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I'd recommend getting CMP and other blood

Posted By: me on 2006-02-28
In Reply to: Diagnosis of perimenopause versus adrenal fatigue? I'm getting very confused on where to turn - next for help with these symptoms. SM

tests and going from there.  If you get a physical and they do the blood work, should be covered under insurance. 

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Wish Escription would mention that when they recommend the adapters or just recommend the one. nm

Yes to all the above - they need some new blood
Blood Test
Could it just be that his CEA is elevated? The rise in CEA would be used to determine if treatment is working. Just a thought.
blood thirsty
Call me all what you will, but I don't understand why Barney is being bashed here?

Hey BARNEY - I really don't think ya did anything wrong.

I suppose I better watch what I say or I could be crucified next by some of your blood hungry people!
blood clots
It happened to me earlier this year, right out of the blue--pulmonary emboli--and with no real risk factor other than sitting still doing long hours of transcription. Everybody stretch and move around--it's important!
The blood can be from implantation, but...
it can also be a sign of miscarriage of ectopic pregnancy.  I have had three pregnancies.  During the first pregnancy I started having spotting at about 5 weeks that got heavier, and I ended up miscarrying.  The second pregnancy I started spotting at about 6 weeks, but went on to have a full term healthy baby.  The third pregnancy I started spotting and kept this up for 3 weeks.  When I started having pain in my lower right side they found that I had an ectopic pregnancy.
Some companies try to squeeze blood out of you
and as long as someone does it, that makes them think they can continue to do it. I would not do it for free. If they ask you to do it, then tell them what you charge. If they don't buy, then they are not worth working for. That's why all the industry rates are going down, down, down. Too many who just continue to work for free or low wages. We have to stand up for ourselves or the industry will just keep going down as we have seen it for a decade.
Do you take blood pressure medication? sm
They can make you extremely tired, too. I take Toprol XL and have for 13 years. It peaks about 3 hours after I take it I have trouble staying awake at the PC from 6 am to about 10:30 am. I literally fall asleep with fingers right on the keyboard. It was so bad that I finally changed to the afternoon shift. I asked my doc about it and he said try taking it at night. Well, that brought on the headaches I was trying to avoid. He said to take 1/2 in the a.m. and 1/2 in the p.m. No dice, still had headaches. He won't change my pills, says if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it. He wants to keep my pressure on the low side. My only solution was changing shifts and now I don't fall asleep at the keyboard anymore. I can get 10 hours of sleep at night but still fall asleep about 3 hours after taking that medication. I'm fine if I am up and about and doing things but sitting at the keyboard is another story.
Dad has blood clot in his lungs
Please pray for my daddy.  He and my mother and younger brother went on a 10-day, 3800 mile trip to Mount Rushmore.  He started having chest pain and arm pain while he was gone. He went to the doctor when he got back and they found out he had two blood clots that were in his legs and had traveled to his lungs.  He is in the hospital and they are trying to stabilize him on Coumadin.  He is 49 years old.  They said that they stopped every 2 hours for a break, but drove some distance every day but one.  I am worried about him, please pray for him.  He is not in any pain and is resting, reading and watching TV.  I don't want to lose my daddy.
Had to ammend the blood thing ... sm
Once she was proficient at cleaning and dressing minor scrapes (9 or 10), I had to ammend the blood to lots of blood, but by then, it had become a running joke. It now stands at massive amounts of gushing arterial blood, and she wonders why she can't break her neck, but a broken skull with brains oozing out is okay. Needless to say, she has a bit of a sick sense of humor. She's a great kid, though.
What is it they're looking for in the blood? Drugs?
No spin. No blood pressure problems.
I'm not complaining about an Indian MT taking good work from me and I don't know anyone within the company who gives out that information anyway.  I do believe you might resolve your issues by telling the whole story because at first glance it just sounds like you are complaining and really don't want a solution.  If that's the case I am sorry for you.  I am also sorry for you that your source came up with an "Indian MT" taking your work who only wants American doctors to cause your blood to boil.  Not only does this intruder come from India but she leaves you with the lousy Indian dictators.  Not that you sound prejudiced or anything.  But do you really need all that info to perform your job?    Or is someone trying to stir you up like that higher source you have within the company.  Maybe they want you to get mad  and quit!  Be careful who you believe and IF your source information is valid what are you going to do with it but fret?  That's not a good thing friend.
Did he have blood work w/his job physical? Maybe they missed something. nm
I love my vet, the only blood work she does is an occasional - sm
heartworm test, about every 2 years. Only take the dogs (and cat) in for shots, no extra or unnecessary stuff. She is cheap (and good) too, compared to where we used to live. I'd say if there is a hint of a problem, then yeah it should get monitored. But if there is nothing wrong, then why? Once every few years should be adequate I would think for blood work. As for teeth cleaning, I have only done it once with 1 of dogs because she was going to be out anyways getting some teeth pulled, a tumor removed too, so we had her teeth cleaned. As for my other dogs, forget it, that is what Milk Bones and Dentabones are for. I already spend enough on shots for 3 dogs, Frontine, heartworm pills, special dog food for the 1 dog, etc. Some vets do whatever to get more $, others though don't get greedy (country vets) and think of the animal, not on pumping up their bottom line. If you aren't happy with your vet then either tell them you only want the 1 x a year visit, shots only, none of the extra crap, you can say NO, it's your pet. Or find another vet. Though we are in the boonies, we have 2 vets within 2 miles of each other, who are both very reasonable, go into town though and you pay a lot more.
Is this your flesh and blood grandchild you are talking about?? sm
If not, how could people who "wanted to be teenagers" literally dump the child on your doorstep?  Sounds like you resent that poor child much more than the people getting what you call "vanity" surgery.  Gad, what a sad, awful attitude you have.
He drew my blood for my marriage license - engaged to someone else
True story. My husband was the one who was drawing my blood for my marriage license. I was engaged to someone else, and back then you have to have your blood drawn before you got married. When I sat down, he said to me "are you sure you want to get married before you and I have a chance to get to know each other?" I cracked up and realized he was right - I needed to get to know him before I got married to somebody else. We have been married 24 years - 4 children and 2 grandchildren.
MAs take vitals, draw blood, give injections, etc.

