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oops...I meant to say was what do you mean by running an enrichment on your doctors?

Posted By: lessMT on 2008-03-21
In Reply to: what do you meean by run an enrichment? - lessMT

TIA...never type without my contacts..should be a law

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A few Chinese doctors I've transcribed don't talk good either! But they do try.
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:-)  I guess I'll get bashed for that one.  Freudian slip or something right? LOL
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I would never give up on MY LORD!
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We also had one or two real winners who taped things to the tape and then wondered why we couldn't get all the dictation done when the scotch tape tore the cassette tape. Oy vey.
what do you meean by run an enrichment?
In general business're running slower than usual but running. NM
Enrichment is done easily in IT, although it can be done in Shorthand sm
This is where you take several days' worth of work for one doctor (if you have your dictionaries divided by doctors) and run the Enrichment option in IT. It looks thru the work and picks out the common phrases and words and automatically adds them to your dictionary. It's really cool! Shorts you didn't know were there suddenly pop up for you all the time. A lot of times it's things it never even clicked to me that the doc says it all the time.

If you want to do this in Shorthand, it's not automatic but can be done. You need to have another piece of software (or a website) and you enter your text in there. It picks out the common phrases and lists them out for you. Then you have to manually go to ShortHand and enter them. Takes quite a bit longer, but still worth it!

I would suggest y'all head over to productivitytalk.com and start absorbing all the knowledge for your particular expander. There is just a ton of knowledge over there, it will blow you away!
Sorry, 'MT way too long,' my post was not meant for you, it was meant for Wow! Sorry!!...nm
I'm running XP pro w/sp2 and I keep
my machine in tip top condition w/regards to antivirus, antispyware, firewall updates etc...

everything is running well except for DQS which is still lagging today..

Running and cardio in general is really awesome, but make sure you are doing some weight training.  You will have faster results and not so flabby when that fat starts coming off.  Cardio will burn calories when exercising, but weight training will help burn 24 hours.  Burn the butter baby!!!
He might not know about running a
top notch company, but he knows about being a good lover. That's for sure.
They must be running more than 1 ad.
I saw the first one and now it's got the airplane.
What happens when the do get th EMR up and running
Then you won't have that account.  Sounds like they needs something fast and temporary.  Stick to your current rate.
I can see what is running, but how do you them off?