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Wondering what you mean by

Posted By: Also need tips on 2008-03-21
In Reply to: I add things daily. sm - shipaddict

creating entire pick lists, calling up websites, and running an enrichment on the doctors to get the most out of what they say.

Thanks for further information.

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ALSO wondering
I was just noting recently the whole ASR idea was not working as they originally planned, ALL ASR goes back through the same system from all accounts, and I have been noticing that some "learning" has changed, i.e., it will "learn" what a dictator says, then after going back through the system a couple times it "unlearns" and goes back to being wrong......... maybe they are figuring out it is not advance as well as planned ???
I'm also wondering...sm
if a Dictaphone can be used in place of a C-phone. Does anyone know? Thanks!
Just wondering
Anyone ever get a little b----y with tech support and get talked to by your boss about it?  Tonight I was having nothing but computer problems plus trying to meet a deadline.  This tech support guy was a real winner (not).  He just flat out could not help me, plus I could hear a vacuum running in the background.  I didn't yell or anything but I was quite frustrated and sarcastic.  It's late at night and I'm PMSing!!!  Do they ever "tell" your supervisor when that happens? 
Wonder if you would elaborate a little about why Proscript is a great company. I keep a notebook and I like to jot down what is good or bad about the company. Thanks!
What happened to his 4th leg?
To Wondering
Like I said, there's always someone out there with a wise answer...Not Naughty,naughty, and no, it's not my OPINION.  It's a fact.  Polite is polite, rude is hurtful.and nasty. If you don't feel like re-answering questions, be polite and pass them onto someplace where they can get the answers OR don't answer at all.
just wondering
i worked for a company that wanted the equipment back before i would get my last check. not smart. had to fight for it. just curious where is the company located?
Just wondering, if you used your
phone line for work, such as C phone, would that give them the right to listen in on your phone calls or look at your phone bill? What if they reumburse you for the extra phone line?  Does that give them the right to listen to your phone calls on that line?
Just wondering?

What do you think the hardest account is to type for? 

Just wanted to see if it all ended up being the same..

I know several MTs with MS and I'm wondering if I have
some element of it, too.
Wondering about your

If you don't mind sharing, what is your skin care regimen like?

I am only asking because my husband and I have been going round and round about the fact that I buy Oil of Olay Total Effects and the Total Effects eye gel, plus the night cream.  He thinks I'm crazy, that they don't work. I say why take the chance that they DO work and miss out on the benefits.

I'm going on 37, but think I look pretty good for my age. Just wondering if anyone else buys into these notions that these products can help us *age gracefully*. I don't want to look like I'm in my 20s cause I'm not...I have a son who's almost 19...so I'm proud of my age, just don't necessarily want to look quite as old as I am....thanks and have a wonderful day!

Thank you. I was wondering how this could be done. nm
I'm wondering...
if this onslaught of deaths of original characters is leading up to the end of the show?  Has anyone heard if this is the last season?
What I was wondering
is staying in the LA area with all of the nerve gas floating around?  Maybe that just adds to everything.  I like the place they are living in too. 

I read in your post that you "don't agree with people who use it [abortion] as a form of birth control."  I was wondering why.  Is it because you feel that one abortion is OK, but more than one will make it wrong, and if so, why was the first one not wrong? 

Or, is it because abortion is too expensive and just too much on the woman's body to use as a form of birth control?  I don't understand your comment and wish you could explain how you arrived at that.  Thank you very much. 

Just wondering...
Just wondering if anyone has gotton a job without having to take a medical transcription course?
Yes, I was wondering and
I hope you get what you pay for, Service. I hate to see folks like you bragging about getting applicants to do work for nothing. This makes me sick.

What comes around goes around. I hope you enjoy your status at this time, because things like this surely come back to haunt you.

Excuse me while I go BARF!
i was wondering the same, and
was told 'no'. So, what i did (had to start w/new computer) is open notepad and minimize it. Then bring up my favorites. One by one i'd click on a favorite. Then i'd copy and paste from the address bar onto notepad. It actually went real quick. Then it printed out the notepad info and as i needed these sites on the new computer, just typed the addresses in my address bar and re-added to favorites. That's the best way i found to transfer the info.
was wondering who would ask :}~
Yes, I typed the banner advertisement exactly as they had it. I wondered if someone would try to pin that one on me lol!

BTW, did you watch it? It had the person who went to India feeling very enlightened for the Indians and happy for the new opportunies they have, and more grateful for his own "wealth", including the loss of his job. hmmm...but of course, he stated how they were brain washed in order to do the call center jobs...
Was wondering about this....sm

I want to use my laptop full time but not sure if I should leave plugged in all the time or what.  I read somewhere it wasn't good to leave laptop plugged in all the time with the battery in place.  Sounds like you use the laptop on battery power, then plug in and use plugged in until battery charged?   Seems like a lot of plugging/unplugging if battery only lasts two hours.  I don't want to shorten the battery life, would like to keep it optimized for when I want to use the laptop on battery power only while away from home. 

