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What does q.a.c. stand for?

Posted By: Don't know on 2006-10-17
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What does VPN stand for?
What does it do?
what does DH stand for? nm
Oh right, THAT would stand up. nm
What does HOH stand for? sm
I don't watch Big Brother, but have seen many postings and all I can think of is house of horrors, lol.
What does ME stand for?
?what does DEP stand for?

What does DEP stand for?

So, is DEP different from DQS?


LSU what does is stand for?

What does OTI stand for and where is it??
I think it may stand for ....sm
Anti-American at times! 
Ah, I can't stand that either. (sm)

You can tell him a few things.

1. When God passed out the humility, he sure passed you by.  (He sure is humble, isn't he?)

2. You should only talk to people about your religion if you are asked.

3. And God sent you here today to judge me.

4. Is that all your church does it collect money and tell you to judge people?

What does OP stand for? Thanks. sm

I mean, when it is used to refer to a person on the board, like an OP asking a question, etc. 

What does DH stand for?
I'm assuming it's _______husband, but is it dumb, dear or ________?
what does DH stand for?
I can't stand it any more! :)

I have sat here in my little chair and quietly typed all day without a peep of protest.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I can hear the river tide, and....and....and......I have to get outta here!  Just for a few minutes, I'm going to go dip my toes, catch a couple rays of sunshine, and watch the kids play.  Actually, I think I'm going to play with them!

Come on, guys, let's go play! 

Try a lap stand.
I have an adjustable plastic lap stand made by Targus that I use. It keeps the laptop from burning in thighs and allows the air to circulate underneath the laptop to keep it cool. I think I bought it at Office Max.
BOS - what does this stand for
been seeing it for months and i have no clue what u are referring to.
What does AIR stand for?
I saw this in a job ad.  They're looking for Cardiology, Radiology and AIR transcriptionists.  ???
I, for one, stand with you.
We need to stand up for ourselves
because we keep making less money. But how do we do that?
I stand my ground. sm
There are too many other jobs out there to stay you are stuck in this one. I do dare to say this because I know this.

Think about it. Would you stay in a "crappy" marriage because there are no other guys out there? Gimme a break.

But, hey, if I'm over the line (as you said), that's cool. Not like I've never been there before.

I will say this, however. I like my job. Not LOVE, but like. That's the reason I do it. If I did not, I'd get out. Period.
I stand corrected........................ think
maybe that's one of the AAMT adjustments?
I stand corrected

but what does MTSO stand for?
I stand behind my statement and there has been

documentation to support it, but this is a free country and I certainly won't condemn anyone for being a member, I just never would and would never recommend it. 

I don't advocate any curriculum - I detest Abeka, but the websites I have given are a good place to start for anyone who is just feeling things out.  They can ask any questions and get feedback from multiple people, explore various curriculums, buy new or used, find others in their community who homeschool, find support groups, etc.   Rainbow Resource has just about everything ever created as far as curriculum, including what is commonly called boxed curriculum like Abeka or BJU where you buy every subject and the TMs, but also allows you to pick and choose.  I personally write my own curriculum now, but I used various curriculums and various modalities of homeschooling over the years.  There are many different forms of homeschooling too, from a principal approach to the unschooling approach and many others in between.   No one curriculum or modality works for everyone and one of the many joys of homeschooling is having the freedom to use whatever works best for your family.

I am not a secular homeschooler, but there are those that are and I would want them to be able to get the support they need and not feel isolated because they don't share the same belief system that I do.  


I couldn't stand it with a

I had a good deal too, free rent, worked at home, vacations to where ever and whenever I wanted, limos and NYC every weekend, could pack up and go back to work at my mom's for 1 or 2 months at a time for my "family" fix.  I just couldn't keep doing it.  I packed up, came home and last week my GD turned as she walked from my front door to look at me and say, "Bye, Nammy!  I Love You!"  I got a better deal after all

what does SM stand for that I see here all the time?
Heck I am an IC and can't stand it

I was told when considering the position that they wanted someone who could work at least 30 but closer to 40 hours since they had a lot of work.  I thought about it, and decided to do it, and placed my 2 little ones in daycare.  I have since adjusted my schedule so that one is in only 2 days per wk, and the other goes 5 days but abbreviated hours -but, I still have to pay the weekly rate plus the full day drop in rate for the other one. Not a problem if there is a lot of work.

