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Sure it's possible (sm)

Posted By: Lori on 2005-10-26
In Reply to: How much time does it take you to do 60 minutes of dictation? - Beth

if the doc is taaalkkkkinggg lllliiikkee thhiiisss and he has to speed it up just to comprehend what they're saying. I used to transcribe police interviews and our calculation was 4:1 since you had an "idea" of what they were going to talk about, but had no clue how it would be worded, who was going to be talking or what they were actually going to say. I'd guess anyone just starting their first job would be hard pressed to be going any faster than 4:1 even if it was the best dictation in the world. I could do 2:1 when I had my own account, but that was the same docs 5-6 days a week using Instant Text, and that speed didn't come until after I had been doing them for several years.

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