I am wondering . . .

I would just like to know an approximate amount of dictation minutes each of you would consider as full-time work?  Basically, how many minutes you would commit to transcribe daily, five days a week, and would expect to keep you busy for roughly 8-hour days/40-hour workweek. 

In most of the ads I see, if they do specify an amount, it is usually a line requirement to be transcribed daily (although I have seen some that list the amount of dictation, and seems like it may be about 60-90 minutes per day for full-time).

Obviously, we all know that there are many variables as to how long it would take to transcribe a certain number of dictation minutes (or produce a certain number of lines), but I would just like to get an average, if possible, by seeing what each individual considers full-time work for them, in dictated minutes.

Thanks in advance for your responses!    Oh, and feel free to add any information you feel is relevant (i.e. been doing these docs for 20 years so . . ., do a lot of ESLs so . . . , etc.). 


Wondering why....
Why do you feel that this is any of your problem?  All you are doing is letting your husband know that you will overreact to things and he will just keep his mouth shut from now on....if he is smart.  My husband has friends that I know run around and, as far as I am concerned, it is just not my buisness.  I trust my husband,so what do I care what someone else's husband does. 
Thanks, now I am wondering...

why US companies won't hire Canadian employees?  Maybe they want to keep US jobs in the US?  But if you go to almost any border city, you'll find Canadians working in the States.  And also find many US going to Canada for health care. 

Guess this opens up a whole can of worms. 

Anyways, thanks for the info.  Now I know why you are looking for a Canadian company!  Makes sense.

Good luck to you in finding a company that fits for you!

Just wondering
Do you clip your dog's nails often enough? I'm really not trying to be a "smarty", but the only time I've seen this sort of problem is when the animal's nails were not trimmed regularly, which I am guilty of because my dog hates it and makes it very difficult. If that is the case, then just about any kind of carpet would catch their nails, and it's more that their nails are putting them at risk, not the type of carpeting.
just wondering what everyone is having

Just wondering what

other MTs do when a prospective employer requests that you provide your salary requirements?  If you're like me, you do not want to go too high and not get the job, but also do not want to quote too low when you could have gotten a higher rate if you had just asked.  So, what do you do?  In the past, I have always avoided applying if a company asked for salary requirements, but in this case the question was not asked until after I sent my resume, and I am interested in following this through to the testing/job offer.  I am wondering if I answer in a vague, flexible way whether that would be a good thing or bad thing.  

Any input from you guys would really be appreciated. 


I have been wondering about this myself (sm)

Thank you, Kris, for your response.  This sounds almost too good to be true (I'm a skeptic by nature, and this just seems too easy and reasonably priced).  Thanks again for your response.  I'm curious to see more responses to this question - I really value the opinions on this board!  MKM


are you working for a company that has tech-help? if so, don't hesitate to ask them. Sorry i couldn't be of more help.
I was wondering this also--n/m
wondering about pay
wondering if anyone here makes 60 to 75,000 a year full time being an MT.  I work part time and my husband seems to think if I were to go full time that I would make this.  So, just wondering if anyone out there is able to do this?
Just wondering..
Has anyone worked on WebMR platform, never heard of it before?
I was wondering
if this was the case.  If you work with Express Scribe, can you tell me how to get my line counts?  I will just check myself without them knowing it.  I have no other option at this time but to go with this service (hard to explain).  I will go with them and then keep looking if it does not pan out the way I think it should.  TIA
just wondering
With so many differing opinions on what is reasonable line pay I am curious what everyone really think.  Is 7.5 considered bad, 8, 9, etc.?? Just looking for some feedback
Just wondering
does the moderator delete a job posting if the company name is not mentioned.  There was a job posting a few days ago with either just recruiter or the person doing the recruiting's name, and now I cannot find it on the forum.
Also wondering.....

would this KVM switch work also if I need to have both computers connected to the internet?  And what would I need to connect both to the net? 

I will be having a work-provided computer and a personal computer but very limited desk space.  I would like both towers connected to the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and both towers connected to the net.  But I would only be working on one computer at a time.  First 8 hours of the day, the work computer; the rest of the day, personal computer.  Would a KVM switch be what I would need?

Any help is appreciated !!

I am a bit younger than a lot of you. From everything I have been told and been reading, by the time I reach retirement age (26 now) there may no longer even be a social security anymore.

I am disabled, and chose not to follow through with social security disability, as I could not now, nor ever, survive on just 900 a month (have been working and paying in since I was 17, and was disabled before 21, so can draw from parents SS)

My rent alone is 825... So you do the math on that one.

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has seen these little gadgets in their doctor's office that is a hand-held computer which he puts everything down he does and information about the patient with the pen that is attached to the hand-held computer.

