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Wouldn't that mean that you simply wouldn't have to print out everything?

Posted By: Don't really know on 2006-01-12
In Reply to: EMR? sm - Need some knowledge

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It wouldn't load with my Office. Somehow it wouldn't "read" my 2003 Basic, although sm
technical couldn't find anything wrong with my software. They really tried hard. I see so many people that like Escription, I'm sorry not to be able to use it. Hopefully I can get Office Pro on my next machine, and maybe use it then. I could upgrade, but I'm still not sure it would work.
sure she wouldn't
I am sure that you will always have control over your daughter and her behavior, even when you aren't around.  And if she ever does act differently than you believe she would and has some serious consequences because of it, I guess you guys will just deserve it.  Right?
I wouldn't
unless you had been scammed by her. SOunds like plenty of people have already called, that have had real dealings. Up to you I guess.
I wouldn't sm

count my chickens before they hatch.  It's way hard to get a line count when you type a report or 2, sit and wait for an hour or 2 for another report to come up, etc. etc.  If you get 200 lines in a day at 9 cpl, why that adds up to a whopping $18.00.

Good luck, you're gonna need it.

I wouldn't, but that's just me.
There are many ways to serve one's country. It is not necessary to be in the military to assume a role of protecting and helping your fellow countrymen.

I would no sooner turn back if I had heard the story you speak of than I would if I was a soldier in Iraq amid all the suicide/car bombings.

It's all about character. A soldier has no choice; it's his job; he has to stay. If a civilian will take the chance of being robbed of his material possessions to help those who are fighting for mere existence, to me that is a true American.
I wouldn't let her do this!

JMHO, of course, but your daughter's life is worth way more than what it will cost you to pick her up each day.

New drivers, young kids, NO WAY; recipe for disaster.

My daughter is 15, and her friends will all be driving before her, and she thinks she's gonna be riding to and from school with them---wrong!  I know it's hard and this seems much easier, but right now, I'd keep shuttling her home! She's your baby, after all!

I wouldn't want him to just because of the
I am with the poster who says follow your instincts. You have the answers within yourself. Listen to your own gut feelings. You are there watching the situation. We will only inject our own beliefs, fears, and experiences. Plus we aren't there to see what's actually happening. You wouldn't post if there were not a valid concern. I wouldn't allow it just because of the germs. Even if I felt it was harmless, I would have him shower first before bathing with a female child. Just because of the possibilty of passing germs. I wouldn't bath with my daughter because I didn't want the possibilty of a yeast infection passing to her when she was an infant or toddler.

That's just my opinion, however. You really have to listen to your own voice on issues like this one. Best wishes.

I wouldn't
I went with them for a short period of time.  I asked for PT to make sure we had a "fit" but they said they only hire PT.    I took the FT and for the first 9 days had absolutely no work, one report per day.  They said they couldn't give me a backup until I was off QA, yet I couldn't get off QA until I had enough reports.  Also they promise a training bonus on the first check and I did not get it and had to write to the Attorney General.
I wouldn't buy anything until I know what the
company I work for wants me to have. You could spend a lot of money on equipment you won't need. Another thing you might need is a C-phone or something like that, but some companies provide those too. Just wait until you know what you'll need for where you work.
If you are IC, I wouldn't think so. nm
wouldn't let me put it on lol
100% agree is what that should have read
I wouldn't (sm)
My six-year-old still wears the Goodnites at nighttime.  I tried allowing him to wear underwear to bed, but it just interrupted his sleep and my sleep to get up change him, change the bed, etc., etc.  Sometimes boys take a little longer to be dry all night.  My nephew was that way and I remember growing up my brother was that way as well.  My honest opinion is why put yourself through lack of sleep for everyone involved.  My son goes to the bathroom right before bedtime.  Sometimes he wakes up dry, sometimes he doesn't.  I would be more concerned with staying dry and clean during waking hours.
No I wouldn't.
Wouldn't say that....
Guilt makes you do odd things and is usually where you trip up.
Thanks - I had tried that one, but it wouldn't
convert the disk for some reason. I think there is something wrong with the CD. I'm not sure.
I wouldn't use it.
It takes all of two seconds for me to type in the time I'm at if needed for a blank. I wouldn't buy software to do it for me.
I wouldn't. sm

I've been an MT now for a year.  I went to one of the big schools and I have learned so much in the year I've worked.  Really, you may feel completely confident and ready coming out of your course, but it is so different once you are really working.  There are small details of this job that just cannot be taught 'in the classroom'. 

