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Would you make a 60 mile round trip every day

Posted By: just for the insurance. on 2006-11-22
In Reply to:

I have been driving back and fourth to a hospital for over a year.   It is 30 miles away.  I have to put two small children in daycare close to my home because it is more affordable then the ones close to where I work.  This is another issue.  If I have to take them to the doctor or if they have anything going on at the daycare that I can attend well, I have to take a full day off.  The pay at this hospital is only 9 cpl so the pay is not what is really keeping me it is the bennies.  $65/month covers my kids and I.  It is excellent coverage too.  We also have a 401k plan where they match.  We also have flex spending, PTO which is about used up because we keep running out of work.  We are only allowed to get sick 5 times a year, that includes family too if we have to take off.   I have asked to work at home because they have home MTs.  I used to be one of them but they moved me in house they did not like my slow internet connection.  Now that we have cable internet available I asked if can go back home and they seem to give me the run around like it is either "not in their budget" or “maybe in a month or two” but that never comes.  These outsourcing companies keep dancing around.  I just really want to be back home closer to my kids and so I can eat lunch with my husband again.  I do know that any job I get there will be pitfalls.  I am just afraid of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. 

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drove 80 miles round trip to work for $5/hr...sm

sitting in a metal folding chair at a folding banquet table, banging away on a Selectric in a room full of smokers. This was a service that would UPS cassette tapes out to your home when you started working from home. Obviously this was 25 years ago. After two weeks, the owner let me go and told me he couldn't make money off of me, even at $5/hour. But then I applied at the hospital for a radiology transcription position (because now I had experience!) and they hired me because I was the only one who would work on Saturdays. When I consider what I had to go through to break into the field, makes me laugh when I see newbies fresh out of school with no experience asking for 6 cents a line to work from home...I guess just understand you do what you have to do to break into the field. That goes for every job that is hard to get into.

I don't know if you'd make the trip in time. When my
mother was dying she died within 24 hours of her kidneys shutting down - by this I mean she quit producing urine.  She had cancer that has spready rapidly throughout her body so there may have been contributing factors involved.
I'm in GSO too, about 1 mile from PG. nm
I have about a 20 mile drive
There are a couple grocery stores in that vicinity. I won't shop at Target, either, as they will not support the military and will not allow the Salvation Army outside their stores at Christmas. They are a big supporter of gay and lesbian causes as well. So far, I guess it is K-Mart for other things. Around here, Wal-Mart is trying to build a super center practically on every street corner, trying to run everybody else out of business. Really sad-- Sam Walton is probably spinning in his grave.
I'd pay $10 an hour plus 0.35 a mile. GL. NM
60-mile drive
I used to drive 50 miles one way for my transcription job.  It took me four years before I got to go home, and then I still had to drive back and forth to pick up the tapes, until they got me on the system last March  - so now I totally work from home.  So nice, but you are the only one that can determine whether it is worth it for you.  I need/want the bennies and was willing to do it.  With a sickly husband at home, it is so nice now to be at home working.  Don't know if I would go back to working outside again. 
35 cents a mile???? UR kidding???...nm

Gov. pays 44.5 cents a mile, will probably....sm
go up to 48.5 cents over the summer. That's what we claim on travel vouchers.
I used to drive a 100+ mile roundtrip....SM

I did it for over two years to be able to work in the office of my mentor and get the experience I needed to be a good MT.  Most days I didn't mind, but did try to avoid busy times on the freeway.  A lot depends on traffic too and not just gas.  I have always enjoyed the time alone in a car, which is something I rarely get.

Thirty miles isn't that far.  Good luck!

I think there's a difference between going the extra mile
and not going at all. I used to spend lots of time, probably way too much time, looking up words in the pre-production days, but those days are over, and those kinds of questionable words get left as blanks. That's not the same thing as not trying at all.
Hubby has 30 mile drive to work (sm)
so he bought a motorcycle and rides that instead of driving his truck.
My DH lived 1/4 mile from my childhood home,
can't you tell I'm a country kid. I thought he was a geek when he was younger (he knows this), he was a looker in high school but had a steady girlfriend and was subsequently engaged, then she left him and he went in the service. Once he came home I was totally surprised at what a great man he'd become, a hottie and a really nice guy too! Her loss was my gain and the rest is history as that was 26 years ago and he's still the love of my life!
My DD has to ask me for money, still lives with me. I moved less than a mile SM
from her college (since I work at home) for her sake, the things we do for our kids.
K-force, yes they still do. They offered me 11 cpl and 40 c/mile in San Bernardino, CA. nm
I wore mine on a 900 mile drive

to florida. Didn't leak a bit.


