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Whoa! You go girl! Been there but keep to 2000.

Posted By: omt on 2006-02-18
In Reply to: 2975 lines yesterday! (sm) - Exhausted

Not killing my hands anymore.

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48-years-young, single, 3 kids, 9 girl, 12 boy, 15 girl nm
You go girl! You go girl! Loved your response!
Wooo hooo!!! 
Whoa! and the 16 yo's dad allows this tx of his dau????

I wish you the best - you need some change in your luck.

Maybe karma will change for you once you are away from his insanity.

Will the house be closer to your possible hospital job?

Excuse YOU, IMHO, but I'm paid to transcribe their work, not warehouse it. When the day comes an account wants to pay me for storage/warehouse fees, fine, but until that time, if they want something after we've parted business ways, my fee is $50.00 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.  That means if they have me do something that takes two minutes of my time, they pay me for it FIRST before they receive the goods, so two minutes of my time equals $12.50!  Sorry that rankles you, but that's just the way it is.
Whoa there
If she did contact them, that's a breech of confidentiality. However, I would just write her off as a bad experience, send her $100 and be grateful you ended the relationship early. Enclose a note that asks her not to use you as a reference in the future because you be obligated to report her breech of confidentiality to any potential employer.

However, I would contact the client and ask if they are satisfied with your service, if there is something you can do to improve their experience with you. Just open a diaologue.
So you'll be happy to accept the same wage with your $950 house payment as somebody who lives in a foreign country and pays, say, $40 a month, or whatever their reality is. Our system is completely different from theirs. Ours is more expensive. We pay high taxes for services our government supplies. Mixing our economies in this unfair way (with all the tax advantages the foreign companies are awarded), is completely unreasonable. This administration is giving away the American way. If our forefathers could come and see what's going on, they would be livid, IMO.
Whoa, YOU are the melting one..

Whoa, what a whack job.
What are you sick? Who says, I wonder what their employers would think of this? You really are Amish or just plain naive. And you probably think that no one smokes marijuana or drinks either. Your boss probably does. Please, if you are that old, retire already. You are showing your age and it is making me scared for myself when I get to be that old. I hope I don't act like you. Please, lighten up!
whoa baby!!!!
I might have to get one for myself
whoa did you ever MISINTERPRET.....sm

I was talking about uncouth in that someone chose to bring up his sexual orientation.....I'm not the least bit down on gay people....*some of my best friends.....*  ya know that saying? 

The people who choose to bring up anybody's sexual orientation, especially while the person is NOT present....lack class.

And you cannot say he is an *anonymous person behind a computer* - I mean, after all that he contributes on these boards, you have the audacity to say he's anonymous.....I'm sure he'll like to know that....as there are REAL PEOPLE behind that *anonymous* state.

Whoa - presuming from my prior post that I'm anti-gay is beyond my comprehension - and you need to try to re-read that prior post.....


whoa, missed this one
I'm in Texas -- where is this In&Out Burger place??  That's certainly not shabby for fast food.
whoa, wait a minute sm
I said "acting like a fool" not calling anyone a fool.  There is a difference! Come on, guys.  My point is simply this...if your job makes you so unhappy that you feel the constant need to post negativity all day, then perhaps it's time to find something that will make you happy, it's that simple.  And consistently posting silliness, i.e.; foolishness, here on this board is NOT helpful! Point Blank...sorry, sometimes the truth really, um, SUCKS!
whoa, let me put out the fire while it's still small (sm)

I don't want him to be like so many of the child stars we have all heard of...I simply was asking about print ads, commercials, stuff like that.  He's as cute as any kid I've seen in the Macy's catalog or on the Mott's Apple Juice commercials.  And he is chock full of charisma...and too, I'm just ASKIN'! Slow down on the flames, please...there's only one of ME to fight the fire!

Whoa. Someone around here jumped to conclusions.
Whoa, very cool! A bit pricey though...nm


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Are you for real! Whoa...two big letters!
You may not need detox but you certainly need some compassion and you also need to get a life! ; )
Whoa - lesson revision
If you are asked to test again for a job, the company needs to specify if test is substance of abuse or banned drugs - the latter being those drugs not permitted for the work/company involved. If you are taking legal meds, Rx or OTC, I'd be quite upset with the company in question esp if they did not clarify in advance that any positive result was considered a no-hire situation. If you were honest up front, so should they have been and also should not have wasted your time. Sorry, stuff like this makes me crazy!
Whoa! Impressive! Amazing. See, we go just about everywhere too, sm
but we've haven't done anything THAT adventurous! I was just talking to one of my sons tonight and we were discussing where we should "go" next. We've done Disneyworld (twice), we've done Universal Studios, and we go to the gulf of Mexico about 3 times a year since it's pretty close. My husband and I just priced and went and looked at a few RVs. We are thinking of taking the boys on a cross-country RV trip. But Africa? Wow!
I loved how you mentioned about the orphanage and vocational school. I am a Christian and have been seriously praying about doing a mission somewhere, but I have to be able to take my family (5 in total). God has lay it upon my heart to do a foreign mission, I'm just not sure where yet. Also, my husband is the primary breadwinner so I'm not sure how that would all work out!

