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They fired my daughter for missing work because my granddaughter had RSV. sm

Posted By: MT on 2005-10-26
In Reply to: I hope everyone on this board isJOKING about ... - sis

She ended up losing her house.  I have nothing good to say about them.

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where would you be if your daughter was missing (sm)
in another country?  The posts on down the board are appalling, some of them anyways!  I would hope that any parent in their right mind would be right there, no matter where "there" is, if their child were missing.  I know I'd be whereever I had to be.  I could not rest until I was there, waiting and helping to find my child.  I'd go to the ends of the earth to get my daughter back, no questions asked.  And maybe people are donating money to them so they can stay in Aruba and help find their daughter, as well as keep their lives going back here at home.  Where has compassion gone? It's truly sad that we ridicule people for simply wanting desperately to find their lost child.  Just Sad.
Can you get fired for doing too much work?

Has anyone been fired for getting too much work done?  I have been making at least the third bonus tier for the last couple of checks (I have also been working OT), so I am afraid that it might look more pleasing to fire me and hire 2 PT workers that don't make the bonuses and don't qualify for benefits.  Has anyone heard of any companies doing this?  I have only been with my company for 9 months, and since I am the only one bringing in a pay check right now, I am getting really nervous.  Any managers that read this, I more than welcome hearing from you as well.  I just want to know if I should be concerned or if I can ease off the worry a little.  Thanks!!

Guess what? If companies fired the shoddy MTs, they'd lose more than half their work force in eve
company! Pretty sad state of things, but that's the quality out there right now, and AMERICAN MTs.
acquaintance's granddaughter?....nm

My organized granddaughter.

I am visiting my son this week, and decided to help my granddaughter clean her "spotless" room.  She is such a neat freak. 

What a smart little girl. I went into her closet where she keeps her electronic equipment.  Every single cord for each item was neatly folded and slipped  into empty paper towel (aluminum foil, toilet paper) rolls and labeled.   She had attached a small velcro square to the equipment and one to the paper roll.  It was so neat.

I invited her to come home with me and organize my house. 



Yes, they should work, my step-daughter....

is 18, gets $700 a month in child support (this will continue until age 21) and has not felt the urge to work at all at any time. She will start college in the fall, has not saved any of her child support, has some scholarships and loans for school as well. She does not live with us, never has. When I asked her in April where she was working this summer after graduation she said she might work for a few days picking up litter on the road crew, but she had college to think of, was going away for the month of June, could only work a bit in July, and had to get ready for college in August!

Her sister, who is 22, got the same amount of child support, also did not save any of it (hers ended last year) and has found that working for a living is not all it is cracked up to be! Was offended that the child support did not last until she graduated from college, because how was she supposed to go to school and work at the same time? Hmm, most of us did that and are still alive to tell the tale!

You cannot beat a good work ethic and it starts young! Nothing better than paying for your own things with your own $$$ and not relying on anyone else.

Bless you for doing this for your baby granddaughter! You
It takes such a big heart to take this on. Gld bless you for doing this, and I hope the way is smooth for you both.
Yes, but I did not work for almost 6 months during my daughter's chemo -sm
my income drastically tanked from late March through Sept. (I made about $300 a month in that time period), plus I have never worked FT for them (i.e. 90 minutes a day). I am now doing about 75 minutes a day though + an account of my own on the side now, so doing about $2K a month now. So I expect this year to be a bit higher in the income level. Only 1 person works FT for them as far as I know, most people are PT, its all IC so it really does not matter. But there is always work left over every day that wasn't farmed out to somebody to do.....and they are getting new doctors every day which is great I think.
I work part time at my daughter's college sm
book store, looking for something else to do besides MT, I am bored.
Anybody been fired from an mt job?
You won't get fired for this.
Relax! Accidents happen to everybody, especially when training on something new. All you need to do is send an e-mail briefly explaining you had 2 technical problems and providing job numbers or whatever you know about them. Then say, "Very sorry!"

It sounds like you are doing fine.