I begin my day, every day, with a nice 2 to 3 mile walk with
This gives me time to think, alone time, fresh air and of course exercise. I love to walk and it seems that since I began doing this I am less stressed out. Have you had your thyroid checked??? Just wondering if that could possibly cause hair loss. I wish you the best.
Texas drivers ~ insurance by the mile....

Have any of you heard of this?  It is auto insurance charged by the miles driven.  I got a quote online for myself and it is very reasonable for me but not for the 17-yo.


It was a $1 a mile, not hour! Made good noney back then. nm
Ok, I invite you to hop on a bicycle for 15 mile ride in below freezing weather, snow, ice, etc.
Have fun on your trip! sm

...and don't you dare feel guilty about leaving the kids.  Taking this trip will make you a better mother when you get back.  Enjoy your vacation!

I went back to visit the family Thanksgiving and that is where I have been torn, as it has been seven or more years since I was back in the Midwest and of course, seeing my granddaughter for the first time really set me to thinking about returning. When this offer was presented to me, it threw me for a loop nevertheless, but I am still thinking about the fact that I am now 50 and none of my friends is getting any younger and that right now, I feel isolated in more ways than one, with the living situation and with working at home. I have a base of friends where I currently live, but they have their own lives and interests as well. In a way, I feel that if I do return back to the Midwest, that I will have the "support" that I need as well as being able to at least have a life at times. I am currently involved in a relationship, but because of work schedules and financial constraints (mostly on his end) that has been hard as well.
We have everything already for the trip, but.....
we haven't purchased the Disney or Universal passes - I am wondering if those tickets can still be purchased easily at the resorts - we are not staying on site, but rather on International Drive
round up also
Just noticed that they also round up if it is .50 or above. So maybe this evens things out.
How was your puppy and your trip?
Been wondering.  Hope everything went well.
Hawaii trip
Do you know how we can find out?  I mean, today is July 11th, so its 10 days from when the winner was supposedly chosen!  I have to put in my vacation time doncha know!  LOL
MQ Hawaii trip
According to the MQ home page, it states that someone named Lori Gryttenholm is the winnder of the trip.  It didn't say which office she is from.
If you book your trip - sm
through one of the many online companies, such as Expedia, Travelocity, or Hotwire (to name a few) they give you the option of purchasing cancellation waivers. They are usually 35 to 50.00 per person.

Just means that if you have to cancel the trip for any reason, you get all of your money back aside from the cancellation fee (the 35 to $50.)

I have bought plane tickets on the internet.  You book your flight online and then you print out your tickets. It all worked out fine.    Are you a AAA member?  I have used them for our trip to Disney.  They took care of everything for us.  (FLIGHT, HOTEL, THE PARKS)

IMO no, trip is not tax deductible at all. (nm)
Only way trip is deductible is if it is
Like if you are going to an MT seminar or traveling to meet a new client, etc. Working while on vacation doesn't count since you aren't required to work from that location.

When it IS business related, you have to have receipts and legitimate paperwork proving it is work related and that you spent time conducting business. A trip expense like that would be a red flag to the IRS to audit you, so you darn well better have excellent documentation.
oh the QA merry-go-round!

Hawaii trip for 2 winner?
Does anyone know if they have announced the winner for Hawaii trip offered by MedQuist?  When I filled out my entry form it said the winner would be announced on July 1, 2005.  I am so curious!  :)
Thanks for the ideas, but trip is being booked through-sm
ticket agent that does not offer insurance or refunds for any kind of cancellation.
Whe my daughter went on a school trip...
there was an option on the form to opt for insurance. Have you gotten the paperwork yet?  It might be there on there. 
You're a trip, RadGuy.
4 of those years are used to learn an ego trip.
LOL! I know the feeling - my last trip was $350 - one cart!

