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Whatcha get?

Posted By: KYMT on 2006-05-11
In Reply to: I got a REAL present for MT week from my part time employer. I love it! - Holey Moley

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I know whatcha mean
I worked for a neurologist. People would come in complaining about not feeling good and having difficulties sleeping.

Then in the H&P we find out why: Smoke 1-1/2 packs a day; drinks 4-6 glasses of tea and 4-5 cokes a day; drinks a 6-pack daily and a 30-pack on the weekends; is 75 pounds overweight; doesn't exercise; watches TV until 2 a.m.

I always wanted to tell 'em: You're at the wrong doctor's office, you do-do! You need to be at the psych's office! LOL

I know whatcha mean!
A co-working of mine used to refer to this phenomenon as "trying to type with gorilla gloves on"...lol I can see it now! It really does seem like there is a disconnect between our brains and our fingers sometimes doesn't it?
Whatcha got? Pay? Benefits? SM

How does your deal work?

Don't know. Whatcha having and what time should I be there? nm
So, whatcha doin now?
I've been thinking about a career change...but not sure...what are you doing now, if you don't mind my asking?
MODERATOR-Whatcha think????
Can we do it? I think it would be great to have support from fellow MTs. We all listen to reports all day about people who need to get healthier, we need to hold ourselves to that too!
Good luck to you..whatcha doin' now?
Whatcha wearing and who you're emailing

I had read someone's complaints about complaining yesterday, while browing the board.  I got an email from one of my girlfriends just now, telling me she had been called in for receiving too many emails and given a 90 day verbal warning.  I used to work for a company that told me I made too many personal phone calls and worried I was not dressed professionally enough.  I used to have to pick up the CEO's cleaning and make sure all the buttons were on his shirts and there were no wrinkles.  Filling him a pitcher of water on his desk and leaving no fingerprints on a glass to go with it.  Let's remember that, today, as we sit in our sweats, being comfortable, or if the phone rings and we visit for 10 minutes, or if we get a cute email and want to send it to friends.  No boss towering over us......at least in our home. 

Curiosity piqued.....whatcha excited 'bout??? nm
Whatcha wanna bet these not so long lived jobs are the same few companies?