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What's for supper tonight? nm

Posted By: A on 2005-07-18
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What's for supper tonight?
Can't decide what to have.
Chop Suey for supper tonight!!!
Any takers? YUMMY!!!
ravioli and homemade sauce here

Hey what's for supper?
I made some of that pasta mix with the veggies from Schwan's with alfredo sauce and garlic bread.  Cinnamon applesauce for dessert.  Yum.
What's for supper?

Homemade chicken 'n dumplins, stuffing, roasted carrots, and probably biscuits or rolls...and of course, sweetea...
What's for dinner/supper?
Meatloaf, baked potatoes, salad, rolls, .... still need something easy for dessert.  We have tons of strawberries.
Mid 90s here, going to Sonic for supper!! nm

The Last Supper was/is ALL about Jesus...nm

It's not a supper, but makes a great snack or

Meat Dip

Take a 16 oz. package of Velveta cheese and melt it in your crock pot.  Add to that one 16 oz. jar of salsa (I usually use mild, but you can use whatever you like) and 1 pound of browned ground beef.  Stir it all together and let it sit in the crock pot for five minutes or so just to make sure the salsa gets good and warm.

The best thing to eat it with is Tostitos Scoops.  I'm telling you it's addictive!!  I usually make it for family functions and take it in the crock pot and plug it in on warm when we get there.  In no time it's gone, so I've started making a double batch.

Once you are real good, you can think about supper, lists,
I know that sounds nonproductive and error prone, but it's entirely doable. The work can take up your limbic system, and your upper cortex can solve the problems of the world. I can read notices on my cubby wall, and never falter typing, and get it perfectly right.
No, just trying it tonight. sm
Hope it goes okay, I have never tried it.  It was on a special about Elvis' favorite foods.  I read the reviews and they said the cake was very rich. 
I think Ace is gone tonight
Taylor was WONDERFUL last night! I really enjoyed his performance. I was not thrilled with Katherine or Paris. I thought Bucky, Kelly, and Elliot did really well. I did not like Chris' song last night, but not sure if it was just the song I didn't like or the way he did it. So, all in all I would have to say that the bottom three will be Ace, Paris, and Katherine. Ace will be the one leaving in my opinion.
Ladies, what is on for din din tonight?????

beef tenderloin, mushroom gravy, noodles, salad and some fruit.  Then, a whole pot coffee while I work.

What's for dinner tonight?
I'm going to make three types of maki-sushi and wontons because I have salmon, shrimp and tun in there to use up.  I just love messing with the little bamboo sushi mat.  It's so cute!  LOL
dinner tonight
With fresh tomatoes and peppers abounding in this area, I have made some salsa and we are having chicken burritos with fresh salsa and fresh peaches.  Not much work and lots of good eating.
What's for dinner tonight?
Leftovers here.  I am not cooking.  I've got homemade cheeseburger pizza, chipotle grilled chicken, biscuits and sausage gravy, tacos, soup, sandwiches and salad that need to be eaten up.
Prayers will be said tonight!

Did you see the news tonight?

Hundreds of children were killed, thousands and thousands have died in total they say. I am the mother of three children and watching those pictures on TV of those little lives lost is very disturbing, extremely saddening, and is a very emotional thing to watch or to try to even understand the magnitude of such losses for everyone involved or to make any sense of it all.

If you, by reading my post, misunderstood my post, I wholeheartedly appologize. It was not my intention to have a "hidden agenda" in my post. It was merely a question.

Dinner tonight
Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, creamed corn, broccoli/cauliflower salad and Kentucky Derby Pie for dessert.  I love to cook.
working tonight
tonight dinner

Chingri Malai Curry


400 gm prawns
3 tbsp mustard oil
1/2 tbsp whole cumin
2 tbsp ginger paste
1 tbsp cumin paste
2 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp garam masala
1 1/4 cup coconut milk
2 tsp ghee

Blanch the prawns in turmeric water.

Heat mustard oil in a pan and add sugar and whole cumin. Add ginger paste, cumin powder, red chilli powder and turmeric powder and sauté.

Now add the prawns and slit green chillies and stir for few minutes. Add the coconut milk, cook for few more minutes and then add salt.

In the end sprinkle garam masala and ghee on top and serve.

So what's for dinner tonight? SM

I was privileged to be a guest at the first night of Hanukkah last year, and we had latkes and doughnuts, it was all about the oil.

For the life of me I can't remember what we had the second night.

I was in the Bay Area of SF and I'll swear all I did was eat the whole time I was there. And it was all wonderful. My friend is the best cook I've ever seen.

