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Thank you! Worked like a charm. sm

Posted By: GLF on 2007-11-09
In Reply to: Edit Dictionary - TotallyRadMT

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Well how simple! Worked like a charm. Thank you!!!!!
Thanks! That macro worked like a charm using the copy/paste method.
This works like a charm. Thanks so much!
He will be turning on the charm 100%. Don't listen to it. sm
And you've never tried God as an option before? Well, if you wish, tell him to get some God on his own while you and your children are safe someplace else.

You're stoked right now, which is great, but don't let it fizzle out with husband's pleas and lack of abuse in the meantime. It WILL happen again if you stay. Anybody who knows anything about abuse will tell you that. The center you contacted will tell you that, too. Listen to the experts.

Bravo on actually contacting your parents and Swan. However, you said they can hide you out if you actually need to go. Hello? You actually need to go. Now. You were just hit 2 weeks ago. You're feeling in control and all, but it WILL happen again. Yes, you are in danger. Your husband is scared right now. He senses the loss of control. However, this is a cycle. When you stay, and things get a bit more distant, they'll resume some sort of normalcy. It'll build up, and he'll blow. What will happen next? You know you've got someone who has abused you as recently as 2 WEEKS ago, and you say you're not in danger and you're willing to let your CHILDREN LIVE under the same roof as someone who WILL eventually blow again, and maybe hurt them next time?

It's not just about being hid out when (not if) things get ugly again. You need to work toward a permanent plan, not just a crisis plan. There are other places besides this one you've called, ones who can give you some counseling and advice on how to leave and make it on your own with your children.

I wish you would listen and leave, but I have a feeling you're going to wait til next time. Do you know it takes women an average of SEVEN times leaving their abusive spouses before they finally leave for good? How many times will you let it take you? And what will be the cost to you and your children before you finally "get it?"
I use Hask serum - works like a charm. I have tried many others
and they leave your hair feeling yuk, heavy and gross. Hask serum leaves my hair straight, no frizz, light and airy and feels smooth and silky.

I have natural curly-wavey hair and on top of that it is foiled. So, I have a double whammy! Hask serum really works wonders.

I also use Aveda deep penetrating conditioner 2x a week. Love that product also.
Good luck!
There's something about George. Easy charm and he doesn't try tooo hard

regarding his looks or dress.   He is a guy's guy.

I completely disagree. Taylor is very marketable. He has charm, personality and CAN SING!
Every company is different -- I worked FT for one as an employee but worked a split shift - sm
So I never took breaks. I would work 5 hours, break for about 4 hours then do another 3. Another company I worked for did not care what hours you worked (IC) but wanted a min. amount of work each day, 500 for PT and 1000 for FT-- BUT they paid you by how many lines an hour you put out, the higher the lph the higher up the scale you made per line in pay; they have since changed everyone to a flat rate with incentive. But bottom line, if you are an IC it does not matter what hours you work, though many ask for a schedule and ask you to stick to it, they just want you to meet line requirements daily, i.e. 1000 per day, 1200 per day, whatever it is.
I got up early, worked during naps, and worked when DH got home.

You have to be disciplined to make yourself work when baby is napping instead of maybe watching TV or doing housework, etc.   

I might also go the route of having a teen come into your home, or either trying a mother's morning out program at a local church/daycare.   I've been home since my youngest was born and he has never been in all-day daycare, but I did have him in a mother's morning out program 15 hours a week at a local church.   It didn't help a lot with my work schedule because I had an older son in school and was a room mom and tutored other kids, but that might be an option.  The only problem with the mother's morning out program is they are around other kids and tend to pick up every germ.  I finally took my DS out of the program because he stayed sick.  You were supposed to keep them off if they had green nasal discharge and I did, but no one else did.  Every time I got him well after 2 to 3 days back he would be sick again.  Other than that it was very good for him because he would not have had a chance to be around kids his age otherwise. 

I worked on that system when I worked there...
The thing that chapped my hide about that TWS was that they designed it so that all the headers of each section of the report were canned and thus you were not paid for them, even though you had to take your hand off the keyboard and mouse down a list of paragraph headers to chose the one you needed.  Just racking up more profits for themselves.  Ticks me off.
that is what is being worked out, and has been worked on for the last few years already...only
why are we just hearing this now? I know voice recog has been around, but this is entirely different. This will also make coding and billing obsolete.

Don't know why, but it just bothers me that one of our 'own' is the one pushing this...and she is also connected with AAMT. Do they support this, and if so, what is their advice I wonder to the MT?

Perhaps that is one question for their website (I do not subscribe to their mag or credentials...)

