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Tingling in ear

Posted By: MT on 2007-02-19
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I tried posting this last night but I guess it didn't take, so I apologize if it's a repeat and I'm overlooking it.

Has anyone ever developed tingling and maybe slight numbness inside their ear from wearing headphones? I had some that were too tight when I first bought them (they fit over the ears like regular headphones, not inside the ear) but wore them anyway and got use to them. I've had this on-and-off tingling sensation ever since. Now I've switched to some lightweight ones that fit inside the ear and it's still doing it and may be worse. Just wondering if it's the headphones, can't imagine what else it could be?

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Could be disk in your neck, carpal tunnel or both. I would see your PCP and/or orthopedic doctor and go from there. Collars do help, heat, etc. I have had this pain for years, even after surgery, not a lot of fun. Good luck, hope you get good news that it is none of the above.
I have been experiencing right hand/finger tingling. Could this be