PAs have the mostly the same authority as a doctor EXCEPT writing narcotic prescriptions they need their suopervising doctors signature.  I used to work in a doctor's office as an MA for a PA.  Hope this helps!!!

Yes - it was explained to me that this happens when the egg implants in the uterine wall. The blood
Had this with all of my pregnancies.
i gave blood, sweat, and tears as a QA person -
I tried for over a year with a very lame lady who supposedly graduated from one of the *top 3* schools and was a former nurse. She had a terrible ear, little to no comprehension, and was clueless on how to even use her reference books! She was hands down the worst MT out of dozens of people I worked with. The point is this - You can usually tell pretty early if someone is worth training or not. What does your gut say?
blood or visible bones?! lmao - I love it!
Well, there's your problem! You're using blood pressure pills instead of birth
control pills!!  See - BP pills are for your heart - BC pills are for your - well, surely you must know! 
I can't imagine any father not wanting to make sure his flesh and blood
Might also be your thyroid or Lyme disease. Insist on blood work! nm
For extra cash I just started donating blood plasma SM

to BioLife, owned by Baxter. They pay about $50 a week for this (put on debit card). Does anyone else do this, and what other things like this is anyone aware of? It's not as gross as it sounds, just like giving blood, and they separate your plasma from the blood and give you your blood back.

That doesn't matter. A quick blood test, NOT 3 hours, would have settled that question.
blood tests aren't bullet proof either. Must be matched up with history and sx. But you knew that
Not a word help question: Would menstrual blood mixed with urine cause increased microalbumin? (pl
My 21-YO daughter has type 2 DM, but it is very well controlled by diet alone.  She just had some lab tests done (blood and urine), and they called to let us know her urine microalbumin was slightly elevated.  However, she was on her period when they did the urine test, and she said there was definitely blood mixed in with her urine because of this.  Does anyone know if this would affect the microalbumin result?  They want her to start taking a small dose of lisinopril, but she doesn't want to and wants to wait 6 months for the next test.  Her hemoglobin A1c and other values were "perfect" according to the nurse who called, but we are waiting for the actual results to come via mail. 
I would recommend this sm
Call and ask how many characters define a line. They should be able to tell you how many characters they consider a line. Most companies usually pay a gross line and characterize it as no more than 72 characters to a line. I hope I explained this correctly, but you really do need to call and ask the company who made you the offer. Then you will have your answer.
I would not recommend...
Breitner. They do not pay for headers/footers, you do not have any way of keeping your line count, etc., etc.
I love my Dyson!!  Absolutely love it.   Have had it for a year and it is great at picking up cat hair, etc.
if you are new, I recommend
The Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini & Lorenzini Ley. Try to get the latest edition. It is worth it if you are new as you can look up part of a phrase and ideas of what the rest of the phrase could be.

Also, if you are into CD versions, I like the Dorlands Medical Dictionary. It is cheap, too.

The Surgical Word Book is a must, I think, if you do op notes.

Good luck to you!
May I recommend
a STEDMANS reference book on pathology and virology, allergies, immunology?

Why does nobody recommend sm

that the MT get concrete examples of contradictory QA to present to her supervisor?  Continuing to work until July 18 without at least doing that seems like a waste of time.

