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To Dano

Posted By: Mom-CMT on 2005-07-28
In Reply to:

Thank you for your post of 07/22.  I have followed your advice, and my productivity has definitely gone up.  I intend to give myself at least a 5k per year raise with my new methods.  Your post was the little "push" I needed.  In fact, I printed it and I keep it on my bulletin board to re-read when I need that little "push" again. 

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sounds like dano wants things dano's way and otherwise she wa-wa-was to the adminstrator.
so if you disagree with dano you are not playing the game dano likes and she posts some crap to the adminstrator. now that is low and crummy. dano has dominated the boards with HER OPINION and when others disagree she whines. That's adult.
but boards will be dano's boards and that's the issue. no one dare disagree with dano.
yes the boards will be boring with just one-sided opinions but we need to please dano. isn't that the purpose of MT Stars?
Thank You Dano
I appreciate your outspoken honesty and because of that I am sure there are some MT's (myself included) that value your advice and will benefit from it  I know that I have.  Thanks again.
Yes, it was J. As I said to Dano below, I
believe the whole thing had to do with the fact that I chose to use my own computer rather than TransTech's computer.  More work for J.  See my message to Dano, but I will repeat that when the foot pedal they sent me did not work, J advised me to contact Dictaphone directly for assistance and did not want to help me in any way at all.  He also blatantly lied to Debbie Hood in an email he sent to her that she CC'd to me.  After that, there was no way I could work for them and have to deal with him in the future for technical problems I might have.
Hi Dano.
I always enjoy reading your posts on MT Stars.
To Dano
I gave notice at my present job and accepted a position with TransTech, then since I am old timer like you, and definitely NOT a job hopper, I got scared, and decided to stay, just because I know for sure what I have here.  But I am now wondering if I made a mistake as I seem to hear only good things about TT, especially the part about the wonderful tech support.  That would be a welcome change.  Is the Dictaphone ExText easy to learn and use?  Thanks.
I agree with you 100% about QA. I hate that when one person tells you one thing and another tells you a different thing. I wonder if they realize how frustrating it is to MTs that it's not consistent. And to top it off, the QA person, both of them were rude in their emails. I understand totally the need for QA, but some of the QA people think their word is gospel and it isn't always. One QA person wrote me and said "follow-up" is not a word???? Well I about lost it, so I found it in Webster's and copied and pasted it. Never heard a word from her. Where do some of these people come from? Amazing.
Thanks Dano

I'm only 30, 31 in January.  I'm a single mom.  I was trying to work things out with my ex and of course it didn't.  I guess the online I was hoping was a quick fix, but I do need to get out more and create a life for myself.  I live in Las Vegas and it really is a hard town to meet people here.  I have started working out and things.  We'll see.


Post by Dano
Trying to find a post by Dano having to do with "making money" or "how to make money". I've done an archive search with no luck.

Thanks in advance,

I have to agree with Dano

He is an old man, and I just don't believe it is worth starting a whole big stink about.  It would be different if you had to bring little children over there, or something like that, but at his age, I would just tell him to "cut it out" or just keep away from him as best you can.  I know I'll get a bashing for this, but..........

Dano's post....sm

You're so right. 

I worked for years in a radiation oncology dept and then surgical oncology for 2 more years and it got so depressing for me...seeing 3 y/o kids with leukemia and all swollen from steroids, was the saddest field I had ever worked in....and then going through ones' family members going through all kinds of treatment(s) as they got elderly.

Very sad, indeed.

But for MT work at home - it's not as depressing, we don't get to *see* the patients, hence it is a little less depressing, in my opinion only.

Be well :)


In defense of Dano....

Further down on this board, someone posted a very rude post that implied that people who didn't think a college degree was important were inferior.  Dano requested that the poster not put people down that way.  So it's very understandable why she would ask this question.

But you already know that, don't you?  You responded to that post by telling her she has issues.

Since you obviously have you own issues concerning your abilities to  understand how this board works, the most current posts are at the top, which means the less current posts are at the bottom, which means she posted her request to stop putting down posters BEFORE she asked the above question.

