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We just switched to DSL from cable, and it's GREAT! SM

Posted By: No more cable on 2007-08-11
In Reply to: DSL vs. cable internet - moving soon

We had continuous problems with cable dropping and absolutely no satisfaction from talking to "customer service" (and I use that term loosely). So one day, when the cable was out again, we called BellSouth and changed out to DSL and moved to Direct TV for our television.

Let me just say: WOW! Same speed with no drops. Love DSL. We'll never go back to cable.

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I agree - high-speed cable is great....
I use Adelphia and am very pleased.  They offer an introductory rate of $26.95/mo. for first 6 months, and were recently also offering a $50 Visa gift card for "joining".  The fee after that is $44/mo., I believe, but you can group it with a digital cable package and save more money.  I have been very pleased with their reliability thus far.  I went with them literally from day one when they came to my area, and at first the outages were frustrating, but now it is extremely rare for them to go out at all (knock on wood!!!!). 
My telephone service is VOIP, but it s through my cable service, along with my cable internet. .
We have had VOIP for about a year now and I love it. I really can't tell a difference in traditional service, except the price. One of the best calls of my life was to Bellsouth to cancel our service!
Comcast cable has ULD that goes through their cable sm
and there are no limitations. I asked them. They said that you could use the phone 24/7 and it would make no difference. The cable modem has a telephone connection and backup battery in there, all in one unit. If you lose your power, the backup battery kicks in for 12 hours I think they said. I personally was reluctant but it is clearer than Verizon regular phone service. Clear as a bell! It is $39.95 a month. If you have any cable service, you might want to check and see if they have this. This is VOiP protocol but I just have never seen anything that was as clear as theirs.

If Comcast has this, it is my guess that the other cable internet services either have it or will have it in the future. This is fairly new with Comcast.
that's how I did it, that's why I switched to
employee status (one of the reasons)
When you were switched over to VR, did they - sm
continue to pay you the same amount per line, or was that lowered? If I could do more lines per day and get the same pay, that would probably be okay (if boring!), but if they cut the pay back, then you're still working just as hard, for less money.

So, did you keep your same per-line pay scale?
I know this company. They switched sm
me from employee to IC status. I was told it was 30% off for headers/footers. It certainly is a rip-off. Cardiology MT myself.
I just switched to digital and it has been a big
headache! Just got another one of those heart-stopping calls .... um, the dictaphone isn't showing the dictation ... Yikes, where is it then!?! LOL

I'd still be doing tapes -- they are easy and no headaches like digital has been so far -- but for the past 12 years I've been driving three hours three days a week to pick up my clients' work and it was killing me. (I moved away from my town where my docs were to marry my DH - he was worth it ;) )

As for digital, for me I'm glad it was an option, but high fives to those of you doing tapes. Ain't nothing wrong with that! Money is money and around here there's more tape than digital to be had :)
I switched 2 years ago.

It was hard going from 6-1/2 hours a day 7/7 plus every holiday to 8 hours a day, but it just meant getting used to the longer days. My start time was the same, though. As I got used to it, it did get better, and now I'm happy because I'm making the same $$ I used to plus have benefits.

You just have to find THE right company.

I switched but still learning,too

I used SH for a year. To me, it was like AutoCorrect, which I used to love, but IT does so much more. I've been using IT for about a year. There are so many things you can do with it that you can't do with SH.

As the other poster said, check out the productivity website and you will fiind zillions of ideas.

Not an MT company, but I switched
job that I had for 15+ years.  You would be surprised how receptive your old position and/or company can be to the fact that "the grass really was green where you were".  There is no harm at all in trying to get your old position back.  It's going back with your tail between your legs, but you may be happier.  If I were you, I'd give it a try.
MTs switched to billing/coding?

Curious whether there are any MTs out there, or anyone who knows info, on going into billing and coding...

I'm considering training for that in my spare time now, so that I have the opportunity later, if I decide to pursue that.  Are there a fair amount of work-at-home positions in billing and coding?  After my newbie days, I've never had trouble finding MT work with good companies, so I wondered if billing was as widespread, at home.  I haven't found nearly as much info out there on at-home billing, other than get-rich-quick scheming.  Anyone know if the pay is on a similar scale?  Opportunity for PT and FT, like MT?  Similarities and differences (not on the actual job, but work issues like benefits, flexibility, etc.)