I'm leaving again next week on a cruise, and can take the work with me.  As an MTSO, I don't have to transcribe, but could if I needed; just download via ship internet to laptop and type offline, then send back.  I use to move files, answer emails, and JUST IN CASE, have the ability to transcribe should the world fall apart while I'm gone!  Also, if you get an AIRCARD, you CAN download/send files while traveling where phone signal is available.  Life is good with flexibility!!!

Same here, although I won't be spending it on a trip to China
I do disagree about not being good at MT though. I think many competent MTs shoot themselves in the foot by not recognizing the value of their skills and working for less than they are worth.
working on laptop while on trip -- q:
If i do work some while on a trip, with good reason but still not required of me, is that trip then tax-deductible, or would that be wrong?
year-round school! nm
I just had a go-round with my 11yo this morning
She has been told more than once, no makeup - yet there she was this morning wearing eye makeup.  I took it off her myself, which she did not like at all.  Lip gloss I can live with but the rest will have to wait.  She tells me "third graders at school wear makeup," and "the school lets us," to which I replied, 'their mother is not your mother, the school is not your mother, and you are not wearing makeup - end of discussion.'  Don't know if you all have the problem with your young daughters trying to "push your buttons" like ours does (by this I mean she says/does things purposely to get a rise out of my husband or me, but mostly me).  I have caught onto this manipulativeness, and now when it happens I remind myself I am the one in control, that I need to stay calm, and then I mete out the circumstances.  Funny, but my calmness actually seems to infuriate her!  Apropos, don't you think?
those round bulbous things

I think you'll find that a great many breast augmentation procedures (you'll see them all through the www.implantinfo.com website) have that particular appearance. Go back and choose to look at the pictures from physicians rather than patients.

I think cost has a lot to do with it. The more expensive the procedure, the greater the likelihood of a more natural appearance.

I have a Dell Inspiron and there is a round

hole in the back just like they have on a desktop.  I think it is a PS2.   Mine has a picture of a mouse and keyboard underneath the hole.   The foot pedal depends on what kind it is.  I use a game port but don't have a game port so have to use an adaptor to convert it to a USB.  I have a serial port which is 9-pin and it is right side my keyboard connection.



Homeschool, so year-round fun! nm
To "Typed in the USA," here's your chance to round up the other MTs!
I know there were many other MTs who expressed desire to form a new company - what a coinky dink that someone needs an MTSO with a group of MTs to take 5000 lines a day! Go for it :)

Oh...and email me if you need another gal :)
Cross country trip to CALIF and
back. My husband and I took three weeks and drove to California and back through the Southwest. Saw Yellowstone and the Giant Sequoias, Santa Fe, Sedona, etc. We had never been there and it was great just driving with no set plans, stopping along the way whenever and where ever we wanted... such freedom.. My second best was a week and a half to Glacier Falls, Montana, but that's been years and years ago. Heck, any vacation is a great one! My bags are packed and ready anytime!
Not all QA people are power-trip freaks (sm)
I work in QA and would probably welcome an email from an MT who said they really tried but that there were numerous blanks in a report they just sent to me. I frequently did exchange emails with helpful hints and tips to the MTs until we were given a quota to reach, then I had to cut down on the "extra" feedback and just send the basics. I hated it because I like the personal touch with feedback.

Some QA staff do end up with their job as a power trip; I was just never that way. I remember what it was like waiting on feedback and cringeing at some of the remarks I would see. I vowed not to do that to fellow co-workers.
Sounds like she is on power trip. Stand your
3 months on and 1 month off, all year round.
Speak for yourself. Her books go in the round file

has done nothing for transcription as far as I can see. 

I learned proper grammar in school.  I learned how to type in typing class.  I follow the directions and policies of the company I'm working for at any given time.

That's about all a person needs.  The world sure doesn't need Tessier.  After all these years what did she ever do for MT?

I know I have no love lost for AAMT and those people.  They are drawing a salary for what??  Why am I sitting here making less in 2005 than I did in 1995?  And I am being offered even less on MQ's new platform?