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Thank you very much! Woo Hoo, I'm a lucky winner! nm

Posted By: Debbie on 2006-05-22
In Reply to: CONGRATS to WINNER Debbie L. of Red Lion, PA who won the $50 American Express - Gift Certificate given courtesy of Diskriter! nm


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Thanks for a fun week! I was a lucky winner and so appreciative! nm
MQ MT winner
I'm still waiting to hear from Frank to see if I get to go.  My chapstick is all packed and I'm so excited!  I just wonder...the meeting is really soon and he hasn't called yet....you don't think Frank would lie about sending one of us MT's to Hawaii do you?? 
The Winner Is...
The winner is listed at www.medquist.com on the left side of the page, I think.  So, I guess there really was a vacation.  I heard that the chapstick was our new form of benefits  

Congrats from another WI MT! 

Hawaii trip for 2 winner?
Does anyone know if they have announced the winner for Hawaii trip offered by MedQuist?  When I filled out my entry form it said the winner would be announced on July 1, 2005.  I am so curious!  :)
not a winner but it doesn't matter -
Thanks for all your efforts - it was fun !
I'm the "bread winner" in my family
and my boyfriend, who doesn't work outside of the home, handles all the activities normally associated with the "housewife" role.

It's not an arrangement for everyone, but it works perfectly for us.

No complaints here :-)
The 1st giveaway had 92 entries with Lisa I. of CA as the winner.

Directly after announcing the first winner, the second hunt began.  There is indeed an I FOUND IT message posted and will be awarded over the weekend. 


maybe he's thinking of a plan to join forces with winner of HOH?
The thing with Kaysar is he wants to do everything perfect and wants to win so he fights to win HOH even if Janelle would not put him up for evictions. That's why people like Kaysar.
CONGRATS to WINNER Carol J. on winning the MT Mousepad
CONGRATS to WINNER Carol J. on winning the MT Mousepad
CONGRATS to WINNER Linda L. of Satsuma, FL on winning the 3 lb. box of
Even if Cirie doesn't win the money she is the winner of the show in the self confidence and
CONGRATS to WINNER Charmaine B. of North Carolina on winning the $50
CONGRATS to WINNER Charmaine B. of North Carolina on winning the $50
CONGRATS to WINNER Mary S. of Roanoke, VA on winning the Ladybug
CONGRATS to WINNER Debbie L. of Red Lion, PA who won the $50 American Express
TVPS gift certificate winner is Carolyn of Vermont!
My hubby will always be the bread winner - I am close, but his salary tops mine. sm
My hubby works for one of the top Oil Companies in USA - with overtime - $150K a year for him. He has all the bennies, pension, 401K, profit sharing, etc. I am about 50K shy of his salary.
CONGRATS to WINNER Elizabeth S. on winning the $10. TVPS Gift Cert.
CONGRATS to WINNER Elizabeth S. on winning the $10. TVPS Gift Cert.


CONGRATS to WINNER Ellen M. of Sunny Isles Beach, FL on winning the
CONGRATS to WINNER Ellen M. of Sunny Isles Beach, FL on winning the
CONGRATS to WINNER Lynell T. of Hazen, ND on winning Judy's Glossary!
CONGRATS to WINNER Lynell T. of Hazen, ND on winning Judy's Glossary!
CONGRATS to WINNER Sharon A. of Lewisburg, PA on winning the $50. AmEx Gift Cert.
CONGRATS to WINNER Robin T. of Memphis, TN on winning the $50 Amex Gift Certificate
I think I was lucky....

I was raised in the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains, of course this was a very, very long time ago in an ancient and far off place!  We had no neighbors except for maybe about 10 miles away or so.  Nearest town was 25 to 30 miles.  We raised, trained and showed the most beautiful show horses.  Of course my daddy always kept a couple of "not so good ones" around for my brother and me".

You know back then, when I reached the age of 10 and my brother reached 12, momma would let us take off on those horses for an entire day, (all the time), to go on up further into the mountains and enjoy life!!  However, she would get really angry if we tried to ride within sight of a "populated region"; we did that once and got in big trouble!!

Since I've grown up and had my one and only child, my son....to be quite honest, I don't know how she could have lived through all our adventures.  I would have had at least three heart attacks and two strokes.

I agree there is more media coverage, HOWEVER, there are a lot more people, and a lot more people brought up with lesser values than in the past.  We also allowing many illegals into this country to our detriment.  I was "fondled" by my grandfather when I was around 8 years old, in the dark broom closet of his house", but I never told my mother because she loved her father so dearly.  I did not let it jade my outlook on life, however, I did become more aware and was ever so watchful raising my son.  As far as I'm concerned, things ARE worse and it is not just because of more media coverage....what we have here is a major decline in the moral values of the human race.  We can thank parents of those perpetrators and the ACLU for that and probably a few others.    


ha ha ha ha

you are lucky to have such a job...
In the last 8 years, working for 3 nationals, I have never had the option of only working 3 hours/day.  When I first started at MQ, years ago now, I was statutory and was able to do that (when I made what I wanted, I would stop for the day, and it was okay with them as long as I met my minimum lines), but it was not long after they began with the mandatory requirement of a dedicated amount of hours. 

From then on in I have always had to commit to the hours, even when working for no benefits and whether part- or full-time...and the hours are tracked, with threats to accompany them (especially when I worked with PS) if I went under at all, ever, period.

