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Thanks for replies so far and those forthcoming

Posted By: Me on 2007-08-29
In Reply to: my experience - mtx3

RAther than say thanks to each responder! Very much appreciate the input.

ANYone using satellite with a VPN connection? My understanding is that it will work but the speed slows waaaaaaaaay down.

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Thanks for all the replies. (sm)
I think I just might give it a try.
Thanks for the replies. I am going to bid on . . .
the CDs.  A note is on the listings that the key passwords are included.  :)  Anyway, thanks.  I think I want them and will do as suggested regarding HPI and other materials.  Our library said they don't have the program and have no plans to get it.  :(
Thank you for your replies.
I think I'll try the frozen peas and see how that works out.  It's not so much that the pain is excruciating, it's just constant and driving me nuts.  I have had problems for years with numb hands and right rotator cuff tear and bursitis, and now my right arm has to ache.  I had an EMG/NCV a few years ago that was normal - which baffled the neurologist since my symptoms had sounded exactly like carpal tunnel to him.  So I have lived 8 years with numb hands and 3 years with excruciating right shoulder pain, and I'm only 31.  The neurologist told me he didn't think it was the typing causing the problem - HUH?  I can't imagine what else it might be.  Anyway, didn't mean to write a novel.  Thank you guys so much.
It seems we applied to the same company and got the same replies. I didn't do anything about testing or replying to the email either.

I then got the same email you did about the position being filled.

Nothing like a form letter!
Thanks so much for all the replies. sm

I am going to see the doctor in 2 weeks for a consult.  I have been kicking the idea around for several years.  One month, it won't be so bad and I think, "I can deal with this."  Then the next few months, I lose at least 2 nights of sleep because of having to get up twice a night to change...stuff, and I think, "Why didn't you call???!!!"  And also scheduling my life around it and constantly counting days on the calendar, not exactly sure when it's going to arrive.  Last year, I got my period in the Atlanta airport on the way to Disney World.  I was crushed!  Also last summer, I knew I was going to get it sometime while at the beach, so got 2 months of birth control pills and took them continuously so I could skip a period, but the pill has a set of symptoms all their own for me!  So, it's definitely time to look into this more closely!

Thanks again!

Thanks for your replies. nm
Thanks to both of you for your replies :-)
I'm going to try out your suggestions and talk with my doctor also. Hopefully it will get better. I appreciate it!
Thank you all for your replies! sm
Thanks for a very interesting discussion. I wasn't looking for permission to make errors! I just wondered if people believed that MT errors are a huge danger to the patient. It seemed to me that common sense would say that there are more safeguards for the patient than a dictated note in the record. We should be very careful to make our work as accurate as possible, especially to avoid the cascade of misinformation that can follow a patient forever, as was pointed out in one of the posts. Thanks again, everyone for taking the time to respond with these excellent posts.
Thank you very much for your replies.
Thank you all so much for your replies!...
These help a lot! This is second marriages for both, hence why we decided on Vegas...no big wedding, but it has been years since either of us have been there, so we really don't have much to go on. We will be going the second week of June, so no BIG BLAST either, haha.

Thanks again!!
Thanks for the replies!

Thanks for the feedback.  I will just have to find one that has enough space for everything so I am not defeating the purpose of getting one! 


          Thanks, again.


thanks for the replies (nm)
Thanks to all the replies!! :-)
Thanks again!
Thank you all so much for your replies. I am definitely
going to give it a try. I figure even if I graduate at 48, I'll still have a good 17 years of work ahead of me.

I always see lots of ads in my local paper for SLPs and after researching the job it is definitely something I would love to do. I do know I will have to go for my Masters as well which means I'll be in college when my kids are in college. Thank goodness student loans are considered *good loans*:)
Thank you all for the replies
I have heard that sometimes hospitals are hard to get money from at first, contract or no.  This is a very small hospital with three doctors dictating, so here's hoping the bill won't get lost between exchanging hands.  Thanks for the well wishes too! 
Thanks for the replies.
I'll pass them along.
Thanks for all of the replies...sm

I do really need to see a PCP/psych because I haven't been to a doctor ever since my son was born and that was 4 years ago.  I am lucky now because I have no medical problems and have not had any my entire life but there is a long line of family history of cancer, cardiac problems, lung problems, etc....and not only do I want to trim down to help my self image but also for health concerns.  I want to be here a long time for my son and if I can lose now before something drastically happens then I will be okay.  I feel like there is something sabotaging my weight loss.  I have been buying the right foods, making sure not much bad food is in the house.  I guess it just takes time. 