(And I'm supposedly the mean one). @@

Won't be fired.
Why continue doing something that isn't making money. Why take a paycut? I will not take a paycut. I am paid little as it is. If I take a cut in pay, might as well go work at the local Wal-Mart. JMO.
I'm sure it would come as a relief to be fired.
What an ego!  Hasta la vista, baby!
And get fired? LOL You first, Satan. LOL
no message
Just fired a doctor
I just fired one of my doctors and I feel so much better!  I'm an IC and this office has been a royal pain!  Very late payments, constantly losing reports and blaming me for not transcribing them, never letting me know when they'd be off (wasting my gas and time), getting behind on dictating and then wanting 5+ days of dictation back in twelve hours, etc.  The final straw was when they started making me go in the waiting room and stand at the sign-in window behind all their patients to drop off work.  Of course, if they were on the phone, I'd have to wait even longer when I reached the window... at times up to twenty minutes before the receptionist would open the window and take the work.  I decided my other offices appreciate me too much to allow that one office to treat me like a second class citizen.  To top it off -- what did the wife say when I fired him?  "You can't do that -- you need the money."  Too bad for her, because their money isn't worth my self-respect!
Fired a doctor
I am proud of you.
to just fired a doctor, way to go!

Reading your post sort or reminded me of those new DHL commercials on customer service (or the lack of).

When I worked in office, our old fashioned German boss would never have allowed anyone to wait..if he was running 30 minutes late, we moved every body back 45...those were the good ol days.

Well I Just Got fired so it does not matter !!!!
Back to the office for me thank god I had a plan B !!!!
Fired from one and moved to another
What is the point
No, but I've fired quite a few.
In my state you can be fired
for absolutely no reason, probably works the same as hiring. Like in my original post, I passed and told lose 20 lbs- I did not get out of sorts- I felt their loss and went on really to much better things- the telephone companies started laying off right and left so it was a blessing probably in disguise. There was no disgusing for me- literally told that- where in your case it seems like assuming on your part this is what they are thinking.
job stress. die or get fired.

i am quite upset.  one of my co-workers passed away.  we here all know it was from job stress, but we are not to admit it and were repremanded so by our superiors.  basically it came down to "die or get fired".  lucky for her she died before she could get fired.

now i am sitting here at work today wondering what the heck am i supposed to do? we cannot talk about the job stress and that is what did her in, but she was sick and getting sicker and this is why she passed away.  she was sick and getting sicker from the stress dawg-gone it. 

nobody gets it.

tuesday she told me that a lot of her sickness had to do with wondering if she was going to have a job or not and what would she do if she got fired?  she was beside herself with worry.  she worked her for 25 years, and was a good employee and excellent Transcriptionist until the new supervisor took over and started ragging on her like a pit bull dog and his prey.  and this is a catholic hospital.  i guess this is the new christian work ethic.

i need to vent.  any comments would be appreciated but since i am at work please make them nice.  i have had enough bad stuff happen around here today.






But... MTs like that would get, sooner or later, FIRED..
don't you think?
Only once have I seen a coworker fired and that was due to
the client no longer wanting the MT on the account. This MT was also a high producer, management raved about this person's high numbers while we gasped everytime we saw their work as it was riddled with careless errors, had no format and extra spaces and lines, uneven margins made their work look like the work of an amateur.

It took just under a year for the client to finally say something. In the meantime, I was accused of being "jealous because they made more money."

Type each report like it is the only way. Make it look like a page out of a medical journal and sign it off with love :) The benefit then comes from having people look to see who typed should a great report. Off days occur, of course, and that is when we should slow down.
You can be fired for any reason they want. sm
They don't even have to have a reason but it doesn't show well for a company to just randomly fire.

Has anyone been fired or dismissed on an account
So frustrated when you ask for help and people do not help who have experience.. Oh well
Korea fired SIX (6) missles

very worried here about NK's intentions now............

Korea just fired off it's 7th missle......sm
Cherry pickers should be FIRED!!
If your co-worker was any kind of a true MT she would grow up and do whatever came up in her q. Tell your supervisor! I wish I knew this idiots phone number. It really ticks me off when people cherry pick. You have my sympathy girl.
When her EMPLOYER tells her she is fired, is she going
I guess you can refuse and be fired and then
be making no money.
Not fired but at 2 places I worked
First place worked on something called units. I would usually go over 50 a day and was told 1 day if anyone got over 50 then would stop and do paper work. Told the boss that would be discrimination against me as I was the only 1 doing over 50. So much for that. The second place was 2 transcriptions only for a fairly good sized hospital. No work sent out, no need for extra people. I was told 1 day by human resources- well look how much you make at 60 thous plus and I said, yes but take the place of 2-3 people. Your pay can and has played into my work in the past. People used to offer incentive, but donít make too much. Could be the same now with making $$$$.
Just fired off a letter to the author
I laughed when I read the part about the doctor must have been swamped and in a zoo because heard the elephant. I told the author about I along with others heard things such as urination, BMs, snorting, cell phones going in and out, dogs barking at home, and the list goes on. I said soon all the work might go overseas if the salaries here continued or dropped and most are not like the 30 something thou he said but more like in the 20s with women working long days and wkends. Also that was a hoot about the doctors being editors and no one else could change. I think I edit and I do not know of a single physician here who edits, maybe others do but not me. I told him MTers know about work outsourcing but most patients do not and I personally have done work before not only having the name but the SS of that person and good way for identity fraud. I think most Americans would not like knowing their records are going to other countries. I also said no such thing as over abdunance of work here for us, lots of MT employees run low, out every day. Well off my soap box now.
Depends on if you are fired 'for cause'

