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What is your typing speed and do you use a lot of templates or have repetition?

Posted By: Beth on 2005-10-25
In Reply to: Formula: Dictation Minutes x 3 = 3 hours - MadamX


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speed typing
Okay, ladies.  I have been working for 8 months now as an MT and my typing accuracy still is lacking quite a bit.  I have the typer shark program that I use sometimes.  I type about 50 WPM.  Not good enough for me.  I was hoping that somebody could give me suggestions or hope that it will come with time.  I seem to be a little bit better lately, but I keep hearing about MTs who type 300+ lines per hour.  It takes me a couple hours or more to do that.  Depending on the dictator, of course.  One woman said she used to type the news and that seemed to help her.  I just need some encouragement that I will get better, or maybe some people don't. 
speed typing
I also use IT, as it is through the company I work for. I am still getting to know the program. I tried Mavis. I found her to be cute, but annoying. I think am just being impatient. I really like the typer shark program. It's actually fun. I think I will take the time to work on understanding IT, so I can get it to work for me.

Thanks your input. It did make me feel hopeful!
speed typing
Will do! Thank you for the encouragement.
What is your typing speed? - sm
Though most of being a great MT involves excellent listening skills, to make the most of production, IMHO, you have type like the wind and use macros, including macro sentences rather than words only.  Just a thought - when was the last time you took a typing test?  I think there is a free Web based typing test...
Typing Speed

Is there an easy way to calculate word-per-minute typing speed using the lines per hour I can do?  -Thanks.

Typing Speed
I type about 70wpm with about a 98% accuracy rate.  Per a couple online typing tests I took this week.  I'm curious what speed accomplished MTs type?  Is 70wpm fast enough?  If not, are there any work at home classes or software packages to improve typing speed?  Are there any you know work or recommend?  Thanks in advance for your help.
Typing speed conversion
Does anyone know the formula for converting lines per hour to words per minute?
Generally typing speed is

irrelevant, since the typical typing test usually involves straight copying from a printed or hand written sheet.  Any transcription involves other functions than just typing, hence the standard typing speed means nothing. 


Typing speed is not the key thing
but how efficient the dictator is in dictating, the distractions, the platform, etc. If you get alot of air ("uh, um, duh...") it brings your line count down big time.

I usually manage 1000 lines (with no distractions) in 4 to 5 hours.
I have never listed my typing speed. Never prevented
Are you using two speed typing engines at the same time?
Or did I read that wrong. If that were possible, it'd be a breakthrough.
Speed typing engines are our best friends.
Shortcuts is why.

Tineoafod becomes

There is no evidence of a fracture or dislocation. This is IT. Where the first letter of each word is the shortcut. There are also continues and ability to have entire paragraphs be typed with IT by suggestion several possible continues from TINEO (There is no evidence of); ending the sentence based on the ways you have most consistently.

I am a novice IT user. Am about to try SH was many rave about it but IT has saved my fingers and also helps with the quality as chance of typing typos or word dropping is reduced. I tend to create my own phrases but that was with radiology which is redundant much of the time.

You have several to chose from. Other MTs will come along with better suggestions. Is important to know your program compatibility.

I try to think of this feature as a crossword puzzle and challenge myself to find the correct phrse or word fast to complete report and get on to next. Expanders make our job a bit more fun.
Utilize the speed typing engines and begin
storing in their favorite phrases so that a few letters will bring them up. I am working for several physicians. Took me a few months to get all the words into speed typing mode but now that I have, the time I spend typing is cut in half.

Never type a word larger than 4 letters.

chest pain - cp

pneumonia - pnea

atelectasis or infiltrate - aoi

so on and so on - whatever works for you. This is how to make money these days, high production. And the speed typing engines lessen change of typos and other erros.

XX,, I promise you can double that typing speed quickly SM
then triple it, and eventually quadruple it with an Expander used right. You're doing something wrong, but I assure you once you know what it is you can correct it easily and immediately start seeing the benefits having your expander do much of the typing for you.

To begin with, though, most of your increased speed is going to come NOT from inserting blocks of text standard for one dictator but rather abbreviations for the individual words, phrases, and headings you're constantly typing anyway.