Sorry, but it really is not feasible.  Even if you didn't mind taking a hit financially I'd not want to be responsible for the mistakes you will inevitably make as a inexperienced MT. 

Also, even at a lower rate I would think most doctors/hospitals are going to see your lack of any 'real world' experience to be a huge red flag. 

Another thing is that though I'm not running my own MT business, I'm guessing it isn't something you can just 'do on the side'.  If you can't quit your current job to work in-house you are probably not going to be able to have the time to run your own MT business.  If you are a sole IC for a doctor/hospital that means no vacation, no weekends, no nothing so long as that doctor/hospital has reports to be typed.  You'd be on call 24/7 for any stat reports, ect. 

My advice would be to REALLY think about what you are considering doing.

We wouldn't be
We could not go into their country and do anything - so it is doubtful that the shoe would ever be on the other foot. I had a friend who tried to get work in Mexico as an MT - but she found that she had to learn Spanish - so she gave it up and moved to Alaska. Eskimo transcription.
I wouldn't have known but...
My neighbor came knocking at my door after the first plane hit and told me to turn on my TV. Just as I did the second plane hit. I moved the TV to my office for the rest of the day.

You know what, though? My DH, who works outside the home, did not have a clue until I called him.
I wouldn't do it.
If you were looking, wouldn't you want to know
prospective employer? If you're looking for a job, you are interviewing them just as much as they're interviewing you.
I got it the AT&T DSL when it was still SBC. I wouldn't ..sm
have anything else. My internet has never been down for technical problems, only a weather-related ice storm that knocked out all power for several days. What I like about it is that you don't have to have a tech come to your house; merely make a phone call and a tech will walk you through your problem right then and there so no time is lost. Most I've waited on hold was a matter of minutes. My modem did go out about 1-1/2 years ago, but they brought a new one to my home and got it up and running the next morning, as I recall.

I have the most expensive internet, which is their fastest rate and wouldn't have anything else ($34.99). I would highly recommend it over any cable company! Good luck!
I wouldn't have said anything either...sm
Do we tell them how many employees they can hire??
I sure wouldn't. VR will end up doing most, SM
of the typing there, too, leaving document editing work. In court reporting, that would be a lower-skill-level work (while learning MT, I also had to transcribe legal depositions from tapes, which required no special training beyond standard office skills--definitely not like trying to do MT). If this turns out to be the case, it's going to pay significantly less as the current high skill level will simply cease to matter. Sorry.
No, I wouldn't do it, especially just for
I wouldn't have had three, I would have only had one sm
I'm sorry to hear about that. I am not sure what you would do but i think I would start with the local police department, not 9-1-1 though, would look up their non-emergency number and they can probably tell you who to contact.
I wouldn't do it any other way


It's such a time saver it's unbelievable.  You can only do your federal taxes through this site.  Your individual state department of taxation probably has a site that you can use to do online payment.   Google your state taxation and revenue and you'll probably get the site for it. 

I do all my taxes electronically.  Just make sure you print or electronicaly save all confirmations as backup.

i wouldn't even think about it. I have sm
a friend who is a court reporter/legal secretary, etc. She told me herself that there was no way she could do what I did but it wouldn't be hard for me to cross-over to what she does. Besides that, it isn't really a job to be doing while traveling in an RV. Im not trying to be ugly, but the schools that advertise like the ones that you are dealing with are what is dragging this profession down the tubes. You need more than an MT training module. I don't know what ":equired" tests you are talking about but they would only be "required" by the school that you are dealing. They wouldn't amount to a hill of beans to a potential employer.

I have had to tell this to many prospective MTs and a lot of them don't listen and then when they can't find a job they wonder why.

Don't waste your time.
I wouldn't do it.
Those are 2 completely different job descriptions. Is everyone else in the office doubling up? Is the receptionist doing blood pressures and taking urine samples?

I would explain that an MT needs to concentrate and can't be jumping up and down to take care of patients. An LPN has paperwork to do in her own right as well as taking care of patients. I would give notice and let them try to find another LPN that is also a transcriptionist.

What a bunch of cheapskates!
Well wouldn't steroids do this to you?
I mean he isn't fat so much all over.  It does look like his skin is stretching to cover his face.  And relatively speaking 51 isn't that old.  Not when you are talking Paul Newman age. 
I still wouldn't like her even if I WAS a lesbian.

I wouldn't say it was the stupidest
But it really doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for everyone to have to go through it twice.  But to each his own, I guess.  Especially when it's family, "Live and let live."
Now, that wouldn't be your opinion, would it???...
 Naughty, naughty.  ROTFLMAO.   
We never got such a booklet. So wouldn't that

shouldn't say what IS but just say your office or your account dictates that

you do thus and so?

