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What's worse than an ESL cardiologist?

Posted By: Mt of Oz on 2007-11-29
In Reply to:

A gum-chewing, lip-smacking, flatulent, yawning ESL cardiologist.

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Did you ever ask a cardiologist what he/she prefers?
LOL!!! I hope you're doing a cardiologist.
I do have to giggle though, the report I just did was a patient returning after being on the token diclofenac for a month, he ended up having an MRI and he has a disc bulge and is being referred to a neurosurgeon.  Now you tell me!
time to find a new cardiologist!
If that doctor admittedly is more concerned with saving a few dollars than he is with the quality of his patient's medical records, then who knows where else he might be cutting corners - and how much he's overcharging his patients!

Your mom definitely needs to thank him for his honesty regarding what is most important to him and then inform him she won't be putting her life in his hands any longer!
Once had an ESL cardiologist who dictated every lab result done during hospital stay
and even the normal ranges for each test!!! 45 minutes long and of course it was a PRIORITY/STAT.. yeah right
Worse. Far, FAR worse. (no mssg)
got one even worse...
18 minutes of dictation = 42 lines!  After he spelled out half of the report for me and then said uh, uh, uh between every word, I wanted to scream.
It could be worse, but
MTs are hard to come by, especially good ones. Take a look at the jobs offerings, you don't have to sit back and take it. I would suggest you go turn on the news for a while and picture yourself in someone else's shoes. You have no reason to complain because you have options.
Believe me..it gets worse..(sm)
I live in Kansas...and top-out pay for the hospital here in this rinky dink town is $8.46 an hour....yes ladies and gents...clean up the coffee you just spit all over your screen...I said $8.46 an hour.  I have to work for a national to get more competetive pay because it's sure not going to come from this area! 
Yes, she is usually MUCH worse
Yes and yes...what's worse
I don't know if they still are, as I haven't watched in the last few weeks, but on Guiding Light, Tammy, who is Cassie's daughter, is in love with and dating Johnathan, Reva's son. Well, Cassie and Reva are sisters...so that makes Tammy and Johnathan cousins.....talk about GROSS!!!!!
USE YOUR IMAGINATION, AND I HEARD IT.  Doctor was not alone.
What's even worse...
It having reporters who consistently can't get one thing right. I'm the administrative/performance head of an Irish dance school in a fairly large community, and every article the local paper has done on the school has been, well...fiction! You give them fact, and they turn it into something that doesn't even vaguely resemble the truth.

Having taken journalism in college, I remember the adage "truth in reporting." And let's think about "fact checking."

Seems it doesn't exist any longer.

Though it is at the expense of the school, I no longer want our achievements butchered into fiction by the local rag.
For better or worse....
I'm not afraid to leave blanks.  I will try my hardest to figure out what they are saying, but if I can't even figure out a "sounds like", I don't see the point in driving myself crazy.
Definitely WORSE!
Can't stand Barbara and her scrunched up face that doesn't move. The football player's wife is extremely boring and never has anything interesting to say. Joy is okay although she can be obnoxious at times and just can't make the show by herself. Definitely don't want to watch Rosie. The mere sound of her voice gets on my nerves, not to mention I don't like anything about her.
What is even worse
is when you are being paid 3 or 4 cpl to edit a voice recognition report like the one you described. After editing VR reports for the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that, unless the MT is on a creampuff account, VR is not a big money maker for the transcriptionist. The transcription companies are the ones who benefit from VR. They charge the client for regular lines, but only pay the MT half the amount to edit the report, even if the MT ends up having to retype half of the report.
Lol.. oh man. which one is worse
I guess I'll take Sanjaya... or I like to call him Escalito. He reminds me of Jack's Black's sidekick in Nacho Libre.
Worse day ever

I feel awful today.  While transcribing using my C-phone and word..we had a power surge where the electricity shut off for only like a minute.  I was at the end of my report and thought it was saved...when the power came back on the job was off of my phone and I just went ahead and transcribed everything but my last job...had written down all my demographic info for my records and just glanced in my to send folder to see that the job was missing!!!

Once a job is off of my C-phone, even dialing back into the system and selected by job number will not allow you access to the report.   I was so upset that then on top of all of this I accidentally popped my last job out of my que without transcribing it

I feel so terrible!!  I'm still in training too, probably gonna get canned for this!!  I really needed the job and have spent so many off hours logging QA reports, saving templates, making shortcuts, etc!!!  I wish this account had a way to retrieve a previously transcribed report, especially for the Transcriptionist it was assigned to....has this ever happened to any of you?  I haven't been on an account before that you can't retrieve a voicefile...I feel really awful..overall I love the account and was really doing well...

