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Posted By: Jacqueline on 2006-12-12
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Does anyone know what shortcuts program works with wordperfect 5.1?

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Word has its own excellent word expander in Autocorrect.
It reminds me of the old PRD
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
It is Word. ExText is the word expander
Oh, you MUST have a word expander
You could probably DOUBLE what you are typing now.  I'm not sure about figures, but probably close to double anyway.  There are probably others on this board who could tell you better than I, but you MUST get one!!  I can't believe you are still typing without one.    I use Shorthand.  You can try it for free.
Word Expander
I have the same problem too. I used to have SmartType and it was SO easy to use. I have to use MS Word and to get a SmartType for MS Word costs $195.00. Plus like you, I am having a terrible time getting things to back up like you describe. PLEASE let me know if you get any good answers. With SmartType, there were already a bunch of shortcuts in the program. With the one I'm using now, I'm having to start from scratch. Do you realize how long it's going to take me to get anywhere near what I had loaded with SmartType? MONTHS, IF EVER. Again, let me know what you find out. I detest this program as all I can think about is how good I had it before.
word expander, please help!
I am going to be working just in microsoft word.  How do I get a word exapander?  What is a good one?  Are there any free word expanders? Thanks
Word Expander
Can anyone tell me of a good word Expander to work with MS Word.  I have SmarType, and the tech guy even tried to add it today, a trial version for MS Word, but it wouldn't work because of the "dictation platform" our company uses.  He said the only Word Expander he knows of that works for our company is Shorthand.  Can someone please tell me if they have Shorthand, if they like it and why they like it?  I'm going crazy with the one I have is it is EMPTY.  There is NOTHING preloaded into it.  You have to start from scratch, so I will NEVER get one built up enough to make decent lines.  I REALLY need an answer FAST.  I am SO frustrated right now, I want to quit as it takes me forever to type a report as I have to stop and create a shortcut for a word in practically every sentence I type.  It is IDIOTIC to offer a word expander that has NOTHING loaded into it.  I have no terms to refer to, NOTHING.  PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!
You can STILL make it do what you want to do. You just don't have to go through the initial time and work of setting it up.

Besides an Expander is always correct. You don't have to stop and look up spelling. I don't understand what you mean by "your way" as you can take any expander and still make it "your way."?
What word expander do you use?
Can you add these to your word expander?
word expander

I use PCShorthand.com and I really like it; not only is the price $89.00 it has everything you will ever want and need for a word expander.  It works with MS Word also.

expander, but not MS Word
Howdy. When I was typing neurological transcription, I disliked MS Word type programs because of the spell checking/grammar checking. I basically had to turn off almost the entire grammar checking, and a lot of it still wasted my time. So I made MT Keys. I designed it specifically for transcription (while I was typing the neurological transcription), and it has ShortHand expansion as one of its features. It also has one-key features that send things to Google with only hitting one key. You might want to check it out.
word expander
I am wondering if anyone else has ever had a problem with Instant Text unlinking itself to whatever word processor program you are running.  I use Wordperfect and Word.  Sometimes, when I have to back space to erase text, or block portions of text to delete, etc., Instant Text just unlinks itself, or so it seems, but when I go back in to re-link it, my word processor is already highlighted, so it appears as if it's still linked, but it's not working.  Also, when I type some letters to expand a phrase, after I've typed those letters it will just erase the last letter.  It's really, really strange.  I've called their customer service and they tell me Instant Text can't automatically unlink itself, that I have to be doing it. But I tell you I'm NOT unlinking it.  If anybody else has had a problem such as this and knows a quick fix, please do share it with me.  Thanks!
Need to purchase a word Expander and wanted to get opinions on which is best.  Can't afford a very expensive one right now.  Any suggestions?
Word expander. sm
Could you please E me or put on board type of word Expander that you use?  Thanks. 
Word expander
I use ShortHand - but when editing it is not necessary to use it that often.
Word Expander
I would appreciate some recommendations on word expanders.   Thanks
Word expander
My staff love SpeedType.  It runs about $125 per user.  Has many options and is very flexible and eays to maniuplate.  I would try searching your HELP area of Word to see if you can copy autocorrect entries.
Use of word expander

I'm hoping someone here can straighten out my brain on this subject.  Please bear with the length of this post.

All my other MT jobs have been in-office and I never used an Expander before.  Since I'm now working at home on my own computer, I do use the expander.  I assume I'm using it correctly, but admit I was totally unfamiliar with one.

