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What is the worst job U have ever had?

Posted By: RadGuy on 2005-11-17
In Reply to:

Mine was working at Wendy's - ARGH! I was always stuck on fries, and believe me when summer would hit that was NOT a good place to be - I used to come home dripping with sweat, smelling like french fries and burgers and my hair always looked severely deformed and greasy from those stupid caps we had to wear!  I never made the grade as an order-taker, I'm afraid. I used to HATE customers coming in cuz it just meant more work for meeee!

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Worst types for me are oncology and ENT. Worst dialect
definitely Arabic, Indian, Pakistani.  No problem with Asian though.  Of course, warp speed, mush mouth American dictation can be the pits, also. 
My MIL is the worst one too.

Her husband ignores her and every night they spend the evening with her in the breezeway watching some movie from 1950 and him watching porno in the living room.  He makes perverted remarks at waitresses, comments about the physical attrributes of every woman he sees, has made their 30-year-old daughter's friends his "imaginary girlfriends" (has pictures of himself with just about all of them and even calls some of them "his girlfriend"). 

Needless to say his wife has no self esteem whatsoever after almost 40 years of this.

However, she puts up with it and never says a word to him about it.  Then the nastiness comes out in other ways.  She's passive aggressive, mean, angry, frustrated and takes it out on anyone she can, which is why I just keep my distance.

Miserable, dysfunctional people. 

MQ at its worst could never ever
match the underhanded and disgusting way MTs and Editor staff were/are treated at HIS.  Colleen is a disgrace and the company is up for sale.  Former managers and CEO are suing the place .. give you a clue?  Run as fast as you possibly can away from Toledo!!
here's worst!!

whatever the complaint is... the patient will undergo bypass surgery!!

Worst job. sm
The very worst job I ever had was working in a crab processing plant. Yep, blue crabs.

Now, top that! LOL
Worst Job
Was this school in Texas? I worked for one like that and quit after a couple of months. They would enroll the students, get all of the government money they could and then these people couldn't get a job if they wanted one after graduation. It was hard to even get them internships. I think the school was probably bought out for the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium that is going in - at least it was in the vicinity of that area - you could see The BallPark at Arlington or whatever the name of it is now from the school.
I need a car in the worst way
Anyone know the best place to start? My 1995 Bonneville has almost died on me. The car is in great cosmetic shape, but the new tires, fixing a window that won't roll down and putting a new air compressor (I think) is gonna cost me more than I think the are is worth... so I'm car shopping. I'd like a Maxima, Accord or Camry(a couple to three years old) for a good price but not sure where to get the best deal. Anybody have any recommendations?
Worst Job
Worst job I've ever had was working for a private practice radiologist who was just plain mean and nasty.  In addition, he would have me put the new films on the board and clip the old films to the jacket but never even look at them.  I figure he was doing this as a protective measure in case he ever got into trouble, etc. that I could vouch for him that those films were made available to him.   And this guy was reading for a hospital who did gastric bypasses...reading serial chest films post-op!!  I was glad to be out of there.
Those seem like they would be the worst
Whenever I hear stories about abused kids on the news, it takes me DAYS to get them out of my mind and not to dream about it. Completely and utterly heartbreaking.
One of the worst
Look elsewhere, reach archives. 
The worst of the worst...sm

Horrible management, 90% ESLs with horrible sound quality, and recieved my last paycheck 3 weeks late with no response as to why.  They gave me gray hair.

One of my worst was
S O fay' jul = esophageal
Best and Worst
Best thing - You can pretty much choose your own schedule.

Worst thing - You have to deal with taxes yourself (which really isn't all that bad if you know what you should be paying quarterly).
That is the worst!

Living in a state called "Vacationland," people think they can just show up, both unannounced and announced, and use our place as a free resort because "you just work from home, you don't have a set schedule...you can still hang out and play."  I don't say anything, because I'm not confrontational, and I live so far away from friends and family I truly do appreciate it when they drive all the way up to visit, but it's really not that easy to work around. 