Thanks for letting me vent.

I know of one that is worse,
A gum-chewing, lip-smacking, flatulent, yawning ESL neuroradiologist who sits by a nursing station with loud call bells and giggling women nearby who talks on a cell phone to a girlfriend simultaneously with dictationg. Yes, I will go to heaven. I keep hoping he will move on to another hospital, but so far no luck.
Just ask, The worse they can say is no. Then
yep, it can always be worse
Doesn't matter what subject you're talking about, it can always be worse and usually is for someone else. It's always nice to hear what someone else is paying for gas so I know that my $4.00 a gallon isn't so darn bad.
it could be worse
I used to think I made good money but that was before I had a mortgage and the price of gas wasn't through the roof... I don't know what other people make, which is why I posted below what an appropriate salary to ask for is... but nobody seems to talk about how much they are actually making...
It could be worse
I would love to know where you work.  I'm not making anywhere near that.
Yes, there are a lot of places worse off, but

there are a lot of places that are a lot better too. For the money and the resources that this country has, we do not nearly take care of business the way we should. Do you know that there are countries that do not have as much money as we do or resources, yet every citizen is entitled to healthcare by way of government paid insurance. Do you know how many people we have in the US that are uninsured? Do you know how many countries offer paid maternity leave for mothers? I could go on, but I won't. The US is a lot better than a lot of places, but we should be ashamed at how we handle things a lot of the times. America is full of a lot of greedy people, and we wonder why other countries hate us. Do you know that the cost of the president's inauguration party would have been way more than enough to armor every single vehicle that our military had? Do you know how many lives or injuries could have been saved if only the vehicles were armored better? Where are our priorities there?

I can always be worse, I'm trying to be positive
You could be one of those in New Orleans, then would the pay cut mean anything to you? You would be happy to be alive. Why is it that only what affects us personally matters? This is what is wrong with society. My husband took a 25% pay cut a year ago, now the company he works for is bankrupt, slated to shut down in 9 days. He has worked there for 35 years. Be thankful you have a job, or get a new one.
Very true, it's getting worse (sm)
We have lost against a monopoly and it doesn't look like there is anything that will save our jobs now.  There will be jobs for a while, but probably at such low pay they will not be worth doing.  JMO  
you know what would make it worse?
if you started typing 40mg and another Editor corrects you to do 40 mg. AW MAN!
gonna get worse

Check out this email I got:


Don’t overlook this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME CULTURAL EXPERIENCE!  Transcription Relief Services, one of the leading medical transcription services, is seeking an INTERNATIONAL TRAINER and an ASSISTANT MANAGER OF PRODUCTION for overseas assignments.  Both positions require a minimum 7 month commitment to live and work in the exotic country of Trinidad.  Great compensation package!  Ideal candidates will have the passion to learn a new, exciting culture while training and mentoring eager MT students or new graduates.  Both candidates will be extremely self-motivated and able to work independently, have the proven ability to positively and professionally work as a team with different personalities to achieve the same goal, possess the MT expertise and creativity to create training curriculum and the technical background to train MT students and graduates on computers and MT-related technology.  Ideal candidate should have a CMT certification, must have a minimum of 5 years Acute Care experience.  Previous training and/or mentoring experience required.  Management and/or QA experience a plus.


If you are interested in becoming a key part of a dynamic, growing company and the 2004 AAMT “Employer of the Year”, send your resume, salary requirements and cover letter specifying the position you wish to apply for to:


Transcription Relief Services, LLC.

Attn: Recruiting

PO Box 3136

Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Email: recruiting@transrs.com

Fax: 336-274-9502

Seriously could not be any worse that the lack of (sm)
respect we get as CMTs!! Seriously, we catch all the malpractic, flag it for them, and not even a Happy Holidays! dictated to us on any dictation, I correct that one doctor did say enjoy your holidays! I agree Applebees is looking better all the time!
example of censorship at its worse
was far worse than this XL Superbowl....nm
But we're not - and it's getting worse.
Things could ALWAYS be worse, but that
I think the worse are USUALLY after July - SM
Of course that doesn't mean there won't be any but they are usually more and rougher ones after it's been hotter for longer, etc. One more thing you could think about is what we did - book one on the GA beach or South Carolinas - it always seems like they don't have as many or as strong. We've booked at Jekyll the end of June b/c it is very family oriented there and more private plus less severe storms in general. Good luck. I've been worried about the same things
Ouch....worse than me...sm
It's been 10 years for me too, but I do occasionally manage a weekend if I work 14 hour week days.  Usually work 11-12 hour days.  I'm having a light day today which is extremely unusual.  I have 4 years to go and sometimes not sure I'll make it!
Of course some non-ESLs can be worse...
than the ESLs. Having said that, I prefer long reports because it forces me to type more. I don't stop typing until I have completed the report. I am happy to see a 4-minute report or higher. However, if it is a clear dictator, it doesn't matter whether it is a long or short report because I will usually forget to take a break and just keep typing away.

