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rewind code

Posted By: JNGI on 2008-07-26
In Reply to: Help with Lanier machine! - type-type

Pulled out my old papers: Code 1349
Enter the recall code and enter a digit for 0-6 to set.
Lanier LX-230

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My rewind is at 900 and 100 with the variable
But what if you don't hear and have to rewind??
Ugh, then you have to hear it again. It drives me bananas!!
I think having to rewind with pauses is
worse. It's really hard to find the snippet that he zipped through when there is dead air on both sides. I have to make sounds like Chewbacca during those reports.
Rewind InScribe
okay...as I use Express Scribe instead of the built-in player, can't say for sure, but when I played around when the built-in player, to decrease playback or increase playback in InScribe, you can do Shift/Control/+ to do either one and you can do Control R for regular playback...that's according to the Shortcut help that I read. Let me know if it works. There HAS to be a way to change your rewind to 0 or 3 or 5 or whatever you want it to be.. In don't see why your company won't allow Express Scribe. It doesn't interfere with a thing. The only keys that can't be overridden is F2,3, and 4 and if you are using those keys only as play, RW, and FF, then you don't need ExpressScribe.
Try looking at the Playbeck or Rewind settings of whatever player you're using and
Tag code?
Not sure what you mean by tag code.
Tax code
In Ohio, since there is no actual code that reflects transcription, we use 99999. Worked for me with no problems.
Used to code

Coding is a game where the rules constantly change and they won't tell you what they are - but will gladly penalize you and your employer because you "should have known" all the rules they won't tell you.  They actually have codes that are "blacked out" - in other words, they know what the right code is that will cause them to pay for a procedure, but its a secret beknownst only to them.  "They" being the federal government - they say "ignorance of the rules is no excuse" but won't tell the rules.  You fly by the seat of your pants.  You can attend seminars all year long but still not know if you're doing it right.  You live in constant fear of a Medicare audit where they will find the wrong code and accuse you and your employer of fraud, fine/jail the both of you, and pull the doctor's license. In transcription - the blame for errors ultimately goes to the doctor.  In coding - the blame gets spread around.  If that sounds like fun, go ahead.

Where do you put the code?
code key
The code key that goes with the software is probably triggered to tell it that it's already been installed once.  It's an anit-piracy device.  What you may need to do is call the software support line for the software and explain the situation.  They may be able to give you a new code key for the installation.
Code of Conduct
This thing is REALLY for the ones that got all the lawsuits started, now WE have to suffer. At least we get paid for probably the most boring hour on earth!!
Also, see what diagnosis code
they used to bill.  Might have been billed as a screening and that's sometimes a no-no as far as getting things paid.  Obviously, you can't lie, but see if she had any symptoms at all that might justify the test.  
Code Runner

Anyone know what this is? 

JUMP code
I need to insert a "code" so I can jump from one place to another in document. using WORD 2002 XP. I had a macro set up for this and lost it and have tried to make another one, but when I try to do any macro Microsoft Visual Basics pops up. It will not allow me to assign anything to the keyboard...ANYONE? TIA
RU typing in code??? nm
MT or Code question
I am an experienced MT/now quality auditor---I've taken coding courses and am considering going for certification but for now it's on the back burner.  The experience I have as an MT is invaluable as a coder---if you don't know medical terminology, you will learn it in a legitimate coding course but it sure was a benefit to me in the coding course I took to have the MT background.  Coding is harder to get into than transcribing (my experience anyway) because you need to apprentice (in order to get your certification) and then usually start at a entry level even not as a coder at a low rate of pay when you are first working as a coder.  I know the earning potential is enormous as a coder though.  This is not to say all coding jobs start out this way, just what I've found.  I have a couple of friends from my class who are coding, but it is really hard and takes a lot of knowlege but I imagine would be rewarding once you get established.
You would use the code *11 for the headset
I used to code in house
I wasn't cut out to be a coder, but I did fine at the coding itself.  I coded and billed radiology.  I had a problem dealing with the people end of the business - dealing with patients who called screaming that their insurance didn't pay because I didn't do "my job" right; dealing with ordering physicians who gave routinely unpayable reasons for tests and thought "radiologists make enough as it is because they don't have to see the patient's personally".  I couldn't handle being caught in the middle, and the stress wasn't worth it.  I find transcribing much less stressful because I no longer hear screaming patients or have to beg for a payable ordering diagnosis.
ESL is not code for bigotry. It is used in my SM
community of SoFla. There are ESOL classes in school and English classes for ESL adults. These are listed as ESL! There are references to ESL all over and there is nothing bigotted about it. It is not a "code" for bigotry, at least in SoFla. I don't know about the rest of the US.