I'm so glad to see other MTs doing things other than MTing! If any MTs are out there reading this and you haven't taken a vacation, I have some advice for you: MAKE IT A PRIORITY. Yes, it won't be easy. Yes, you may not be able to afford it right now. But save! Save up and make it a point to go SOMEWHERE you want to go - whether it would be the mountains or the beach, or whatever.

There are so many affordable ways to get away nowadays! We did Disney with 2 adults and 3 kids for 5 days for under 1000 dollars! I'm serious!
Whoa, are you blessed! You see offers out here for 6-8 cpl
Whoa, offensive. Maybe I'm old but it's not nice to see
You said you were in your 50s and you would put up a picture like that? I would expect that of a child or teenager but not a grown adult. Like the other poster said, are you trying to gain attention? What I don't understand is why people think the only way to be funny is by using foul language. You asked for opinions, well you got mine.

Also, to the other poster who said the F word is offensive. To the younger generation, the F word is perfectly ok to use yet you take offense to that. See what I mean ROEmpty?

And, I think having pictures with foul language only makes our industry look unprofessional.
whoa Vista at the colleges....
Where are you at? Then again I'm in South GA, we are always a little behind :)

Whoa - slow down there. If you're
attempting to gain allies in your fight for whatever it is you're fighting for, you're going about it entirely wrong.  The HIPPA/HIPAA issue wasn't meant as a smart reply, but rather point out that if you want to attempt to start something in a leadership role, you need to know what you're attempting to lead first.  If you saw an employment add that said "I need sumone to tipe 1000 lines a day" would you have a lot of confidence applying for that job?  I think one might just laugh and bypass that ad.  Just like MT, 90% of one's success at this depends on their research skill.  Would you be approaching all these people in power with such an attitude if you were asked for clarification or further facts?  Think about it.  You'd be laughed right out of the office. 
Whoa! "What makes you think" post was is
Whoa . . . another thing, don't be so quick to judge.

It depends on the type of account you're on.  A lot of time the 300 lph MTs are working on short clinic notes for one or two docs or ER reports.  There's a big difference in the types of account you're on.  I work on an acute care account for a large teaching hospital.  I do H&P, consults, ORs, discharge summaries, echos, eegs, and about anything else they dictate for internal medicine and all the specialties, including infectious disease, radiation oncology, cardiology, neurology, etc., you get the picture.  Sure, I can fly on short clinic notes or ER reports, but then I get so bored I could scream.  My dictations are more technical and time consuming, but much more interesting.  I have to stop and research sometimes on the latest meds or procedures, but it keeps me on my toes!

Whoa! We used to type an MD in-house who was absolutely
Horrible. He would dictate something like: I saw this patient today as a second opinion. The patient requested a second opinion, only because she is a deadbeat and did not pay her bills to the prior physician so now the fool thinks I'm going to take her case, but I booted her fat butt out the door. She is a loser. . .

We were told under no circumstances to send his reports to the floor. We had to take them directly to the Director of Medical Records.

You would not believe the things he would say, even to people's faces.

One MD told me he was kicked out of the country club because he told an MD one night his wife looked like a pig in a blanket because of the coat she was wearing.

Everyone hated him.

The tape recording machine was down one day, he needed to dictate and was p'd off because he couldn't, ran into the department, looked at me (I was the lucky one sitting there in front) and said: Are you stupid or do you just look that way all the time? Why can't you fix this machine, you are a waste!

I wanted to take off my size 9 wide Nike's and hit him in the head with them.

He dropped dead one day. I think Satan finally took him home.

My first job out of high school, we had those belts. That was in 1964. Whoa!!

Whoa - I mistakenly downloaded a free antivirus
and nearly ruined my PC because it downloaded threatening messages constantly, constantly pestering me to download the 2009 version for a fee. I did not have a virus, it was just a fake.

It took me months to get rid of the program and had to keep researching to find out how to get the files out completely.

Just a heads up - make sure you read it before downloading.
2000 nm
2000 nm
What about over 2000?
THE POINT: The $2000 was for

knockoff or from the store is not a necessity in anybody's book and

is a slap in the face of the taxpayer who underwrote the $2000.


