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You can buy just the Start/Stop software w/o the pedal if you're able to use your pedal as a VEC

Posted By: USB pedal in Express Scribe. nm on 2006-01-31
In Reply to: I was told it wouldn't be a problem when I asked. nm - still wandering


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Start Stop pedal best
As far as I am concerned, Start Stop is the Cadillac of pedals. Costs a little more, but worth every penny of it.
Start Stop pedal
You may be on a platform that will not work with Start Stop, such as Dictaphone. Best way to get an answer, however, is to call the company. I have had a Start Stop pedal for 6 years and have always found them to be very helpful and their tech people usually get back to you within a day. Their 800# is (866) 254-0714 or you can go to their web site and E-mail them. http://www.startstop.com/home.asp Good luck.

Start/Stop pedal and USB hub
I'm having problems getting my Start/Stop pedal for EMDAT to work when it is plugged into the USB hub.  It doesn't seem to recognize it correctly unless it is plugged directly into the computer.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
Stop-Start Foot pedal
I have a stop-start foot pedal and using Express scribe.  When I take my foot off the pedal I would like it to just rewind a little bit instead of constantly having to hit the rewind pedal.  Do anyone know the procedure/technique to get this to work???
Start/Stop foot pedal
I want to know if anyone knows how to use the Start/Stop foot pedal with EMDAT (Inscribe).  I think I may have an older moderl.  Not sure.  Thanks.
Start/Stop foot pedal
I have the same problem, probably because I have an older model with no switch on the bottom.
Where to purchase Emdat pedal beside Start/Stop???
Emdat Start/Stop pedal trouble, Help!
I can't get my start/stop pedal to work right with Emdat.  Anyone else have trouble getting their pedal to work right?  It plays a little and then keeps starting over and quits.  Help!
If you use a Start-Stop foot pedal, please SM - I have a problem/question

I use a Start-Stop foot pedal with a PS/2 connector for an Emdat account.  I connect a PS/2 ergonomic keyboard to it, plug into the PC, and everything works beautifully. 

The problem I have is this setup doesn't work using my laptop.  The Start-Stop tech person told me the PS/2 foot pedal used with a USB adapter isn't compatible with the laptop.  He said I need a USB-port Start-Stop foot pedal.  He also said I would need to use the laptop keyboard since an external USB-port keyboard also isn't compatible with the Start-Stop foot pedal when used with a laptop.  (I knew that my old PS/2 keyboard wouldn't work with the laptop and have already bought an MS 4000).

I really looked forward to getting my laptop set up so I could be more portable with my work, but after years of using an ergo keyboard there's just no way I would be productive using the laptop keyboard (not to mention the strain on my shoulders/wrists/hands).

So, here's my question.....Is there really no way to use a Start-Stop 3-pedal unit with USB connector on a laptop and at the same time use an external USB-port keyboard? 

Any help is truly, truly appreciated.

Emdat links to Start-Stop for pedal purchase
Contact Start/Stop at their website and describe your pedal and ask them. They were very helpful
Start Stop foot pedal pre-programmed for EMDAT problems

I just got my foot pedal but have no idea how to get it to work with EMDAT Inscribe; much to my dismay a manual was not included with the pedal.  Obviously, even though it was pre-programmed to work with EMDAT, I can't just plug it in and get to work.  UGH!

Can anyone help me here.  I'm a real computer dummy so I need to be walked through the steps as though I were a kid.  BTW, my hot keys are F7 Play, F6 rewind, and F4 RR.


How do you stop the squeak in a foot pedal??

I have the Bytescribe foot pedal. It has started squeaking. Is it safe to spray it (unplugged of course) with a silicone lubricating spray or ??? I use it for my daily work and I do not have a back up so I do not want to use anything that may potentially cause it to stop working.


Why would my foot pedal stop working? sm

My foot pedal I use on DocQScribe just quit working.  I've had it for only 2 years but someone told me it might be too old and just died.  Anyone know? I've tried everything.


What pedal software?

Express Scribe has a wizard that will help you get your pedal to work with their program. There is not a separate software program for the pedal.

