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Those magic spells on the religion board are a hoot.

Posted By: Now if there one for my MT company. :? on 2006-05-23
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Where is the religion board? I need some new spells. nm

I think EVERYTHING pertaining to religion is a hoot! People are such SHEEP!
religion board
How would one access the religion board.
Hi Eva! Answered here because I don't know which category to go under on the religion board.
The book of Daniel will have a lot of clues about this, but in a nutshell, the wild beast of Revelation is a composite or sum total of the beasts pictured in the book of Daniel. The beasts in the book of Daniel represented the ruling powers, or governments, of the day. The beast of Revelation represents the same today and gets its power from the great dragon, which is Satan (Rev. 13:2, 12:9), so it isn't surprising that the bible calls satan the ruler of the world (John 12:31, 16:11) and the god of this world (2Cor. 4:4). However, at Daniel 2:44 we're told through prophecy that eventually God will bring an end to all human rulership and will begin exercising his rulership over the human family as the one true universal soverign. He will do this through his son, Jesus Christ (Dan. 7:13,14). The Kingdom mentioned in Daniel 7:14 is the same one Jesus taught us to pray for in the model prayer or Lord's prayer. God's will is being done in heaven because he rules there. So, praying for his his kingdom to come and his will to be done on the earth as it is done in heaven is the same as asking him to take over the rulership of the earth, which he will do. However, that will mean an end to all human rulership here on the earth (Rev. 16:14), which is why the beast of Revelation will be destroyed along with the one that gives the beast its power. That destruction will take place in the "battle of the great day of God Almighty," which is referred at Rev. 16:16 as Armageddon. That is the battle over sovereignty, and that is why it is with the governments (or kings) of the earth. All those supporting those kings or governments will have its figurative mark on their hands and/or foreheads showing that they support the beast with their mental energies (mark on their foreheads) and with their actions (mark on their hands). Those supporting the beast and putting their faith in it will be destroyed along with it (Rev. 19:20,21).

In a nutshell.
Surprised this did not get yanked to the Religion board - sm
everything else does (get yanked that is)....this board is pretty boring these days. Oh well, I am getting more work done so that is a good thing.
All religious topics go on the Religion board. (SM)
Stop now with this or I will delete the whole thread.

Please post religious discussion on the Religion board.
Careful girls, this is NOT the religion board as pointed out above!
I am aware of the religion board, just thought main one would be more active...thanks anyway. nm
Religion board/Catholic is full of printed material!!!
I have a doc that spells out ...
the names of all his referring docs. Problem is he spells them different every time!
One doc.spells them for me
but is reading what the patient wrote on their history form. I just type what he says and then if spell check doesn't have it I just Google it. I agree it is aggravating and very time consuming.
They were a hoot!
I thought they were a hoot! Both of them just brought some liveliness to this old timers board!
What a HOOT!


Me, too! What a hoot! nm
This is a hoot!!!!!!!......

This is a job listing for PT MT....50K-60K ????LOL

Have you owned a degree on Medical transcription? (owned a degree?)
Do you have some idle times to be spared? (idle times to be spared?)

Give me a break............


what a hoot!!!

even the doctor laughed as he dictated in the lab work on a 48-year-old man that 'thankfully his urine pregnancy test was negative" !!

Bet that man wouldn't be happy to be charged for one though!

Cheque? Who spells check like that in the US?
No waq, Jack!! What a hoot!

Wasn't it a HOOT when ...
Taylor fell in the floor--I just smile the whole time I am watching him.
and the doc spells "orientated." drives me nuts.
LOL.. I have one that spells Lyrica every time, even more than once in a dictation!
I have one that spells words like acute but not myringoincudostapediapexy.

I have always had my 'blues' spells, touch of dysthymia
usually around season changes as you seem to...

what used to help me through them was to remember, don't let the highs get too high or the lows too low. Know what I mean?

when I used to get like this I would tell myself okay, go with it for a couple of days but then I would snap out of it every time.

when I was single, it was a time to pamper myself, take care of myself.

of course, once menopause hit all the rules changed, and that is another long story...

extra doses vitamin D have SAVED me because where I live there tends to be a lack of sunshine the larger part of the year.

this is just from my own experience having had this my entire life...
ruby sue, you're a hoot! are you related to billy bob?
While I wouldn't do any of these things I thought it was a total HOOT!! Lighten up you guys. (nm)
This isn't RELIGION 101
This happens to be medical transcription we're talking about....maybe you're one of those recruiters that will hire just about anyone, including illiterate people, to take more of our jobs away....this isn't about JUDGING anyone.....it's only about raising the bar and DEMANDING quality and professionalism from our peers......I wonder what you're work looks like......hmmmmm. I still stick to what I said.....If you can't pass a basic vocabulary test in the ENGLISH language.....MOVE ON!
Can you spell blasphemy?
"Wacked out about religion". How come you sm
don't say that about the others who are completely wacko? I can think of Tom Cruise and Scientology Richard Gere and Buddhism (I believe)to name just two. I say good for Stephen to share his faith. If others in Hollywood can do it, he shouldn't suffer the consequences for it.
pushing religion
I say that about anyone pushing their beliefs..be it gere, cruise, the pillsbury dough boy..You have beliefs, wonderful, so do I..however, that all changes when you try to push your religion/beliefs on others..More power buddists, scientologists, christians, pagans, hindus, muslims, you name it..just dont try to sway me unless I ask for it..
we now have freedom OF religion for all
you are perfectly free to celebrate whatever holiday you wish to NOW. The majority celebrating Christmas does not diminish that in any way, shape or form.
The only time religion
is when people try to force it down your throat or give you the holier-than-thou attitude of "I'm going to heaven, and you're going to hell."
Einstein did not believe in religion.
Organized religion
basically is another club. It ends up being about its own entity and not the spirituality it is supposed to embrace. Christ said basically the same thing when he was on earth.

