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The Average Seems to be

Posted By: Amanda on 2007-08-22
In Reply to: Is it possible to transcribe 2 60-minute tapes... - MT Question

Four hours for 60 minutes of tape, so 8-10 hours for 2 tapes is not bad at all.  If you feel you're slow, convert it to lph and see how many lph you come up with .  You may be surprised!

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What average line count do you type per pay period. what is considered above average and how long

how long, on average, average a knee replacement would one be on Oxycontin?(sm)
My DH recently had knee replacement surgery a month and a half ago.  The doctor has been prescribing oxycontin 30 mg this entire time.  Husband has been trying to wean off of it and is down to 10 mg.  He asked the doctor if he could come off it completely and the doc said to "just keep taking it."  His next visit is in two months.  With all the discussion lately about pain medication addiction, is it normal to be on this medication for this long and for the doctor to say "just keep taking it?"  How long should one be on this med?
I  never heard double - I've been doing this almost 30 years and even back when the dictators were educated and spoke intelligently, it was not possible to do 1 min of dictation in 2 minutes.  I was always told the ratio was  3 or 4:1.  With some of these inarticulate dictators, and not just the ESL, it is probably more like 5 o 6:1 on my primary account.
on average....

How many reports do you type per day, lets say average being 5 min. per report or acute care hospital, which is what I do, and how many average do you send to QA? 

Per day I do on average about 35 reports, average 3 QA'd reports, rarely get one day without sending at least one, and on a really bad day I send around 6 to QA.  This is usually the worst of the worst, bad phone lines, very hurried/slurring/mumbling dictators, or the thick ESLs, and even listening to twice. 

I would say above the average.
Would definitely depend on the accounts and hours worked each day.   But 0.3 cpl would be a safe average.   
I average around 300-325 lph.
It depends on the account, the dictator, and the skill of the transcriptionist. I'm sure you are emphasizing quality over quantity at first. I can go fast because I almost never have to look anything up anymore. When I first started, I was much slower because I had to stop and verify what I was hearing. When I get a new doc for the first time, my production does go down to around 250 lph for awhile until I'm familiar with his/her style, preferred vocabulary, cadence, peculiarities, etc. I don't think students should be concerned about line count at first. Speed and productivity come with time, knowledge, and practice.
I average...
$45,000/year. MQ does offer fairly decent benefits, I think.
Above average MTs ....
should all consider editing, in my opinion. That seems to be where the more secure positions are. Larger MTSOs who outsource overseas need editors. (I don't agree with offshoring, but let's face it--it's not going to change either). MTSOs who are using VR need editors. That's not to say we, as editors, will not be replaced at some point, but it seems that our security will last a little longer than production-based MTs. We also must be willing to adapt with technology changes. Just a few short years ago we all went kicking and screaming fighting every step of the way when WP51 was replaced with MS Word. None of us likes change. All of us wish it could be the way it used to be. The sad fact is, it will never be the same. If we want to stay employed, we must learn to adapt with the changes.
What is the average IQ, if any one knows?
I would say about 300 lph is about average to
what I have done and what most QA folks tell me they do. That's why I would never work per line pay. You just cannot do everything and expect to earn money. As QA, you HAVE to do what is necessary to get that report right and feedback the MT. My conscience will not allow me to let something go by without checking it out if I see it looks wrong. I am paid $16.50 an hour. Our co goes by reports per hour BUT that is just a statistic and we all know that these things vary. Some days you will have more, some less. Your company sounds like most--that they are trying to get you to do more and you will be able to do it--it is my guess. I think about 300 is about right. You will get there. If you have just started QAing then it is my guess that it will take you a little longer to get over the "newness" of it, but you sound like you are doing things the right way. That speed will come though I have talked to some editors who say they can do 500 or 600 lph and I just do not see how when you have to do all we have to do. I question the integrity of those reports.
That's about average...
the MTSO's can't even bid a job at 12 anymore - get undercut. So IC prices tend to run about 7 to 8.5...of course, some lucky folks will post exceptions, but I still find that's about average
is it really? 800% above nat'l average?..sm

I hung out there in 1973, and while the *street* was always *the street* - where one has to be careful, like in any bigger city, I don't think it was that bad then. 

800% above, wow...

well, poverty WILL GET to people......sad.....

sad that we are one of the richest countries around and have so many in poverty, homeless (not by choice as ALL homeless don't necessarily choose to be homeless - rather catastrophic events lead some to that situation), and all the other BAD things we have got going on now in the 21st century here.

I'm terribly afraid we are becoming a third-world country and this is not a racist statement and I love all people of all colors, and to me it's all one people/one God no matter how ya pray or color of skin, but I think over-population yields all this stuff......and while there is open land in the country of the USA - the cities are OVER-BOGGED down, stretched beyond their limits....

I don't have the answers - I just ponder it all my entire life - all of these kinds of issues....

Stay safe....

MY average is about 265 lph. nm
for me, 140 min would be average
on acute care, with some not so-familiar accounts, for 7-1/2 hours. However, when i worked in the hospitals, with more cumbersome equipment/program, and interruptions, i only averaged about 60 min/day.
I don't believe this is average at all.
Here is a calculator formula

225 hr equal 1800 lines/day
9000 lines based on 5 days

6.42 pages/hour (35 lines/pg)
3.75 lines each minute
1.87 lines each 30 seconds.

