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Whatever you find, I would recommend sm

Posted By: CATS on 2005-12-07
In Reply to: off topic...need help with cat problem..sm - anon

staying away from Hartz Mountain products.  Lots of cats allegedly have had bad side-effects or worse from HM.  One of my cats could not tolerate their flea collars years ago.

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Wish Escription would mention that when they recommend the adapters or just recommend the one. nm

go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
I find most of my abbreviations here. Scroll all the way down until you find the abbreviation box.
I would recommend this sm
Call and ask how many characters define a line. They should be able to tell you how many characters they consider a line. Most companies usually pay a gross line and characterize it as no more than 72 characters to a line. I hope I explained this correctly, but you really do need to call and ask the company who made you the offer. Then you will have your answer.
I would not recommend...
Breitner. They do not pay for headers/footers, you do not have any way of keeping your line count, etc., etc.
I love my Dyson!!  Absolutely love it.   Have had it for a year and it is great at picking up cat hair, etc.
if you are new, I recommend
The Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini & Lorenzini Ley. Try to get the latest edition. It is worth it if you are new as you can look up part of a phrase and ideas of what the rest of the phrase could be.

Also, if you are into CD versions, I like the Dorlands Medical Dictionary. It is cheap, too.

The Surgical Word Book is a must, I think, if you do op notes.

Good luck to you!
May I recommend
a STEDMANS reference book on pathology and virology, allergies, immunology?

Why does nobody recommend sm

that the MT get concrete examples of contradictory QA to present to her supervisor?  Continuing to work until July 18 without at least doing that seems like a waste of time.

I would recommend
getting your own wav player (or knowing how to use something like ExpressScribe).  Also, it might be a good idea to have your own line counting software.  Other than that, it really does depend on the account and what they use.  Good luck!
Although you state you would never recommend
a company you work for, you are indirectly recommending them when you question a particular MTs experience with that company and go on to state your positive take on it. I believe that MTs' loyalties should to be one another and not the MTSOs, and that we should do everything we can to support and encourage one another. It's not easy these days being an at-home MT, so let's pull together.
I have no experience with MD, but I would recommend a
genetics consultation for your daughter.  My SIL went through a similar situation with a condition that runs in her family.  The males go blind and pass away early.  I can't remember what it was, but they had to see a geneticist to see if she passed it on to her kids.
It's awful. I'd never recommend it.
I would also like to know what others would recommend on this same question sm.
I work for three physicians right now and use the small microcassettes which I pick up twice a week.  I live about 30 miles away.  They asked me to research and give them a price on how we could set up a digital system.  I am just starting to investigate this and I am thoroughly confused.  Thanks.
I recommend Etrans too
Very good dictators on the account I was on and where they need the most help.  I only left because I wanted an editing job with less typing.  Good luck!
I wouldn't recommend it...

I started out in court reporting school and switched to MT when I got pregnant.  VR is also playing a big factor in the court reporting field right now.  They have stenomask reporters who wear a mask and repeat into the mask everything that is said during the court proceeding, and VR translates it.  Court reporters currently make anywhere from 40K to 80K per year, but stenomask reporters only make about 20K per year. The military has switched to using stenomask reporters and many courts are also leaning in that direction because of the cost savings. 

The steno machine is also very difficult to learn.  Most court reporting schools say you can learn it in 2 years, but the average court reporting student takes 4 to 5 years to master it. 

Absolutely recommend this
Tips n Techniques

Highly recommend M-TEC!!
I had job offers right out of school with a number of companies. Their training was right on. The support you get from them is terrific. I have also personally met both Kathy and Susan who, in addition to being great instructors, are also very nice ladies! Go for it and be prepared to work hard! :-)
I recommend the SUM program

from Health Professions Inst.  www.hpisum.com - it's a bit pricey but you get actual dictation to practice on and I think you can get it in modules to spread the cost out a bit. 

PS I have no connection with this company, just like their products.

I'd recommend getting CMP and other blood
tests and going from there.  If you get a physical and they do the blood work, should be covered under insurance. 
I highly recommend
you quit leaching and GET YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS, this way you'll get what you feel you're worth, okay?  I know you expect this and expect that, and there are posters here who think what you're asking for is totally within line and shame on ANY MTSOs who won't accommodate YOU!  To that end I say, E-MAIL THEM and fill out a job application, and have THEM pay you the executive wages you expect.  Yeah, like they're really going to.  Gheesh!  And don't worry, I wouldn't hire you on a bet.  I'm looking to and intend to make money, not lose it on a SC who's got delusions of grandeur!
from thebigday.com...they recommend...sm
Never mention wedding gifts in the wording of your wedding invitations. Nowadays, the inclusion of a card or two letting guests know where you're registered is generally considered just fine-but never print a request for "Cash Gifts" or "No Gifts."