You're even more rude than the *superior feeling* poster who started all this.

Sorry Dano, but I'm stepping on the above comment -

What kind of thing is that to say?
So are you saying that you, yourself, would want to slam people and name call and such just to make the board exciting?? Do you have such a pathetic life that this is all you, or people like you, have to do with your day.

Why not go and screw up your kids mentally, or kick some dogs, or burn some cats, or verbally abuse strangers in grocery stores - then you might not be so bored.
Dano no matter who it is from, take it to heart.
It is well written and not back stabbing. Does it really matter who it's from?
Dano -- The children on this board do not like
anyone who is well spoken, calm, productive, insightful, etc.

There are some true adults on here who DO enjoy meaningful conversation. Most, however, fail to reach mature conversation.

I think they're jealous. Hahahaha Now THAT is going to get flames started. Hahahaha

You couldn't be more wrong about Dano and I ...
we are indeed 2 different people. I have never met her, have no idea who she is whatsoever.

I was taking a light-hearted approach to all the childishness displayed on this board.

I was addressing Dano. Practice your coloring. School starts back very shortly. Make sure you stay within the lines.

couldn't agree more with you, Dano - nm
Dano - do you work for TransTech?
You are right, Dano. I apologize for sounding
so critical.

Yes, QA can have problems getting their act together. Most of time, however, I see MTs who absolutely feel they should never be corrected nor forced to follow the client preferences because they have a zillion years of experience.

No one knows it all. It doesn't matter if you have 1 year of experience or 25 years of experience; if the client wants it a certain way, they want it that way, period.

I should have tempered the tone of my post and I am going to ask Admin if they will make a change to it.

No busy-body MT, just somebody who has your and dano's number.
And kill one of your screen names. You have been outed.
Bless your heart. I agree with Dano whole-heartedly.
Maria Shriver Kennedy Schwarz (I'm not spelling that out...hahaha) said that her mother taught her: You CAN have it all, just not all at the same time.

Great advice. You usually have to go through stages or phases of your life to fulfill all the wants and dreams...from careers, to parenting and child-rearing, homemaking, etc.

no you aren't alone dano. you have your clones and alter egos.
look in the mirror.  you have a friend. 
Sorry Dano, my comment wasn't to you - but to the person that said "boards might be nasty that
by the way, I see there is one person that all of a sudden made four comments about you in a matter of five minutes ... SO MATTTTUUUURRREEE
i don't need gold stars like you and dano and your alter egos. i need to be paid.
seems like you would want to be paid so you could continue your goal to be a doctor. bwaaaaahaaaaaaaa. a doctor posting endlessly on podunk MT board. that's rich.
you and dano sure have plenty of time to compose essays on an mt board. same writing style. and th
the hahaha clone. hey, good luck on your goal to be an MD. Shouldn't you be studying or working to earn money for your MD schooling? bwwaaaaahaaaaaaaa!
Yeah, Dano, the poster I responded to was sure deserving of "kid gloves". Give me a break.
Everyone hates editors, everyone hates QA - it makes no sense, but that's the way it is. Period. If you are sweet to them and helpful, they stab you behind the back and freak when they get called in their errors.  If you are calm and blunt, they freak. If you are abrupt and to the point, they freak. If you send the masses emails saying Howdy, they stab you behind the back and diss you. Yet, we won't mention that they write us sweetly back!! And if we don't send them Howdy emails, they stab us behind our backs and complain that we don't write them. We do write them, per their own wish, and they complain that we're harassing them.  NOT.  The intelligent MT is the one who recognizes we all make errors, recognizes that editors are to catch errors and that it is our JOB to point said errors out to them - not a personal power trip. As I said, intelligent MTs recognize such - however, on this board there are not many who will fall into the above category. You'll see more in a second - flaming away!!  And the same nasty MTs wonder why they never get anywhere? Why they always get the crap dictators? Why they never get raises? I wonder.