For instance, I type RPSV for "reports that." It wasn't hard to remember. Variations of "report" are used constantly, so RP became report, RPS reports, RPG reporting, RPD reported. V is "that." AO is "also" for me, and F is "he", so "he also reported that" becomes FAORPDV and "he also reports that" becomes FAORSV. This is the first time I've seen those on paper; you don't memorize the long forms, just string together the constantly used short ones. Amazingly quickly your fingers remember (muscle memory?) so you don't have think about it.

Smartype is probably not the best expander but fine to start on since you have it. Later on, better programs have conversion programs that will allow you to move your abbreviations to that program.

In the meantime, go to productivitytalk.com and start reading and asking questions. If you wish, you can import a whole ready-made dictionary compiled by an MT abbreviations.

But you could also take another tack for now just as a trial. Instead of trying to use Smartype's abbreviations, if that's what you're doing, enter just a handful of your own that you can get very familiar with. I love these that I use and am happy to pass them on to anyone who wishes to try them:

Make T expand to "the"
F expand to "he"
G expand to "him"
K expand to "she"
J expand to "her"
T expand to "the"
B to "but"
Q to "who"
R to "right"
L to "left"
F to "for"
D for "and"

That's more than enough for now. If you do this, I think in a couple of days you'll be loving how a quick tap of the finger drops in all these little words so much that you'll eventually become addicted to abbreviating everything in sight--and to watching your scores on your speed tests rise and rise and rise... Best wishes.
Don't think most of us are blessed with the clear sound, repetition, and few ESLs that you must
People may call repetition of this thread 'boring', but - sm
I think it needs to be repeated over and over again to anyone who will read and/or listen, in order for this truth to finally sink in. Many of us seem to have been brainwashed by the industry's rhetoric about a 'global economy' (i.e., lowering of living standards in the US?), and 'that's just how things are, now - get used to it.') I think the future of MT as a US industry, as opposed to a purely offshore, sweatshop industry, depends on this message getting out there.
It is only easy if everything falls into place, i.e. good docs, repetition, macros/expander -sm
This is not the norm. I average 130-175 lph, so it would take me a bit longer than 3 hours to make $100 (I am only PT now so I don't make much more than $50 a day) , and as she would be starting out fresh at a new job, probably with a national doing nothing but ESL the odds are she won't be making $100 in 3 hours.
increase speed 3, decrease speed 2...sm
increase backspace 9, decrease backspace 8. At least that's what mine does.
C-phone speed help! PLEASE! Speed key!
I am in tears - typing speedy gonzalez - a total knee replacement, not a standard, dictated in under 1 minute - FULL REPORT!  Can you imagine? I have a C-phone that is just hanging in there, but lost all its programming.  Isn't there a # key on the number part of the phone that reduces speed?  I need it way slooooooooooow!! I'm afraid to just start hitting numbers, though, cause I've lost reports that way!! Anybody have a # to hit for me???
Typing. This is NOT typing, it is transcribing. There is a BIG difference. sm
Transcription includes typing, but so much more.
I am currently looking for a new MT job but with my previous job I have always found that making my own templates worked best for me. I had the same doctors all the time so I knew what needed to be in the reports and what did not need to be there. :-) I have always found my own shortcuts to be the most productive ones.
Yes, I know what EMR means. I understand that they can also do the point and click method and also create templates?
Could she be using templates and she just has to change a few things here and there?  If that's the case, I still don't know about 800 unless there is an awful lot on that template that remains the same and it's a long template so fewer starts and stops. 
Using MS templates with EMR
Anybody create Microsoft templates for EMR documents?

I have a new account that uses EMR. I want to include Microsoft fields into the document so I can easily tab through them but I just don't want the code Word uses to generate a field to conflict with the XML code used for the EMR system.

Does anybody use fields in EMR documents without any problem?
EMR has templates

EMR has many templates: ROS, HOPI, lab orders, Plan, health histories, immunizations, specific diseases, etc.  Each template has many fields with corresponding questions that can be checked off indicating a yes/no response or severity level.  Similar to filling out a survey by checking the boxes that apply. After completing these templates, the physician can click a button that automatically pulls the information that was entered in each of the templates, and generates a "document" in a determined format.  Thus, no reason for the physician to dictate a tape for someone to transcribe.

