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Thanks. Yes, my pedal is USB. I was told sm

Posted By: NewBMT on 2007-04-23
In Reply to: Escription suggestions - UpstateNYMT

it shouldn't be a problem to run the audio through express scribe.  Now I'm seeing that it is going to be a huge hassle and will just be easier for me to spend the $40 and get the adapter.  I appreciate the link and information.  Thank you!

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No foot pedal. I was just told (sm)
that you cannot control the speed either way for the dictators! YIKES! kinda scary.
I was told since Dictaphone is Transnet only that foot pedal could be used
Like you, I already have 2 foot pedals - my desk floor is a maze of wires! Post if you find out differently, but again I was told had to be Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal.
I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

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Tax guy told me to hold 30%. After first year when got idea what I would be making, he told me
This would be just a "regular" 3-pedal pedal and not the Dictaphone pedal. nm
I told you once, I told you twice, eTransPlus is going down the drain!
Don't expect communication from anyone, we are only little "peons."
You can buy just the Start/Stop software w/o the pedal if you're able to use your pedal as a VEC
Bringing up ExpressScribe pedal question again. Does anyone have 9-pin Infinity pedal on a USB?


Is there ONE pedal I can buy that will work with ALL platforms? And where do I shop for a pedal?
A wave pedal is a foot pedal that connects to either
serial port, game port, or USB depending on the software needed with it.   You have to download the work via the internet and most companies still require high-speed internet, though some allow dial-up or satellite.   A pedal costs about $70, though can find on e-bay cheaper.  You can download ExpressScribe for free to use with the foot pedal unless the company requires a different software program. 
wav pedal is a foot pedal that plugs into your

computer so you can transcribe wav files.  There are many other formats such as DSS, but they are all digital voice files. 

I don't think brand of foot pedal is important, but need to know if it is game port, serial port, or USB and how many pins it has.   The majority of them are made by Infinity in some foreign country, but sold by many companies. 


WAV pedal vs. USB port foot pedal

PLEASE HELP! Are wav pedals and USB port foot pedals one in the same?  I've only transcribed from audio tapes, and all this is new to me.  Thank you for your help.

A wav pedal is just a generic term for a pedal used to

play voice files  you have on your computer.   You can get them on the equipment board here, e-bay, or you can Google and get lots of other places.  Some pedals are fairly generic and can play multiple "wav" types, but some only work with certain software.  You can have a serial port connection, a game port connection, or a USB connection.

If you do not already have a job that you need a pedal for I'd suggest waiting because you don't know which kind you will use.  If you need it for testing you can download ExpressScribe for free and use the function keys to test. 

I also have a USB foot pedal. Do most companies use the USB pedal or SM

will I need a 9-pin or a 15-pin.  Also, which transcription software for playing back audio files is the best?  I've used one that was a fee download, I think it was called Bytescribe or somethingl ike that.  Does that work for most all files or should I look into purchasing something like Start/Stop or GearPlayer?

Oh and does anyone know where I can get Microsoft Word or Office Suite for a reasonable (I'd say cheap, but cheap usually means bootleg) price? 

Sorry to ask so many questions, but it's been a while since I've worked for a national.  Before the hopsital job I'm being laid off from, I worked in the office at a hospital.  So I've been out of the loop so to speak.

Thanks guys.

Foot pedal? Going from VXP to applying for other companies. What foot pedal should I get that woul
I need one even just to test so it seems.  Thanks for the input! 
INCRE pedal vs. wav pedal
anyone know if express scribe works with the INCRE pedal? I have an infinity pedal which I use for current job, but a possible second job says I need the INCRE, so I am wondering if my current job can be supported with this new pedal.  Any info appreciated
I was told
I was told that I could be sued by the client or dr for what I transcribe and the company will not help me in any way. Now I called State Farm and told them what I wanted and they said that due to it being in the medical field they would not cover me....
I was told
the same thing.  Some said they had to wade through stacks of resumes looking for resumes that even remotely came close to meeting  the requirements they posted.  I can see why the best ones don't post their job openings.  I know the company I am working for has offered a referral bonus, they are hiring for all shifts, all hours.  I don't refer people, referral bonus or not, but I would encourage anyone who is not happy to post their resume and pray they are contacted by this company or another equally good one. 
Better to see the doc & be told all's well than (sm)

Have it be appendicitis & run the risk of rupturing.  If you still have your ovaries, could be a cyst/adhesions/whatever.  Or it could be just a strained muscle or something.  If it were me, I'd check with my doc.  Just my opinion, tho'.

Hope you feel better soon, regardless of what it is

someone told me that
she knew a guy who lost about 50 pounds in 3 months by drinking a gallon of water a day plus a gallon of Arizona green tea.  Sounds like he was either overhydrated or bouncing off the walls!  In any event, he was certainly spending a lot of time for pee breaks. 
I was NEVER told anything

I had to be up to speed (12,000 lines) in one payperiod even starting on the new program and new account in order to not have to pay for computer and keep insurance.  NEVER has the office I work out of ever said you could put a note on there and say it is new account and were we given time to get used to a new account.

MQ is for the birds.  No continuity of rules at all.


Whoever told you all men are like this? Him? nm
That's what I was told by QA.
They told me that. Don't blame me.
I was told it can't be done

Or maybe we're thinking of different dictionaries. I was asking about the main word dictionary that comes with Stedmans. Is that the one you're referring to, or just the custom dictionary you create?

If it's the main dictionary, I would love to know how you do it. Please share.

I was told to
Shake up a bottle or can of 7up or sprite really, really well.. let it sit a few so it doesn't spray you lol..then warm it up a little bit.  That does the trick for our 20 month old :)
What my doc told me-

"What!!!!! You're upping your rate????? IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!" That was 2 years ago.

