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Yes, they have the right to use it but that doesn't mean that it's good for us

Posted By: trans2 on 2005-07-07
In Reply to: What is your point? These folks have a perfectly good right to use - .

More and more companies are using it, as well as their own programs they are designing, which do the same thing. I've seen it first hand. The workload slows, what is left is all awful doctors that you can't understand, or that say uhmmm after every word so it takes 10 minutes to type a 1-paragraph report.

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    High IQ doesnt = good MT.
    I think I would look for another job. Doesnt seem right
    No doesnt sound harsh
    I agree with you to an extent about threatening with that, and I have informed family members that could be done if he does not get help and endangers them in some way. They of course say they know, I think they are trying to handle it without hurting the kids any further. He has not physically hurt them just scared them which is bad enough! Thanks
    Link doesnt say if this can be done at home.
    Above poster doesnt know how to use antibark

    My dogs quickly learned when they had collar on and what that meant. They didn't bark.  Take collar off when you want them to alert you. Believe me, they know the difference between collar on and collar off.  Mine even knew the difference between dead battery and charged battery.  When they would bark with collar on, I knew it was tiime for recharge.

    Then hope your boss here doesnt end up
    Consulting dr. doesnt say but says he thinks
    Doesnt matter what we think. Facility way is
    It is not the Dr fault he doesnt understand
    Doesnt matter how many language I know.
    What happens if company doesnt send
    Maybe facility doesnt know how deal with IC,
    It doesnt separate. You end up transcribing at
    9pin doesnt work for me
    There are issues with it stopping and starting. The USB works best in V8. I work in V8 and V6 still so I have both pedals :(
    I still use 2. It looks better and doesnt get confused with abbr. periods.
    I wouldnt change to 1 unless the AAMT Book of Style rules on it and I dont believe they have. I could be wrong on that. If anyone knows, please let me know.

    Another thing I have noticed people doing is not putting a comma before the and in a list. I was always taught to use the comma but some people dont.

    advil doesnt touch mine
    I used to get this all the time it drove me crazy.  It felt like a constant burning band.  I was hold my arms up by my neck and shoulder.  Is there anyway you can find something to support your arms while you type?  I bought a chair with arms, and i put a 2 x 4 board across the arms and rest my elbows on that and let my fingers do the work, not my neck.  I also have a split keyboard.  When the pain was severe, like yours, I would get up and put a warm wash cloth and sort of massage it into my neck every couple of hours while stretching, and then apply some icy hot so it really penetrated into it.  As a poster stated, xanax works and anything that relaxes the muscles, Soma, or Flexeril, ativan,  buspar (antianxiety), on top of the massage, heat n stretches.  I also cut out the coffee and sugar because i'm an anxious person and I clench constantly.  That should get you through until you find away to rest the arms while working.  I know with this job, one part of our body will suffer, either arms, wrists or hand joints, even neck and shoulder.  I wish they'd invent something to take the strain off of every muscle for us gals who have to sit here day after day!  Anyways, I feel your pain, hang in there.
    Is there any spyware you can use that doesnt interfere with all your other programs at all. I have
    XP and service pack 2 etc etc just about all the programs you can have and Norton so dont know if they have Spyware in them or not. I have office also.
    I wouldnt go get him. Just treat him tonight even if he doesnt have it
    That may keep him from getting it. Head lice is a nuisance but not hard to get rid of. I wouldnt sweat it. You should change their sheets, etc...
    I disagree...just because you are in a certain profession doesnt mean you cant have time off..sm
    My mom has been an RN for over 40 years now and I have several family members in some of the other professions you mentioned above. A certain profession does not mean you have to work certain days/holidays. If you have vacation time you are entitled to use it whenever you wish. I used to work in a physicians office for 10 years and I always put my vacation time in for my two weeks in December in January. Other employees put their time in for summer. So while they are out having fun with their time off in July I am not crying and moaning because they are having fun in the sun while I work to cover them. It is the same thing no matter when your time off is scheduled. It has nothing to do with what field you work in. If you want time off at Christmas be a little more organized and schedule your time off way in advance. And no I dont think I am the only one with a family who would like to be off for the holidays. I just make it a priority to take my vacation at that time. You enjoy your time when you want and I will enjoy my time when I want.
    What would be fair line rate if co. doesnt pay
    Does it really make a ton of difference in your pay?
    XMTSO doesnt care where you are going to work or what they
    Brand name doesnt matter as much as what is built into
    person we are paying for a service doesnt
    Your post doesnt make much sense. Were you
    My MTSO doesnt care if use cc or mL, just be consistent.
    if you have benefits, doesnt that make you an employee?
    that doesnt sound right. I have downloaded mine I know 5 times
    Maybe you should talk to a different person.