For instance, I have all headings, phrases common to just about any medical report, names of surgical procedures, names of certain parts of lab tests, routine PE findings, innumerable diagnoses, names of scans and x-rays, etc.  I have them with the first letter of the word (or first letter of the first word in a phrase) capitalized and with the whole word (or phrase) lower case, depending on how I need to use them.

I also have what amounts to near-paragraphs relating to, say, the surgeon's routine "informed consent" or evan a doctor's routine exam on a progress note.  And I have been using my expander religiously and, I thought, with good results, though I continued to struggle to make my required line count each shift.

Then I got to thinking, since I get paid by the 65-character/space line, how am I coming out ahead to get paid for typing "nloc" (4 characters) instead of typing "no loss of consciousness" (24 characters & spaces)?  Am I mistaken that you do not get the character and space count for what the expander inserts in the report, only for the letters you type to get it in there?

I do understand it gets you through a report more quickly and on to another.  But if you have a doctor pawing through the chart all throughout the report or one that hems and haws, how does using your expander benefit you in those cases?

Again, as I have already said, this concept has just been rolling around in my head.  I know all of you wouldn't give up your Expanders for anything and I know all of you aren't wrong about the benefits of using one.  What is wrong with me and mine that my line count usually falls short?

Now, here's the kicker.  Since I've had this thing gnawing away at me, I stopped using my word expander.  No headings, diagnoses, or any other things that I listed above as being in my expander.  I immediately began EXCEEDING my required line count per shift, and not by just a little, with no effort.

So can anyone shed any light on this before I go nuts?  Where am I going wrong here?  

word expander
i found that you can download a free 30-day trial of ShortHand and at the end of 30 days, you can purchase a 1-year license for $29.95...hope that helps.
Expander is already in Word
I use the "expander" that comes embedded in word, i.e., auto correct/auto text - after viewing the demos, I really don't see any difference between the products you pay for and the one that is already in Word. There is no limit as to how many words/phrases/pages you can put in Word that I am aware of - I've been at this for 20 years and some of my entries are multipage. It, too, is only limited to your hard drive space, as is Stedman's spellchecker.
I definitely use a word expander ...
and add to it all the time. I also save samples and make as many macros as I possibly can. I am also rapidly learning that I prefer certain types of work over others. I am full time, doing 5000 lines a week and I used to do more than that fairly easily, but now I feel like it is taking way too much time to make my lines again. The secondary account is pretty new to me, so I am just trying to knock their socks off when I do get to work it. I am probably going to have to be the squeaky wheel again and just ask to be switched to it, but I am not sure yet if there is enough work on that account.
word expander
I am freaking out.  Setting this home thing up is the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life. SoftScript does not automatically have a word expander.  Where do I get one?  I have Vista.  How do I do this?  Is there free ware?  Can I just make a million macros in Word 2007? I want my word expander!!!!!!!!!!!
Word Expander
Shorthand for Windows has a 30-day trial of their software. Personally, I wouldn't be without my ShortHand program, it's wonderful!

PCShorthand has a PDF on-line manual you can purchase with a 30-day trial of the software for $14.95.

I have the time-limited license ($29.95 a yr) which allows me to receive program updates that you do not get with the non-expiring version at $99.

Here's the link: http://www.pcshorthand.com/

Here's the price list:

Hope this helps you and good luck at SS.
Best word expander?
What is the most efficient word Expander to use with Windows XP?  Do any of them utilize the space bar to expand the word (I find hitting the return key takes more time)?  Is Smart-Type any good ?
Word expander use....sm
When you all use your Expander and put in abbr., do you typically put in shortcuts for a word or a short phrase or do you do both?  For instance, would do you put in a shortcut such as "fol" for followup or do you typically just do phrases such as "ope" for On physical exam, ?  I am just curious who does what. 
word expander
i know i should check the archives but i don't have time...anyhow..i need a word Expander that will work in bayscribe...does anyone know of one that is comparable to the word one?  i need one that i can use periods in, etc.  any help is greatly appreciated...THANK YOU!!!!!
need a cheap word expander

hoping to find a decent one at a reasonable price.  Please post if you have one for sale or have a good web site.


Cheap Word Expander
I have Instatype and I have never used it - brand new but have had the program for a couple of years. If you will pay postage I don't think you will find one any cheaper.
How many entries in your word expander and do you use it often? TIA
FLASH word expander.

Is Flash word Expander a good one to use?  I'm just trying to get my production up, so any comments would be great.


Thanks tonz!

Word expander for Linux?