This is NOT a typical aveage MT. There are too many variables like dictators who dictate attending live football games and WHISPERS.

This is a terrible way to make a living at 98% accuracy and dictator who take in one deep breath and see if they can do the whole report speaking as fast as they can before breath ends.

So you 6000 per week would be (5 days)
1200 lines a day
150 lines an hour
about 4.29 pg (based on 35 lintes per page.
2.5 lines per minute
1.25 lines each second
There is the BIG picture
on average, 17 here. nm
I average about the same; sometimes more, but never less than 600 lph. nm
I average
over 3000 per day VR and straight combined.
Everyone is different, but average would be
I average about 178. nm
Average cpl?
What is the average cpl that you charge?  A doc has contacted me wanting me to do some work but I have never had my own accounts and do not know how much is fair to charge.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.
What is the average CPL for
I hear lows and highs, but am wondering what the average or most common rate is for an experienced MT, say with 7+ years of experience and proficient in the basic 4.
Average it out

Figure up what you would be making for an average report by doing a line count on it.  This should give you an idea if $2.00 per report would be fair to you or not (I'll bet not). 

I personally would do it for a couple of days on each report, then compare to what I would earn with the current arrangement versus what I would earn with a per line charge.  It will probably be a jaw-dropping difference.

I average about
1900 - 2000

Tons of shortcuts and I don't move.
average 150-200 lph
re: Average pay
Good inheritance, the way things are now, 12 cpl is very good. Hang on to it.
Average Pay

Just curious as to everyone's personal opinion on this . . . what do you consider to be a fair/average cpl and what do you consider to be a poor cpl?

I keep running across ads for companies (and I'm assuming their outsourcing to somewhere other than the U.S.) that offer 7cpl to the client and I'm sure that, in that case, the MTs aren't getting anything.  So, just assuming that they have SOMEONE working for them, I was wondering who would consider anything less than 7cpl to be a fair wage?  I wouldn't, but maybe that's just me.


There is no way you can get an average
of number of reports sent to QA. There are too many variables. However, don't beat yourself up. New accounts take time to learn and you will send more in the beginning.
Average MT pay

What would you say the average MT with one year experience should be making right now? 



average pay...
i was making 7.5 cpl at 1 year out of school... ;-/
i read some where that 12 mins is about an 1 hour worth of dictation.
I average between 80% and 81%
Just keep adding to it. I have over 86,000 entries in my Shorthand, and it has increased my production TREMENDOUSLY because of putting in everything that I can think of. I also purchased the Saving Keystrokes book a couple of months ago, and since applying some of the tips from it, my production has increased, and I have not even gotten through the whole book yet. I was at 60% to 65% before purchasing the book. It has opened my eyes to a lot of shortcuts that I had not even thought of and reinforced others that I have used.

Right now my average is about 220.  I'm working on getting better at using my Expander instead of typing stuff.  I tend to go too fast and the word is typed before I think about it. 

The QA where I used to work said she was in the 300 range.  That's my goal.

Probably average
We add more on a daily basis around here.... as long as you have some method for remembering what you program, Expanders equal better line count speeds. :)
I think that is about average........ sm
I am required to transcribe/VR 1000 lines per day with an 135/hour average.
Average Joe Won Last Night!
There's hope for me yet!
MT for 10+ years, i would say 3:1 is average. nm
Yes, 200 lph is the average with MTs, all levels of
I would say average is $15 per hour. sm

Watch out for QA positions that are paid by cpl QA'd.  In some instances it may work out fine, but hourly (in my opinion) is the best way to be paid for QA/editing.

about 10 hours on average, +/-
Average of 450 to 500 per hour

Don't know what the average is, but I am getting 19 cpl IC status. nm
Average QA pay, see inside
Do not take line pay please. We are QA specialists and you are not doing the field a favor by taking line pay. Line pay defeats the purpose of QA. QA is the final step before going to the hospital.

An average QA specialist should earn bottom line $14 upwards to about $18 an hour as an employee. I know this because I have spoken to many MTSOs. This also depends upon the duties, but an experienced QA person should at least make $15 to $16 and very experienced giving major feedback should earn upwards of $17.

There are some companies who recognize the value of QA and pay a little higher than this, but not that many. Average though for someone who has been doing QA for minimally 5 yrs should be around $15.50 to $16.

Don't know the average, but I get 13 cpl to edit VR. nm
What's the average pay? Do they pay you per line?

My first job was editing Radiology reports at a hospital... received hourly pay, though.

The only editing job I've seen at a national was at Focus Infomatics... 4 cpl yuck. Is that the norm?

They offshore, pay is average. nm
50K is the US average salary...nm
Just looked it up to see what the average is now. sm
The middle 50% of RNs earns 43,700-63,000. So you know the beginning ones are still in the 30s. Might sound good or might not. For me, it wasn't enough for something I wasn't enjoying at all.

I'm not loving the MT world, but I'm loving the freedom, and it's letting me have the flexibility to finish college for something else I actually enjoy.

If you do find you love nursing, there are lots of areas to go into. Just know it may take many years to get there. Specializing usually takes more schooling past the RN.
For average salaries, hello?
YOU make no sense.  Are you a transcriptionist?  I did not say ESLs, I said bad dictators.  Try reading the post or do a search as the average has been posted here before.  YOU are a troll.
So, what was the average MT age from yesterday?
Does anyone know yet?
90-100 is average. Above 145 is genius.

Take your IQ test!