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I'm with a small local company....sm

Posted By: just me on 2007-08-30
In Reply to: two more questions.... - Taiga

so that doesn't help you, but I have heard good things about WildBlue, you might want to check out their website.

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Oh no... This is a small local company. nm
look for a small local company in your area


I worked for a small company and although I did get paid by the line, I made way more than $16 an hour and could pretty much name my own hours to work. I did, however, have to pick up tapes!

I work for a small local company.
It seems that the smaller MTSOs pay better than the nationals. Maybe that would be a good avenue for you to try. I just think the low rates offered by the nationals are insulting.
My first job was a total cold call to small local company...got hired over the phone- sm
give it a shot. Look in your yellow pages or on-line white and yellow pages and see what you can come up with. MT Daily has a list by state of MT companies to with their contact info. Also test your butt off anywhere and everywhere on line, you will learn a lot during the process. I found it quite enlightening when I was doing it 3+ years ago. Good luck.
For me, a very small local MTSO
doing tapes/office notes.
Small Local MT Business
Hi Rachel,

What part of California are you in, and are you looking for any partners?

If so, please e-mail me.
Unless local, and can pursue in small claims, then she will end up sm
spending more money that she will ever get back.  Write if off.  Move on.  Learn from the experience.
I worked with a small local years ago who
Try your local library or perhaps a small tax service would give you one. (nm)
We have a small local paper that comes weekly in the mail...

and I spend most of my time counting the spelling errors when I read it.  The best one was the headline one November that proclaimed - HAPPY THANKGSIVING.  Did I mention this is a FREE paper. I would never pay for something like that.

Another one I saw a number of years ago, mirrow instead of mirror. And one time at my old job at a manufacturing plant, they were taking a bus trip to some shopping "outlits."

I am a teacher's kid and stuff like that really bugs me.  Good thread by the way!

could you at least file in you local small claims court?
where the employer is located. My local county charges $50 for serving out of state notices on small claim issues. You would stand a greater chance of obtaining a judgement as the chances of the owner coming to your state would be small. Once you get a judgement and failure to pay, you can file a lien against the company. If they ever want to buy anything on credit, it would show up and they would be denied until they paid you, then another 7 years to roll off the credit report.
I only have dial-up, I work for a small local MTSO -sm
that uses a FTP site to send us our work, so dial-up is just fine for that (work is about a 20 hour TAT, so it does not matter how long it takes for me to download my work, and uploads are quick. So obviously a job that has no set hours, etc. is ideal for someone with dial-up. Also get your own accounts, then it doesn't matter does it as you are the boss. I have 1 account of my own and we transfer the files via the internet through an intermediary website (in place of a FTP). Just keep hunting there are dial-up jobs out there.
Local radiology company, not transcription company
who has only 5 transcriptionists and are not hiring at this moment. We all work at home and get great benefits, no insurance out of pocket and 22 days paid vacation in the first year, after that it goes up. I feel very fortunate to have found them, but again I chose them because they did not do production, so now that they are, I'm a little disappointed.
MT - Local Company
Sorry, I wish they were. It's a small local company in the town where I live. They won't hire anyone else unforunately. She's trying to save money.
small company
You just keep your eyes open all the time. Keep looking. You will find them. Opportunity comes knocking at the strangest time if you just keep looking.
small company would not pay.
try with your local phone company!!!....sm
I found over 12 years that the BEST prices usually come from your local telephone provider.  Check them out first would be my suggestion :)
It is a medium-small company...
but isn't hiring at this time.  MTs tend to stay as they are treated with respect as well as paid well.  The pay is based on a 65-character line with spaces, an 11-word line or gross line, depending on the account.
Small company in Ohio did that to me.
Had Indians working on something called Expresive. Wanted to pay me by the hour to put all my normals up on her FTP for the other MTs, then I got all the difficult OPs, asked to QA for 2 cpl, then stopped giving me acute care work & switched me to Rehab on a cumbersome Meditech program.
I'll bet it was the same small company that
nearly did me in as well. Do they come at you for compound modifiers?  Yikes! I felt the same way - just could not do anything right, decades of experience. I finally got thru the constant QA barrage, and now am glad I did. But I know the feeling. I left the job down the road, part time and just too many rules so that it messed up my other jobs!! I would get its the same small company - they have very high QA standards, which is great on one hand, but...I also knew that some of it was a tad ridiculous! I would be sick while working, and that is NOT good!
No, I work for a small company in AR
Do you work for a national and, if so, do you like it?
Just a very small private company. nm
Check with your local phone company....sm

More and more phone companies are offering fast access DSL which works through your phone line.  Satellite is very expensive and often has problems when there are storms.  I had cable which also goes down practically every time it rains.  I just got Bell South Xtreme DSL.  I can't believe how fast it is.  AND I got a wireless network router so if I have 1 computer or 20... no extra charge.  All this for about $50.00 a month.

Thanks. It's a local rad company, so it'd probably be a good thing.
IF I can even do it.
I tried DSL through my local phone company. The lowest

fee was $24.95/mo and wasn't much faster than dial-up.  Lots of companies advertise DSL but they may not have service in your area.    The commercials that show fast speeds (up to 5 times faster) for $9.95 is dial-up and it only works with internet site downloads, does not make FTP/voice/music/picture downloads/uploads any faster.