Shorthand word expander -
Tech board is down.  Need to know how to stop word from expanding.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks
MT Keys is more than a word expander
I didn't like any of the word Expanders out there, so I made my own - MT Keys. Mine actually uses its own spell check engine that allows cool things like 1-key google. And, it's really easy to use. And any questions you might have, you can always email me.
word expander for radiology-sm

Any suggestions for a good word Expander for a radiology acct.  This will be used for radiology only.

Thanks for any advice.

radnet word expander

Does anyone know if RadNet has its own word Expander and if so, how do I get to it?

word expander software
Anyone know of any good ones.
SwiftText Word Expander
If anyone has this program, can you please email me.  How do you get the entries to show up in the main SwiftText Expander window?
Word Expander Confusion
Okay, I am not a veteran transcriptionist, but not new either.  I have never been taught the use of increasing productivity by word expanders, macros, etc.  I have been doing some research, downloaded some trials, but I am still very confused.  What is the difference between purchasing an Expander or just adding words to autocorrect already built in the computer?  What is the best program to get?  Can anyone take the time to enlighten me?  Thanks in advance.  If once taught, I think I could really catch on, but I am confused!!  Jill
Word Expander Questions???

Does anyone know of a Word expanding program, where at the bottom of the computer screen, you have options of chosing which expansion you want?   Also, what do you think the best expansion program is, and why?  Thanks

Word expander question

I like the Expander that comes with my company's software but I can't find a commercial expander like it.

I am trying ShortHand but the main thing I don't like about it is that it does not recognize when characters entered are part of a preexisting word. So if I'm editing and just entering a letter here and there, Shorthand records those characters, and if I hit the spacebar or punctuation mark and those characters happen to be one of my abbreviations, Shorthand will expand those characters even if I did not want an expansion there. I have to stop the expansion manually. For example, if I'm editing and change the word "proceed" to "proceeding" by adding an "ing," which is also my abbreviation for "inguinal," Shorthand thinks I want "inguinal" there and I end up with "proceedinguinal" unless I notice the expansion ahead of time and stop it manually.

My company's expander does not do this. When I add a character to a word, it recognizes the characters that are already there. So when I add "ing" to "proceed," it recognizes that I intend the "ing" to be part of the already-existing word "proceed" and does not expand the "ing" to "inguinal."

With my company's expander I can also go back and add a character or two to letters that are already there, hit the spacebar, and get the expansion, whereas with Shorthand, if I missed a letter in an abbreviation and go back to correct it, I have to enter the whole abbreviation again from scratch. For example, if I meant to type "tahbso" but I missed the "o" and didn't notice it until proofreading later, I could go back and add the "o" on the end of the already-existing "tahbs," hit the spacebar, and the abbreviation would expand. With Shorthand, I find I have to retype "tahbso" to get it to expand.

I'm not that experienced with Shorthand so maybe there are different settings in it that could avoid the unwanted expansions, but then again maybe not.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if there's an expander that will recognize when characters are already part of a word and when they are not and behave accordingly. Thanks.

Word expander for Vista?
Anyone suggest a good word Expander for Vista for not too much money?  TIA
Word expander question

I have a question about word expanders. I have been researching a few also. Can you tell me do they have samples of how to put in the expanders, such as, (ht-hypertension) or anything like that. I can do a few on my own, but would be helpful to have others to help me along with.

Also someone mentioned about backing up the dictionary. Does this also back up the autocorrect or do I have to do that a different way. I have Stedmans dictionary and not sure how to go about backing these up, especially the autocorrect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What word expander would you recommend?
Also, do you have any tips for building up words in the expander?  Any do's or don'ts?  Thanks!
How do you use Emdat's word expander?
I'm not sure how to add entries to it.  Also, can you convert your PC ShortHand to it? Thanks!
Updating word expander
I have lost my instructions for updating word expander. Does anyone have these instructions or can tell me where I can find it or the file in my computer? Any help would be appreciated.
Word expander programs.

Is it worth it to purchase one of these?  I was looking at Instant Text.  Anyway, I have always just used the Expander (ESP) that came with Dictaphone Extext, plus ctrl-R (normals).  I came from a hospital that would not allow us to add software to their PC, just what was already built in so I am not familiar to what is out there.  I work for a national now and use my own computer.  I was wondering if it is worth it to purchase Instant Text just stick with what I got.  TIA. 

Yes, it's a word expander--can be used with any program (not just DQS)

Axoltol word expander?

Some have posted that Axoltol has a great platform and is very user friendly. What type of macro system do they use or a better term "word expander?" Is it spf file compatible?  

Meditech word expander
PCSHORTHAND is the only one I have found to work with Meditech; www.pcshorthand.com
Three word phrases are all that I put in my expander.