Open Express Scribe, choose Settings, Playback and Control. Make sure the box for footpedal playback control is checked. In the Port box, make a selection based on the type of pedal you have (USB, serial port, etc.) In the Pedals box, choose 3-pedal (forward, back, play). Click on the Footpedal Control Wizard Setup and use that to help set up the pedal. If it doesn't work the first time, try making a different selection in the Port box until you find one that will work.

This would be just a "regular" 3-pedal pedal and not the Dictaphone pedal. nm
Do you pay for the wave pedal and software? I don't.
I rent the computer with the pedal and everything for $50 a month.

I have never spent any money on the software -- MQ has provided it free.

They reimburse my DSL 100% every month. When I hooked up to it, it only cost me $12.95 and they reimbursed that as well.

I can makeup time I lost to bad weather. I don't like it, it's not my first choice, but I certainly don't expect them to PAY me just because there is a storm and it is safest not to have the system plugged into power. Even when I worked in a local hospital on an hourly basis, in bad weather we were off the computers...but I also was available for that hourly rate to file and do other things they wanted. I'm not doing that for MQ when I'm able to type for that reason so they don't owe me anything but the chance to make it up or forfeit any action if it caused me to miss my production.

I'm really surprised though, if you are having to pay extra for your pedal and software, etc. Sorry to hear that.

The pedal isn't the issue, it is the software.
ExpressScribe is free and works with most of the formats, but not sure all of them.  Start/Stop also works with the majority of formats, as does Bytescribe.  You can buy a pedal from e-bay, the equipment board here, or just about any transcription equipment company that will work with ExpressScribe. 
Does anyone know of a trial WAV pedal software
foot pedal software..HELP

I have an Infinity foot pedal with USB port, but no software to go with it.  When I bought the thing, did not realize software was not included with the pedal as job I ordered for fell through in the interim.  I now went to use the pedal and realize there is no software to put into my computer so the foot pedal is recognized.

ANY HELP...suggestions...please.


What are do you mean? Foot pedal, software, ??????
Again, it is in the software, not the foot pedal.
The Express Scribe program will play many file types, among them .wav and .dss. If your foot pedal does not work, the problem is either the software you're using or the foot pedal configuration. Express Scribe does have a foot pedal set up wizard to help you with that process. Express Scribe is a free download.
It should stop the play when you lift your foot from the pedal. Don't think it keeps playing othe
I always ask if we can start out with my pedal and see if it works, then offer to get a new one if
Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling your pedal software? Sometimes it not enough to

do a "repair."  You have to completely remove it, reboot your PC, and then start from scratch. 

Also, is your dog all right?  I wondering if the poor thing was electrocuted?  My cat chewed on the cord to my head set.  Thankfully, didn't chew all the way through, but took the plastic off, exposing some wires.  My husband patched it up with some electrical tape and it's working so far, but I think I'm going to be buying a new headset!

Those darn pets!  They're as bad as the kids wanting mommy's attention! 

Good Luck! 

What software are you using with the foot pedal and for transcription? Sm
Express Scribe, Bytescribe Wav Player, etc.????  There should be something under options/settings for selecting USB with these software programs. 
I used their software/foot pedal. It is just a wave
file program. 
You will need wav player software on your PC for your pedal to play
files.  You can download Express Scribe for free and it works really well.  Then you will need your clients to use digital recorders to record their dictation.  The dictation can then be saved to a jump drive, disk, etc. or uploaded to an FTP site that you maintain and you will then be able to download the files from the FTP site to your PC and transcribe them. 
Free Foot Pedal Software
I thought that there might be some other people out there that would appreciate a link to a free foot pedal control application. Check it out:

PedalWare - http://www.altoedge.com/pedalware/index.html
Most software works with a USB pedal with the exception of a very few.
Have you set the foot pedal up in your software. Not doing so can be a major factor in why SM
won't work.  I know lots of people who just plugged the foot pedal into the computer but never set it up in the software and they had the same problems that you are having. 
That price s/l it includes the software. I bought a pedal

just a few months ago for $70.00 that is  brand new.  It is an Infinity pedal that has been configured to be used with VXP.   It is also referred to as DVI, same software just different name.   I have been using it for 5 years and have had 3 foot pedals, none of which cost more than $70.00. 