Having said that, here's what we recommend: create a wedding website, and tell your guests about that, not your registry. Telling people about your registry directly is essentially telling them to buy you a gift, and that's a little too pushy. Tell them about your wedding website instead--they'll find the registry link there.

You can gracefully tell people about your wedding website through e-postcards (with a link to your wedding website), or printed announcement cards (that announce your wedding website...we offer them for free).

Even if you really don't want any gifts, it's inappropriate to mention it. People want to give you a token of their affection & they'll do just that, no matter how much you protest. If you really don't want anything for yourselves, create registry items for small donations to a charity that means something special to the two of you.

You might find our article on registry realities helpful as well.
I highly recommend WW

I do WW on line and love it. However, some people really need the meeting support to stay on track. I lost all my weight on line, about 40 pounds, with the last 10 by joining local meetings for three months just so I could achieve "Lifetime Status", which I did. You never have to pay for any meetings after reaching your goal/Lifetime unless you go over your goal by 2# and you must weigh-in at least once a month. By achieving lifetime, you get a discount for your on-line subscription/E-tools. E-tools and the support of the forums keeps me on track and accountable so far. I have maintained for a couple months now after achieving my goal.

I don't see it as a "diet" either. It a change of lifestyle. I eat differently and do not plan to go back to my unhealthy eating style. You can eat anything you want too as long as you plan for it and/or account for it in your weekly points. Believe me, I feel if you have the desire and stick to the program, WW can work! :) My cholesterol levels are all WNL for the first time in many, many years too. :D

Best wishes.

Can anyone recommend a TASP out there?
I am trying to decide which company to use. I am looking for reasonable cost and good quality.  Thanks in advance! 
What MT schools can you recommend?

I am about to see my voc rehab counselor.  I have some information about schools for MT, but would like some input.

What schools would you recommend?  I would like to hear from people who have worked as MT's for more than 5 years and are successful and satisfied with their work.


I would not recommend berber. (sm)
Berber has loops that can catch on animals nails. Not only could it hurt your pet, but it could also cause a serious run in the carpet. Berber is also harder to clean because of the loops. I remember that the textured kind where some strings are more wound and others are straighter is not a good idea either. The sales people report it doesn't wear well. I'd get something durable (twisted fibers) in some medium tone of a brown or taupe so it will show as little dirt as possible.
Does any one use a VR program they would recommend?


I wouldn't recommend it,
pay is lower than ever. You would never make what you probably expect. Its like sweatshop work. I would say $16/hr is about the median.
When I first started out this was a very respected career, not anymore.
could someone recommend keyboard
need ergonomic and inexpensive one preferably a quiet one.  TIA
Recommend HIPPO through sm
SPi is but they recommend against upgrading
Several different tech support people with SPi have told me NOT to upgrade to Vista as it has a LOT of bugs and issues; they all said that our software (ChartNet) is compatible but that they recommend NOT upgrading to it as it will cause all sorts of problems.
I recommend this book as well.
I have owned all three editions over the years. Each time I gave the old one to someone interested in the field. Even for the latest edition, some of the information is outdated, but it covers most issues very well.
HP is the LAST brand I would recommend!! sm

I have had an HP desktop, which gave me occasional problems, but nothing big.  i got an HP laptop last year, and it has been one headache after another.  First the wireless connection died, I have had to do a major system restore, I have had to send it in to HP for service, and it still doesn't work right.  OTOH, DH bought a Gateway laptop this year that is pretty much the same as mine as far as specs,  and he hasn't had a bit of trouble with his.  I would recommend either a Gateway or a Toshiba. 

Thanks SnowBunny... which one do you recommend? NM
While I cannot recommend one particular player, (sm)
I can tell you this. The quality of the DAC (digital-to-analog converter)is PARAMOUNT when assessing sound quality. Sound is contingent on the attributes & quality of: 1)the digital file, 2)the DAC chip***; 3)amount of distortion and other interference from the device's other circuitry, and 4)the audio output level of your headphones and/or speakers. Take ALL of the above factors into consideration when asking a recruiter about what player they utilize. Good Luck.
Definitely recommend second monitor
You can buy a VGA adapter at Best Buy (plugs in USB) that you can hook a second monitor up to without having to install a new video card. As for good prices on monitors check ebay. I'm getting ready to buy my third one!!!
Can you recommend a book?
Hello all.  I want to purchase a new drug reference book.  The one I have now (I forget the name) is about the size of a medium-sized Bible, and I love the size of it.  Can you recommend a book that is not too bulky, hard to flip through, hard to store by your already crowded computer that is up-to-date?  Thanks in advance!  Becky 
Why would you not recommend McAfee?..nm
Can someone recommend a good company?

