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Posted By: dm on 2006-08-30
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Hi everyone,

My husband and I are going to Vegas for our anniversary, does anybody know of a good show to catch while there?  

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Welcome to Las Vegas

It's a very strange town to meet people.  I've been here a long time.  We can email if you want, although I'm not sure how to do that from here.  LOL...

Las Vegas
Anybody know of a decent hotel to stay at in Vegas, not high end, but not low end either.  I am going up there in two months to get married and really want a medium cost hotel, and would appreciate any input.  Thanks!
I have been to vegas and have stayed in probably 6-8 different hotels.  My preference by far is the Monte Carlo.  Love the location, love the rooms, staff is great and a great plus is - I always win there!  Congratulations to you!
Used MT Books Available for PU in Las Vegas

After changing carrers from our Home based MT business here in Summerlin-Las Vegas, we have collected a few dozen current and past MT and Medical-Word/Terminology books.

If you are having a somewhat hard time starting up yours, we know how difficult it can be and would like to donate these manuals free to a serious MT newbie in need if you can pick them up here in Summerlin, Las Vegas. 

Please send us an email stating your true need and aspirations for MT carreer. We want to give the books somewhere where they will be most needed and used.

PLease send the email by Aug 12, after midnight we will review what ever emails we get and send further instructions for pick up. Thank you.

I'm from Las Vegas originally.
My siblings go through new relationships every 5 years. They've been married and divorced at least three times each during my one marriage. It's almost as if many of the people in Las Vegas think nothing of marriage and commitment. I know it's a generalization, but maybe there are more fish down there to play with? My brother's wife just walked out on him after he put her through college because she met someone else. My siblings don't hang out in bars or gamble or anything. I don't know why they keep meeting up with users.
Better hurry to Vegas (sm)
Heard her say on a talk show that she would very much like to give it up because of her son. Then told the story of her son seeing her perform for the first time, as he really had no clue what she did in reality. He said he didn't mind sharing her with the world! He had seen her perform and the audiences response. She just may give it up you never know.

My fave's VEGAS!

Anything Vegas is romantic to me......

Go there and find the best suite you can at one of the finer hotels; i.e., Bellagio, Mandalay Bay,  Wynne, and then make reservations at some of the five-star restaurants - then top it off with a fine show, a few hands of black jack, a couple of Black Russians, and a helicopter ride over the strip at night, then if you have time, go to the top of the Stratosphere at their lounge and have another Black Russian.  That view is TOTALLY romantic!  

Whereever you choose, though, I have you have a totally romantic time!


I'm on my way to Vegas Friday! Thanks for your help and..sm
have loads of fun on your trips!  Nothing better than working from home and being able to travel, so lucky we are!
Just moved to Vegas a month ago.
Having a hard time here. I end up working all the time because I have nothing to do and I do not know anyone.
Las Vegas - a whole town dedicated to having fun! nm
Flamingo and wedding in Vegas
My daughter got married at the Flamingo last summer. It was very nice...no complaints.
Celine. I'd love to see her Vegas show.
I only started listening to her about a year ago, but I've got several CDs that I play while transcribing.
Have seen them twice (Las Vegas and L.A.). They put on great stage show. Tickets were under $100.
Thanks.. we love Vegas..get our rooms free and now you can pay like $10 for 24-hour internet service
Gotta love it..  Have fun on your trips too..
Angela, dont feel so bad..We have kids spread out from 25 down to 8 and they all LOVE Vegas. In fact
We take him to the M and M factory and there are a lot of different things for kids..He especially likes the swimming pools. Our teenagers love the malls/shopping and our 25-year-old goes with us to Nascar..So pack them kiddies up and head to vacation. You'd be surpised how much fun you could have. One year we took 4 of our kids for Christmas..it was strange without the snow but they really had a great time as Vegas goes all out as only Vegas could in Christmas style..lots of decorations, shows etc..