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VOIP as second phone line

Posted By: crispycritterMT on 2007-04-08
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Is it possible to use VOIP as an extra phone line instead of investing in a second land phone line?  I'm going to be working at my mom's a couple days a week.  She has one phone line and DSL.  At my house I only have dial-up. I have an account that requires two phone lines with no DSL, one for dictaphone, one for Meditech.  I really hate to ask her to pay for another land phone line and was wondering if I could use VOIP.  Thanks for any input.   

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Anyone using VoIP (internet phone) with a
DVI or C-phone to transcribe, and does it work well?  If so, what company do you use?  Are those companies cracking down on transcription like the regular LD carriers?
Anyone use VoIP phone system
and are you having problems with connectivity?  We switched to internet-based phone service a few weeks ago and recently I started having problems with downloading the voice.  I get the report but without any voice.  If you have had this problem, how did you remedy it?  I'm about at my wit's end.  Thanks!
my concern with VOIP with a C-phone is
how is the voice quality? I would be interested in something like Vonage as I can take that with me and travel.
I've heard C-phone with VOIP works well (sm)
and a lot cheaper, too.  Forget the costly unlimited long distance and business plans!  It may be a good idea to have another phone-line as a backup for your C-phone in case DSL/cable goes down.
cable phone and VoIP are the only TRUE unlimited
I can't find a single phone company that has TRUE unlimited. I've used VOiP in the past through Vonage with no problems. I got rid of it only because I didn't need ULD anymore, and they when I started needing ULD again I decided to switch to cable phone and internet. I bundle my cable, internet, and phone all together at a pretty reasonable price. Cable phone works great and no problems with heavy daily use.
VOIP - If I am not mistaken VOIP requires a high speed connection.
C-phone and phone line
I have cable for my Internet so I have my C-phone on my regular home phone line and forward my home phone number to my cell phone.
Phone line
With the only company I worked for to dial in, I paid for the phone line.  They even requested that we have two phone lines, so that they could call us, if needed, while we were working.  This was not a requirement, however.  I had a second line put in anyway, so that I could get personal calls while I was working.  I was an employee at the time.  They did, however, provide an 800 number so that it was not long distance.  When they stopped doing that I moved my office to my mom's, where it was not long distance, but I paid for the line here.  I considered it a trade off to not have to drive the 35 miles one-way to work in-house.  I did have full benefits with that company.  I am an IC with the company I am with now, and I pay for the phone line and the DSL.  I provide the computer, and the company provides the software, and I have no benefits.  If your employees continue to have the same benefits that they had inhouse, they probably would not mind paying for the phone line, but I am sure they would appreciate it, if you can afford to take care of that.   
Phone line help, please if possible

I hope I don't confuse anybody but here goes.

Back in 1988, I had 4 phone lines installed in my home. 1 is personal, 1 for my dial up modem (also personal), a business line, and an 800 number which the phone company tied to another personal phone number-I'll call this number 123-4567. (This was the only way the phone company could do it at the time).

 As it stands now, I get a bill for the 800 service through Sprint, an 800 bill through MCI for the calls I recieve, and a bill through MCI Small Business for the office phone and 123-4567. I also get a bill from Verizon for the 123-4567 number (I think that's the one) that is a minimum $5 charge a month. I'm really getting triple billed for 1 line.

As of Jan., I want to disconnect my 800 number, my office phone line, and my modem line, but leave the 123-4567 line for my doc. MCI told me I can't disconnect my office line without disconnecting the 123-4567 number.  

Am I supposed to wipe the slate clean and go without any phone service then get new service with somebody? It's been so long since I had to deal with something like this and I'm so confused.

Can anbody make any sense out of this? TIA.

Is it your phone line?
Sounds like a problem with your phone line. What type of long distance are you using?
Look up your C-phone on line....
DSL does work through the phone line
I have mine through SBC. They sent filters to put on each phone line. Does not interfere with phone usage.

Since the modem is plugged into an electrical outlet as well, you will lose your connectivity if the electricity goes out.

You seem overly worried about no electricity. lol ???
Dont need phone line?
I have DSL but I have to be plugged into the phone line.  Do you mean you can have DSL through the phone company but just use it for internet and not a phone line?  Sorry if I sound stupid but my area just got DSL.  Im in a rural area and we were still using dial up until a few months ago.  My company, however, does pay for the internet connection $30.00/month.
and not the phone line to your house
We had a war with Earthlink over this. It was their responsibility to contact Bell South about the problem, but they said it was our responsibility (we have a DSL line). We finally dropped them and went right to Bell South. Everything was fine for a while and then the problems returned. The service tech played a hunch and checked the underground wiring in a hub(some green box about a block away) and that was problem. He took care of the wiring and the problem has never returned.
Do you have a phone line connected? sm
When I first got DSL, I couldn't fax, either. I discovered that I needed to have an adapter that plugs the phone line to the computer. It's a little box that has two jacks and the DSL line is connected to it and then you run a separate line from it to your computer and then you can use the fax utility. I will see if I can find what that adapter is called as I forget right at the moment!
Is C-phone for land-line only?