I agree - they are getting worse and

ER doctors are the worse and I'm not talking ESL here - talk about motor mouths.

Is it just me, or are physicians getting worse
with dictation. I transcribe several that use speaker phones to dictate. I think ER docs are the worst. Not only do they use the speaker phone, but that talk at a rate of about 150 miles per hour. Do they not realize (or maybe they just don't care) how difficult they are to transcribe. I really don't understand why the companies we work for allow this.
Worse now than 5 years ago.
One thing you might want to think about is that most of the bigger companies now use their own proprietary software platforms. All of them I have worked on have been big and cumbersome, one size fits all, made to do everything for the least proficient MT, and all have cut my line counts dramatically (filling in a lot of demographic info, no way to integrate my own productivity tools, waiting and waiting for the platform to communicate with the bogged down server, etc).

Good luck!
It COULD be a lot worse. And clients and QA are much more likely
to comment on obvious padding than grammar errors, so I'd keep my head down if I were you. Just do it the right way. You say there is no QA, but if you get yearly reviews or anything, do mention you would appreciate any feedback on quality that they were able to provide. But I'd rather work with somebody who is padding their reports a bit than somebody whose work is full of grammar errors or real medical errors like I've seen so much of in the hospitals where I have worked.
Best & Worse Response
I am pretty new at this, but the best thing I have experienced thus far is a true sense of freedom. I am not chained to the physicians' offices where I had worked for the last 5 years. I have not had any negatives--not yet.

I agree, too, and what is worse is when...
...an MT proves time and time again that they cannot do the job and fail repeated reviews, but their supervisor insists they can't live without them because they work nights. And senior management supports the supervisor rather than acknowledging proven lack of quality and cleaning house.

Yep, it was time for me to get out of heading up QA altogether at that point. I'm happy transcribing again. It's less stress, and I am making more money.
I find men to be just as bad, maybe worse! nm
just did, and feel worse sm
maybe that's my answer! My hands started to feel better (had CTS for 3 years), I felt like a human being again, and didn't feel like crying at my desk all day.

I actually felt NORMAL for the first time in about 10 years.

Thank you for your input... it probably elicited a different response than you expected! LOL

Oooooo -- that's even worse! nm
Problem's even worse

I didn't know what the VPN was, so I just connected to the hospital. Followed your instructions and upgraded. There were about 24 files for EXText Client and 9 files for something else. Everything upgraded okay. When I was done I double-clicked on the EXText Client icon and the system told me I had to upgrade and then re-run the program. I clicked OK, it upgraded one file, I clicked on the icon again, and once again it told me I had to upgrade ... and over and over and over again.

Any other suggestions, 'cause I'm worse off now than I was before.

Korean and even worse
I have one Korean with a speech impediment. It makes me want to put my face down on the desk. I have to get up and make a coffee every time. I actually need to "regroup" before I can transcribe his dictation. Another bad one is a Japanese doctor who went to medical school in France. Talk about strange-sounding. Makes you wish for an all-American physician until you get one who is a new dictator with pressured speech who whispers - who are they being quiet for anyway? Don't they know we don't have superhuman hearing (my friend calls it "dog ears" as in, "What? Does he think we have dog ears or something? Or the ones who haven't got (and never will have) the capability of speaking quickly, but do so anyway and trip over their words? Amazing!
Some mice are worse than
others, but avoiding the mouse completely is the most efficient way to go IF your software makes that possible.
Both are bad but IScriptor is worse - EOM
You are totally right about it getting worse
The machine does not learn, does it? Just makes more and more mistakes. This is why anytime I see posts on here afraid of VR taking over, no worries. It seemed to be very good when I first used but like you, the numbering all screwy amongst other things.
US dictators worse than ESLs
I absolutely agree, some US dictators are far worse than ESLs. Some US dictators take the transcriptionist for granted that because they are English-speaking that we are supposed to understand them clearly, when the mumble, or deep throat the mic, or whisper, or even when they act as if they are a auctioneer! At least the ESLs try to slow down so we can understand - as far as them learning our language - They obviously did, that is why they are called ESLs (English as a SECOND language). It is just an accent that we have to conform to. What is the difference in a New Yorker not understanding a Southerner's accent?? They both speak english - Just with different accents!