Did you know that TW has the WORST
customer service of any other US company?  
Boy, I'm the worst...
On a (good) bad day, I go for a walk, preferably 3 miles. I call it my 30-minute Prozac.

Now, on a (bad) bad day, with a lot of PMS also in the mixture, I'll hit the peanut butter and chocolate. I also find myself yelling a lot.

On a really, really bad day - kids, school, husband, bills, people, job, PMS, I really get toxic. I go for the 6-pack of Samual Adams Light and a pack of cigarettes. Sit out on my porch and act like it's 1985 all over again. I know - I really need to work on my anger technique.
the best and the worst
I used to work at a hospital that at the end of the year had the transcriptionists vote on the 10 best and 10 worst dictators in their system. The 10 best got a bonus, and the 10 worst got a lesson in dictating! The docs really got into it, especially the ones who got the 10 best awards! It was the same ones usually and the other ones actually worked to get in there! And the bad ones, with one or two exceptions, actually didn't know they were bad and worked on trying to improve. It was great!
they never tell ya huh... it's the worst
The doctor I SEE uses this system of EMR, no dictation necessary... and I believe the hospital I work for is looking into it, although we aren't told straight up either. It's frustrating. Should I be looking for another job or not?! I think it's only fair especially when MT is going downhill anyway. The people that absolutely love their job (I DO) but the ones that hate the complaining on this board dont see this big picture. It's not just outsourcing that's taking away our jobs...
they never tell ya huh... it's the worst
The doctor I SEE uses this system of EMR, no dictation necessary... and I believe the hospital I work for is looking into it, although we aren't told straight up either. It's frustrating. Should I be looking for another job or not?! I think it's only fair especially when MT is going downhill anyway. The people that absolutely love their job (I DO) but the ones that hate the complaining on this board dont see this big picture. It's not just outsourcing that's taking away our jobs... it's technology in general.

I personally don't see how the medical record can be completed if not dictated, but that's just me....
Softscript is the worst there is
I really had to laugh when I saw this. If you want to continue working for the worst transcription (and I use the term loosely) in the business, stay with SS.  HORRIBLE doesn't even scratch the surface.  Look at all the posts to yours - do you see anything positive?  Didn't think so.  Do yourself a favor and take these honest comments to heart. Get out of there as soon as you can and save yourself the "experiences" we've all had.
AT&T is the worst service, but what else do you
expect. It is all handled by those dumb east indians that think they have everyone fooled by making up American names.
Worst for me is anything with Musk in it. It
just starts me off. I have asthma and now lots of things that set that off and my migraines. The barometer only has to be a little abnormal for me to start getting a migraine. However, smells do the same thing though so far I have been lucky and can abort them taking Excedrin Migraine.
One of many worst jobs - !
- was a temp. job at an office where I was filling in for a lady on vacation. But the boss liked me because I could spell, and wanted to hire me in her place, and I guess fire her. (But I already knew I wanted to stay temporary, so I turned it down). Good thing, 'cuz somehow it leaked out to the other people there that I might get hired in place of the original lady. Everyone ate lunch at the same time, in the same lunchroom. Every day when I walked into the lunchroom, all talking would CEASE, and everyone would just stare at me. If looks could've killed, I'd be dead. It really sucked.
Rachel Ray is the worst!
I am ashamed to admit I end up with her on at least twice a week. She always says "You know me". I don't know why that drives me nuts !?!? Just does.
The worst report I ever did was
some years ago, when I worked part-time in an AIDS clinic. The doc started dictating on a former co-worker/friend of mine. Of course, I couldn't say anything, but it was a heartbreaking experience.
And the worst part about it is
I have never had an ESL doc that I can remeber that has said 'thank you'.  I mean they have to realize that it is difficult for us to understand...but they just don't care.  A little thank you every now and then would be nice.  Earlier today I was smiling because of the posts down below about thank yous...if they could just manage that it would make it just a little better.
oh.despise DPM also!!!worst of all.nm
In the Kitchen and it is the worst but

I purchased a pair of those earmuffs that people use at the shooting range and although I have received many laughs, these are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I use the little earbuds for headphones and the earmuffs on top and get some peace and quiet.  I also put them on when I do not want to be bothered.  I have in-laws over a lot to help with my 4 year old and we live in an apartment so these earmuffs are literally the best thing to happen to my work.  I work a lot of nights and would just keep my husband up if it were in the bedroom.  I really don't think I would want the computer screen staring at me while I am trying to sleep anyway.