"wav" pedal is a generic term. Some software is

proprietary and requires a specific "wav" pedal.  Download ExpressScribe for free (google for URL).  You can open one of your completed files using ExpressScribe and if it plays okay then your pedal will work, unless of course you get a job that may use a proprietary software and then it may or may not work. 

Infinity USB pedal and Express Scribe software. sm
You may need to install an additional file to play .dss files.

This setup works for me.
I think your Infinity foot pedal has iNet software
set up so it will not play with Express Scribe (I had the same problem). I ended up buying a new Infinity foot pedal off ebay for $65 including shipping and it works fine on Express Scribe and WinScribe. Good luck!
I hate shoes to start with, but I can't feel the foot pedal
if I have on shoes.  In the summer I'm usually barefoot, in the cooler months I have on socks. 
Is there a quick way to get WavPedal software? I have a new computer and the foot pedal, but...sm

no software.  A company is asking for it to test.



Is your pedal listed when you go Start/Control Panel and look under game ports?
Anybody know of any free foot pedal/transcription software besides Express Scribe? TIA. nm
Bringing up ExpressScribe pedal question again. Does anyone have 9-pin Infinity pedal on a USB?


A WAV pedal controls playback of voice files. You need a software program through which to play the

The term "WAV pedal" has become a generic term. The software that you use will determine the file type(s) that you are able to play on your computer. You use either a pedal or hot keys (Fkeys) to control that playback. As stated below, Express Scribe is one such software program and it is free. It can be found by clicking on the link below.

Is there ONE pedal I can buy that will work with ALL platforms? And where do I shop for a pedal?
A wave pedal is a foot pedal that connects to either
serial port, game port, or USB depending on the software needed with it.   You have to download the work via the internet and most companies still require high-speed internet, though some allow dial-up or satellite.   A pedal costs about $70, though can find on e-bay cheaper.  You can download ExpressScribe for free to use with the foot pedal unless the company requires a different software program. 
No! And boy do I know where you're coming from! I tried to get the Olympus pedal to work, but..
wound up pulling my hair out instead.  They don't make it easy on us, do they?!?!? 
wav pedal is a foot pedal that plugs into your

computer so you can transcribe wav files.  There are many other formats such as DSS, but they are all digital voice files. 

I don't think brand of foot pedal is important, but need to know if it is game port, serial port, or USB and how many pins it has.   The majority of them are made by Infinity in some foreign country, but sold by many companies. 


WAV pedal vs. USB port foot pedal

PLEASE HELP! Are wav pedals and USB port foot pedals one in the same?  I've only transcribed from audio tapes, and all this is new to me.  Thank you for your help.

A wav pedal is just a generic term for a pedal used to

play voice files  you have on your computer.   You can get them on the equipment board here, e-bay, or you can Google and get lots of other places.  Some pedals are fairly generic and can play multiple "wav" types, but some only work with certain software.  You can have a serial port connection, a game port connection, or a USB connection.

If you do not already have a job that you need a pedal for I'd suggest waiting because you don't know which kind you will use.  If you need it for testing you can download ExpressScribe for free and use the function keys to test. 

I also have a USB foot pedal. Do most companies use the USB pedal or SM

will I need a 9-pin or a 15-pin.  Also, which transcription software for playing back audio files is the best?  I've used one that was a fee download, I think it was called Bytescribe or somethingl ike that.  Does that work for most all files or should I look into purchasing something like Start/Stop or GearPlayer?

Oh and does anyone know where I can get Microsoft Word or Office Suite for a reasonable (I'd say cheap, but cheap usually means bootleg) price? 

Sorry to ask so many questions, but it's been a while since I've worked for a national.  Before the hopsital job I'm being laid off from, I worked in the office at a hospital.  So I've been out of the loop so to speak.

Thanks guys.

They're all really the same, from the simple foot pedal to the more technical stuff.
Doesn't bode well to me, and I'd not waste my time or my computer!
1-wrist/fingers.2-shoulders. 3. Foot that uses the pedal. 4. Knees. 5. Hips. They're all coming
Foot pedal? Going from VXP to applying for other companies. What foot pedal should I get that woul
I need one even just to test so it seems.  Thanks for the input!