We implemented an EMR where I work and it did result in less transcription. 

Template or no template, any time YOU have to take away or add to a template, delete, redo, whatever, I count everything....after all, it's my time to add and take away. I use Sylvan also... any will count the template.

Don't screw yourself over.... count everything!

Re: Templates

Yeah really... we get screwed over enough, let us keep SOME things that work to our advantage.

We have templates where I work but - sm
we get paid for all that (no spaces though). They do the templates because is it what the doctors want at the hospital I type for; they all have specific needs. They put in jump markers {} that we jump to using Alt-F (WP 5.1), so it is very easy to get through. On a account of my own I did the same thing on the template I made up for myself for 1 of my docs in MS Word, jump from spot to spot, very easy. If you can save the template and make your own "markers" to jump to, yes, you still have to delete unused ones but boy is it a lot easier.
question about templates.

I have a question about during a physical exam portion, I know what it means to "flush left, sub headings all caps," but what is the other instance of "stacked form". thanks. 

Templates in Meditech
When I worked on Meditech for 15 years, there was something called canned text.  Ask your new employer if there is a way to submit canned text entries and how this works. 
Thank you all!!! i do use templates, but its easier for me to just add the cc on the ones i need as
i put the cc: in autotext and it is working like a charm!! i have never used autotext, just autocorrect and it wasn't working in autocorrect. never knew what autotext was about. thank you so much!!!!!
I have templates for one account that are
Templates from doctors

Really need your thoughts. One of my doctors has about 50 templates/shells. When doing combined procedures he will tell me to just combine the 2 or 3  or 4 shells he has for the individual procedures without taking out whatever is redundant or conflicting. I have to do that. Several of these individual op reports are 3 pages long, so can end up with a 6-page final report.

On his follow-up notes, he will use a shell and then say "add this to the physical exam" but he does not say what to take out of the standard note.

Many of his op notes have numerous variables. He oftentimes does not tell me which to use and/or which to delete.

For "risks" he will dictate some and then say "and add whatever Dr. X uses."

I am requesting a meeting with him and with the office administrator, but would like to know what you think and what you would do.

Thank you



Creating Templates
I am looking for a way to create a sample report and put ?? in the places where changes would be made, using a control key to jump from ?? to ??    i.e.  This ?? year-old ?? patient.....Blood pressure ??, pulse ??, temperature ??,  ETC. 

Question on templates

Okay, I have a new question.  I'm trying to create a form or template that I can insert information on. How do I create the form with lines so that I am able to insert information on these lines?  Is this possible?

Almost no templates and close to 40 hrs sm
it is all OP notes. Actual my-butt-is-in-the-chair-typing time is 35 hours or so. Shift time is different. I had one day this week when I could not sit for more than 5 hours of my shift total. I had an 8-hour shift and quit after 7 because I could not sit any longer. Lines were 1350 for that day. I remember it as a distracted day, not one where I worked for it.

I often wonder if I were more motivated, if my body didn't hurt when I sit for longer than 1-1/2 at a time, if I could churn out more lines. There is no reason I can't do 30,000 every 2 weeks, except that I can't sit still.
So what if it's with huge templates....
600 lines an hour is 600 lines an hour whether it's straight typing or using templates. I WISH I had huge templates.
Questions about templates, pay, etc.
I work for a company that uses templates.  The work is extremely easy, but for each report we have to subtract the line count that equals the templates...anywhere from 8 to 13 lines depending on the template used.  Over a course of typing this adds up.  The pay is average.  I am wondering if anyone else types on account that do this and what your thoughts are about it.  Do you feel you make up in typing what you have to end up taking away in the end? 
Questions about templates, pay, etc.
I work for a company that uses templates.  The work is extremely easy, but for each report we have to subtract the line count that equals the templates...anywhere from 8 to 13 lines depending on the template used.  Over a course of typing this adds up.  The pay is average.  I am wondering if anyone else types on account that do this and what your thoughts are about it.  Do you feel you make up in typing what you have to end up taking away in the end? 
MPLite templates


MPLite templates are Word documents in the TransMP Formats folder whose filename is used to differentiate which templates belong to which clients. All the templates you have for a particular client will show in the Document Information screen.