The worst one I had was an OB report...
with the diagnosis of fetal demise.  I was almost bawling!  The doctor even seemed to be having trouble dictating.
Softscript is the WORST!
They do lie, they lie a LOT. They are real great about NOT getting back to you if you have a problem, or blaming any problem you have on your computer. That is another thing, you have to use your own personal computer, and then their techs get in there and screw around with things to set up your system to suit THEIR software, and I have had programs deleted by them without my permission. They treat it like it is their property and not yours. Never again will I work for them or any place that makes you use your own computer. You cannot get a straight answer on line counts, if you lose a job in the upload (which happens very frequently, a LOT of server errors) they tell you it will show up in the next check, but you never know if it did or not. Their follow up is crap, and they are management heavy and still can't run the company worth anything. Plus, the absolutely bitchy e-mails, cripes...better to leave these pukes in the dust and go elsewhere. And I KNOW what I'm talking about, I worked there for 3 years!
Yep, ER reports are the worst. nm
Yeh women are the worst
at gossiping. Give them the scoop and they've got a story to tell.
My worst ache is my jaw!

For some bizzaro reason I tend to clench my teeth when I type...I don't notice it until AFTER the nauseating ache settles in.  I have found that if I put a piece of gum inbetween my molars to stick the bottom jaw to my top teeth, I don't have that bad of a problem.  It's almost so bad I want to put a huge elastic band around my head to keep my jaw clenched shut so I don't have to worry about it.

No other aches and pains thankfully...I do try to get up and stretch a lot and shake out my wrists...an old habit picked up in typin' class from back in the day!

I think relatives are the worst ones sometimes--sm
I had to really spell it out for my mom a year or so back, to stop calling me three times a day and telling me to *take a break* because she did not like to see me work so hard. I really hated to hurt her feelings, but that was the only way to get the point across. I HAVE to work hard, to get money to live on...no one else is going to do it for me. So, I totally know what you mean!. Sorry mom, but you just didn't understand...
people 50-64 are hit the worst
for small biz owners for myself....(owner/employee)...and it used to be $242 around 5 years ago.....when i was in my early 50s.  EVERY single year it goes up but every 2nd-3rd year goes up over $100/month...and I RARELY use this insurance.....in July it goes up to $709....this is HIGHWAY ROBBERY.......I'm checking into BC/BS of my state but they won't quote for you until one week before enrollment!!  The have 8 million clients in my state and so I said - this would result in not being able to get through for that entire week to get that quote.....the guy concurred it would be very tough getting through.......
I'm sorry, but I believe that is the worst condition possible :(
Worse than critical.

So sorry.
Worst test ever!!!

I'm a newbie to the site since I've been looking for a new job.  My previous job was p.r.n. for 8 years after I worked for 2 years full-time before my children were born.  Now the work is slow and I'm out of a job. 

I just took a test for a job and I have to say that out of the 10 or so test I've taken it was the absolute worst.  The written test was difficult and we were told not to use reference materials.  Fine, I think I did okay.  They asked me to take transcription test so I started on it.  Out of the 4 files, 3 were okay.  A few blips and bleeps that were hard to understand but overall I know I did fine.  Then, I start the last one and I'm outraged that I took my time on the first 3 just to come to this one.  I understand no more then half the dictation, if that.  I ended up just clicking off my Word and saying forget about it.  I'm tempted to send them the 3 test I completed and telling them that the 4th test is just too unrealistic and if it is any indication of their work-load then they can forget about it alltogether.  I do not feel the need to be tortured in order to get a job.  After rewinding, listening, slowing down, speeding up, taking a break, starting all over again, I refuse to take this one particular transcription test. 

