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What's the best wavplayer?

Posted By: LH on 2005-07-29
In Reply to:

I need to purchase a wav player. What would you recommend as the best?

Thank you!

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WavPlayer help.
New to WavPlayer and need to put voice files into WavPlayer from e-mail attachment.  Tried dragging and dropping, but did not work.  Do I need to save these voice files somewhere else and drag them in to WavPlayer from there.  Testing for a new company and can't get past this.  Good grief!  Off to a bad start. Help please.  TIA.
Bytescribe wavplayer
I have a Bytescribe wavplayer, but it doesn't fit into my speakers.  Does anyone know what kind of speakers I need to get, or do I need to drag the foot pedal into the store with me to try it out?
and you should buy Wavplayer to transcribe in. nm
Do you have Bytescribe WavPlayer?
The best wavplayer can be found inexpensively.
Express Scribe is free to download.  You can also find wav pedals very cheap on eBay that will work with it.  I paid $10 for a game port pedal four years ago and $10 for a USB pedal two months ago.  Try searching for "foot petal" to see what comes up. 
Bytescribe has a version of Wavplayer that will

convert DSS to Wav files.  I use it so the voice files will sound better.  The DSS files on the WavPlayer were alittle garbled on slow or fast speed so this converts them to Wav files, which plays better.  You could call Bytescribe and ask them if it will convert DVF files to Wav files.  It does it automatically when it loads the voice file.

No, I'm talking about Bytescribe WavPlayer.

You are only permitted three installations before you have to purchase another license. This becomes a problem if you're using a second computer, such as laptop for travel; when you eventually have to replace your computer (as I do about every 2 years), you're out of luck after the third install.

Bytescribe does say that you can work around that with something called a dongle--problem is they don't advertise it and I didn't know about it after the third install. So, IMO, it was not money well spent, especially when I found that Express Scribe was free and worked very well for me.

didya notice that FAQ isn't on the Docshuttle or WavPlayer faq?
only under their general faq. I feel like they're hiding it to rip off people who don't comb the entire site to get the dongle.
Bytescribe wavplayer will play DSS files.

Does anyone use DocShuttle and WavPlayer together for their digital transcription? Has it worked out


Bytescribe .wavplayer will play the DSS files from Olympus.

does anyone know about a 3-limit install on DocShuttle, Wavplayer and other Bytescribe products? sm
they told me after three installs, even if I buy a new computer, I have to buy the program all over again, at $100 a pop. Has anyone else ever been told this? Sounds like a rip off to me.
How about downloading a trial version of Wavplayer from Bytescribe (or other wav player)....sm
and see if the .dvf files will work.   That could help isolate some of the problem.  Can you get them to play in Media Player?