Thanks for any help!

Were you baited with one account and switched to another?

I worked on account and there was never anyone on line to IM for problems with my account and then there are so many chiefs in that organization and really the chiefs are pretty useless if they aren't around to help out.  I was very disappointed with the company.  The software was filled with glitches too and instead of instant help, you had to wait for sometimes days until someone could help you.

yes, i have asked to be switched to other accts
and they have accommodated me. With a previous office, they drug their feet awhile (needing to get other coverage)...but yes, ask!

I started with a second company once that also used DQS. Their tech support was able to give me instructions to retrieve all my shortcuts from my main job and put them into my files with company-B. No problem.

98-99% of the time my offices have worked with me very well -- don't hesitate to communicate your frustrations/needs and see if they won't work with you. Good luck.
actually i was in your shoes and I switched jobs. sm
I am a single mother and was not at all happy about where I was and no I didnt come on here and complain about it. Yes I did find another job, had to do without insurance for about a month, and glad I made the switch. I even accepted the job at the very same pay.

I think you are just scared to take that leap. i do have compassion, but when you arent happy about something, you should try to do something.

Whether it is to go to the proper channels with MQ and complain to them or find another job. It isnt doing anyone any good to come here. Nothing will change.

That is all I am saying.

It just gets everyone in an uproar and solves nothing.

You and only you have control over your life as I do mine.

I have one. I switched back to regular but still have the old one.
email me if you need it.
Has anyone switched to Verizon isp for faster

I have dial up and that is all I can get.  Has anyone switched to Verizon and gotten a faster dial up speed than the ISP they had before switching?

How can I get a faster speed on dial up?


We just switched from Dish to Directv - sm
Dish is slightly cheaper, but we switched for the following reasons; Dish took away our FOX NY channel in November because of some law passed in congress recently (we watch Nascar) which we were paying extra for (we are in VA), we cannot get local channels with Dish unless we upgraded dishs and cut down about 5 trees. I thought it was insane to spend $400+ in order to be able to get local channels. We had them out here a couple years ago to evaluate the tree situation, that was their answer. So we have just been without the locals as they do not come in very well with the antenna. So all our neighbors here have Directv without any problems or cutting down trees, and all with the local channels ($4.99 a month). We have FOX again (local though, DH liked having NY FOX because of the football games). I also did the additional room box, another $4.99 a month which we had not done since living in MD, and it is a nice benefit to have with the kids, DH can watch his football and if a show is on that the kids wanted to watch they can without a bunch of fuss. That doesn't happen too often but it is nice to have that option. I am receiving a $5 rebate for switching right now, plus will be getting an additional $10 off for 10 months once my rebate kicks in, so right now it is $56 a month, but that will jump to $61 when all is said and done. We have the basic pkg and HBO. I liked the guide and ability to scroll the channels better with Dish. But the Directv remote seems much sturdier (plus they replace them free of charge), with Dish we had to pay for any replacements at $70 a pop, we went through a remote every 2 years or so, the last time I said forget this and bought a universal remote for $10, still works great. If trees are not an issue with you then either will work fine, Dish is slighty cheaper but you own the equipment, you buy it. They just lost another channel of mine though that was one of my favories, Court TV, Directv has it though so I am happy. Directv you lease the equipment, hence the free replacements. I think if you only get 1 unit then there is no charge, but with 2 units then it is $5 a month plus the free replacements, etc. We bought our Dish Network dish for $400 with a rebate, so I think we paid $100 for it in the end, have no idea how they do it now though. Happy hunting!
I switched to Dvorak quite a while ago. My recommendation
would be to attempt the switch when you are not working. I quit qwerty cold turkey, and it took about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks for me to get up to speed on Dvorak. It probably would have taken less, but I had to take a lot of timeouts to keep myself from chucking my computer out the window. It was incredibly frustrating to say the least, but I am glad I did it.