I'm sorry y'all.  I really just needed to get this off my chest.  I'm obviously tired of testing and at my whits end. 

my worst ever award goes to
a doctor I used to get with a Middle Eastern accent that was so bad the facility said we could send the reports in with as many blanks as we had to leave. sometimes you could understand about every third word. You would think he'd get tired of reports full of blanks but he never improved.
worst accents

I agree with the person who said not really an accent.   Those who chew, yawn and dictate while falling asleep are the worst.   the only Hispanic I ever worked for was very precise and even said comma, period etc. his words were very distinct but some of his pronunciation was difficult but once becoming accustomed to that it was no problem. 


I think a doctor would be the worst sm
person to edit our work. We have enough problems with them going along and "spelling" words and spelling them incorrectly. How are they going to edit something when they can't even pronounce the words correctly? Not gonna happen!
you have the worst attitude of any MT
I have ever encountered! Why wouldn't you want to learn more than one account? If you primary runs out then you have otehr work to do. Are you going to be complaining if and when your account runs out of work? If you are not willing to do other accounts now, don't expect the MTSO to give you work in another account when yours is slow when they can give it to somebody else!
the worst situation a bad
dictator on VR.
Worst dictator on VR?
I love it when the worst of the worst is on VR on my platform because it makes my life so much easier. Escription works wonders in picking them up whereas I would have to put bamboo shoots under my fingernails, push hard and scream all day, they are just that bad.
Cherrypickers are the worst. I feel
for you. Everyday I get nothing but garbage leftover work also for at least the first 6 hours of my shift. I complain constantly but nothing is ever done. Starting to make me want to look elsewhere and anyone who admits they cherrypick is lower than low. Thanks to you my lines suffer and that is not FAIR!!!!!!!
My husband is the worst when it comes to telling me I don't get out
enough.  He doesn't realize that I never liked the office politics at an outside job.  I never, ever did anything social with my coworkers.  He's an extrovert and a social butterfly.  I like people and I like to have fun, but I would rather spend fewer hours working and more hours with my family than to spend time in a negative office environment.  Also, don't most mothers and wives give up a lot of their friendships?  It's a sacrifice we make because there's not enough time in a day.  I still have friends.  However, most of my friends were guys before I got married.  Male/female platonic friendships pretty much stop after the "I dos".  The rest of my friends moved out of state.  And everyone else is busy with their own husband and children.  We get together maybe once a month.
Yerrica in Monrovia is the worst! nm

Rude and just plain mean, mean, mean.

This is the worst thing you can do, next to bankruptcy...

Any accounts included in a consumer credit counseling plan will show as "closed by creditor" on your credit report and will really pull down your FICO score.  Also, CC companies normally will not lower your interest rate unless you are at least 90 days delinquent.  They will then because at 90 days you are close to a charge-off. If you go 90 days delinquent, of course you have just damaged your credit.

Occasionally, people with a top credit rating can negotiate a lower rate, but only if they have a relatively small balance and threaten to close the account.

the worst incentive I got offered
Yes, yes... some incentive is better than none offered (to anyone who is ready to say, "At least you get one!"), but the worst incentive I was ever offered was when I worked for HealthScribe years back and they offered a 1/4 cent on lines typed for a certain day.  Doing 1000 lines, that worked out to $2.50 tagged onto my regular rate.  That wasn't even worth thinking about let alone spoiling my weekend for.
OK, what is the abolute WORST platform
to transcribe on and WHY?  Since I don't know if I'm getting into a place with a good platform, I'd like to make sure I don't get the worst platform.
If they assign the worst dictators (sm)
to only you, you will have the same problem.  The only files you will ever get will be the bad dictators.  The favorites are making a living while you have to work twice as long to do the crap.  It is so not worth it and I am glad I dumped services like that.
YES YES ! Same exact thing. On the worst day you can't even