I have already stated, I don't mind ESL doctors. As someone else pointed out, they know they have an accent and tend to speak very clearly.
security code
How do you enter a security code if you don't know it?
security code for what??
security code
Try 7534.
Security code....
Mine is 7000. Don't know if they are all different or not.
Stop code
Thanks for the help
Each system has a different code
Each call-in system has a different code. My VDI is 36 to speed up and 34 to slow down, and 39 is louder. They can go into the system under keypad commands and tell you. Hope that helps.
what code do you put in each field so sm
you have something to jump to? I haven't ever set these up before.
MQ mandatory code of ethics course?
Did anyone else get an email from Howard about all MQ employees taking a mandatory ethics course? Hmm...I thot I already WAS ethical....
Code of Conduct Training Course

Has any other MQ MTs gotten an email to complete this training course?  It says  "MQ has always prided itselt in doing business ethically." Since when??  What a joke!!

Code Pink where I used to work
Code Pink was called whenever a patient went missing. Description of the patient was announced over the PA.

Was kind of interesting seeing everying peeking out of their offices looking for this person!
What do you want them to do, talk in secret code?
If you want to see the jump code, turn on the
Choose "Tools" then "Options" and on the "View tab" under "Formatting marks" check the "all" box. You will then see all codes including hard returns, spaces, etc., but it will show you the jump codes then.
C-phone access code ?? sm - HELP!
I bought a C-phone from E-bay.  When dialing a number, I get a message telling me I must use the "access code."  I am sure this is something that was put in there by the previous owner(s).  Can someone tell me how to "erase" this directive or clear the machine? 
RE: Can someone help me - how do I set up the jump code in Word??
Try #*11. That's the code I've used with every company. sm

That was # * 11, pound, star, 11 just in case you couldn't see it.

Good luck!

Access code is required...sm
This is what it says when I try to get to that site:

Welcome to MedAbbrev.com, the premiere website for medical abbreviations and more.
New users please have your Access Code ready and click the Register button on the left (Access code can be found on the inside front cover of your printed book). If you do not have a copy of the book, please click Book Order Form.

Registered users please enter your username and password on the left then click the Login button. Thank You.

C-phone program code
Does anyone know if there is a code used that will allow you to save your already programmed keys whereas you do not have to re-program the keys every time you unplug your Dictaphone
You probably need your company's permission/log-in code, etc. to do this. nm
Time Code Stamps
Hello All,

For any of you who have had to time code transcripts:

Would it be helpful to have an MS Word application that prints an automated time code stamp? I ask because a programmer friend of mine and I have discussed writing a program to do this, and I'm wondering how useful it would be to you all.

This is how we envision it working: First, you complete the transcript. Then you open the Time Code Stamper in Word, and start going through the audio again. Suppose you want to put a stamp every 15 seconds. When you press a certain keystroke combination (ctrl-shift-f1, for instance), the program inserts a time code stamp in the format you specify. Then you fast-forward the audio to the next 30-second increment. When you find the correct place in the transcript for the next time stamp, you put you cursor on the spot and execute the Time Code Stamper program again. It will automatically increment the time by 30 seconds (or whatever increment you specify) and print the stamp. If you make a mistake, you can click on the menu and manually set the correct time.

