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Posted By: Babe on 2006-03-02
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Has anyone ever heard of Verity Communications from Missouri?  Advertise direct dial flat long distance rates from 1000 minutes to 18,000 minutes at reasonable rates.  Still looking for an unlimited long distance carrier.  Talk America doesn't have the $49.95 plan in my area and I really don't want to pay 0.05/minute.  Most unlimited plans have 5000 minute limit and everything over that is considered excessive.  Those of you on MCI-...........BEWARE.... will drop you like a hot potatoe.  I had 13,000 minutes last month on my work phone.  Not so on my personal line and they dropped me from there also.  Will not let me on the 0.05/minute plan either.  Infringement on the deal.  Told me the number I was calling was a fax number.  Another rep said I was using it for internet.  There is a company that says the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.  I had to talk to about 10 people over this "high toll" issue.

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Just read that Nuance Communications
acquired eSription for $400 million. They also own many other VR systems, such as Dragon, Dictaphone, and Proscribe. Apparently, they would like to dominant the VR market.

Perhaps all MT work will move in the VR direction eventually. I wonder if private doctors' offices will institute VR too?
Geez. We can't even conduct civil communications in this country
...or have civil discourse or intelligent argument. It goes to name calling every time. That is SO embarassing to our country.

The "troll" name calling and other such juvenile antics/responses and the like. Embarassing. People should try and engage in respectful disagreement. No one will listen to you if you're calling them names like an ignoramous. (Note the use of word "LIKE", implying "similar to", not saying you are ignorant.) Have some self respect and do better than that.

And NO one was "attacking" anyone. Lighten UP. If you're that miserable, for God's sake, change careers.
If you are being hounded by a company called Technion Communications, go to their

website at the link below to be added to the do not call list. 

It is our understanding that many MTs are being solicited at all hours of the day and night by this company.

Check out Executive Communications. Typically, their products are more

affordable than Transcription Gear.  Once you click on the link below, click on Headsets from the menu on the left, scroll down and you will see several stethoscope headsets

I've gotten my equipment at Exec Communications. SM for link
Anyone use Cox Communications for unlimited long distance? Just wondering how their service is.
There aren't too many reasonable choices here in the Midwest, unless you know of some out there.  Thanks for the input!