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.  Food is an addiction just like cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.  It is hard to overcome but we can all overcome anything that we really set our mind too and if we have support then that is even better!  Thanks again.

thank you for your replies...

Some of the things said have given me MORE cause for thought.

I did not want to start a school.  I would not expect to make a large amount of money mentoring.

I just can't seem to let go of the idea that there is a large gap between someone graduating from a training program and having the ability to start working, ESPECIALLY at home.

Again, thank you for your time.

Thank you for your replies
I checked out the Mohawk and will try to go with it.

Thank you all who posted!
Thanks for the replies
My BIL was drinking again today, thank goodness my SIL is sending him off, they are on the phone with all the family and getting it done!!! Praise the Lord. Thanks for the replies I know it sounds as if the kids are not taken care of in this but of course I did not give all the details on this board. Some of you may think "yeah right" but I did not give all the details about the kids. They are definately safe and my husband even said at the beginning "if I have to sit on my porch with a shot gun from now on he will not hurt these kids again with his drinking."
Anyways..thanks again for the replies and Prayers are being answered and he will be going to get help very soon!!!
Thanks for the replies
I got a vacuum yesterday, have been doing research via the internet for a few days as well as asking here. Thanks again!!
Thanks for all the replies....

Thank you to all of you for your replies. I really appreciate your insight on different thoughts to consider, and your experiences with children of your own, as well as the suggestions you made about keeping a food diary to track foods to try to find the culprit. It gives me some different thoughts to entertain as I have been driving myself crazy trying to diagnose the problem myself (even though I know this only makes the test result waiting process worse! lol)

Hopefully, it will be no big deal and he will 'outgrow' it soon or maybe even be put on medication to prevent it or something. In any case, I will keep you posted on the results of the abdominal x-rays. Thanks again for your support! :)

Thanks for replies!

thank you for your replies....
I agree with you both.  And yes, I did lose my PTO by going part time.  I don't understand how so many MTs can just hop around from company to company.  This is truly a hard decision with two hard to get into companies.  I guess subconsciously, I am leaning toward sticking with my IC job because that's what I know and am comfortable with.  But, I hate to walk away from the other one which actually pays better.  I forgot to mention the fact that even with working my IC job only, I will still be working full time hours and I have to stick to a schedule somewhat, but nothing like the employee position.  So, is it worth it to work 8 hours without benefits but with the flexibility?  Or do I need to buckle down and go where the money is......sigh.....more replies welcome!
Thanks to all for your replies. I - sm

am going to think long and hard on this this weekend.  Stability is definitely an important thing.  Money can be worked out to be about the same.  Flexibility is definitely important.  The weights are still leaning more towards the flexibility, just not enough!   Thank you all again.

Thanks for both replies
I think I'll give it a shot myself this year.  I was thinking I should do what you say, look at last year's and follow along from the accountant's forms.  Thanks again.  Hey - are you the same Patti going out dancing tomorrow night?  If so - hope you have a blast! 
Thank you for your replies
Guess will just have to wait until we go live and see.
Thanks! I appreciate the replies. (nm)
Thank you everyone for your replies - nm
Thanks for all the replies, everyone...

I think I am going to prepare myself to go back to teaching, keeping this job until I have a teaching job.  I could use the additional insurance benefits as well, since my husband's job provides really awful insurance, and I'd love not to have to work when the kids are on breaks.  MT has been a godsend while I was at home with a toddler, but now that the "baby" is in school... This paying later and later is just getting to be too much.  My parents won't be around forever to bail us out!

Again, I really appreciate all the responses.  You all are great!

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Thanks so much for your replies! -
Thanks for all the replies....
I work for at MTSO and all work MUST be turned around in 24 hours - thus the long days and weekends 'cause sometimes I just can't get it all done in a day! I do use just the regular Expander that is in Word - are there other ones that you can add on that or better or will that one be fine? I have put alot of stuff in there but of course that takes time too. Any other thoughts on that or recommendations? Anything to boost my speed would be wonderful!

