedy and hire the cheapest they can get by with.  They are the ones who took over what used to be transcription companies owned by women.  They saw a chance to make some easy money and that is the bottom line.  They checked us all out, moved in like vultures and offered our clients free equipment, discounted work for a year, and then it has turned into this mess that we see now with offshoring, bickering, low wages, and on and on.  Now they are overcharging the clients that were unfortunate enough to fall for the line of garbage when theyear switched over to the "bigger techno MTSO" who really were unprepared, as far as I am concerned, for what they took on.  Look where we are now, offshoring, and on and on and on.  Sigh. 

Another thing I would like to see is QA departments policing themselves.  I pulled out 22 binders filled with templates, samples, etc. from 10 different sources and guess what I found?  Mistakes by the boatload.  These are samples that were sent out to MTs by QA departments to "go by" - how hilarious. These were companies with great reputations and some are currently in business using the same templates, the same samples, etc.   The temples were to be used "verbatim" and the MT is to insert any changers by the dictator, but all else was to be left.  One had cc as cc's (gasp) and wrong tenses (gasp), 7.0 instead of 7, and on and on.  Some were horrendous and beyond belief and were handed out by QA departments. 

One client that I do business with has five QA people and none of them agree with the other.  They all have their own "style" as they put it.  So, it just depends on who is on if they pull your report for a once-over or you have a blank.  Then,, the politics goes like this:  They all want the MTs to send the QAs you got from other QA people to THEM (the QA person who did not QA that report).  That is like QA doing QA on QA.  Sounds like maybe extra careful?   No, they then send it to their supervisor trying to get the other QA persons fired.  Nice colleague interaction going there, right? 

I only go by BOS almost completely if the work is hospital because of the audits that go on with JCAH or whatever they call themselves these days.  Then, sometimes the doctors don't agree with JCAH and want it their own way, which may not be the way some QA wants it.  The bottom line is I tell them from the outset that I do it the right way, the way the one who signs the document wants it.  That is the bottom line.  If the hospital complaints I refer them back to the dictator.  When I have one of those I put comments on the page for my future reference and that of QA.  I only violate the dictators wishes when he or she wants me to transcribe against HIPAA regulations (like the patient's name, address, and phone number, etc.)  I then comment that the information was dictated, but not transcribable due to HIPAA regulations. 


Sound of Music, Dead Poets Society, Forrest Gump. nm