All I did was switch my keyboard driver over and print out the Dvorak layout to post beside my monitor. I didn't get stickers or anything. I do have an ergo Dvorak keyboard now though.
I just switched to nights and found I like it alot.
I get a nicer variety of reports so I don't get bored. I keep the tv on behind me but don't watch it. No interruptions, no phone, no kids or hubby, although my kids are all out of high school. They still tend to interrupt. The dogs are sleeping so I don't have to let them out. I do open a window for some of that gorgeous night air. I only need about 6-7 hours of sleep, so I hit the hay when I am done and sleep for around 4 hours, get up and do a few things, then conk out again for 2-3 hours later. It seems to be working out.
When I switched to DQS from my old platform I honestly cant remember the name of it I took a rather
large drop in lines on the same account as did many others and yes people did quit because of it. Same accounts for years and definitely reduced my lines on DQS from the old platform as I said and never did make them up 2 years later. Have no clue what is going on. Actually I think the name of the platform was MT Shell.
I recently switched to DSL and now my Winfax Pro will not work. Has anyone else had
this problem and what do you use now to accept faxes through your computer???  Thanks.   
I just switched to unlimited business plan
in order to get their LD plan, I had to get their Complete Choice business phone line. Since I already had Ultra DSL internet, with all of these bundled, the cost is $140 a month (phone, unlimited LD and 2 DSL connectors). When I compared it to my residential plan with my 2 DSL connections, it was only $57 a month more so I felt it was a good deal.

If you are on your dictation system 40 hours a week for 4 weeks per month, that is 9600 minutes a month at $57 and average $0.005 per minute, much better than a phone card and no getting in trouble with your residential unlimited LD plan (they will flag you when you hit 5000 minutes a month).
I switched from Shorthand to Instant Text.. sm
and love my Instant Text! It is much smarter than I am though and I am still learning, but it has features that ShortHand did not. The support staff is great and the Productivity Board is also very helpful. There is a lot of information there and if you have not visited it, I would suggest you check it out as there are Shorthand and IT users there. It is www.productivitytalk.com.
I am doing the same thing. I recently switched to working when
most people are not there. I am working Friday to Tuesday and there will be lots of work, since I have several accounts and nobody seems to be steadily working those hours. I agree about working nights too. I will do that when the kids are here. That is the only way I believe my line counts will increase to the level you have attained. I struggle for work weekdays and during the day and could not get more than 1,000 a day. I think I will be able to use the strategy you are. Plus I can focus better when it is quiet. I also don't surf the net, or do anything. Just take an hourly break to stretch. Thanks for your help and answers, and poll too!
If you have not switched over to the new website for MQ updates call 800 dictate and get that done
and you will find that news on there.
I worked on INET prior to DQS on the same account which was switched to DQS.
You absolutely w/o question need DSL or cable to work on DQS. The searches and the downloads take FOREVER with dial up on DQS.

I lost money on line count on DQS. Same account different line counts per hour. Lots of people have had the same loss. No one, but no one has increased line count on DQS from INET.
I guess it depends on which office you get switched to now doesnt it.
Nope. I switched to Firefox months ago and LOVE it. nm
Three months ago I switched to Road Runner voice over IP.
I'm very happy with it. I'm on the phone for hours and haven't had any problems with them as of yet. We'll see what the future brings.
I used A Fujitsu Life Book the first 4 years, and just switched
And pretty much my whole personal life is set up on my lap top, as well, and sometimes additional software for other services when I've worked part-time elsewhere. And I haven't begun to use nearly all the hard drive space. I have had one minor repair problem years ago, and it was a piece of cake to carry it to Best Buy, who flipped it open and fixed the problem on the spot. Lap tops rule!
very unhappy verizon customer, i switched about 6 months ago
I switched from Shorthand to Instant Text and my experience was...s/m

I'm curious to see what the reactions were from those that went from SH to IT versus IT to SH.  I'm getting ready to switch from IT to SH and really need some input from you well seasoned professionals! 

I truly appreciate your time and help!

I switched from Instant Text to Shorthand and my experience was....s/m

I'm curious to see what the reactions were from those that went from IT to SH.  Were you glad or did you go back?  Please, help.  I'm seriously contemplating a  switch from IT to SH and really need some input from you well seasoned professionals! 

I truly appreciate your time and help!

