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While the queue was empty

Posted By: Lillybelle on 2008-03-22
In Reply to:

While the queue was empty, I logged in to my public library's audiobook section and found an audiobook called The Law of Attraction, which I downloaded for free and started listening to.  It contains tips and secrets on how to attract good things into our lives, which would include abundance and positive experiences in every area of life....  I also found links online to free worksheets and all kinds of stuff.  Here is a you tube link to explain more about what I'm referring to here:



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Empty Queue - try freerice.org
 An MT told me about this site, it's interesting..
Main topic is "Things to do online while the queue is empty." nm
First I love this quaint British term, did I spell it right? queue, how cute! I don't claim to know for sure, but I'm thinking that you get the report based on its importance as far as TAT, do you think this could be true? I know what you mean about looking ahead and looking forward to certain dictators, but on what I am doing there really are not too many bad dictators. My thing is I just want to have lots and lots of work!
Do you pull from the queue when you want?

So you go into the queue and grab what is at the top at that time. So if you do not feel like working one day or that morning you don't have to pull from the queue?

I need to work at a place that is flexible that I can get work when I am able to.



Toolbar in Work Queue
Does anyone know what the expanded toolbar is in the work queue?  It has about 7 icons at the top instead of 3?
It means to skip the jobs in your work queue that - sm
are by difficult dictators, or have no line-count-bolstering templates, or require too much backing up, re-listening, sentence restructuring, or nose-in-reference time to get in your minimum lines. That's especially true if the employer doesn't weight the job's pay by difficulty. Most MTs voice disapproval of the practice, but sometimes an gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do, in order to survive and make that next car payment, rent check, or grocery bill.
Ask them to give you the ability to choose your work from the queue SM
They may refuse; but assuming you do have to sign off (I don't remember any more), you can explain that it takes too long. All they can do is refuse. Another--big--benefit is that you can choose several jobs in a row for a dictator or specialty you're having trouble with and learn in a day what can take months to learn coming through in dribbles.
If it's so empty, why are you here?

Empty promises and
whenever you do get a response (that still doesn't answer the question or resolve the issue) it really burns me up to see that they have cc'd the message to a gazillion other people. Apparently, everything is everybody's business. I don't know why they have people with titles because it seems like no one person there can make a decision about anything. Uggggghhhh!!!!

And don't give Deb the recruiter a hard time, she has nothing to do with all the nonsense.
Empty Box from MT Stars
Sad day when someone goes through the mail and takes your gift.  I received a tube from MT STARS today and it was empty...This was my gift from the Santa donation.   I hope whoever took it really likes the gift.
No wonder this place is becoming empty.
Probably because someone can empty out your checking account before
EMR voice clips are empty on over 20

files.  The lead MT at the clinic where I worked verified that it was not a technical problem and that the doctor most likely pushed the mute button.  Now, I am told to go into each file and type "***" on the page.  Over 30 files.  It is quite laborious

Download the voice file, open up MS Word, transfer voice film from one file to another, close it, type document, exit voice file, exit Word, save document.  Then, onto the next.

Well, ya know, I am paid by the line and three asterisks are going to give me about 2 cents.  What do you think of this?  The in-house lead is paid by the hour.  I think she should go into each file and do this.  If she comes upon one he miraculously managed to dictate on, she could send it to me.  I am IC.

I am seething!

Glass half empty....

I can agree on a few points here.  If you expect to be stroked, you won't find that in healthcare at all.  I have worked in a hospital setting, have my own accounts, and also currently IC for a company online at this point.  I just love what I do, and I'm pretty good at it.  A lot of what you write is true in that this profession has evolved, but think about it this way.  If we didn't evolve, then how long would a patient wait for you to get that report off of the old typewriter?  How many people would go months and months before finding that lung mass or brain tumor?

Just like the typewriter has evolved, the technology in which we diagnose and treat patients has evolved with leaps and bounds.  I still feel I'm doing a service to the patient.  I like my job because I know it helps people.  I'm sort of behind the scenes at this point and not visible to the patient any longer unless there's one in the waiting room when I pick up my tapes (doctor won't go digital), so I see the difference I can make.

Do I need to be stroked and told I'm doing a great job?  No.  I know I do a good job, but being told that every day or two is not why I'm in it.  Money is just the means of a transfer.  No one told me I'd get rich being a transcriptionist, but no one told me how much I would learn about the human body and functionality of it either and that I could most likely take that experience into another field.   

Wow, when I type a report on a patient that has a serious illness, I think my lucky stars.  I think at this point, reading your post, I may go back to school.  My transcription skills could really help me become a coder (are they stroked/given raises every year?) or maybe I'll become a nurse (are they stroked/given raises every year?), or maybe I'll become a physician myself and pay my transcription enormous amounts of money and remember to call and thank them to express a job well done when really I should be calling my patient with the brain tumor or lung mass or any other disease.  I wonder if the maintenance guy sweeping the hall deserves a raise or the nice lady cleaning the windows, then again maybe the physician himself wouldn't mind being reimbursed for the services he renders to someone without health insurance? 

Buck up camper....  It's going to a long trip! 


No, just want to cut to the chase and avoid tne empty posts. nm
Let me guess - you see glass as half empty too, right?
I tend to see the good in people and think positive.  There are exceptions to everything.  I don't focus on those - I move on.  Your posts remind me of someone who goes to a a restaurant and says to the waitress 'Every time I eat in here the food is bad!' - so - she says 'Why do you keep coming back?'   
Glass if half empty for a reason
Someone is drinking out of it!

You make it sound like we are all a bunch of whining babies looking for a pat on the back. That isn't really the case. The truth is, we just want what is fair. There was a time when you worked as an MT and made good pay. You got benefits, maybe even a paid vacation. You were respected by the doctors you worked for because you were generally in office with them and they saw how hard you worked and what you put back into the office.

As work has been outsourced to services, these jobs were lost. The MT who used to work in house, have her nice benefit package, get paid an hourly rate, and had the opportunity to develop a relationship with the doctor she worked for, is now an IC working at home. She has lost her benefits. The doctors she transcribes for in her pool of work don't even know her name. She is "the typist." She is paid by the line with no guarantee. She bounces from company to company only to find that most are the same. They make promises that don't pan out. She runs out of work at one company, which means no pay. She works on a ridiculous and inefficient platform for another (less pay). She ends up bitter, and who can blame her?

I think many of us feel the same way. I have worked in this business for six years, and the pay that I was offered then is the same as now (8 CPL). Why has this not gone up? God knows the cost of healthcare, groceries, and gas has gone up. We shouldn't expect COLA?

I don't want a pat on the back. I don't even care if I ever hear a thank you. I want fair pay and respect. I want to be treated like a person, not like a machine hooked to a keyboard.
Can't wait - Aug. 29th. My refrig is empty all of the time!
I have two teens and they eat everything and drink everything in site. A food order is supposed to last a week, and it lasts 3 days if that! They are horses!

Other than that, I do enjoy them home.
The Add Entry window shows up but is completely empty..nm
Emergency over... Kid hadh left an empty floppy disk in the computer.
What is going on when every time you start computer - there are numerous empty folders, cannot find