About a month ago, it slowed down and we were told that it would pick up soon, as one MT was leaving and we were getting a new account.  I feel like we are fighting each other for scraps, as the volume has not increased and all of the new hires (I was the first in a hiring wave) are picking up speed as they get better on the accounts.  I can see from the company's standpoint where it is better to have MTs running out of work than to be behind on TAT, but its a balance, because some people are willing to walk away from a job if lack of work goes on long enough.

I honestly would prefer fewer hours and if I were not paying for daycare, I would be happy to cut back, but I just know if I pull my kids out, the long awaited glut of work will finally arrive and I will have to pull all nighters.  I AM getting ready to do this anyway.  The extra money helps us out, but mostly it is going into savings. 

It has to totally suck to be an employee and be required to sit there.  I at least can get tired of checking for work that is not there and decide to go run errands.  Even as a waitress, I got minimum wage if I had no sales for my shift, and the managers were wise enough to cut some people free for the night if business was slow. 

Good luck to you in your situation. 

Can't stand the thought of doing that. sm
My boys and their girlfriends all have their tongues pierced. It's so gross. My oldest boy passed out when he had his done and later took it out. Now he is into tattoos. I pierced my own ears and that was enough. I get needles every month for lab work. Forget the body piercing. On another note, with the way the kids and even adults are all into the body image thing, imagine what the staff will be saying when they are all in nursing homes, hospitals, etc, being taken care of by others.
I stand corrected.
cannot stand George!!!!!!
But luv luv luv Matthew.

George Clooney...ewwwww!!!!
I, too, cannot stand the incompetent....N/M
I stand (or sit) corrected! :)
My DH can't stand to watch these on TV with me, either, LOL
I worked in the OR for over 4 years, so typing the reports or watching procedures on TV is easy for me. Have you ever seen a nose job or tooth extraction? Kind of brutal how they take a hammer and chisel and just wham away, LOL.
Huh? I can't even stand the 19" - my husband has one
and I hate it. But 23! That's insane! LOL Only 17" works for me :)
I stand corrected
Thank you, nm, for your reply to my computer question.
I can't stand it when companies do that.
Making it correct is how the system learn. Leaving it wrong just teaches the system to keep it wrong.
Me too, I can't stand noise.
When you say "clicks" can you describe? I am currently using the Compaq keyboard that came with the computer and it's the best so far with regard to "feel" layout, but its far from quiet. I'm not looking for total silence necessarily, but very very quiet (laptop like) would be outstanding.

Anyone? Anyone? Ferris?
Not the OP, but man I can't stand that noise! Need very
I absolutely cannot stand
Time Warner. Had their cable as there was no other choice but when things go wrong they have the WORST customer service - 4 months of going back and forth and I finally had enough and went with DSL, is a little slower but better than no service.
Word as a stand-alone? SM
Could you please tell me where you can purchase this as a stand-alone? I have not been successful with a Google search.
I stand corrected!
Copied and pasted your search string. Had no idea you could get Word separately, especially the 2007 version.

Thank you posting that!

Maybe you would know this then:
Is there a reader you can download to Vista to view MS Word documents if you don't have MS Word installed?

Stand alone MSWord
You can get it at Office Max, etc., it is the full version and costs around $450-500. Getting it in the Suite is much much less expensive (I think about $90-100, it has been a long time) and is all you will ever need for transcription.
Can't stand the majority of them...

I have several on my account that just make me cringe.  One ESL tries to talk so fast she stumbles over nearly every word and says, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, repeatedly.  Another ESL ends every sentence like its a question, like a teenage girl.  I have one American woman who adds an extra ah-syllable at the ah-beginning of some of her ah-words.  Took me forever to figure that one out!  I had one at my first job who practically whispered huge operative reports.  Nuts!

I had another American this week that had me pulling my hair out.  She had someone else reading the PE and lab results to her in the background and then she was repeating them.  Drove me crazy!

At 83 I just hope I can stand up at all..sm

(If I live that long).  Picking up a male would be a bonus!

I agree, I don't know where I stand after
several resumes have been sent...........this is just not a good feeling.

Then if I hear from someone, will they be honest, will they pay on time, will it be a sweatshop? I'm really depressed.
I can't stand wearing shoes.
Sometimes I'll wear socks in the winter if my feet get cold.
SS....does that stand for secret service?
sorry, but I can't stand Shania Twain...

Management just can't stand the heat
You are one who seems to be spewing venom here. You are the one who needs to "get over yourself."  Fortunately, this is America and we have a right to express our feelings, just as you have the right not to read them. 
What do the credentials FAAMT stand for? TIA
Hope to see Taylor go. Can't stand him.