I just switched from Instant Text to Smartype & LOVE IT! sm
I don't know which Expander you are using at the moment, but I finally made the switch from Instant Text to Smartype and the only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

I know I'm in the minority, but Instant Text just had too many bells and whistles for me. IMO, the Smartype is much more user friendly AND my productivity has increased around 50 lines per hour!

Good luck!
I switched from WP51 to Word a couple years ago
I chose InstantText as my Expander because it would import my PRD list and that was important to me to make me feel comfortable out the gate. Several of my co-workers didn't really like IT but at the time, it was the one that had the easiest import function and I *had* to have my PRD to type! IT's not cheap, but I think it's well worth the investment.

Also, I highly recommend Laura Bryan's book on Word. There is another lady who is a Word guru, Cheryl something (I'm sorry I can't remember her name at the moment) who is also very good. Basically these are MTs who know you have to keep your hands off that mouse to make money, so they show you the keyboard ways to do things, in contrast to other Word how-to books for the general user which focus on the mouse.

It's a moderately painful switch, in my opinion, but once made, definitely makes one feel more 21st century. :)
I switched from Shorthand after 6 years to IT and wouldn't go back. nm
switched to miniatures-stronger, more resistant to disease and pests.
and now I actually like them way better than the standards.
Anyone hear when the Warminster office is closing now that all the accounts have been switched to
Unfortunately having been switched to Amherst I havent found this to be the case. I am on multiple
accounts and running out of work and also no extra for holiday pay or weekends so if this is the way MQ plans to go do you honestly think this is better. MQ is pushing TAT to the hilt and that means overloading accounts as they are and of course as always when you do that quality will suffer for sure. So I have not seen this bright side you talk about and others have said the same thing that have been switched.
I switched from SH to Instant Text a couple of years ago and would never go back.
I increased my productivity another 30 percent pretty quickly. And you can still use your old shortcuts with IT. Browse through the IT Commands forum on Productivity Talk for tricks you never thought you could do with a text expander.
What a perfect analogy! Shoot, I switched offices in my own home and it took a good 2 wks
When work gets slow and you're switched to unfamiliar dictators does anyone besides me find it ha
Been at home for over a year now and I switched to night shift. I work for a national. Started out
working the night shift and sleeping in shifts during the day. My kids are way older but that doesn't mean they don't interrupt me. Besides, there the phone issue, more interruptions, the dogs bothered me a lot, too. Love them dearly but, oh so spoiled. It was taking me 10 hours to do what I can do in 8 on nights, plus I manage to get more sleep, if you can believe that. I still get supper on the table, vacuum, laundry, etc. So far it is working pretty good, so I think I will put in for permanent night hours for awhile. No sense in working 10 when I can work 8.
I notice you have Adelphia!I have it also in Ohio and am anxiously awaiting Time-Warner to take over and get Roadrunner. I've had problems and problems with it over the years. I can't get fast access with our phone company as they are not down our road yet (in country). You are lucky to be able to switch, though.
Anyone not have cable TV at all?

What do you watch?  It seems like the primetime sitcoms aren't very family friendly.  We just canceled our basic cable because they took two more channels away, Discovery and ABC Family, which meant we were paying $20 a month for TBS, PBS, and four free local channels.  Nobody watches channels like Home Shopping Network, QVC, or Government Access, so why do they even include them?  There's only one show I'll really miss, but it'll be out on DVD eventually.  Not that I even watched much TV.  The house just feels really quiet without any background noise.  Where's that Internet radio site I bookmarked?

If cable goes (sm)
Looking into Vonage and wondering about problems with cable if it goes down, not quite sure how it works. email me please about ur opinion
thanks much...
got rid of my cable, no more TV
for a year now.  Just watch movies from Net Flix.  Got tired of all the commercials.
I have cable and love it. Before we moved here I lived where I could only get dial up. What a difference. It is worth the money!
Ahh. Thanks. If that's cable TV, then that's why
Cable or DSL
I have had cable internet service and thinking of switching to Bell South Ultra Fast 6.0.  Do you think Bell South is okay too?
used to have cable
The vonage worked great but it never failed if I needed to work at night my connection went down for upgrades or someother unavoidable thing. I am sure it was my area because they were redoing all the wiring and such. Hope it goes well for you