Maybe you could get the other employees together to voice your feelings and needs to this employer to see if you can prompt some very necessary changes. If not, I would start seriously looking for a healthier work environment.

Remember that it is also not good for the people who take advantage to be allowed to do so (work or personal).

I am so sorry about your friend/co-worker. I hope you can gain strength from this loss to make some changes.
organized religion
Your comment aboput organized religion is off teh subject and snarky.  This person did not die because it was  A CATHOLIC hospital and I for one am tired of this sort of modern day sneering.  I work at a Catholic Hospital.  I absolutely loathe the manager who will not give me a singel Sunday off but she herself is a Catholic and tries to tell me waht church to go to.  She's not a jerk becuase of her religion. She's just a jerk.  Period.  I won't die from stress becuase my life is worth more that 400 lines.  But to make off the wall comments about religion is not ok. 
Religion vs. spirituality. sm
Religion is for people who are afraid of going to h*ll. Spirituality is for those who have been there and don't want to ever go back. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

No one who is actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol can have a relationship with Jesus Christ--or with anyone else, for that matter, other than a very dysfunctional one. You must first be clean and sober.

If I'm that much of a sinner, maybe you should just pray for me instead of flaming me here on this message board. Jesus might like that better, who knows? :D
IMO - no. If he hits you once, he will hit you again. It will not matter what religion you believe
It is not about religion being a sensitive subject, it is about

posting on the correct forum.  The Main board gets so jammed that we have had to create other forums for particular subjects.  We only ask that posters kindly utilize those forums instead of posting every single thing on the Main board.

Again, thank you.


All religion is a cult of one form or another - nm
I use Stainless Steel Magic which you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depo. You have to be so careful not to use any product that will cause streaking. You must never use like a wet rag or anything, or windex, so this spray product and also the wipes that they make are really the safest. Do a fairly small area at a time and wipe it off with a soft cloth, then buff. It will look like a picture in a magazine. It's the last thing I do before company comes, and it looks great, but not for long! I also use their countertop magic and cabinet magic. The cans are like $5.00 each and last forever.
No magic in VR
I lost an account to a radiology group and they have been trickling back. Any VR program that is only 4K can't be very good. These guys to which I refer must have spent 100K on their program.
No magic with MM (sm)
It is HORRIBLE. I am so stressed out from trying to get a decent line count. I know how you feel. I have never worked on a platform worse than this.

The religion issue came at a good time. sm
My daughter is 10.


We're in the car and she wanted to call her friend Jessica on the cell phone.  She said, "It's after 2:00, so they're already home from church."


Then she says, "You know, mama, I don't mind going to church with them, but I hate going up and eating that yucky bread."


I said, "They had you go up for communion?"  and she said, "I think that's what it is.  The guy in the robes puts a yucky cracker thingy in your mouth, but they call it bread for some reason."


So I said, "You don't have to go up and take communion, you're not Catholic.  I could talk to Jessica's parents and tell them that you aren't a Catholic and you shouldn't go up and take communion." 


She said, She said, "Well, I'd feel stupid just sitting there when everyone else went up.   I'm not going to go someplace bad if I do the Catholic thing and I'm not really a Catholic am I?"


I said, "Of course not.  You just don't have to that's all."


She said, "It's okay, I don't really mind it that much."  After a few minutes she said:  "Hey wait a minute, we're not JEWISH ARE WE?!!!"


Another half hour on the different faiths and beliefs and the fact that it doesn't matter what you choose, but that it is a private, personal choice, and that one should never try to convince another person that their way of thinking is the "right" way. 


She thought it wasn't a good thing not to have a Christmas tree, but then thought that Hannukah was "really cool" because the kids didn't have to wait to open a present.  Then she said, "Well, we could light a candle every night for the Jewish kids because they don't have a Christmas tree and then maybe we could just open a present."


I said, "Nice try kiddo." 


Out of the mouths of babes! 



In some cases, I think religion is just their latest addiction.
Didn't Stephen Baldwin used to have substance abuse issues? Seems like some of these people just trade in the substance for religion and pursue it with the same enthusiasm.
There are several forums to post on at the Religion link.
I wouldn't call it "fragmented".  The poster can ask his/her question on more than one religion board and receive a variety of responses in which to make an informed decision. 
Aren't politics and religion social no-nos? sm
And I believe there is a very good reason for that.
I neve discuss politics or religion
Magic Swizzle / magic swizzle. TIA

on my magic stove.
I have a Magic stove too...
that is the actual name on the stove. LOL! Some people take thing way to seriously on this board.
MediTech Magic
Any info on Meditech Magic?  Pluses, minuses.  Any information you can give would be appreciated.