I tested this out once with a very simple version of the program, placing time codes in a transcript every 15 seconds, and I was able to complete the whole document in about a quarter of the audio time (e.g., 5 minutes to complete 20 minutes of audio). The few errors I made I was able to fix very quickly and move on.

Like I said, we haven’t actually built a full version of this program yet, I just wanted to get some feedback from the people who could actually be using it. We’re thinking of selling it for $29 or so. What do you think?

If this particular program would not be helpful for you, do you all have any requests for Word formatting programs that would help you? We’re trying to think of different widgets that would be of use to transcriptionists.


Dan Edge

C-Phone Security Code??

I purchased a C-phone from someone and now I cannot program any keys because it is asking for "security number"  before allowing you to program any keys. Anyone have any idea if there is a universal unlock code?

stop code question

Does anyone know how to create stop codes in Microsoft word documents. I need to type a letter template and where the blanks are I would like some type of stop code.

Does anyone have any idea on how to accomplish this. Thanks

Standard Occupational Code is 31-9094.
Is this what you are asking for?
Authentication code to post your message.
Due to the influx of bot spammers posting on the MTStars website, we have now added a module to the discussion forums that requires a 1-4 character authentication code before a message can be posted.


Because this code must be humanly entered, bots cannot post spam as they cannot get past the code entry requirement. 


We apologize for any inconvenience, but we believe this will help to make the MTStars site less apt to a large of amount of spam.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email.

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What is the job code number or category to use for MT on the Schedule C? Thank you! nm


Jump code used in Word 2000
I'm hoping someone can help ~ I just started a new job where I'm working in Word 2000. My question is this ~ There are a lot of normals that I'm using for doctors and I need to figure out how to jump around the report (sets of ??) without having to use the mouse constantly. I've worked in a few different programs before, but never Word. Chartscript used, I believe, Ctr J to jump around. Anyway, I do think there is a way I can do this, macro maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
I have a doc who dictates the entire address, but not the zip code. SM
or the referring physician (throughout a three state area), and says, "Dr. Smith" and then gives the address. I still have to go online to find the doctors first name. Very annoying.
You might have a "bold" code in your document at that point sm

That you are not aware of. That's one of my pet peeves about Word - their "reveal formatting" is not nearly as thorough or precise as the one in WordPerfect. In WordPerfect, you would be able to see the bold code and eliminate it easily.

Next time you start a numbered list, look at the document before you start the list and see if there might be any bold codes that you will run into while you're doing the list. If you can figure out where it is, you might eliminate the problem entirely.

802.11 refers to IEEE code section.
These are the people who write the specs for how wireless works. 802.11a is the first generation, 802.11b, second, etc. The latest, I believe, is now 802.11g. While speed is important, and improved in the newer generations, it's also important to know what protocol the router uses as some types are not compatible. Your best bet would be to read up on the subject online by trying a site like www.howstuffworks.com. Do a search for wireless networking.
that's pretty funny considering we don't even have our own identity code with IRS! nm
Here is the code. Just copy and paste it into your shorthand. (sm)
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old

I use "yo" for that. Also have "mo" for month-old since I do pediatrics.

The @KEY specifies ShortHand to make that keystroke within the code. It basically tells Shorthand to do a backspace after you use that shortcut.

Another example is bold.


My shortcut for bold is "bo" and then I just continue typing. That way I don't lose my rhythm.
Try eBay. i got my MS Word 2000 there along with a COA and the code. nm
I have researched on this board for help with inserting a "jump code" in a template, but all the examples do not seem to work or I cannot find the sections needed in Word to set this up in Word 2007...this is not a trial version.  Any computer savvy person out there to help?  I have tried with the Ctl +F9, but although the brackets show up in the document, hitting F11 doesn't move the cursor back up to the place of insertion.  The other tip I found suggested going to View - toolbar - check forms, etc, but I cannot even find that in 2007 - I found View, but that's it.  Nothing near close to what the rest of the tip says.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have lots of normals that I would like to have this "jump code" in.....TIA.