If you are let go because of incompetence, absenteeism or some fault on your part, the company can appeal your claim for unemployment and possibly win.  Do they have documentation of your misdeeds?  Disciplinary memos about your inability to perform in the job adequately (bad QA evaluations, etc.)  or that you consistently were AWOL? 

If they let you go because of lack of work, lost accounts, company reorganization, in other words nothing that was your fault, you will most likely qualify for unemployment, although I believe most companies consider it their duty to contest such a claim.

This is administered state by state, and it's hard to generalize about each state's procedures.  But I believe it is usually the company that has the burden of proof that you were a bad employee, since it would be very difficult for you to prove a negative - that you were not. 

fired/voluntarily quitting
Rule of thumb is if you are fired unemployment isn't as difficult to obtain. If you voluntarily leave a job, pray . . . harder to get it.
I've never been fired by anyone in my entire life.
I hate MQ and I'm happy to tell everyone why.  However, every MT is different and every MTSO is different.  What works for me may not work for someone else.  I found my fit elsewhere.
Thanks. I knew it was wrong when I typed it but was too fired-up with this

concept to correct it.  But at least I'm honest.  Hey, you really don't know me.  I just really expect more intelligence than what obviously is out there and never cease to be amazed at what people think is "funny" especially the latest trend of making men look stooooopid on the situation comedies, in jokes, in commercials. 

You don't really think I am a guy do you intimidated by women?  Cause you lose all cred as far as your insight.  Actually I do think as a whole men are smarter than women but I would never be intimidated by women or men.  I believe what I believe based on my experience and background.  No dog in this fight.  No intimidation.  No bias.  Just life experience.


Were U moved to another account or fired from the company? How can
I'd be furious if I had driven 5 hours to get fired..sm
Absolutely unnecessary.  Is there and age discrimination issue in there somewhere?? 
I fired my ISP today because of non-US technical support....

To give a brief summary, I developed technical problems after my ISP decided to do some upgrades 2 weeks ago.  The problems resulted in my getting kicked off line every few minutes.  Upon contacting technical support I found myself consistently running into people that had no English comprehension skills and their responses had nothing to do with my problem or how to fix it.   I found another ISP that would provide the services I needed and signed up with them 3 days ago, then called my main one today and told them they were fired because of their non-US based labor who couldn't help anyone.  The lady I spoke with apologized and said this was an experiment they were doing with outsourcing technical support, but I told her that their experiment cost them a customer who had been with them for almost 4 years. 

I've fired off e-mails to everyone in management that I could get ahold of telling them exactly why they were fired, and sharing the idiotic responses I received on my technical assistance requests. 

Apparently hasn't been fired enough times

While I wouldn't cherry pick,--and I can't bc I'd get fired--
it's not the cherry pickers who are the lowest; they are low--but the employer who allows them to cherry pick who is the lowest of the low.

Employers CAN do something about it if they wanted to. Most just don't give a hoot as long as the works gets done.

I agree with poster above--I would NEVER work for a company who allowed cherrypicking!
I will do everything in my power to have cherry-pickers fired
because it's not fair to the MTs who do give a ____. I owe it to the good MTs to not let the sorry ones get away with it.
Yeah. They are so fair that they fired their president like they fire everyone else.
frank is in hawaii and won't be back until he feels like it. or he is fired,
Ask Frank is still on MQ website. Greg is back. Can Greg help?
And supposedly they are to be fired for that on DQS. I bet they are. They break the report and skip
to the next one on DQS. I get it all the time and I report it and guess what, nothing happens to them but I figure they will hang themselves eventually. They inevitably drop off the account because they really cant do it anyway.
Diskriter fired a bunch of MTs. check these boards
Wood-fired brick oven pizza. nm
Korea just fired 2 short-range missles
(that could hit Japan) and have another long-range (that could reach USA) on their launch pad. Flexing their muscles....
Well, if I do a co-workers report and my boss sees my initials, I'm fired.
Make you request. The worse they can say is NO. I doubt they would say, NO and you're fired.