Normals are also a thing of the past for me since the last few years...and same account?  Consider yourself triply lucky - I have to work on 5, 6 accounts, and more, to make sure I get my minimum hours and lines.  This is with a 99-100% quality, good work record and ethics, 8+ years of hospital experience etc, etc (like most ladies here). 

You are truly lucky.  Would you even consider mentioning your employer?  Could it be home-based from a national, or from a hospital, or do you have your own company?
You may be lucky sm
The Phoenix office was terrible to work for, sitting around waiting all day for a report or 2.  They would occasionally farm us out to the Dallas office but their accounts were pretty terrible, at least the ones I worked on.  Good luck with your venture.
You will be lucky if SS
in the MT field. They will chew you up and spit you. Get out, there are more companies that will hire you that are much better.
Lucky You!
I'm jealous as all get-out! I'd love to do that. I'm an MT student, as well as a scoping student. Currently, I work as a land secretary, typing up oil/gas leases, agreements, etc.
Lucky you!

I sent out about 220 nice brochures and did not get one line of work out of it.  And I have a lot of experience!

Really pissed now and wondering if I should waste my time soliciting a different area.

Lucky You! Wish we were all that lucky!
And also you are lucky to be
Lucky you!

Spheris and Medquist have not yet set up camp in your area, swooping in and taking every last crumb of work.  Then you have the decision of whether to work for them for pennies or have no work.

And if you are lucky enough to be one of their favorites at that point, they might even send you some decent dictators.

Lucky you. sm
Did you have a nickname?
You'd consider yourself lucky!
I have always paid the very highest possible line rate I can to the MTs here and gross count at that plus all the freebies, too!  But again, guess what?  I can't pay it to my SCs if the doc's refuse to pay a reasonable line rate. AND THEY ARE.  And I'm FAR from the only MTSO who's experiencing this tight-wad phenomenon.   Don't blame me for it!  I come from the school that you get what you pay for and you pay a little bit better than the average bear; i.e.. waving the carrot so to speak, so that you get top notch work/performance. I understand that, and you probably understand that, but guess what?  The docs apparently don't understand that, nor do they care.  So what about THAT don't you understand!?  Do you expect MTSOs to go in the red just for the opportunity for you or another SC to work?   
I don't know if I was just lucky, or
what, but I really didn't have a lot of trouble potty training my son. I wouldn't stress too much about him being 3 1/2 and still not there. My son was about that age when he finally got it. The big thing for me was that I just didn't *push* him. I didn't make a HUGE deal out of it. I did use pull-ups, but I didn't get upset if he had an accident, and it was like one day it all sort of came together. It may sound strange, but it's true. He stopped wetting his pants, and even stopped wetting the bed. And from that point on he has never had an accident. If you are home with him during the day and it's just you and him and the only way he will use the potty is to be naked, then let him be naked...maybe that way he will learn to be comfortable with it. All I know is that I didn't try to force it on my son (not saying that you are), and it really just sort of happened naturally. Good luck!
Lucky Ones
Wow, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I was able to stay in bed until 10:00 while my older daughter watched my younger one and my husband went shopping for my Mother's Day/birthday dinner. I also got a beautiful card from my daughters and a concert ticket that I had been wanting. My husband did miss my birthday a few years ago and giving him the silent treatment worked, the next day I got flowers. Hopefully, they'll be more considerate of you if you let them know how you feel.
lucky you! Do tell - where to ?
Haven't had a "getaway" in 2 years !
lucky you!!!!!!!
All of the above. I'm lucky too.

I'm lucky too - have a sm
really awful ESL that says "thank you, Bye, bye" when he finishes! Really cute.
I'd say you were lucky - in an old job - sm
I had over 300+ different doctors (acute care from a pool). Now I do not do the same doctor every day but do anywhere from 1-9 different doctors in a day; from a group of about 30 doctors (there are more than that though). Some days I only get 1, others 3 or 4, depends on what comes in. I used to keep a notebook and make tabs for each new doctor I did, one to remember format, two to remember any unfamiliar terminology and their style. You might want to do something like that until you get comfortable. I have not used my notebooks for several years now, but once a blue moon I get stuck on a word and just look in my notebook to find it. Makes things a lot easier when you are having trouble.
I am lucky
Mine are gross lines so take some off but have longer lines also.  But there are days I can hit over 4000 but these accounts have been with me for many years.  I can sometimes type what they are going to say before they say it.  I have never had carpal tunnel or wrist problems since starting doing this full-time 18+ years ago.  Do not have neck, shoulder or back problems.  Now a days I work my two 8 hour days and my two 6 hour days and one 4 hour day.  But again, after doing an account for 5 to 15 years, you know them inside and out, up and down.  I am one of the lucky ones, don't like to flaunt it and wish everyone could have the accounts and office staff that I have.  I count my blessings every day.   
I have been with this doctor for five years. I must admit I get paid decent $, but had to ask for raise. No benefits, no holidays, no vacation, and did not even get invited to Christmas Party. Maybe it is time to move on!  
I have been really lucky with
doctor's wives. I can't think of one who wasn't as nice as could be, but then I've been blessed with some pretty kind doctors, too.
Lucky you!
Wow!! My student loan didn't get discharged and it was originally 1992 but because I consolidated in 1999---ARGH!!!