Thanks, for the input!
Thanks, that worked for me! nm
TY, TY, TY, that worked. nm
This one worked for AT&T. I was trying to pay
my bill in advance, but you cannot just do that, you have to talk to the credit department. Well, too bad, I no longer use AT&T.
I did not say I worked for SS. I don't know
even know what company SS is? I work for a company where I get paid for spaces. As for transcribing about 65% ESL charts, I typed the same 2 doctors over and over yesterday who love to stat their charts. I had nothing but them my first 3 hours of work. I was beginning to think that all the other doctors had quit and left them to do everybody's work because I had nothing but them. It seems on Saturday and Sunday my work is filled with nothing but ESLs because they are the only ones who like working on weekends. The rest of the week is not so bad but the weekends are the worst for ESL coverage.
OSi is probably the BEST I have ever worked for - sm
I have worked for OSi for almost a year now, and they are BY FAR the most flexible, best paying, most caring management, and have never felt like I was "just" a transcriptionist.  There are so many bonuses, GIFTS out of the blue.... great company, very stable...
I worked for them
Briefly, it was a major problem. From the training to the getting back with me to helping out and getting things staright. They have a lack of management skills to say the least. I left them due to this. Maybe things would be different for you.
I worked for a nut (sm)

who always wanted perfect documents.  Even worse was when I found out there were other MTs making a bunch of mistakes and leaving a lot of blanks on the same account!  So I was to do perfect documents while the others were turning in crap?  No less than 8 mistakes or blanks on one page?

I finally wisened up and quit.  They're always behind and looking for people, I wonder why, duh.


I also worked for DDI...
when MQ bought them out.  I stayed with MQ for about 6 months after that and then moved on.
this is what worked for me...

When I worked 3rd shift, at first I tried going to bed around 10 in the morning and getting up around 5 p.m. when my husband got off work.  However, it got to the point that I felt like I didn't have a life at all.  I didn't have time to run any errands or even do simple things like clean my house because all I wanted to do was sleep.  What worked best was when I started staying up until around 2 p.m and then sleeping from then until around 7:30 p.m.  That gave me time to do everything I needed to do during the day and feel like I was able to function, and getting out in daylight instead of only being awake when it's dark definitely improved my mood, too. 

It took me a good 2 months before I got adjusted to 3rd shift, but I actually ended up enjoying it more.  If you do decide to go to 3rd, put up dark curtains, blinds, whatever you need to do to make your room feel like nighttime when you're trying to sleep.  Also make sure you turn off the ringers on your phones because there are always people who don't understand what it's like to work nights and will call you when you're trying to sleep. 

As far as staying awake during your shift, make sure you get up and move around every so often, keep the room very bright and a little cool, and keep the Mountain Dew or the coffee handy.  Go luck! 

that worked, thank you!

This worked for me
I had trouble getting paid as an IC until I did the following:  I started billing on the 1st and 15th of each month.  I put a 10-day balance due date on the bill.  There is a note at the bottom of the bill that says if any balance is carried more than five days past the due date, the old balance PLUS the new balance is due before transcription services are resumed.  Its a bit aggressive, but I was tired of making less because of paying late fees on my bills.  Since I started this policy, I'm paid ON TIME by all of my docs. 
I tried everything and this is what worked for me
I had beige carpet, too, tried Resolve, OxyClean, dishwashing soap, etc.  The only thing I didn't try was a special cleaner specifically for red stains (Red Out I think it's called), but it was $10 a bottle and I had only one stain.  What finally worked for me was saturating the stain with club soda, then lying a dry washcloth on top of it and applying a warm iron on top.  It draws the stain up into the washcloth.  You could try a paper towel, too.  I had a big spot that was a few months old by then, so I had to repeat this twice I think, but it finally came out.
what worked for me

Just look at the symbol:    < >

The widest part of the symbol is next to the larger number:  7 < 9
9 is larger than 7
The smaller part of the symbol is next to the smaller number:   10 > 8
8 is smaller than 10


Have you worked for all of them?
If you have actually worked for all of these companies and know this for a fact.....then you have the right to post such a statement. If you have not worked for each and every one of them....it is not a fair statment.

If you have worked for them all, perhaps the problem is with you because that is a lot of job hopping.
Here's what worked....sm

I did turn on the lawn sprinkler and it worked like a charm.   The neighbors on both sides also ended up turning theirs own as well to keep the kids away. 

I think I started something!  

I think I worked for them (sm)

So glad I quit!  Spaz 

When I worked in
a hospital as Trans. Supervisor, I actually had several docs who were horrible dictators come listen to their own dictation. Most were embarrassed when they heard how bad they sounded, and many cleaned up their act afterwards.
Yes, that worked for me too

I wish you the VERY best of luck and medical care.   I'm a survivor and if you ever need to vent, talk, whatever (even though you don't know me and I don't know you), feel free to email.  Sometimes its easier to sound-off at someone you don't know, ya know?  Actually what worked best for me was humor, I'd laugh at the silliest (and DUMBEST) stuff!

Incidentally ...... did you find a crockpot or toaster oven in that throwing out stuff?? hehe

I worked for a while on HMA-AIM
Wow, what a mess that was. I never made it past the first two months. It was horrible. Plus I had absolutely no training on the platform at all.
Thanks so much - it worked!!

Almost worked for them.
I was hired by them when I was a student, thought it would at least be experience and a little money. Let me emphasize little. Well, two weeks after I was supposed to start, I still had no foot pedal! I called them and they said they were waiting for a shipment. I quit them right then and there. Student or not, nobody deserves to get jerked around like that.

