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What platform does Amphion use?

Posted By: Just curious on 2005-07-31
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MTSO with platform versus no platform (big message)

If a MTSO advertises that the MT works in MS Word and sends dictation by FTP, does this usually mean there will be no demographic/doctor database and the demographics will not be autopopulated?


I got into a mess with a small company (got out real quickly too).  I was required to print out daily email copies of the doctors' office patient schedules (which were barely legible) and type in all information.  I spent more time hunting for the correct patient through pages and pages of these schedules.  Then I had about 25 pages worth of doctor's names that I would have to go through to find the attending, referring, etc.  A total waste of time as I didn’t get paid for that. 


I wish MTSO would give more information as to what platform they use (if any).  Proprietary software is such a generic, totally useless description.  Would they buy a new car that listed, "Car has gasoline operated motor?" 


And for Pete's sakes, why so secretive about the pay?  Give a ballpark figure.  Just say, pay is between 7-12 cpl depending on skill, testing, etc. Tell me if you pay for spaces, headers, etc.  It would save them time because I wouldn’t even apply for a 7 cpl job. 


Before I spend an hour or two testing, I need more information from a company to be sure it is compatible for my needs.  If the MTSO would spend a little time on their website detailing their platform, how they send/receive files, pay rates,  how line rate is determined (spaces/no spaces) employee/IC/SE status, minimal line count, whether work pools consist of 100s of doctors, or smaller pools with 25-50 doctors etc.   Having all this information on their website would save them time and the MTs time.   Phoenix Medcom has a really good layout describing pretty much everything an MT would want to know before testing with them.  I am just tired of testing with a company and then finding out the job wasn’t exactly suited to my needs. 

Platform versus non-platform (templates)?

I've been working for MTSOs for years now, using their templates which sometimes cause productivity problems (macro issues, etc). I'm wondering if productivity is increased when working on a structured platform, such as one that a national company provides for its transcriptionists?  I've never used a platform, but it would seem that all one needs to do is straight type onto the screen and the platform program takes care of margins, page breaks, etc?

Any thoughts (as well as companies who are hiring who use platforms) would be appreciated.  Thanks

Try amphion
Amphion medical solutions
The pay is a range from 7.4 to 8.5.  I know they have at least one account with good MEATY clinic notes!  Very nice co. to work for!
Can anyone give me info on this company, good or bad?  I just took their test.  Waiting to see what happens.  You can email me if you want.  Thanks in advance!
I just started with Amphion and they are awesome!!!!!
About Amphion, it is unfortunately
their practice to harp about working mandatory OT and then suddenly there is no work.  I will never work OT for them again  They always overhire, too!
thanks for that info... now i jus gotta wait and see if they call/email for an interview

thanks again
I would say Amphion. nm

I was offered an interview at Amphion - does anyone know what this consists of?  Is it just basic questions?


No - they are pretty detailed.
Amphion pay.

What does everyone think about Amphion's pay?  I was offered a job there.  It seems low?


I love Amphion. Have never worked for a better place. Everyone is very helpful and courteous.
Believe it or not, I make more now than I did at a really big national. I have really good accounts now too and that makes a difference in my line count. Also, they don't frown (too much) on overtime. Just my experience.
I don't mind the mandatory OT. For me it has never been a problem. I have great accounts and can average around 225-275 LPH even when I have to switch accounts. My supervisors have been nothing but accommodating to me and as I see (being a former manager myself) they deserve what they make and then some. I have been on early in the morning and late at night and my supervisor replies quickly if I have problems. I think, exAmphion, that it is time for you to move on if you are not happy. Amphion may not be a fit for everyone, but I am sure glad I found it.
Amphion does I know. nm

I just took a job with Amphion and was wondering if anyone else uses shorthand instead of EXText?  I like shorthand better and was wondering if it is okay to put it on my work computer? 

Thanks in advance for any help!

Does anyone think the way Amphion does things is time consuming - AKA demos/looking up doctors constantly etc.?  There are many shortcuts they could use in my opinion.  Just curious!
Amphion and ESL's?

Can anyone currently working at Amphion tell me if they have a lot of ESL reports?  Just curious! 