    You should be able to download the player again with your password. I have had mine for 5 years and never had any problem reinstalling it. I know I have installed mine 5 times.
    I think they will see these newbies run faster and harder than we ever did if something doesnt suit.
    Do you honestly think MQ doesnt send work to India, etc.
    I guess it depends on which office you get switched to now doesnt it.
    Why dont you stick your $1.18 where the sun doesnt shine lady.
    I think it is a 65 character line without spaces but doesnt that mean you have to type a lot more to
    get your lines in so you really arent making 9.5 cpl in fact right. I am not sure I understand when you dont get paid for spaces how much you really lose from that. Is it 20% a report or what percentage do you lose. If a report is 100 lines with spaces then what do you really get paid for on those 100 lines without spaces. I think that is what I mean. I am just tring to figure out how much longer you have to work to get your lines in at 1000 lines a day without spaces versus 1000 lines a day with spaces. Seems it would take quite a bit longer.
    maybe she doesnt read comic strips but she has her head in the clouds
    you are one of those who thinks their kids can do no wrong.  right?  It doesnt matter WHAT SHE DID, it doesnt give someone the right to KILL HER!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!! It doesn't mean her parents were bad parents.   HELLO.   Judge not!!!!!!!
    I dont agree with any of the things you are saying here but I moved on so it doesnt matter.

    a different room doesnt matter to a dirty old man "Been there done that" they dont care where
    They still try. As long as they think they are "alone". Privacy is not a good thing in dealing with a pervert. Even if there are people in another room. You could scream but it would still be a situation I dont think she wants to be in.
    You know, I dont think people care anymore what MQ offers or doesnt offer, I think everyone is just

    sick of all the confusion, dishonesty, sneakiness, etc. You never know what is around the corner so after this there will be something else no doubt. I think I and most other MQ MTs just want a company that they can respect and trust. MQ can offer this package and turn right around and change that. Leopards dont change their spots. It seems like they are intent on running this company into the ground and they are doing a good job of it. I dont see how they ever will stand up against the money they owe all of these hospitals. You still have to wonder what prompted them to send checks out to the DQS MTs for mistakes in calculation of lines. Give me a break. Maybe they are trying to settle lawsuits to get out of the MT business and focus on just technology. They sure dont know what they are doing with the MT side for sure. I think they felt they had everyone up against a brick wall but as accounts leave so will MTs or MTs will just move on to another business as the wages get lower and lower so then all the work can go to India. Older MTs will cut back or retire and younger ones will leave for something else when they see what they have to battle with the work left over from ASR or VR for the small amount of money not to mention EMRs coming quickly.

    Other than the reduction in ASR starting Oct 1 the rest of the deal doesnt start until January 1 so
    we all have time to move on if it does not suit us.
    We actually takes turns going downstairs to "play" usually. My husband doesnt like gambling as
    watch a movie or something. I normally wait until they go to bed before I go downstairs as I'm a night owl and hubby is not. During the day, I take our son swimming etc..and let dad have fun. We just alternate basically and also some of the hotels offer babysitters for a fee and I believe MGM Grand has a kid's program or at least they did. Some day we hope to be able to get a nanny that can travel with us. We have gone on a few cruises also with our son and he loves that so that is how we normally spend our vacations with him. We go Carnival as they have an excellent kid's program. We're travelers and now our son is..getting hard though because when he asks about vacations he says, "are we going to Hawaii, Bahamas, or Carribean." I can remember growing up having NO vacations. vacation was just getting out of school for the summer. Probably setting the bar too high.. LOL.Yeah, it also occured to us that we'd be like 60 or so before he is out of school and since we've been raising kids forever..we decided we wanted to take vacations with them and before we're too old to enjoy it..None of that wanting until retirement to travel for us.. We know people who put off "living" until they retire and then they cant take heat, walking long distances, or just having fun!! Our motto..Have kids.. will travel..LOL
    The bottom line is doesnt matter what they pay if there is no work you make no money. Bottom line.
    That is a good offer. Pay is not that good at UIMC. Good luck! nm
    On 2nd thought, if you're NOT a good Italian style cook, make something you ARE good at. Leave th
    Any rose gardeners out there? Good roses that are disease proof and smell good?
    I heard good things about Knockout Rose but they don't smell too much like traditional rose.  Supposedly blooms all season. 
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    Agree with other poster.. good price..good service
    I definitely think they are one of the best out there. We also have been talked through issues over the phone and also had a warranty in which they came out and fixed it right at our home. My only complaint..and I am sorry for saying this.. but... when you call their customer service 9 out of 10 times...you get someone who barely speaks English and I just hate that. I think that is true of a lot of customer support centers these days, ironically they are rarely American anymore. I am not prejudice at all. I just find it frustrating to call in for help and the help you get barely understands you and you do not understand them, thus making the experience very frustrating..
    Expensive is right -- around $300 per credit hour! But they do have a good rep. Good luck! nm

    I believe Pilates is good for shaping and strength, but you still need some cardio for good fat
    Maybe try to find a good web site to refer to! Good luck NM
    Good for you. Sounds very interesting and a good chance of pace - sm

    but I live in the northeast and not much need for that where I live.  I also live in a small town so that limits my options.  I have spent the last couple of years as a substitute teacher to supplement my MT job and just completed 4-1/2 months as a long term sub which I enjoyed and was a change of pace from MT.  The only problem is as a sub or ed tech you only get paid during the school year so I would have to keep my MT job for summers and school vacations.  With the way things are going in the MT world I hate to rely solely on that.  I don't want to find myself without any job whatsoever.   

    Thanks for all the responses.    

    8 is NOT good if never going any higher - good to get the rust out in the short term though
    Is the dictation quality good, are the dictators good, are you
    a newbie and you still have to look up lots of words ....   The very first day I typed, with absolutely no education way back when, when you didn't have to have a degree/certificate or previous experience, I typed 665 lines.  This was without an expander and I was not a fast typist.   I can do 1000 lines in about 4 hours now on average.