1. Start with a blank MS Word screen, and create the template you need there. Use the codewords (eg Last? First? MR? DOB? etc) to tell MPLite where you need this information put. Make sure each contains the ? at the end of the codword, and you'll find a complete list of available codewords in the help file in the chapter Formatting Templates. You can use headers / footers and any other formatting features in your templates.

2. Give this template a name in the pattern FacilityInitials_DescriptivePhrase.RTF. You have to save them as RICH TEXT FORMAT in the Save box, and save them INTO the TransMP  Formats folder. The Facility Initials must match what you entered for that when you registered the facility. Keep the descriptive phrase relatively short, eg, CON, FU, XRAY, HP, DC. If this is a template for a hospital or clinic, you can has as many templates for a facility as you like and can differentiate Dr. John Smith's Consultation by use the descriptive phrase CONjs, and Robert Youngs as CONry or CONyoung. (Note it is an underscore _ and not a dash used in the template filename.)

The list of available templates is refreshed when you start a session. So if you create a new template while in a session, cancel the session, and then reset it so the template list is refreshed.

If you have other questions about the templates, please ask.

Best wishes,

Vann Joe Turner

yes if you are doing Radiology with all templates. sm
I've been working on this platform for almost 6 years now, doing all acute care, all worktypes, and my highest monthly lines per hour average is 685. One time I averaged 938 lines per hour, but that was one day with all the same dictator and all the same worktype.

And, my account has been on VR for 5 years now.

So, to answer your question - In my most humble opinion, it is NOT really possible to do 1000 lines per hour every hour or every day and keep the high standard of quality at 99-100%.

Does this work on all templates....sm
I have been trying to figure that one out. How do I keep from having to take my mouse and skip to the next field? I suppose F11 is it. Thanks I will try it.
Question about templates
I am wondering how you make a template so that you can hit F12 to skip to each section.  Thanks!
Are you pulling in templates? If so,
you will have to check and make sure they are set on 100%.
I do ER and do double that. Lots of templates, etc.
Why in the world did you give them the templates?
That was pretty ballsy of them to even ask you to do this.
My client loaded my templates into their EMR and are now doing it themselves
I feel for you. My clients had me turn over all my templates/macros and loaded them into their system and are doing it themselves. This was after dishing out thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment and training additional staff. I was making $7,000 a month and now it is $65 a month if I am lucky.
see, there's the difference . . . some of my templates have 50 lines already in them(sm)
that we have to scroll through.  The patient demo info is a matter of six lines.  The rest is all headings.   I don't mind inputting the patient info, it's the scrolling up and down the page and adjusting the pre-filled headers that takes up so much time.
Help creating letterhead templates

I would like to take an existing letterhead, scan it and create a template for it that can be pulled up and typed right into.  Someone I used to know did this for one of my accounts at one time, but I have no clue on how she did it and no contact with her anymore.  It doesn't seem like this should be anything difficult to do, but I have played around with it and just can't figure it out. 

Would really appreciate any pointers, or even links/websites where I might be able to find simplified information on how to do this.  I am a little "behind the times" and not very experienced on much besides typing at this point.  I will be changing direction soon and need to update my ways of doing things.

Thank you in advance for any tips or direction. 

Am not real sharp with templates but here is what I do
I do op notes for my derm doctor and they wanted the letter head on each op note and there are all headings on the note.  I make a file for the op note with the letter head on it (centered) and then all the headings.   I do an "insert" file each time I do a new op note after finishing the old one.   Don't know if this is the same or not.  But I find inserting files easier.  I do this with H&P's, consults, etc.  Then I just go through the headings as he dictates and fills in.  This works well when I am doing a combination of chart notes and consults/H&P's or sometimes letters and then he goes onto op notes.   Do not do an "open" do an insert of the file each time you want to do a new letter or OP note in my case.  Of course I am not completely computer savy and so this might not even be what you are talking about. 
Be sure to back up your normal and other templates.

These contact your auto text entries.