Today, my husband visited his doctor and the doctor used this.  After we were through with the appointment, my husband asked him about the hand-held computer and told him that I was a transcriptionist.  So, the doc came over and let me look at my husband's chart on this little gadget.  It automatically ends up a fully transcribed document with headings and everything. If the doc needs to add any info for something such as lungs, he just clicks to lungs and then puts whatever he needs it to say.  At first, I thought it was cool, then after seeing the end result, I realized this is a fully transcribed document which is automatically in the chart and wondered how this will end up affecting us all if most places end up with these little gadgets. 

I'd be interested in what you all think about this and if you guys have seen these things. 



Just wondering how many MTs use WP5.1 or 6
Just wondering
What version of Emdat InScribe are you using? If you're using anything prior to v.3.91.309 you will have issues with the line counts, spellchecker, etc., and perhaps you would want to try checking with Emdat's help desk to upgrade your software (free). Hope this helps.

Could you share the issues with me that you have since we just landed an account that uses Emdat? Thanks a bunch!
Wondering Too
I also wonder how people can be so fast. I do know of someone in my company who does 2,000-2,500 lines in 8 hours. She is one of a very few in our comany attaining similar though (from what I can gather).

The company is not very free about sharing line count info with us, and so many variables come into play that it is difficult to figure out what the reasons for any differences are (and we don't have the same accounts).

Even on this board, there is no way to compare ourselves because of all the factors involved (accounts, platform, etc)). I really hate that but don't see a good answer. -- Anyone else?
I'm wondering about this...
You are for outsourcing, but against offshoring.  So, you think it is okay for hospitals to outsource their work for you to do at home?  Why is your home safer than a home anywhere else in the world?  Why is your computer safer than the next persons?  If the records are not safe outside of the original setting, then they are not safe.  It really doesn't matter whose computer they are being sent to.
I was wondering about the..
Whenever a pop-up comes up, according to Trend Micro's advice, right click on the name in the task bar and then left click close. In other words, don't ever click on any commands in the actual pop-up like the red X or cancel or close. Then go to your antivirus console panel and add that program in the "always block" list. Not easy to dodge those pesky, persistent annoyances.
just wondering about your job
Would you be willing to discuss this off line?  I'm considering switching to Diskriter from another company. 
wondering why


     I am an MT-in-training who came to this site looking for some information to clear up my near-complete lack of information regarding this field.  I naively got started training as a Transcriptionist because I thought that it would be something relatively rewarding and easy for someone like me with typing skills and an armchair knowledge of medical terminology. L O L

     That misunderstanding was recognized soon after I got started training.  I did not let the difficulty of it deter me though, because I thought that I saw many redeeming qualities.  Working from home is a big plus.  The challenge is more than expected, but who wants a job that's easy to the point of boredom?  Basically, my second look view of it all was that it was going to require effort, but that the effort would be rewarded.

     After spending some time in training getting familier with what the work is like and what kind of work I can put out, I was even more depressed.  It seems that even at a pretty standard rate of output, I would only be making six to seven dollars an hour???  For having better than average typing skills, extensive grammar knowledge, extensive medical terminology knowledge, AND a relatively rare "talent" for deciphering the undecipherable I would make less than I can make flipping burgers???  Still I did not let this deter me under the assumption that the company I was training with would pay me less than average due to the fact that they had trained me for free.  Plus, I could probably just make up some extra money putting in some extra hours.  Now I am reading the posts on this site by seasoned transcriptionists and all evidence points to the fact that a bigger payday down the road is not going to be nearly as big as I had hoped either.  Essentially, it seems that this career is every bit the bad that I see and not much, if any, of the good that I was hoping for.

     I am not looking to get rich quick, and I am more than willing to put forth the effort required if the long-term investment is worthwhile.  What I don't want is to spend the time and effort only to find out that I have been fooled by this career yet again and the joke is on me.  I am all for enjoying what you do and, thus far, I thoroughly enjoy and seem that I might be capable of doing this, but I need to be able to support myself and, hopefully one day, a family.  If this career is not capable of doing that, I would like to know it sooner than later.  I would greatly appreciate any honest feedback I can get about all this. 

I was wondering this myself - sm
I wonder if they keep it a secret, but it would be nice to know. Can you squeak by with something in the 70s or do you have to get in the 90s?
I saw this one. I was wondering exactly what you
could use that touch pad for. Does it basically replace the mouse? Can you tell me the name of this one so I can Google it? Or the link to the one you found. Thanks so much!
Thanks. That's what I was wondering about.
It seemed if QA was working by the line that that they would be raking in the big bucks!!
Do you still feel that way now? Meaning, do you still feel they are a great company? I am glad to be leaving after a few years. They have gone down the tubes.
don't know but wondering
the same thing.  I think US companies would have a problem with the computer with private information on it leaving the US, security of the computer while traveling, etc. I'd love to do that if it were allowed.
Just wondering -- are these really
ads in disguise?? We see this exact entry every so often???
I was just wondering yesterday
what happened to them.  Hadn't heard anything about it in a few weeks.  Seems like all they talk about is Aruba.  Wonder where the little boy is!!