Won't pretend I understand VOIP but I know its available with my broadband.

what would the second phone line be for? (Sorry, my message got cut off before)...

basic PC/phone line
Windstream (Houston area) charges about $16 a month for just a basic, no-frills line.  That's why I hoped to hear if anyone else had any luck with MagicJack.  I got one, but something just isn't working right.  May be an OE (operator error), tho!
2nd phone line question

Unnamed national MT co told me when hired that I would be reimbursed for a 2nd line and that the line could be a cell phone. 

 I am hooked up to internet with Comcast (42.95).  I are being asked in an e-mail if I had a 2nd phone line - Yes or No answer only - and I am unsure what to type. 

When I did have 2nd phone line when hired, it was incapable of being used on my account (tooo slowwwwww) so I had it disconnected and got a cell phone. 



How to re-record off phone line?
Does anyone know how to re-record transcription off a phone line?  TIA
Dedicated phone line is what I was afraid of...
I just spoke with Time Warner and they do not allow you to have two separate phone numbers.  Right now all the phone jacks in my house are wired through TW, so I can't even go through Fair Point for one dedicated phone line.  Has anybody else had this problem and what have you done?  Any ideas other than give up on this job because I don't really want to do that as everything with this company "fits" and the account would be perfect for me.
Lanier & digital phone line
Does anyone use a Lanier with a digital phone line (not VOIP)? Anything else required to make this work?

WAV files are better. No dialing in. No tying up your phone line.
Sound quality is good.
for those running on cable with no regular phone line,
do you still unplug everything and quit working in a thunderstorm with lightening.  It's the middle of March, and we're having one heck of a storm here in western NY.  I'm thinking of braving this one and keeping working.  What would you do?
Internet service without land-line phone

I recently looked into this subject myself.  If you have Verizon available in your area, you can purchase a plan at about $55.00 per month with a two-year contract.  You will receive a card that you can insert into your laptop, which will provide you with unlimited Internet access at the speed of DSL.  As far as I know, there are no other cell service providers that have come up with this type of card yet, but I'm sure it's bound to happen in the future.  Another option is to purchase a satellite telephone and phone cards as you go along, but the cards are really outrageous in price.  One last thing that I would suggest is that you phone cell providers in your area to see if they have any technical gadgets you could attach to the cell phone for Internet access.  Many of the satellite phone companies have separate packages you can buy, which can be attached to laptops or PDAs.  I also have a TracPhone, so I know it does not come with hardware that will do the trick.


Good luck to you in setting everything up.  With the way that technology is moving, I'm sure there must be a way to accomplish what you want. 

Wireless router with your home phone line?
Is it possible to use a wireless router and your home dial up phone line so that you can be mobile around your house with a laptop? 

If you have a cell phone, why not use that for your LD calls and CX the LD on the land line?
so, you have dial up for internet? plugged into your phone line.
and your foot pedal has a phone line plug too? Thats odd, cuz normally it would be a USB plug. but yes, you can by an outlet to install, i had to do the same thing a long time ago on a different computer. it was called something like an eathernet adapter....you should be able to take the foot pedal to radio shack adn they will give you exactly what you need.
Digital phone line with Lanier voicewriter
Now I am getting digital phone through my cable company with the addition of a data line which is suppose to give me unlimited access for dial up so I am hoping that will work. Does anyone else use a Lanier with Time Warner Cable digital phone and if so any problems?
The Transnet pedal I have has a phone line connection on the end, sm

which plugs into a Dictaphone adapter which plugs into a USB port on my computer.  To my knowledge, it cannot be used for anything else, but I could be wrong.

Good luck!

