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The pt is layed off or laid off from her job?

Posted By: yet another brain freeze on 2005-07-25
In Reply to:

gosh.  I cant figure out anything today

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laid off
I know this because my husband has been "laid off" a lot lately!
I did when I was laid off

(fired, with no intention of hiring me back) along with a whole bunch of other MTs when our work went to the Philippines. 

This employer really played some games.  First they said work was going to get thin because some accounts were being 'lost' and people might be let go.  A month later accounts were booming, and getting way out of TAT and it was ALL OUR FAULT and why weren't we picking up the slack?  (I later figured this was the transition period as they switched over to offshore, and something got screwed up.)  Then work slacked off again and they said people were definitely going to be let go and we should start looking elsewhere.  A couple weeks later they said that they could probably find places for most of us on other accounts, and we should ask for a transfer, which I did.  Then I got jerked around by the HR person who would not return my calls or respond to my e-mails for a couple of weeks.  Then the account managers she finally referred me to did the same for another couple of weeks.  This all took about three months from first inkling to the axe falling.

Then one glorious morning I got an e-mail notifying me of a MANDATORY conference call, with 2 hours' notice.  And everyone on that call, 30-40 of us, were the lucky winners, and were locked out of the system.    

A couple of weeks later (while I was still in the 30-day waiting period in my state to file for unemployment) I got a phone call from the same HR person who had given me the runaround before.  Did I want to reapply for a job with them?  Well, not really, but I went through that whole process -  as though they did not even know me.  And weirdly enough, with 15 years of experience, I managed to fail an untimed open-book test!  Fascinating.

So here's what I think the game was (and I am telling you so you don't fall for any tricks.)  They tried to scare as many of us into quitting as possible. Then they tried to ignore as many of into quitting as possible.  (If you quit, 99.9% of the time you don't qualify for unemployment.) Then when they were forced to lay us off, they offered the jobs back to see how many would go for it; maybe 10% of us did.  (If they offer you work and you refuse, then you don't qualify for unemployment.)  But since I went through their whole reapplication process, and they did not hire me back  (and never intended to)  I DID qualify for unemployment. 

Hope you are an actual employee and not an IC, and that this info is helpful.  Unemployment is not big buck$ but with summer coming, maybe you can have a nice semi-paid vacation while you look for work.

I wish you luck.  My luck was that about a month after I was let go I broke my arm.  I would not have been able to work for the creeps anyway!  I filed for unemployment online. I was able to do all my job hunting from home, hunt-and- peck, online.  Nobody saw me.  And magically, just when I got the arm back in service again, somebody wanted me to test and I got the first job I tested for.  The whole time I was one-armed and applying for jobs like mad (a requirement for getting unemployment) and wondering what I would do if a company was seriously interested, absolutely no offers.  As soon as I could actually type again, there was a job offer. 

Think bad stuff doesn't sometimes happen for good reasons?  Think again!!

He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem sm

He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem to be able to navigate or walk because of the dizziness

HELP PLEASE !!!  I can never get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Yeah - laid off
I got walking papers courtsey of Heartland :)
Don't worry - unless you were laid off

Or there is a switch to true EMR with drop down screens and virtually no free text.  My cardiologist's office already has this.  No chart notes to type anymore; they only need transcription for letters. 

You may train your system so well that administration will decide they don't need you anymore.  The system doesn't have to be perfect (human transcription certainly isn't!); it only has to be *good enough*.

Laid-off Acusis MT...

Stay away from Spheris.  They're a terrible company to work for, and they put out garbage work.  They, too, will end up losing the "big" account (which DRC did lose before the Acusis buyout).  I am one of the stragglers left behind at DRC/Acusis, but not for long.  I'll take the gum chewing, mumbling, flatulent, ESL cardiologist any day of the week over being told someone in India is going to train me on a new account. 

Let's remember, the OP is not the one just laid off....sm
It is her FRIEND, and therefore the OP is adding her own spin to it.
lain or laid
Using Webster's dictionary, the past tense of lie is lay, past part. is lain, so this would be lain.
laid back?
The term marshmellow was used by a group of light-hearted transcriptionists at an AAMT conference once.  We used it as a code name when stresses were high (and in this business, stresses are high).   We ususally got chuckles when we used it.  I really did not expect anyone to know this, except that particular group of people.  We used it for years amongst our networking days.  (We were all from different parts of the country.)
should be laid-off (ROFL) ...sorry! (NM
Laid off or chose to take time off? (sm)
Be accurate, now!
laid-back company?
Well yes I did clinical & Basic 4 for a very laid-back company in L.A. for 7 years & it was great, after they got to know me. But I finally got laid off & worked for MedScribe (Jax, Fla.) doing Rad for 6 months until last week. The first time my production got a little low, BAM they ended my contract & that was IT. So it would be nice to find a little more laid-back company again. If you want a referral bonus, I have 17 yrs MT experience, type 90+ wpm, & I'm available & looking.
They laid off over 200 people at the plant
near me.  I'm sure there have been layoffs elsewhere.  I'd say that is the problem not waiting on parts.   When they opened the new plant here one of the requirements was that all suppliers had to be within 30 minutes of Dell.  
Our hospital laid us all off and I went to work for the national that got the bid. nm
My best friend and fellow editor laid off this close to Christmas! sm

 For everyone complaining about his or her jobs, it could be worse.  My best friend, who has been in this business for years and years and years, has a work ethic like nothing I have seen before, and is a genuinely caring and gentle soul, was laid off today from her job via a conference call!  To add insult to injury, she is scheduled to have two surgeries next month, which she scheduled for after the holidays to accommodate her employer, even though she can barely see, which she will now be unable to have since they are terminating her health insurance today as well.  They were aware of her scheduled surgery and knew she had been waiting for some time to have it.  We will not even talk about what impact this has upon her family, including her young son, particularly here at Christmas time.  How do you explain no Santa to a young child? 

She is always the person helping everyone else, both in her personal life as well as professionally.  I have witnessed her struggles and she always keeps a positive outlook.  I think this will finally "do her in."  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers, as well as the other THIRTY people who lost their jobs today.

They say that everything we do comes back to you ten-fold.  I hope it happens quickly for this heartless company. 


my boyfriend's union has helped him to be laid off 6 months this year already...
Sure Union's PROTECT the workers... okay that's fine. but they also do plenty of other stuff that is not cool with me. I like the idea of them getting paid a good amount for what they do, but then there are times when if something happens on a job, for example, two workers get in a fight, they may get fired from that particular job, but re-hired with another one that hires union workers. It makes no sense. Obviously I see the point of unions so workers are not taken advantage of... but like someone else posted, someone would sneak away to sleep during her job with the union. I mean, have you seen DOT workers? Cal Trans ? i dont think I EVER see them working and I'm gonna guess they are a union (although I can't be sure).

For sure transcription needs something, but I don't think a union is it. Although I don't think we will ever have anything to protect or help us... too little "higher up" people know the problem.