Almost never have an ESL for Amphion.
Can't even remember when the last time was.
Amphion and ESL's?
Do you type on a clinic or hospital account?
Amphion does not have a lot of ESLs, nor do they have a lot of work! They are over-hiring!!! We are sitting with no work. Rumor has it they have outsourced.
Would anyone know if Amphion is a good company to work for?
My take on Amphion
I am a black female who took their online test. I have taken several MT tests and always do a 'select all' and copy and save the test in Word. I started this habit after one site froze on me in the middle of testing.

Anyway, after each screen I did the above and saved all of my answers. The first page asks you to provide your race...I did. After finishing the test and not hearing anything back, I called a few times before I reached the appropriate person. This person told me that they did not have an opening for my skill set at that time. I was certain that I did very well on the test. I asked this person if she could tell me if my score was less than adequate or what??? She said that they do not release the results of the test...just that they could not offer a position.

The next day, I had a girlfriend log on to their test site and put the very same answers I used and we also copied and pasted the typed dictation portion...everything was exactly the same except her race is 'caucasian'. They called her the very next day and offered her a position. I'm not making any declarative statement about Amphion...and am the last person to use the 'race card' issue. I found this to be quite interesting to say the least.
I need to know anything you can tell me about Amphion -- QUICK!
not just amphion
From the looks of this board, and my own personal accounts, things are slow just about all over! I pray it picks up soon!
Amphion does

Amphion does....
Amphion employees qualify for benefits whether they are PT or FT as long as you meet the line requirement for benefits.

No but Amphion does.
It's a good place to work.
Amphion (sm)
seemed to be mainly progress notes (told 70% of their work is that), and they didn't need people much on eves or weekends, when I work. Why the recruiter didn't tell me all this, I dunno. Pay was very, very low for the progress report work. Strict schedule enforcement. And they make you pay to ship you the computer. Neither of the 2 checks I received was correct.
What do we know about this company?  Thanks in advance.
Amphion sent us something. SM
We got our own CD copy of 2006 Quick Look Drug Reference that we can load on any computer! They also sent us a very nice letter and an Amphion note pad.
Based in Madison
Amphion OT
Anyone else getting tired of the mandatory 1 hour every day.  It is getting to be a bit much.  I do not want to get burned out again this summer.  Have to start thinking of other options I guess.  We need a break.  I know I should not complain as there are some of you out there with no work but every single day.  Last year it was 4 months in a row.  I refuse to do that again.
Don't know of anyone who works there other than what I have heard indirectly.

Given them a call. Look up the number online.
Amphion offers mentoring programs.  Check it out, they're a great company.  Good luck in your MT career!
Amphion hires PT. nm

Amphion pay scale

Can anybody tell me what pay scale is at Amphion? Just curious about them because they have clinic but not sure about how it would balance since it looks like they require computer rent and internet expense. What kind of clinic work do they have? Is it just letters and short notes or more meaty clinic stuff, like neurology consults or things like that? Oh, and do they require a schedule set in stone or do you have any flexibility in getting lines in? TIA

Amphion Test
Has anyone taken the on-line test for this company?  If so, and you don't mind sharing the info - can you tell me what it consists of?  Been with the same company for many, many years and very nervous about taking a test. 
Amphion test
There was the general non-medical related "punctuation and word usage test", there was the medical terminology test (multiple choice, what's wrong with this sentence, etc.), there was transcription of 2 dictations - one of which was easy and the other was a little more difficult but not bad at all.

Amphion's a wonderful company to work for. I hope you decide to give them a try, especially if you're unhappy where you currently work.
Amphion - best company ever!
Third vote for Amphion here!
Not at Amphion. Their accounts are the best!!
Another vote for Amphion--
so far, quite good. I've had the same account since I started. Nice equipment, good tech support (which I've only needed once), and calm staff who leave you alone to work during the day. They're definitely worth considering.
Amphion higher-ups
From what I have heard, there is one by the name of karen clay who harrasses MTs about line counts constantly -- even those left in ruins by Katrina!
Amphion princesses
Jane and Cindy already know about the problem.  So far the only "humans" there with any kind of heart at all are Lori Boomsma and their recruiter, I forgot her name.  There is another employee with cancer who they are trying pin down because she "can't pull her weight" because she is having chemo!  What gives!  Just because life throws you a curve ball, you're out I guess
is execuscribe and amphion the same?
just wondering because their website for appliing look very similar to one another
amphion and execuscribe
sorry i meant mxsecure and Amphion (not amphion and execuscribe)
From what I see Amphion is out of WI and mxsecure out of AZ. nm