Love wav files. No extra phone line needed,
no LD charges, and love being able to sit on my porch on a nice day and work. 
I need a ground line if cable goes out so does your phone and if you contact MCI they will give you
with long distance costing 07. cents a minute if you have to. Just use your long distance after 9 pm using ur cell which is free and on weekends. This MCI plan is 26. & taxes about 28. a month. This way MCI gives u the ability to call long distance during the week if you absolutely have to but for .07 cents a minute. Better to have a phone than no phone. Just a thought!
Sound is usually good. Separate line is better if you don't want to tie up your main phone all
I've been screwed over by the big phone companies too, but once you switch to a business line,
a lot more options are opened up to you. Talk America has an unlimited long distance business line for $49.95. I've been with them for over a year now. I also tried calling cards, which are an even bigger rip off.
I would check into a business line. My phone company offers one for around 55 dollars, with truly U
I am going to remove the LD from my home phone, and use the business line for all calls, then I will only have to pay about 35 above what I'm paying now. Not ideal, but the best deal I could find.
I could switch to DSL but the phone company charges 50 extra a month for being on line for more than
So either way I will have to pay more.  I guess no one else here is affected or concerned by this but the article said that other companies would follow suit if Time Warner has success.  The article said it would affect the teleworkers who are on line for long periods, not the people who just use cable for reading their email.  
The phone line has to support DSL signals. Most rural lines don't due to distance from central of
I think I'm going to try Vonage/VOIP, too, as I'm paranoid about getting back charged by a regular company.  I already have used Qwest ULD before and got a letter after a few months threatening to terminate (there was no 5000 minute limit when I originally signed on), but fortunately I just cancelled it and there were no back charges.  I don't see any minute limit with Vonage, but I have noticed that both the residential and small business plans have the same limitations which say things like continuous call forwarding (not sure that that is).  I know a lot of transcriptionists use it and seem to not have problems, so I'm going to give it a try.  I don't really know what else to do unless pay by the minute, but it'd cost me a fortune, even with a low rate plan.
I have been using Vonage and yes it is true that if your internet goes out you have no phone service but you can set it up quite easily to automatically forward any calls to a cell phone or any number you want if your internet or electricity goes out.  My internet rarely goes out and I have had no problems with my Vonage service.  It did require some tweaking at first but I love it and I am saving so much money over Bellsouth that I had previously.
VOIP and 911
If you are switching to VOIP for telephone service, whether it is Vonage or another company, please make sure your 911 dispatch center can find you should you need them.  The location of a land line phone and more and more cell phones (eventually all because they will all have GPS) will come up on computer-aided dispatch systems.  This is not always the case with VOIP.  When you choose your provider, give 911 a call in the late evening/early morning when they are not so busy, tell them you have a new phone system and inquire if a location comes up for you on their computer.  Actually, anyone who moves or otherwise changes their phone number can (and probably should) do this.  The middle of an emergency is not the time to find that 911 thinks you are somewhere you aren't.
I use Vonage and I have that same problem. Sometimes it depends on the time of day. Let me know if it gets any better and with what company. I was told that AT&T does not like to help with that.
I have VOIP s/m

And yes, if the power goes out, so does your phone.  Power does not go out that often.  I do have a cell that is a prepay phone for when I'm on the road, etc., so in case of power outage, I can use that as well if I need to.  Just think about it, if the power is out, your not working anyways...

Now I do have a generator as well, so if and when the power does go out, I can get that set up and use that as well. 

Voice quality is just like the regular landline for me although I know some people that have had problems with different services.  It is normally because of a setting that you need to adjust on your end. 


AT&T VOIP has been great! (nm)
Lanier and VOIP
I use digital phone with Time Warner for my Lanier account. I also kept my unlimited LD with Verizon as a back up, but use the digital phone service for my Lanier because I'm afraid that Verizon will catch up with me. Therefore, I have TWO lines, one land one (Verizon), and one VOIP (Time Warner). Both are unlimited LD, but if the cable goes out, I still have my land line. Hope this helps.
VOIP and internet - sm
Yes, the Lanier is plugged into the phone line just like your C-phone. The phone line is connected to the cable modem, so the phone line and your internet connection come through the same modem (I think...not sure of the technicalities). The VOIP is half the price of my land line with Verizon, and VOIP is truly unlimited, while Verizon watches the minutes.
I would go AT&T or Vonage VoIP instead
of hassling with unlimited long distance since ULD becomes an issue for MTs.
VoIP problems
I have had three different VoIP companies over the years, all at the request of my employer. I never lasted more than a week with any one of them and now I absolutely refuse to do that again. Had the same issues you have with the foot pedal and I was not using a C-phone nor a wave pedal. The audio quality would be choppy, there would be gaps where multiple words were missing, etc.

Out of those three different companies, not one could fix the problem, though they all acknowledged that the choppiness could be an issue "for some people". Lucky me!

Hope you fare better!
There is no way I would use any VOIP company
for dictation. I used Skype, and I used Packet 8 for home service. I have known people who have used Vonage. They are entirely too unpredictable and the sound most times is horrid. It might be okay for home use if you didn't call much, but there is no way I would use VOIP for something as important as dictation.
I have a two way adapter that is plugged into the phone line. One goes from the adapter into the
router provided by the DSL company and the other goes from the adapter directly into the phone that I have connected.  The phone needs to be connected so I can re-record (which still works for me thankfully).  I was wondering if I unplug the phone line and plug that into the back of my computer if that would work but then I would have to have work call before faxing and change the hookup after which would be a royal pain.  If you can give me another way to hook this up it would make my life so much easier.  Thanks. 
My employers forbids us to have VoIP because...
it fouls up lots of things.  Also, I have a friend with Vonage and we are constantly cut off, or it sounds like she is talking from the bottom of a fish tank.  She hates it. 
VoIP plans are the only ones without restrictions