I would recommend
getting your own wav player (or knowing how to use something like ExpressScribe).  Also, it might be a good idea to have your own line counting software.  Other than that, it really does depend on the account and what they use.  Good luck!
Although you state you would never recommend
a company you work for, you are indirectly recommending them when you question a particular MTs experience with that company and go on to state your positive take on it. I believe that MTs' loyalties should to be one another and not the MTSOs, and that we should do everything we can to support and encourage one another. It's not easy these days being an at-home MT, so let's pull together.
I have no experience with MD, but I would recommend a
genetics consultation for your daughter.  My SIL went through a similar situation with a condition that runs in her family.  The males go blind and pass away early.  I can't remember what it was, but they had to see a geneticist to see if she passed it on to her kids.
It's awful. I'd never recommend it.
I would also like to know what others would recommend on this same question sm.
I work for three physicians right now and use the small microcassettes which I pick up twice a week.  I live about 30 miles away.  They asked me to research and give them a price on how we could set up a digital system.  I am just starting to investigate this and I am thoroughly confused.  Thanks.
I recommend Etrans too
Very good dictators on the account I was on and where they need the most help.  I only left because I wanted an editing job with less typing.  Good luck!
I wouldn't recommend it...

I started out in court reporting school and switched to MT when I got pregnant.  VR is also playing a big factor in the court reporting field right now.  They have stenomask reporters who wear a mask and repeat into the mask everything that is said during the court proceeding, and VR translates it.  Court reporters currently make anywhere from 40K to 80K per year, but stenomask reporters only make about 20K per year. The military has switched to using stenomask reporters and many courts are also leaning in that direction because of the cost savings. 

The steno machine is also very difficult to learn.  Most court reporting schools say you can learn it in 2 years, but the average court reporting student takes 4 to 5 years to master it. 

Whatever you find, I would recommend sm
staying away from Hartz Mountain products.  Lots of cats allegedly have had bad side-effects or worse from HM.  One of my cats could not tolerate their flea collars years ago.
Absolutely recommend this
Tips n Techniques

Highly recommend M-TEC!!
I had job offers right out of school with a number of companies. Their training was right on. The support you get from them is terrific. I have also personally met both Kathy and Susan who, in addition to being great instructors, are also very nice ladies! Go for it and be prepared to work hard! :-)
I recommend the SUM program

from Health Professions Inst.  www.hpisum.com - it's a bit pricey but you get actual dictation to practice on and I think you can get it in modules to spread the cost out a bit. 

PS I have no connection with this company, just like their products.

I highly recommend
you quit leaching and GET YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS, this way you'll get what you feel you're worth, okay?  I know you expect this and expect that, and there are posters here who think what you're asking for is totally within line and shame on ANY MTSOs who won't accommodate YOU!  To that end I say, E-MAIL THEM and fill out a job application, and have THEM pay you the executive wages you expect.  Yeah, like they're really going to.  Gheesh!  And don't worry, I wouldn't hire you on a bet.  I'm looking to and intend to make money, not lose it on a SC who's got delusions of grandeur!
from thebigday.com...they recommend...sm
Never mention wedding gifts in the wording of your wedding invitations. Nowadays, the inclusion of a card or two letting guests know where you're registered is generally considered just fine-but never print a request for "Cash Gifts" or "No Gifts."

Having said that, here's what we recommend: create a wedding website, and tell your guests about that, not your registry. Telling people about your registry directly is essentially telling them to buy you a gift, and that's a little too pushy. Tell them about your wedding website instead--they'll find the registry link there.

You can gracefully tell people about your wedding website through e-postcards (with a link to your wedding website), or printed announcement cards (that announce your wedding website...we offer them for free).

Even if you really don't want any gifts, it's inappropriate to mention it. People want to give you a token of their affection & they'll do just that, no matter how much you protest. If you really don't want anything for yourselves, create registry items for small donations to a charity that means something special to the two of you.

You might find our article on registry realities helpful as well.
I highly recommend WW

I do WW on line and love it. However, some people really need the meeting support to stay on track. I lost all my weight on line, about 40 pounds, with the last 10 by joining local meetings for three months just so I could achieve "Lifetime Status", which I did. You never have to pay for any meetings after reaching your goal/Lifetime unless you go over your goal by 2# and you must weigh-in at least once a month. By achieving lifetime, you get a discount for your on-line subscription/E-tools. E-tools and the support of the forums keeps me on track and accountable so far. I have maintained for a couple months now after achieving my goal.

I don't see it as a "diet" either. It a change of lifestyle. I eat differently and do not plan to go back to my unhealthy eating style. You can eat anything you want too as long as you plan for it and/or account for it in your weekly points. Believe me, I feel if you have the desire and stick to the program, WW can work! :) My cholesterol levels are all WNL for the first time in many, many years too. :D

Best wishes.

Can anyone recommend a TASP out there?
I am trying to decide which company to use. I am looking for reasonable cost and good quality.  Thanks in advance! 
What MT schools can you recommend?

I am about to see my voc rehab counselor.  I have some information about schools for MT, but would like some input.

What schools would you recommend?  I would like to hear from people who have worked as MT's for more than 5 years and are successful and satisfied with their work.


I would not recommend berber. (sm)
Berber has loops that can catch on animals nails. Not only could it hurt your pet, but it could also cause a serious run in the carpet. Berber is also harder to clean because of the loops. I remember that the textured kind where some strings are more wound and others are straighter is not a good idea either. The sales people report it doesn't wear well. I'd get something durable (twisted fibers) in some medium tone of a brown or taupe so it will show as little dirt as possible.
Does any one use a VR program they would recommend?