You can only find out so much from a company's website......of course they are not going to include "not enough work to keep you busy" or "so much work you will never leave your desk again" or even better yet "we really never send you a paycheck."   I am looking for a full-time home-based position, preferably clinic, and I do have experience.  Can someone recommend a company?!?!?!?!


I would recommend looking into the Suze Orman
books and her show which is on CNBC (I know of Fri/Sat/Sun nights at 10:00CST) but may be different elsewhere.

I was in debt living paycheck to paycheck before reading her books and watching her show. Most is common sense. She can be a little annoying at times, just ignore that part and get the general idea.

We now have a $600,000 house with only $220,000 owed on it that is appraising at $800,000 after only 3 years, 2 fairly new vehicles (2002 and 2004) with low mileage, a summer home (cheap and small but great for weekends) and NO DEBT. My credit score is moving up (high 600s) and my DH's score is now over 700.

If we can do it, anyone can; both our scores were in the low 500s 4 years ago. It takes time, but if you follow her advice, you won't be sorry!

p.s. I wish she gave out commission for spreading news about her; I have about 15 friends and family that I have steered towards her and all are doing much better!
Can someone recommend a good spellchecker? ~sm~

I want a spellchecker that comes on CD that I can use again if my computer crashes.  I had to purchase a new computer because my old one crashed and I am in the process of installing all my programs and software on my new PC.  I have a line counting program and a spellchecker but they are both on A discs and newer computers do not have an A drive.  Also, these discs (which I did not know when I purchased them) only gave you so many installations so if you wanted to move it from computer to another you had to uninstall it from one.  Since my old computer crashed, I cannot go in and uninstall it and put it back on the floppy.  I can't even sell these two programs on ebay as I have no idea how many installations are left on them!  I do not understand this - I realize companies are protecting themselves from a person purchasing their product and then giving it to their friends but I have had times when I had more than one computer in my home and they were all only for my use.  After having this last computer crash, I realize that I need another back up computer because I make too much money working on it to be without it and I have commitments that I have to honor.  

They also recommend ShortCut for Windows. nm
Would someone recommend a company or companies
that are good to work for as IC?  Looking for flexibility especially.  Would love 24-hour turnaround.   I'm considering signing up with 2 or 3 to TRY to guarantee a consistent work load.   Any thumbs-up would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
A couple things I would recommend...

I had a lot of problems with my fingers/hands and once I bought the softest touch ergo keyboard I could find it made a world of difference, My hands and fingers never hurt anymore. I found the Kinesis Classic to work the best for me but it sure took some getting use to! I can't type on a regular keyboard now at all.

It might help to consider some of the gloves they have out there as well. I have tried a couple different ones and found some at Staples, the drug store, as well as on line.

Another thing is I use is the Evoluent Mouse which has been the only mouse that stopped my wrist and forearm pain. It is not cheap but I have had mine for quite awhile so it seems to last. As soon as I use my touch-pad on my laptop for any length of time, I note pain in my forearm in particular.

Another very inexpensive thing for ankle discomfort - I bought a rectangular-shaped gardening knee pad (a small one) and I place that in front of my foot pedal and rest my feet on it while working. You won't need to flex your ankle much at all. I have not had ankle pain in years! :D Sounds odd but who cares as long as it works, right? :D

Got cut off, but recommend that she go to COLLEGE, a real one!
I would recommend posting your resume here and on other
transcription job boards.  They are all free.  You might get an offer to do clinic work or other transcription.  Undoubtedly the rate will be low, probably 6 cpl at best.  Some companies having mentoring programs and they may be willing to give you a chance.  I would try that route first and see what response you get and then maybe consider a course.   Check out the new MT/Student board here before signing up for any courses, if you haven't already. 
I would definitely recommend Express Scribe....
It does distort somewhat but I like the fact that it can be slowed way, way down. And the more I use it, the more I get use to it. I have been very pleased with Express Scribe and I've only been using it less than a month!!
I recommend getting Stedman's Equipment.
What word expander would you recommend?
Also, do you have any tips for building up words in the expander?  Any do's or don'ts?  Thanks!
I use IT. I highly recommend you have it installed.
date element in Meditech is F6, I think. Press F keys all the way. Then, try alt and the F keys all the way down and then control and F keys to see what their functions are. You can jot them down on paper and make it into a toolbar by taping it to the keyboard. Now that I think of it, if you have a Help Desk, they may have a copy of the F key functions to send you.

And also, you will need a speed typing engine which will be well worth the money.
Did you notice they DON'T recommend that employers
Well then, gee -- I guess that just leaves the MTs! (Why am I not surprised?)