I know I need to give myself more of a set schedule and work from (for example) 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., take a half hour break, work from 10:30 to 12:30, etc. but it is so hard for me to get that discipline. I'll keep trying though!
Thanks for Replies
I have been researching on the keyboard trays, and I think I'm going to get one. I thought that the position my wrists were in while typing wasn't very comfortable or healthy. I just have to find a keyboard tray that will accommodate the odd shape of my ergonomic keyboard and hopefully not put holes in my desk. The desk was handmade for me, so that is why I wanted a keyboard tray that didn't poke holes in the desk. My search turned up a few that allowed you to clamp to the desk. Thanks again for your replies. Hopefully a tray will help the aches and pains I've been having.
Thanks so much for all the replies! I think I'm going to go for it! NM
Thank you all for your replies,
(at least to the people that "got" what I was talking about!). I really appreciate it. And, I HAVE been documenting everything now! But, I found another solution! Start my own biz! I already have someone, but just need to get the ball rolling. Like my husband said, he deals with his job because the money is well worth it! Is it really worth all of the crying (literally), and headaches, etc. for 7 cents a line? My answer to that is: NO. I could go work at Target for less hassel and upset! Do my hours and go home. No line counts to me to make money, no ESLs w/crap in their mouth, nobody contradicting what they said, correcting me for not putting a hyphen where it should be, when I really DID and it was on the paper in black and white and when I asked QA about it she said, "No you didn't!" What the *&^%?!!!!!!  I just don't need it for the peanuts they are paying. It is not worth my physical and mental health.  I know I am good at what I do, graduated w/ a good GPA. Do I have a world to still learn? Of course, but like I have said before, no "experience" is going to fix the bad QA people, ESLs, policy on too many blanks, etc. Anyways, thanks to those who understand, I appreciate it.
thanks for the replies!
Thanks for replies, but now I wonder..
Why did they hire me then?  I never lied on my resume.  They knew that I did not have acute care experience.  I feel like they were patient with me for 90 days and now I should be passing QA and doing high production.  This isn't happening and I'm scared I'm going to get fired.  This hospital hires people based on recommendations from other employees.  They hired some girls who had ZERO MT experience.  I can't imagine how it must be going for them.  No one says anything or is honest, so I don't know. 
Thanks everybody for your replies.:)
Judging from your replies it seems like it just depends on the situation.

take it easy.
Thanks for your replies....sm
The good, the blunt, and the bad ones. I asked opinion and I got it.

For an update, I talked to the owner. They are going to try to up me to at least 20 hours a week.

The problem right now, according to them, is all of the accounts for a little while now are slow. I don't know why and neither do they. I have noticed that when I print the patient schedules that instead of the average of 3 pages of patients for both doctors, instead, some days I have seen 1 page to 1-1/2 pages of patients. Whereas before, if I think about it, I usually never printed a patient schedule shorter than 2 pages. Don't know what's up with that. Economy? Who knows? Another problem is sometimes they won't dictate when they should. I have had to do patient's reports from anywhere from 1-2 months ago. So obviously they are not dictating all the patients when they are visiting or something. I don't know. Who knows? I sure don't.
thanks for your replies
I just don't want to spend money on a MT course only to find that I cannot be employed because of my record.  I've heard that some MTSO's ask this of potential employees, but not of those seeking to be IC's. 
thanks, all, for your replies

I went to college years ago (about 18 years ago) for medical transcription, did med rec transcription back then, but it's been a long time.  for one year of working, i did pathology, and that was really interesting.  i enjoyed pathology.

i definitely have to think about it.  i have two elementary aged kids, and i really don't want to have to leave the house yet, but on the other hand, i've been at home for 10 years working, and sometimes think it would be nice to get back out and work around people.

thanks for your replies!

thank you for the replies...
actually, taking medication is not an option. I have gone that route and it was the worst 1.5 years of my life.

I was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and if there might be away around typing that (without right out refusing, which I cannot do).

anyway, thanks again. I did try valerian but it not only stinks very badly it produces the same affect in my opinion as an SSRI and to me those are very dangerous.

if anyone is interested in natural ways to heal, I have discovered information on the amygdala and have learned it may be responsible for what I am going through. luckily, it can be dealt with without medications and I have my panic attacks down to a controllable level, as long as I keep my triggers in check, thus one big one doing psych reports, haha...

appreciate all the reponses though...
Where are the replies to this?
This was asked and answered already before it was moved. grrr
Has anyone responded or have the replies been deleted?
Maybe you would get more replies if you .sm
this on the Company board. :)   

Thank you for the replies from everybody on the subject.
It gives me a good start to check them all out...
Rosacea - tks to all for your replies
The MetroGel and Noritate both broke me out and the tetracycline is just not where I want to go again. Thanks for all your suggestions. I will start experimenting - something has to work.
Thanks for your replies. I go to the doc tomorrow.

you might get more replies on the newbie
Tx for the replies ladies--NM