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Posted By: TravelinMT on 2009-03-29
In Reply to:

I can only say be careful what you wish for.  I would say the story is on a scale of 1-10 a 5 for us.  It is just like the supervisors that have never transcribed, a reporter who doesn't have a clue...well let's just say the picture doesn't come across like we would like it to.  That being said, I guess I should not look a gift horse in the mouth.  There is one bright side, there is a COMMENTS SECTION that you can add to.  Will someone please go on and explain we do much more than doctors notes and please, please mention the confidentialy aspect and the information that the general public does not know about going overseas?  Cuz this guy missed the boat on that whole aspect of the story.  ,  ,


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I am wondering if there is some reference or expert source that holds a QA minimum standard. I understand the industry standard is 98% or better, but is this actually in print somewhere? 
MedPen's New MPLite published!

We at Emmaus are delighted to announce a new tool for MTs who work in MS Word.

MPLite speeds along the actual transcription process. It works in conjunction with your MS Word, and makes no change whatsoever to Word, so your abbreviations, your spell check and all Word functions will work exactly as they do now. The difference is this: Adding MPLite to your work environment -- with its powerful template customization, patient database, auto naming/saving, automatic line counting and invoicing -- will shave hours off your workday.

If you work with other MTS, you can share settings, templates and data with them easily, and MPLite will even import transcription done by other MTs working with MPLite.

MPLite is available for a free, nothing-left-out  trial.  We think you'll love it and will be delighted with the time it saves you.

Best wishes,
Vann Joe Turner
Emmaus, since 1995

It was already published in June 2008. nm
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