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Thanks a BUNCH!

Posted By: type-type on 2008-07-26
In Reply to: Help with Lanier machine! - type-type

It worked!

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Thanks a bunch! nm
Thanks a bunch to ALL !!
Thanks a bunch! nm.

Thanks a bunch :)
I am going there now - thanks a bunch!! nm
Thanks a bunch! nm
Thanks a bunch! nm
Thanks a bunch!!!

thanks a bunch!!


Thx a bunch! :) nm
Unless you get a bunch of
very short reports to average it out, it's not worth it.

If speaking to your supervisor doesn't result in her adjusting for those long reports (maybe paying you more?) you should ask to be taken off.

I really feel for you! It's production work and don't understand how they can get away with paying per report, unless there are enough short reports to balance it our for you and sounds like they're not there!
Thanks a bunch!

thanks a bunch!

My bunch
in charge are all in their 20s, not a one of them has been an MT, so they really think that having the initials is absolutely necessary to get more business (which they are going to lose anyway because of pushing files through).
thanks a bunch (also x-Q'r)
When did MTs become a bunch

of  paranoid nuts?  Now become someone uses grammar syntax that is a little "out of the norm" we accuse them of being ILPs and try to run them off?


Instead of being paranoid and worrying about how other people spell stuff or don't spell stuff, maybe we could get better at what we do (because the ILPs are not the only ones who turn in crap) and concentrate on that instead of attacking anonymous posters on a message board.

The attitude on this board is so completely disturbing to me it's not even funny.  If someone posts something that others don't like they're pounced like by a pack of rabid wolves.

Flame away.  I have coffee and a session with my elliptical machine in my immediate future.


Thanks a bunch! :) NM
I just cannot get over what a bunch of self righteous -
transcriptionists posted on this about having a physical and drug screen.
I like MM, too. I have a bunch of CDs here that I listen to
while I'm working.  I like all types of music.
Wow, what a bunch of losers you 2 are.
You sound real cool, "stick your 1.18 where the sun doesn't shine" and "you go girl". Duh. Get a life. Some people are happy at Medquist, myself included. I have found that the only people that aren't happy there can't type for crap anyway saying they only type 150 lines an hour. That is pretty pathetic. Find a different profession.
Thank you a bunch! Looking to apply
there - are they good?
I think it's all a bunch of bunk....
Think about it..  When you prep for a colonoscopy you drink some kind of liquid that gives you the runs for a day and cleans you out.  They proceed to examine the mucosa of your VERY CLEAN colon with a scope.  I've read that the colon cleanse junk, whatever it may be, is what causes all that nasty crap they show in the pictures.  It's just a bunch of fiber and junk that looks all nasty when it "reappears."  I think our bodies were made to function just fine without colon cleansing, douches, and liver detoxing.  If you eat well, exercise, drinks enough water, and get enough sleep, your body will feel energized and healthy. 
I think it's a bunch of ****. Sorry your in that situation! nm
Don't get your shorts in a bunch -

I'm saying the way things are right now in Iraq and Afghanistan, it would not surprise me that the armed services priorities are to place people there.  This is my opinion.  I also know people that have received a wonderful education in the military and continue to do so. I fully support our troops although they were lured there under "false pretense."  It is this "false pretense" that continues today.  Maybe delusional wasn't the proper word and I apologize.  As far as me being delusional - what is the latest body count? 

thanks a bunch...votefortaylor...nm

there are a bunch of primaries before NOV 06
I just found a bunch

Try putting in Rolland, Diana for the author.  I found many just now after reading your post. 

You can also try Googling for it but I like ABE's prices and have never gotten a bad deal from them.

What a bunch of lowballers
Geez, you'd think MT is a wholesale business now!  I live in a relatively small town too and 12 cents especially for radiology is low as the independent contractor AND YOU'RE DRIVING THERE.  If anything, I would try for .135 cents or go for the 12 for a couple of months.   It's the MTs who low ball and undercut that make it that much more difficult for the rest of us! 
A bunch of us tried this years ago...sm

...by those of us that have been members of the competition's board for years now. It was going to be a big vacation meet up, maybe on someone's ranch or at a spa type of place. Very hard to plan details like that when the group is big, though. I don't think that it ever got off the ground. I didn't pay much attention to the details as I didn't plan on going. It may have been successfully done for other sections of the country like the northwest or some of the central states, etc., but I didn't follow up on that.

Local groups of people meeting up for lunch or dinner can be a fun time, though, if you live close enough. Just spread the word for a meet up in your area and see what kind of replies you get. Might want to start an invite like that on the State boards, though. Good luck to those that attempt a face-to-face! NM

Sorry, but there's absolutely NOTHING that bunch has
disappearing. That's just one of their many lies.
Wow, what got your panties in a bunch!!! nm
hometalkcafe.com might have one. Friendly bunch there.
Thanks a bunch -- you guys are great!
appreciated all the detailed input -- i too was looking at consumer's reports -- all info is helpful. Have a great day!
No, just a bunch of schmoozing for the camera
and him letting her talk about the philanthropic things she's doing in Africa.  Considering how she lives, it's the least she can do, in my opinion.  Don't mean to rain on the parade, just don't have much respect for either one of them.
No, there are a bunch of studies out there indicating that
one drink per day of beer or wine is actually good for you.
Thanks a bunch, e-mail inside.
You are a life saver.  Just click on reply by e-mail and my addy is there.  Again, thanks.
Ha - we're a bunch of nutters . . nm

Sounds great - thanks a bunch! nm
hey, thanks a bunch! I'll remember that...

I had a bunch of reports last night
from the hardest dictator on my account. The later it got, the worse she got. What makes me so mad though is for the first time I heard her having a conversation with a coworker for a couple of minutes before she started dictating, and I could understand everything she was saying. When she started dictating though, she speaks about 10 to 20 times faster than the normal person, barely pronounces words she wants you to somehow figure out and all this with a very heavy accent.

I guess I, and her medical records for that matter, do not deserve the same kind of respect her colleagues do when having a conversation. That really made me mad.

The BOS is just a bunch of "rules" decided on
bunch of new people with no clout sm
That is an excuse to say why they would rather have brand new employees with no experience or clout so they can brainwash them. I have worked for a hospital for 8 years, and we have always had QA done and get paid on production. If you don't produce, you don't get paid.
a bunch of hooey, and over-generalized.
While we need to be adaptable and willing to learn (i think most of us are), keeping our livelihood and protecting our employability has much more to do with creating laws and incentives to keep jobs in this country vs. going overseas to increase profit margins and in reducing automation as a viable alternative. The USA has plenty of great MTs and more that would be anxious to get into the field if the pay and/or benefits were better and projections for our industry were more encouraging. Furthermore, i wonder if you are not pushing some kind of agenda or product by the way you conclude your long assessment.
Says who? AAMT? Bunch of old ladies with
i googled and a bunch of crap came up
just another bunch of hoops to jump through. while
the creators pull in the bucks.

(buck stops here)
free timers - here's a bunch

there are a bunch of these on ebay at the moment. NM

Bunch of cracked eggs, I say! LMAO
You mean Amherst has a bunch of liars also in the office. Seems to be the MQ way.
You all are a pretty nice bunch of people, you know.
Donating to the kids of fellow MTs, taking the time to email people and encourage them on how to be better MTs.  I'm really touched.  This month has been pretty rough but y'all are certainly putting the reason for the season out there.  You'll never know how much one email can impact somebody's day.