I would check out any company thoroughly to be sure they are legit, check out their claims, fees, technical support, etc. 

They're a small company in Texas. Would that be the one? nm
I make more than that as an employee for a small company ---
Maybe it is time to change to that?
Yes, small company wanted to charge me
$50. a month for 5 or 6 months to cover cost of software licensing fees. I would have taken the job if not for that major glitch.
Yes - I work for a small company in Iowa and
If you cant get a job inhouse, go to a local company and work in their house.
A lot of people who I went to school (college) with ended up working for a local company to Jackson, MS, MidSouth Transcription. They worked with you and got you ....further trained shall we say. We had school, real college courses, so we were very well-trained (had to take an anatomy and physiology class that was the same as the premed students) - we knew a LOT but Ms. Torri got us employable. Try a local transcription company for a while. It will help, I promise.
I've know the owner and it is a small company. He doesn't know the first
thing about MT, word processing programs, etc.   I have worked for the company through 3 owners and now I do prn work for him.  
How do you do 2000 a day? Do you work for a national or small company? nm


My high speed internet is through our local t.v. cable company. nm.
Write it off. And be careful who you work for. I had the same problem with local company.
What's your time worth to take these people to small claims court? And what was pointed out to me after doing the research is even if you win in small claims court, there is no way to collect it. Since the company is a bad debt anyway, they aren't going to pay you because you win a small claims court judgement.
Unlimited Long Distance + C-phone, small company needs MT

I currently need an experienced MT (at least three years - actual medical typing) to cover a 2 doctor account.  Very simple dictation - SOAP note format.  This account is looking for another doctor, so that could add in.  Currently, very small amount of dictation - approximately 800-1300 lines total per week.  24 hour turn around. 

If you have a c-phone and have unlimited long distance, please send me your resume + 2 references for people you have actually typed for.  Start rate 8cpl (65 character).  This is an IC position.

I am the owner of a small transcription company in Virginia - have had stable accounts and great MT's for over 13 years.  THANK YOU!!!

Your best bet is your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield company, depending on where you live

Here in Idaho, we have both companies but a lot of other states have BC/BS combined. Our family has a policy through Regence Blue Shield that is $196 for my husband and three kids. It has a $25 office copay and it is a limited policy, which is 12 office visits a year and lab up to $300. It works great for us because we never got to the doctor, yet we have it if we need it.

I have an individual policy for major medical, $35 office copay, with our local Blue Cross and it is $59 a month for me and it has prescription coverage too. Not a bad deal. I think they are your best bet for decent coverage at a good price.

Buy local. The local stores pay taxes to support your city and state. (SM)
Using online and catalogues does nothing to promote the local economy.  We complain about outsourcing and about the big companies gobbling up all the work so the jobs at local hospitals are gone, yet we do the same thing when we buy on ebay, catalog, and these web sites that may be located any place in the world as their primary business location. 
A small national is a national company that is smaller
than a big national.  There are a few "big" nationals, where they have hundreds, if not thousands of employees.   I work for what I call a small national, only has about 30 employees.    An MTSO could also be considered a small national. 
I went local. Great local tech support, they know what I do and were able to set it up just for me
small mentality usually means small pocketbook
Still make more than you and I but that is deserved. They've put the effort forward and educated themselves.

What Company is This? I have been hired by a company that is sending a foot pedal.. Don't want t
The company cutting cpl, the company stopping paying for headers
Good of the company? As IC, I am my own company. Not my problem if she has problems as long as I do
Accepted a job with a new company, gave two weeks notice to my old company..

Old company, let me go before two weeks was up.  New company, said they were having trouble getting me set up and my equipment ready, but they would pay me while I waited.  It's been a month, still no check from new company even though I was told it was "in the mail."  I have no income and am at a loss. 

I have a signed offer letter from the new company, contracts, etc.  I applied for unemployment, but old company is saying I quit and technically I am currently employed with the new company!  New company is not returning calls or answering email.

What should I do!?!?!?!

I started sending my resume out today, but the process of getting a new job will take at least two weeks and I need money now to catch up on what I'm behind!

You don't want to work for this company. Call your current company and
tell them that you have decided against the new position and tell them that you would like to stay. It is cheaper for them to let you stay than to train someone new. A company who could be so tacky as the one you just spoke of is one you do not want to work for. You can rescind your resignation. If you are a good MT, they will be glad you did.
With my company, ICs use their own emails, employees have company email.
COMPANY INQUIRIES belong on Company board, please!
....3 months later my old company rehired me; can you return to your 1st company?
I am in a small town in Florida and I had one set up by a local one person company, cost me about 500 and he gave me a 5 year parts and labor warranty, I had a minor problem with it, I took it to his store and was back home in an hour - didn't have to have it shipped to me, didn't have to wait for "rebates" and would do it again any time.
would the local
mental health center be able to help? (if a child psychiatrist is not affordable) Might Social Services have a referral, or a crisis hot line possibly have referral information?

I think this child probably either has been exposed to visual porn in some form or is mentally ill.

Pray for them all too.
I have a local ISP (sm)
I have a local ISP so unless you live in the State of Michigan I am afraid this won't be much help to you. :) Here is the link anyway, just in case. :)