2000 is only the beginning

Believe me, that $2000 is only the beginning.  I do feel for these people but many of them are only used to hand outs and they will be getting them left and right.  Lets see how many of  them stand in line for a job.  I heard that WalMart will hire any evacuee, no matter what.  I wish they would report how many have been hired thus far.   I was watching Fox news the other day and one of the  guys they were talking to said something along the lines of "They aint helping us at all, its like they shipped us all on slave boats again"  He then said the F word, which Fox didn't see coming because you could hear it plain as day.  Now that is the state of mind of many of these people. Give me, give me.  The welfare system has tought many that the government will take care of them, they do not have to take care of themselves.  Now I am not talking about all the evacuees just the ones that are not used to fending for themselves.  

Okay, said what I had to say.  This just all gets to me.


Try Word 2000
Look at some online discount software places. I picked up Word 2000 CD only (no book, no frills) for $30. Seems most of these outfits require Word 2000 and up. Try softwareoutlet.com; that's where I got my CD.
2000 lines a day
I used to do 2000 lines a day but I had only 3 hospital accounts. Sure, it would be easier to do that many lines per day and more if you have easier accounts (and if you have 1, like yourself, definitely more), but unfortunately most people have lots of different accounts - and where I work, there are over 350 accounts and people sort of have to do whatever comes up, so it is MUCH more difficult to do. It all depends on if you are lucky enough to have 1 account, like yourself, or have to "go with the flow" with whatever comes up, which is infinitely more difficult. Kudos to those who can produce 2000 lines a day WHILE DOING lots of different, difficult accounts. YOU are the ones who truly deserve respect.
I do 2000 lines a day...but...sm
I also have to admit to having only five accounts, mostly with acute care, with only a few ESLs and few Op notes. We go live on the 15th so I probably won't be in the 2000 Club after that, although hopefully, as I get used to things, my numbers will climb back up.
2000 lines...
I think if you are an acute care MT with several different accounts and quite a few ESL dictators (normal for most hopsitals), if you kill yourself and resign yourself to having no life at all, you could do 2000 lines or more easily. However, I don't think it's worth it.
Those of you who do a lot of lines (2000+) a day,

Now I know a lot depends on how many characters per line but putting that aside:  How do you get in a lot of lines every day?

Do you sit and work nonstop?  Do you type at a leisurely pace or bang your keyboard as fast as you can?  Do you use an expander?  A word completion software like Smartype?  Are you able to keep up with everything else - house, kids, DH?  Do you just keep on typing till you get all the lines you want?  Do you set a goal for yourself each day, or just type every chance you get and what you end up with is okay with you?

Just wondering cause I know even though I've been an MT many years (23) I am sort of spoiled.  Had many years where I had easy money accounts and made money not really even trying and not working very hard.  Well now I have canned my own accounts and working for someone else at a respectable line rate - but I find myself wanting to type 1000 lines a day and stop and I need to make more money than that.  I guess I just got lazy! 

So if you don't mind, share your tips!

2000 lines a day

I can send you my line count sheets.  get one daily.  why would I get on here and lie. 

Word 2000
Hi All !   I'm using Word 2000.  Is it necessary to upgrade to newer versions of Word? 
Had mine done in 2000 (I was 39) sm
outpatient hospital and the combined total with everything included came to nearly $10,000.  That was with the anesthesia fee, etc.  I didn't get them both done at the same time. Of course, I probably got charged more since I have insurance.  Did the worst one first and 5 weeks later did the second. What an absolutely amazing difference. I was severely nearsighted and doctor corrected it with a stronger lens and even though I still wear bifocal glasses (for astigmatism) I see so much clearer. I didn't even realize they were that bad.
I took it in 2000 and it was a breeze for me then.
But I didn't maintain it. Has it changed much, does anyone know? I keep hearing it's not easy and am just wondering if it's now more difficult than it used to be. I am trying to decide whether or not to do it again.
Transcribing since 2000, now 31....
word 2000
2000 lines a day, and that is what I do.
Anybody know if MS Word 2000...

can be used with Vista.  I want to go out and get a new laptop this Monday.  I have word 2000.  I looked on the web and found Word 2007 but it is quite expensive.  I would rather not have to purchase word 2007 and new pc as that is a bit  pricey for me right now.  Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.

I do 2000 lines a day

I work about 6-7 hours a day and do approximately 2000 lines in that time period.  My company only requires 1200 a day, but I want 2000 a day to have the money I want.

I get 2000 lines a day...

I get over 2000 lines a day, and I post on CafeMT all the time.  I work really hard to get over 2000 lines a day.  I work at least 9 hour days, and most of the time, those of us who hit those really high line counts work 10 or 12 hour days.  I also get a lot of ASR and I have a lot of expansions.  I also proof each and every report I send in.  I care just as much as anyone else about turning in good quality work. 

Why do you need 2000 for EXText?
Since 2000, my income has gone down sm
every year and I am working more hours.  That's it in a nutshell.
word 2000
thanks for any help!