Seriously...I have been doing his work for 11 years, always afraid of raising the rate because I knew he always had other sending him letters and calling him. I finally took a deep breath and upped it last year...a whole penny more per line. That's when he made the above statement.

I don't print any of his work. He calls my 800 number to dictate and I PCAnywhere his work to his computer twice a week. It used to be 20 minutes twice a week, now it's up to 40 minutes twice a week.

HE told ME that others want to charge triple what I charge. Well, I can make him happy if he wants me to up my rates again.

He gives me $100 bonus at Christmas and a wonderful card thanking me for the terrific service I provide to him.  I love this guy and would never, ever think about dropping him.  and he told me he would never, ever THINK of dropping me for someone else.

FYI, 11 years ago, I charged him $.15 a line/65 character line, now I charge $.16.  He's one of the fantastic few doctors who appreciate the MT. For that reason, I also appreciate him and send him Omaha Steaks at Christmas (no more than $50).

My vet told me it's HIS job to sm

do anal glands and no one but a vet should do it as it can be tricky and mistakes can cost an owner money and I agree with him. My previous cocker had glands that would plug up and he had a certain way that he would do that caused her no pain and she would need to be on antibiotics for a week after. I've NEVER done my own dog's, always took them to the vet, per HIS recommendation that no one BUT A VET should do glands. Personally, if demand that much from your groomer, then I wouldn't want you for a customer.

what would you do when your 10y/o told you

honestly, I don't know how to handle this without hurting her feelings. please help!! need some good advice. Thanks in advance 

I have not been told
that it is required to switch to VR. I have also not spoken to anyone with that works with the company that was *forced* into doing VR. I have been told that it is an option.
He should have told you before but
as an MT with many years of experience (25), I would not appreciate very much having someone with less than half my experience as my "manager" and QA person.  And I know a lot of seasoned MTs who feel the same way.  Of course I could have the job if I really wanted it and I don't, I just want to transcribe.  But still I expect someone who at least knows as much as me, if not more, to be my supervisor.
She is saying that she was told that
she had a position with a certain company, but was told that she needed to buy a DocShuttle program in order to do her job. Once she bought the program from them, they never contacted her again. She was asking if anyone else had had this experience.
this has been told everywhere sm
That story has circulated around many, many times. Supposedly, the story is not true. You can Google it if you want, but according to research, it is a hoax.
Not what I was told sm
I was told I need one to work for a local company.  I'll just have to call them directly next week.  Thanks!
Who told you this??
I think you can get disability  insurance but usually you have to cover employees with WC insurance but if you are an IC without employees, I don't think you can get it. But you could call your state WC division and ask them as I have been known to be wrong.  But I don't have any.  And if you subcontract to someone I don't think that they can require that you carry it yourself but again I could be wrong. 
she was never told she was only IC.
We were told
at one point that to type in Word and copy and paste was a HIPAA violation and would be grounds for being let go immediately. Anyone else know of this?
Was told I could...
I work for Spheris and made that clear to my accountant. He insisted a few years ago I could write my home office, DSL, etc. off one year. Guess what? The IRS wanted $300 back, so I don't bother trying to write anything off anymore.
then she would have told you how as well.
where I worked there were also settings per Transcriptionist and one of them was allow skip - Y or N.

Don't you think it would be better to talk to someone at the job? Most will work with you.

I was told this (sm)
An MTSO that outsources all of its transcription made the decision that proofreading/editing that transcription before returning it to doc offices just wasn't cost effective for them and so they have eliminated that step and are trying to get by without it.

That means any mistakes made by transcriptionists with little or no comprehension of the English language beyond medical terminology are being sent through to go in patient records unless someone on the receiving end takes the time to proof everything first.

Of course if they do this, and discover the poor quality of work they're receiving, the MTSO will likely end up losing the account - but they'll just turn around and find somebody else.

And in the meantime, God only knows what sort of mistakes are NOT being found simply because quality isn't cost effective.
My CPA told me it was much better
for me tax-wise to be a SE than an IC. He said to be an SE was the best of all possible worlds. I did not ask him why. I pay for his expertise and I trust him.
He told me...
Jan needs a Xanax .  You're a spaz, sorry, but it's true.
What AT&T told me - sm
When I spoke to the AT&T lady, she said it would be like adding another line to my contract. The aircard is assigned a phone number and it is an additional $60/month on your phone bill...this is cell phone bill I'm talking about. My house phone is Verizon - different story. But I think that adding this aircard to my account also extends the contract another two years, just like upgrading your phone. Not sure if this is worth it, cause it all depends on how well my cell phone reception would be where I plan on spending long weekends. Another consideration .....

Has anyone told their STM they were . . .
afraid of being fired?  I think I might have really screwed myself by doing this.  Urgh :(  Sometimes I speak (technically type) before I think. 
I have always been told
that "things" are oriental, like rugs, vases, etc. People are Asian (or whereever they are from). We are told to never use oriental in a transcription.

I have a doc that always says afro-american. Finally, his office manager told him that afro was a hairstyle, not a nationality!

I don't think my docs are being insensitive, they are just older and using the terms of their day.
What I was told
Price is not a really good indicator of how good the router will be.

I was also told Linksys is pretty good and many are affordable.

I just learned this stuff this morning, as I was having problems with a wireless router I got with my DSL package. Apparently the wireless has a firewall that is problematic for the VPN that I use.
We were told...
if the SR "quality score" is under a certain percentage, we'll be typing those from scratch.

I'd rather not post the platform name. We have probably 300-400 MTs.

Yes, I do realize everything is headed in the direction of SR/VR. Just frustrating. I've only been working a year and 3 months and it was a struggle at first. I feel like I'm going to be starting over.
We were told that it would not
work with the home and student version of Word.  Let me know if it works for you.