By now we all know nothing about MQ is consistent - even down to

rules to transcribe by.

Here's why I wouldn't use Sten-Tel
They also do transcription, which I believe to be a huge conflict of interest. I may be a bit paranoid, but if my clients ever figured out that they could use the same system and get cheaper services from the root company, what would keep them from ditching me and going with Sten-Tel?

If they are a reputable company I doubt that they would actually contact my clients directly, but you never know when your clients are going to decide to try and underbid you by going with a big company like this.
Frank wouldn't like that
You think a union would let them get away with decreasing ME pay by 20%? The concocted system they use to try and make people think their production has gone up is full of holes. I know they forget we are not stupid if they think we can't see through this.
I wouldn't allow it in my shop.
Lordy, what's next? The patient was sent 2 radiology 4 a chest x-ray? God forbid.
wouldn't that be the living end?

Talk about production!!!

However, that only works if the person who has dictated the voice file is also the one who trained Dragon on the system. IOW, Dr Smith has DNS 8 Med Suite in his office, and he's trained it enough to provide a good level of accuracy. He can dictate into the mobile unit, say, after seeing a patient, but things still have to be in the same manner that he dictates into DNS on his home system. He can give the voice file to his office manager to upload and do the editing.

But you can't do that with Dr Smith's dictation, unless Dr Smith has sat at your computer and trained it. As soon as you input the voice file, your system will give you a great big "do what?"

I hope this explains things better.

I wouldn't worry!
I was the same way in HS!! I am sure that she will grow out of it..it will just take time!
I believe they know the pay is so low they wouldn't get any calls.
I wouldn't discount sm
on-line dating but there are so many weirdos out there these days that I would be EXTREMELY careful and follow all the precautions that have ever been written on the subject.  In addition to meeting in a public place, hopefully with someone with you, I would be extremely careful that I wasn't being followed when I left the date.  From what I've read many, if not most, of the mass murderers came across as being very nice guys but then you really don't know anyone when you first meet them no matter where you meet them.  I recall at least one of the infamous mass murderers was well-educated, well-liked and apparently well-respected in his community.   I don't think I would ever go for the internet dating myself but apparently there are quite a few people who  have been successful in finding their mate that way; I just don't happen to know any personally.  I don't think probably it would be any worse than any other way of meeting people, you'd have probably a 50/50 chance of meeting someone you would want to spend your life with and a 50/50 chance is about the best we're gonna get in this life no matter what we're gambling on; we only have a 50/50 chance of making it through this day.
I wouldn't recommend it...

I started out in court reporting school and switched to MT when I got pregnant.  VR is also playing a big factor in the court reporting field right now.  They have stenomask reporters who wear a mask and repeat into the mask everything that is said during the court proceeding, and VR translates it.  Court reporters currently make anywhere from 40K to 80K per year, but stenomask reporters only make about 20K per year. The military has switched to using stenomask reporters and many courts are also leaning in that direction because of the cost savings. 

The steno machine is also very difficult to learn.  Most court reporting schools say you can learn it in 2 years, but the average court reporting student takes 4 to 5 years to master it. 

Wouldn't trade a second of it.sm
I started out working with quite a cast of characters in a private psychiatric hospital. Never a dull moment. Made a lot more money in the 80s than I do now too.
If it's something you wouldn't do with your spouse
JMO, but it wouldn't be as romantic if I had to do it. SM

DH and his best friend's GF got together behind our backs and set up a Valentine's Day dinner at a local plantation. Very hard to get reservations - they worked on it for months and months. We were so surprised!

Another time, we went to NO and stayed at the Richelieu (sp?) and that was wonderful. 20th.

Best time was Mexico, 10th.

But it was romantic to me cause he thought it up and carried it out.

You wouldn't get my business.
I wouldn't have it any other way! I make my own. nm
I wouldn't marry someone with the last
Wouldn't it be best to contact your
tax preparer? Like everyone, you have unique finances and a general answer here may not apply to your specific situation.
I wouldn't let them walk all over me like that. It was not right.
my age, is a friend, wouldn't rob me....sm

$12/hour SE USA...........I mainly have the cleaning lady for the kitchen and bathrooms because I am CRAZY about those areas being the CLEANEST all the time.

I have new noncarpeted floors now, so they are much more easy to take care of.....however, I have a CAT and she sheds badly even though I brush her...just a regular ol housecat...*S* 

Yeah, trustworthy help is V_E_R_Y difficult to find...unfortunately