I'm going to go tonight just because of your post.
I certainly could use a few good laughs.
tonight's dinner
Spaghetti with Italian sausages, garlic bread, and nice fresh, big green salad! Jello with fruit for desert.
What's for Dinner Tonight?

We are having pasta with steamed veggies and parmesan cheese, salad, garlic bread.  Vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries for dessert.  MMMMM


24 was awesome tonight except
I can't believe Tony is dead. What a bummer. First Michelle, then Edgar and now Tony. I wonder who will be next!!!!
So... What's for Dinner Tonight?

what's for dinner tonight?
sick of cooking same old things 
Who do you think will be leaving tonight?
I think Kevin.
Elliot all the way tonight!

Tonight will probably be Paris
Dial Idol has Paris as the lowest with Kellie a close second.  For the margin of error, it could be either one of them but since Kellie has Vote for The Worst on her side, I think tonight will be Paris.  I was kind of embarassed by Katherine's dress. I was actually working while the show was on, and I looked up while she was singing and thought to myself "put those boobies away," lol.  I think she has a good voice, but she is playing the sexy bod card as much as Kellie is playing the dumb blonde card, although Katherine is a much better singer than Kellie.  I had tears when Elliott was singing last night.  My favorite is always Taylor, although I was disappointed in his song choice last night, and think he could have picked something better to have another magical night like last week.  Elliott was the best of the night and might have done better with the judges if he hadn't taken David Foster's advice on the arrangement of the song.  I think Chris is okay, but I just can't connect emotionally with him. He's never brought me chills or to tears or made me laugh or smile like Taylor has, or like Elliott did last night.  I think the bottom 2 tonight will be Paris and Kellie, with Paris leaving as she just doesn't have the fan base.
Thanks for all the help tonight.! I'm a different Susan
AI - Who is going home tonight?

I think Paris tonight.
Tonight's vote...


I've liked Taylor from the beginning, although as I stated earlier, this whole season has been a bit of a disappointment. 


Tonight show
I think Taylor is going to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.  I just LOVE him!
What's for dinner tonight?
I'm hungry !   
We're having that tonight
That sounds so good. I'm off to to grocery store, so I will pick up these things and give 'er a try. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I get so tired of the same things each week, and I use turkey meat in everything now, so this is right up my alley.
Need help with a recipe for tonight
At a friend's church function a couple months ago, someone had made a chicken casserole that had very simple ingredients, but was very good.  I could probably throw together what I think was in there but would really prefer to find a recipe for it if possible.  It had a cream-based sauce surely from canned cream of ?? soups...cubes of chicken....spaghetti noodles...and a melted shredded cheese and maybe either fine bread crumbs or parmesan topping.  Anyone have anything out there close to this?  Thanks!
I saw Lou Dobbs tonight.
Senator Dorgan from ND was on. He seems like an upstanding sort of senator! We need more like him.

(Interestingly, I'm a Republican, he's a Democrat, LOL).

Dinner tonight
Lemon-pepper tilapia in butter sauce, summer squash, and sesame-seed bagels.
Any op note MTs out there tonight?(sm)

If so, could you please contact me?? I am having a devil of a time tonight, and have not gotten a whole lot of references for operative reports, as prior to now, I have never really done many of them!  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



If I stay up and get my work done tonight, then I can take

an extra day off tomorrow.  It's going to be warm and sunny all day.  Then again, I'm exhausted and bleary eyed.  I feel like my behind is molded firmly to the chair.

BUT I could sleep in and have breakfast in bed served by hubby.  Take a long bath.  Putter in the garden.  Read a book on my lounge chair on the deck.  Have a picnic at the park.  Take a nap.  What to do?

LOL It will be interesting to come back tonight (sm)
and see how this all ends up, but the sun is rising and it's time for me to crawl into my coffin in the cellar of the Vampire Bed and Breakfast ;-)

Thanks to all who participated in this silliness; twas entertaining!
What's for dinner tonight girls?
I love it! It is on tonight- don't miss it! nm
Dinner tonight ladies?
We are having steak that has been marinading in fresh garlic, olive oil, oregano and diced tomatos all day with cheesy mashed potatos, salad and fruit.  Then off to bed early for a trip to Geauga Lake for a day of fun riding roller coasters!  Cant wait!
Want to know what's for dinner tonight girls
I am making that 20-garlic recipe from below with mashed taters and salad and some homemade bread.  Yum. 
Honestly, all I want to do is eat leftovers and veg out tonight.
However, we had contractors here working on our house all weekend.  They're good friends and did us a favor, so we're feeding them all after they finish up tonight.