Good Luck.
I also worked there.....
Never had any trouble with QA.  I was never told I had to have AIM on while I was working like the other person mentioned.  I usually had it on, though, because of all of the questions I had in the beginning.  I was on the oncology account, which was fine at first....they started me on good clear dictators to get me used to the account, but once I was cleared from QA, I got lots of ESLs, plus it was time-consuming having to look up stuff for the demo screen (clinic numbers, doctor IDs, etc.), and at the rate of pay I was getting, it just wasn't worth it to me to stay there.  The people are very nice, though, and paychecks were always deposited on time. 
I also worked for one
I worked for a chiropractor who uses the Activator method. This is adjustment with a small tool that does not have the "rack them and crack them" dangers. It gently pushes your spine back into place. He also has a holistic apporach to his practice, and life. I was in an accident a few years ago and went into the ER where the rude doc told me that my back and neck had nothing to do with my abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and severe, very severe dizziness, and headache. He thought that I needed to be on narcotics for pain and meclizine. I went to my chiropractor after that frustrating event for an adjustment and never needed either once I was adjusted my problems went away. Then the next day I went to PT and the therapist ran his hand up my occipital nerve and said "I bet this was causing the dizziness" and sure enough hubby said I went sheet white and I felt the dizziness again, and almost passed out. Anyhow, now before I see a medical doctor to be on yet another drug, I go to see my chiropractor. Remember your neck bone is connected to your ankle bone. Good luck!
I have worked for more than one
doctor (4 to be exact) for the last couple of years (They're all small accounts). I have different colored binders for each doctor that I write down all their information in. When I'm working on a certain account I just have their binder out in front of me. I also have clear rubbermaid containers labeled with the doctors name to keep anything pertaining to their account such as their letterhead, envelopes, etc. in. This not only lets me keep track of the right supplies but also keeps them from getting dirty. Good luck.
I worked for a doc . . .
I worked for an ophthalmologist whose techs and secretary in the office dictated his notes.  He rarely dictated anything.  They dictated by looking at the chart notes.  Their initials were put at the end along with his.  If it is indeed illegal, I am sure that office is still doing it, although I don't work for them anymore.
Something that worked even better for me is..
called Relora.   It really relaxes me without any drugged feeling. It is over the counter and also helps curb appetite a bit but definitely a relaxant.  Good luck!
I worked 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

and maybe a nap here or there..but that was good enough for me. I am generally a night person, but the shift got old fast with me.  I felt like a zombie walking around all day sometimes. I just couldn't get the right sleep schedule down. I was tired no matter what I tried. 

I am back to working my evenings to around 1-2 a.m. and that is working waaaay better for me.

Good Luck!  It would be nice if you could try the schedule out just to see how you feel.

Several have tried and it worked == try again -- nm
Having worked as an MT and in QA, too, there are some
individuals who never take well to any type of critique of their work. Truly, you sound like one of those. No matter what it is, they have a rebuttal. Especially, those without much experience (as in your case).

You make mistakes. So does QA. It isn't your job to critique them. If you have a problem, state it to the supervisor. Otherwise, just deal with it and move on. I would suggest developing your own self-esteem about the quality you think you are providing but it sounds like you don't have any issues in that department.

Just as sure as there are no 2 MTs who will transcribe a report in the exact same manner (keystroke by keystroke), there are no 2 QA who will critique the same either.

Just chill.
Ok, that seems to have worked . . .
Don't know what happened to my earlier post . . .  anyway . . . new to MTStars.  Needing a new MT community as other is now gone. 
Thank you so much....this worked! nm :)
This is what worked for me.
I had that problem as well. After the :, I leave no space and then hit enter and do the drop down to start my numbering. I am set up to leave a space after a : and this is fine for how I do things, but when it came to the first letter cap after #1 it would be lower case. This would only be with #1, #2, etc, would capitalize. No sense in eliminating the space after all : as this works for me. As I said, my only problem was with #1 on a list. Hope this helps.
I have worked with and without
being paid for spaces and I would say at least a 20%, but more like 30% difference.  Probably about 7 to 8 CPL.  I will never work again where I am not paid for spaces.  It is depressing and frustrating to see the lines add up so slowly. 
I worked 3-11 pm but
it was only 3 evenings per week so I wasn't gone all the time. My advice is to enjoy your time with your family. susan
Anyone worked for OSI?
Anyone worked for OSI?  Info please.
Anybody worked
For FutureNet, heard they were a good organization to work for?
Where I have worked, the MTs and MDs
worked together in the same building and worked on quality together. That was all the QA there was, but it worked well. I take that back; one US tech checked all her reports and a mammo manager was good about looking at abnormal reports. In my experience, the best people to check radiology reports are those with a vested interest, but I've never done it for a service, either.
Worked - thanks! nm
It worked, so maybe
I just forgot to name the link in the second blank spot before.
Thanks - it worked!